tagMatureFather Uses Huge Asset Ch. 16

Father Uses Huge Asset Ch. 16


He smiled, Richard had his hands in Sally's long shiny hair as they sat in his office kissing. Sally had a business suit on which included the shortest tightest micro mini skirt Richard had ever seen as part of a "business suit." Her long tanned legs were crossed and she smiled innocently at him:

"How good a fuck was your son's new girlfriend" she asked.

"What makes you think I fucked her?"

"Well you met her didn't you" Sally said giggling and tapping his groin.

"I want the thrill of having her without him finding out. I have fucked you and Kim in front of his face but I loved it when he was oblivious to the fact that my rod was down your throat in his bedroom whilst he pottered about downstairs." He slid his hands over her thighs. "God you are hot, you make me hard."

"Admit it, I'm your favourite, even above Kim."

Richard thought of the times he had Kim's big tits in his hands as he filled her hot body with cum. Kim had married his son for one reason, he get access to Richard's cock. It had worked and Richard's intention was to have children with Kim who would carry his name and sexual abilities forward. He decided that he could not easily chose between Kim and Sally, luckily for him he didn't have to.

The phone rang and it was Marjorie, Richard's long suffering wife who was not in good health.

"Richard, I have booked an appointment with a relationship councillor, I am not prepared to stay in a marriage like this. It is today at 4. I will pick you up to go their offices."

"Fine" said Richard as Sally scooped his hard dick out of his trousers and popped the head of this rapidly growing monster into her mouth.

As he hung up Sally looked up at him and pulled him out of her throat. She wanked his cock with 2 hands and licked up and down the thick meat that throbbed in front of her pretty face.

"Do you want advice on how to stop me doing this?" she said putting it back in her mouth and sliding all 15 inches down her throat.

"No, I want the councillor to convince her that this is what she must accept. 95 % of women are nothing to me, they don't excite me. Most of the remaining 5 % are pretty and I will fuck them if I get the chance. Then there are the few real hotties who live for men's reactions to them. They wear skirts like this because they have fabulous legs and thankfully I have what they want. Marjorie needs to understand that the need to fuck outweighs everything else for me. I have a dick like this for a reason and it wasn't to faithful to an aging flat chested moaner."

"I dare you to fuck the relationship advisor" Sally said coming up for air.

Richard laughed and felt his dick twitch in her hands.

Quarter of an hour later Richard groaned and he rocketed the first burst of thick cum down Sally's throat.

He picked up his office phone and pressed a button. It speed dialled his son's new girlfriend's number. She answered.

"I am just blasting cum down my son's ex girlfriend's throat. I wandered if you are jealous?"

"Yes" she said quietly.

"Is he there, can't you speak."

"We are just having lunch – it is just a friend Martin" she said speaking to her boyfriend.

"Listen as I ejaculate all over her pretty face."

He pulled it out and grunted as he started spraying cum as only he could.

Vicky listened quietly, Martin thought she may be feeling ill as she seemed white, he didn't realise how desperately his girlfriend wanted his own father's dick. She craved it. She excused herself from the table and went quickly to turn on the video and watch the tape of that huge cock in action. She had felt that inside her, nothing compared to it.

Sally agreed as she scooped cum off her face and out of her hair. She took the phone:

"I am covered Vicky, now I am wearing a pretty short skirt and even if I say it myself my legs are looking pretty hot. His dick never seems to go soft. Did you notice that? He is going to plough it into me now, why don't you do the same with Martin and we can compare notes later."

Before she hung up she lowered herself onto his prick and whispered into the phone:

"All 15 inches are in me – can you remember what that feels like Vicky – fuck me Richard, the way your son never could."

She hung up. Vicky groaned in frustration and in an orgasm as she remembered how it felt when he drilled her.

Half an hour later the intercom buzzed and Richard's secretary informed him that Marjorie was waiting for him. His cock was still impaled deep in Sally's arse.

"Better save this, I am supposed to be being a good boy."

Sally grunted with frustration as he withdrew his cock. He grabbed her firm butt cheeks and pressed his face into her hair and whispered:

"You are so hot. How many hours in the gym does it take to keep your arse this firm and shapely for me?"

"I get my rewards, I was hoping for another one though" she said.

"Sorry, got to go."


