tagMatureFather Uses Huge Asset Ch. 18

Father Uses Huge Asset Ch. 18


Martin heard the news on the tv. A wealthy businessman had been shot and had been rushed to hospital. A picture of his father appeared on the screen. He heard nothing else, his mind went into a spin. Who could have shot his father, enough people hated him. He felt no panic or fear, he realised his main aim was to escape this life and never look back. He had tried before but his father had always managed to re-enter his life and used his huge cock to take away any woman he had ever cared for.

He packed his passport and some essentials and set off for the airport and a new life in New Zealand. By the time the police were looking for suspects he was gone.

The bullet had caught Richard only a glancing blow on the shoulder. Whilst it had knocked him forward and caused a worrying few hours he was not seriously hurt. Ironically he had not been the intended victim. Vicky had watched from the door as her mother, and in particular her huge tits, stole Richard from her. She remembered the day when she walked into the barn as an 18 year old to see her first boyfriend groping at her mother's huge melons as they strained to burst free of her tight low cut white t shirt. She remembered her mother's words to her 18 year old boyfriend as he mauled her and Polly stared into her daughter's eyes:

"They are double F in case you were wondering Charlie. Vicky is a b cup. Which do you prefer?" She smiled innocently at her daughter and then peeled the t-shirt over her head. Her tits stood firm and huge and she pushed Charlie's drooling face deep into them. He managed to muffle his praise of her fantastic body before groaning as Polly reached into his trousers and pulled out his throbbing cock.

"I am going to cum, oh God" he groaned pulling his face free from her tits for a second.

"Of course you are, I am hotter than Vicky, bustier than her. Your young cock belongs to me, now cum."

He emptied himself onto the barn floor. Vicky was shocked but then realised this was just the start when her mother spoke to her across the barn:

"Go and make dinner for your father whilst your boyfriend fucks me." She lowered her lips around his cock and quickly sucked him back to life whilst Vicky turned and left her mother to finish claiming the first of her boyfriends (there will be more of Polly's exploits later).

Life had finally worked out for Vicky. She had been the dominant person in her relationship with Martin, she was the one cheating - and with his father. She was getting fucked by an amazing 15 inch cock. She was humiliating her husband behind his back rather than being the one humiliated. Life had been perfect for her but as she watched her mother and another busty older woman (Sue) compete for his huge cock and saw the effect Polly was having on her dream man, she felt despair. Vicky's father knew nothing of his wife's exploits with other men. As Richard pounded his dick into her mother and groped her huge firm melons Polly noticed her daughter at the door. She smiled the same evil, confident grin she had used in the barn all those years ago and pressed her tits together to give Richard an awesome sight.

"Tell me Richard" Polly said, "Will you fuck Vicky again or are these your preference now" she laughed and jiggled her tits. "This is the biggest, the best cock I have ever had. Far too good for Vicky."

Richard's reply was to grab her tits and squeeze them and drive his cock hard up inside her. He grunted: "I don't need her any more but I do need these fantastic boobs."

Polly smiled at her daughter in satisfaction and victory. Vicky had snapped and aimed the gun she only carried for protection at the writhing bodies in the middle of the room. Through her tears she pulled the trigger, she couldn't endure the thought of her mother claiming Richard and enjoying sex with his oversized cock instead of her. It didn't work. She was arrested and her parents came to the hospital to apologise to Richard. Vicky had become delirious and was making no sense to the police.

Richard was recuperating in hospital when Polly and her husband went to see him. Marjorie was thin and pale but sat by the bed and Polly's husband sat next to her. Polly had a conservative jacket on but Richard could see the huge assets straining to be released from its confines. Richard was throbbing, the cum which had been filling his huge balls when he was shot had never been released. Richard was not used to going more than a couple of hours between explosive releases of huge jets of cum. Two days had passed and his balls felt like they were going to explode, especially with Polly's suggestive looks at him and at the twitching monster under the sheets.

