tagMatureFather Uses Huge Asset Ch. 29

Father Uses Huge Asset Ch. 29


Martin was expecting Sophie, his first proper girlfriend to visit him at university during his first term. He had missed her for over a month and was really looking forward to her visit. The phone calls had dried up over the last couple of weeks but he presumed she was just busy settling into her university in Manchester and was making new friends. He looked forward to hearing all about it.

She was due to arrive on the Saturday and so he was puzzled but quite excited when a courier delivered a package from Manchester on the Friday morning. Sophie was the only person he knew in Manchester so he assumed it was a present from his girlfriend and it made him feel warm inside. His mum was right, after she had met Sophie for the first time she had said that she seemed a lovely girl.

He opened the package and it was a video and the label said "A private present from Sophie". Martin was excited, no physical contact with anyone for over a month and now his pretty girlfriend was sending him a special video. He sat on his couch and pressed play. Huge, full, firm young tits straining against a black shiny sports top that looked wholly incapable of containing these tits filled the screen. They jiggled slightly as her body seemed to shudder. The picture was gradually panning out and her face came into view, her eyes sparkling with sexual mischief. She said "Hello Martin." Martin paused the video and put his hand on his cock, God he couldn't wait until tomorrow. What a pair of tits she had. He loved her. He released the pause on the video. "I thought you might like to see what I have been up to".

The camera continued to pan out and Sophie's body and especially het tits seemed to lift higher off what was now clearly a bed she was perched on facing a camera at the foot of the bed. Her tits shuddered in their lycra casing and Martin wandered what made that happen. Then he noticed them, his heart quickened in shock and confusion. As the camera panned out a pair of muscular, tanned, hairy male legs appeared on either side of Sophie. Three seconds later he knew why her body was shuddering and lifting off the bed. The camera showed her torso below her bulging tits but it also showed his powerful thighs flexing. Then his balls came into view and Martin had to stare, he had never seen anything like them. He knew he was not well endowed and this was a cause of great concern for him but he had never given the size of his testicles a serious thought. These things were huge. The man's sack lurched and swung as it lifted just off the bed as his hips thrust upwards but what was clearly visible within that huge sack were 2 huge balls which looked so full as they lurched and bulged within his scrotum. "Fuck" Martin whispered to himself as he realised they must each be the size of a tennis ball and Martin had never felt so inadequate or emasculated.

Well for a few seconds anyway. Then Sophie shifted and the huge thick base of a cock came into view, stretching Sophie's pussy. Her eyes sparkled with mischief, as if she could picture Martin's reaction to what he was seeing. She eased her hips upwards and Martin watched open mouthed as this thick smooth huge shaft eased into view. Inch after inch appeared as her pussy eased upwards. Over 8 inches appeared and still no sign of the crown appearing, then 9 and then incredibly around 10 inches of huge cock stood erect with no sign of the head of this huge thing coming into view.

Slowly she lowered herself down onto him, making a low guttural sound as she did so. She repeated the process time after time after time but it was clearly having a significant effect on her, her body was shuddering with pleasure and her face was flushed. She looked into the camera and said with a smirk:

"Life isn't fair, why does he have so much to offer and you have so little."

The comment from his girlfriend hurt but Martin had to accept that it was true. Suddenly the man's hips moved and from a slow deep grinding screw, he started to thrust up into her. With easy and relentless power this giant cock assaulted Sophie's pussy. Whereas before this had seemed like two equals enjoying a great fuck, it quickly became apparent that Sophie was simply having orgasm after orgasm as this cock relentlessly ploughed her. Martin had thought he was watching Sophie fuck her new man but he quickly realised that what he watching was an incredible stud claiming Sophie's body.

On and on he went, minute after minute of driving his hips up into the young busty slut. Her tits no longer jiggled and shuddered, they bounced around her chest within the tight confines of the lycra top. She was struggling to cope with this endless, relentless, deep pummelling assault on her pussy. His hips were lifting a foot off the bed as he drove his huge cock into her. He slid further beneath her and speared straight up into her, changing the angle slightly but not the speed or power of his thrusts.

Sophie looked into the camera with lust filled eyes as her body shuddered to another orgasm and she gasped: "So deep, so fucking full. I love your cock. So big, God it feels so good." She looked over her shoulder and smiled at her hidden lover. Turning back to the camera she looked into it, at Martin, and said:

"You are a loser, your little dick doesn't do it for me. Uhh fuck me stud, show this wimp your magnificent cock. Fuck me".

His intensity picked up to another level, driving his huge solid rod up into her. His feet pressed into the mattress and his hips drove up. Sophie let out a series of groans as he took control and savagely fucked her body. From the angle he reached for a moment Martin saw past his cock and saw his toned abs flexing and his broad strong chest but not his face. His hips were now a foot and a half off the bed and his strong muscular buttocks were visible to Martin as they flexed and powered up into her. He pulled down and a gap of a foot appeared between them but his cock was still inside of her, just a long shiny endless shaft with no cock head showing. Martin saw the man's strong body up to his shoulders this time. Only the face of this strong mature, muscular tanned Adonis was hidden, that and the end of his cock which was endlessly buried in his girlfriend even when almost a foot of shiny thick cock shaft slid out of her. This really wasn't an exhibition from her, it was the stud's show and Sophie was literally along for the ride.

He started grinding his hips in a circular motion and it set Sophie off again.