Richard and Marjorie arrived to meet the person who was supposed to save their marriage. Marjorie had told the man all about the problems and had made sure that she booked him for the hour session. She was therefore pissed off when he met them only to say that he had informed his boss of the new clients and she had insisted in taking the session.

Marjorie felt uneasy the moment they met her, she was about 40 with a kind, pretty face and dirty blonde hair. What made Marjorie uncomfortable was her cardigan which was closed tightly around a pair of firm big tits – size 40 at least.

"My name is Judy, I have read your file. Richard, the problem in this marriage is that you cheat on Marjorie with younger women, including your son's own wife – why?"

"You obviously haven't seen her" said Richard.

"That is not the attitude, that is why I decided to take the session. Richard, I see from the notes that you think that you are God's gift to women, mainly due to the size of your penis. Do you respect Marjorie or do you not care that she is hurt that you are cheating on her."

Richard pulled out a picture from his wallet of himself on the recent honeymoon with Kim, she had a bikini on and looked gorgeous. "Who do you think I should fuck, Marjorie or that babe – realistically?"

Marjorie began to cry. "You married Marjorie so the answer should be obvious" said Judy. "Marjorie is getting upset so I will speak to each of you separately to understand what you want from these sessions. Richard, if you leave I will chat with Marjorie."

Five minutes later they appeared at the door and Judy said:

"I understand where Marjorie is coming from, I have seen the notes of her call with my colleague. Richard, please come in."

Marjorie went and slumped in the chair in the waiting room.

"So Richard, you have sex, lots of sex which gorgeous young women. Sounds like a good life but it is destroying your wife."

"I am lucky enough to have a huge cock and I can have great sex, so I do. I know why you wanted to take these sessions. You read the file about my huge cock and the fact that I am no respecter of wedding vows, hey busty."

She was about to answer in indignation when she realised he was taking it out. She had to admit she was curious how big it would be.

She couldn't believe this thing could fit in his trousers. It pointed at her like a missile. She felt confused, her marriage was important to her, this guy stood for everything she tried to change in men Her job was to help his wife. The problem was it looked so good swaying in front of her eyes whilst he had moved forward and was cupping her big tits in his hands. She reached out and took it in 2 hands, wrapping them around it and feeling it pulse and throb.

Richard turned the photo of her husband on the desk to face her:

"Tell him you are sorry for what you are about to do."

"Sorry Jim, it is just so big" she giggled.

He fed it between her huge tits, still clad in her cardigan and up between her lips. She proved herself an enthusiastic and skilful cocksucker. "Enjoy pleasuring your man" was one of her standard messages to wives. Practice what you preach she thought to herself as he drove it down her throat.

Good job Marjorie took so little of the hour thought Richard as he enjoyed her hands on his big balls and her tongue and teeth sliding against his cock.

He pulled it out:

"Phone your husband, say you will be late tonight."

"No Richard, it starts and finishes here."

"No more for you then ..."

"No,no ,no. Ok, just a quick call." She called her husband:

"Hey honey, something has come up". Her free hand reached and grabbed her favourite joystick playfully. "I will be a bit late tonight."

She listened to his reply, or the first half anyway. Meanwhile Richard had pressed his cock back between her lips. She looked shocked but still let it slide in and down. It was lodged in place when her husband stopped speaking.

"Mm mm" was all she good muster as his cock filled her mouth and pressed deep into her throat.

Her husband wasn't happy. She heard him angrily telling her what she had to do whilst she sucked on Richard's cock. When finally Richard slid it out she said:

"Ok honey, see you later, gotta go" hanging up.

Judy's husband was furious, she had simply ignored what he said.

"You are so bad but I love how it feels, how it looks, a proper man's cock. I know why your young son's wife chose your cock now. Good choice" she said wanking it , licking it, sucking it.

He erupted down her throat, pumping the cum he had stored from his fuck with Sally down Judy's throat instead. Shot after shot she swallowed with great skill and enthusiasm.

"I have never swallowed so much cum in my life and my lips feel bruised from stretching over your cock."

"You better invite my wife back in but don't worry, you get 9 more sessions of this he said easing his huge cock back into his trousers. Plus tonight I will fuck you whilst you are on the phone to your husband, ok."

"Anything Richard, just to feel it between my legs. Some marriages are not worth saving".

Richard wasn't sure if she meant his or hers.

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