Polly was used to getting exactly what she wanted. The fact that the other halves were sitting 2 feet away was not going to stop her. She excused herself and left the private room. In the corridor she broke the fire alarm glass and set off the alarm. People were being rushed out of the building. She stood out of site as the nurse collected Marjorie and her husband and escorted them out of the building. The nurse reassured Richard that the patients would all be taken care of.

Polly certainly intended to take care of Richard. She stood at the door and unbuttoned her jacket.

Richard stared as she showed her huge, deep cleavage to him.

"You better leave Polly, the nurse took the others."

"The only dangerous thing in this hospital is your cock and I am about to deal with that. I just needed to get rid of them first. See anything you like Richard" she said pressing her tits together and allowing the final button to pop open under the strain of her jugs.

"God they are massive, you are so hot Polly, my cock is ready to blow."

"Self control Richard" she said over the buzz of the fire alarm. She pulled the sheets away, his hard cock lay pulsing, it stretched through his boxer shorts and was so thick that the material had ripped to allow the full 15 inches through the hole. It stretched down his leg obscenely but within seconds of her 2 hands on it, it jutted up and pointed at the ceiling like a piece of glistening steel. Polly marvelled at how thick and smooth it was. The cocks that had pounded her were usually big but they didn't compare to this – Richard had 5 inches on any stud she had previously enjoyed. At 5 foot 4 she wasn't tall and as she slid onto the bed his python easily stretched up between her huge lace bra clad tits.

Five minutes of sucking and tit wanking this cock had Richard groaning with pleasure and from the residual pain from the bullet wound. Polly marvelled at the fact that her daughter had managed to enjoy this weapon. Her daughter may have finally snapped but Polly's respect for her increased at the thought of Vicky being fucked by this cock.

Polly had strong tanned legs and the short tight skirt did not deny access to her tight pussy for Richard's cock. He drove himself back inside of her, back where he had been when he was shot. This load was meant for Polly he thought and what I want I get. She rode his huge cock, she pressed her huge tits into his face as she had done to so many men before but she spasmed in repeated orgasms as Richard impaled her on his rod.

"Not even a bullet can stop you from fucking me Richard. When I want something I get it. Got any cum for me big boy?"

"I can't remember the last time I went 24 hours, let alone 48, without cumming. My balls feel full, so full they hurt. Shame your wimpy husband isn't here to watch me fill you."

"I have got to see this explosion. Cover me" she said lifting her hips slowly off his huge pole.

She slid it between her tits. The head bumped against her pretty lips. Polly recognised the signs of a cock ready to blow.

She cooed at him:

"Seen better tits than these?" as she wrapped her huge firm boobs around his cock. "You have met your match in me. Cum now if you want to become a slave to my hot body." With that she pressed a finger into the base of his cock where it met his swollen balls.

The reaction was instantaneous. Richard grunted and 2 days of sexual frustration was released. The first jet lasted 20 seconds. Cum was everywhere. Polly's face was covered, her hair was dripping, her large tits covered with a smooth layer of cum with a deep river forming in her cleavage.

The nurse arrived at the door with Polly's husband and Marjorie just as the second volley started. They were treated to the release of a barrage of jets of thick cum from a huge cock all over Polly, all over the bed and the room. Polly looked at her husband through the cum layered on her face and asked him:

"Can you do this honey?" as she pointed Richard's rod at her open mouth and he released an accurate jet into her mouth. He then pressed the head of his cock between her lips and fired yet more of his ejaculate down her throat.

Finally the torrent ended. Polly calmly looked at her audience and smiled:

"I found the fire hose. Mmm mmm, tasty cum Richard. Marjorie, I bet you always thought you would be kicked out by some hot young babe. Actually it is me that is kicking you out of your own home. Kim can stay as long as she realises she is your baby machine Richard. Breed her a lot Richard. Your dick, however, belongs to me. Agreed?" she asked hanging her huge solid tits over his face, arching her back and pressing her arms against the outside of her melons.

Richard felt powerless, this woman had him. He needed her body. "I am yours Polly" he said before groping at her huge breasts.

Polly's exploits over the years made Richard look like a loyal husband in comparison. She smiled at the thought that she could truly claim any man she wanted and now she had the king of studs.

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