"Oh God, that cock, I can feel it, that hard ridge of your cock head, so deep inside of me, oh God you are designed to perfection, a fucking machine. "

He arched his back and slowly slid his legs together, his balls were pushed up above his thighs, straining in a sack custom designed to contain but at the same time emphasise and show off his enormous balls. The moment was coming and Martin watched as these 2 weapons which had been big before but had grown incredibly during this relentless fucking of his girlfriend seemed to twitch and strain ready to release their contents.

A huge thrust and a deep groan from this stud and a high pitched groan followed by a sigh of acceptance and pleasure from Sophie greeted the first pulse of spunk being fired into her. It seemed that there was a 4 or 5 second period of constant release whilst the base of his cock and his balls released huge quantities of spunk up his shaft and deep into her at high force.

There was a pause as his cock slid down, 7, 8, 9 inches of shaft became visible and then bang he was driving himself up into her again with another huge release. Martin assumed that was it. He then sat mesmerised as this stud repeated the process time and time again for the best part of 2 minutes. He lost count of the number of huge ejaculations. Sophie was like a rag doll, a passenger on a pleasure ride, unable to control her constant orgasms, her head hung low as she accepted the savage unloading of spunk into her.

Finally it was over. It took Sophie a while but eventually she looked up into the camera and said.

"I thought you might want to see why I can't be bothered to come and see you this weekend. He told his wife he is away on business but as you can see he is still hard and he prefers my tits to his wife's saggy small ones." A deep chuckle came from behind her which sent a shiver through Martin and he looked down to see a wet patch spread across his groin.

He looked up to see hands sliding around her and clamping onto the giant lycra covered young tits. He cupped them and cradled them and Sophie smiled warmly at his appreciation of her assets. Then he splayed his fingers and squeezed her abundant tit flesh. The camera zoomed in on her tits with his hands on them until all that could be seen was her giant bust and his fingers kneading them. The video went black, it was over.

There was something about that man, his laugh made Martin tingle with fear and apprehension but he felt uncomfortable that it had also made him cum; his wife cheating with some stud had made him cum. What was wrong with him and what was it about that man's chucked that sent a shiver down his spine.


It was 3 in the morning and the screen turned black as the video ended, a wet patch spread across Martin's boxer shorts, it was the chuckle again that did it. It was the 6th time he had watched it since opening the video less than 24 hours ago. He flicked it back on and rewound a few seconds to see that final image; his girlfriend's big tits being mauled. He pressed pause and pulled his dick out. He whispered to himself: "Oh Sophie, I wish I could do you like him, I wish I was groping you like him ... I wish I was him." Spunk dribbled out of his little cock and he wasn't really sure if he had cum or not. He felt ashamed. The screen showed a clear image, huge tits being played with by long tanned splayed fingers. At the centre of the picture on one of those fingers was a highly polished sparkling wedding band, engraved clearly with the letters R & M. Martin stared at the screen, oblivious to the ring, oblivious to the inscribed letters, oblivious to the clue that these were the initials of his own parents, oblivious to the fact that the stud with the enormous cock that he had just watched fuck his girlfriend senseless was his own father. Oblivious except that every time he heard that chuckle on the tape he shivered and something made him want to call his mum.


"Mum, it's Martin.... Yes I am ok but Sophie has broken up with me... she is with uhh... yeh someone else.... No I am ok really, just sad. Yeh I know you said it would be difficult with us being apart but I hoped... yeh I hope so, I need some time though. It has hurt my confidence. Is dad there? ... Oh right, away on business this weekend."


"Oh Karen, you are so amazing, so pretty and just ... amazing. I never thought I could be this happy after splitting with Sophie just a few months ago. I can't believe how lucky I am."

"Don't be silly. I feel lucky, so many guys just want to jump me but when I am with you I feel loved, special, appreciated for me not just my looks. Sophie was stupid to pick someone else."

Martin blushed and remembered the video, was she stupid or was it the obvious choice, he thought to himself.

"What are you thinking about Martin," she said smiling and running her hand through her thick tumbling dark hair. "You are so deep sometimes."

Martin had a flashback to the video, Sophie praising the man for being so deep, Karen would never praise him for that and he felt a sharp of jealousy.

"Am I good enough for you?"

"Don't be silly Martin."

He smiled, it was only later that he thought that her answer was vague, at 2 in the morning staring at a video of Sophie being fucked by that huge dick, Karen's answer seemed obvious: "Don't be silly little Martin, of course you are not good enough for me."


Karen and Martin had been going out for a month and were really happy, they were going loads of things together and were never apart for long. They had been to visit Karen's parents the week before and both parents were both delighted that their daughter had found a polite, intelligent young man who clearly cared for and loved their daughter very much. They had arranged to visit Martin's parents the following weekend. Karen was a bit apprehensive but Martin had assured her that his mother Marjorie would adore her and his father was likely to be busy with work as he seemed to be away for many weekends at the moment.

The day before the visit Karen received a telephone call.

"Hi Karen, you don't know me but my name is Sophie, I am Martin's ex."

"Oh, hello Sophie, did you want to speak to him? I am afraid he is not in." Karen said cautiously.

"No I just wanted, uhh, a quick word with you."

"Oh right. What did you want?"

"No need to be nervous Karen, ohh yeh, I don't want Martin back. We both know he isn't, well what is the polite way of, oh fuck, saying this..."

"I don't think it is very nice to phone up and say hurtful things about my boyfriend. And what is going on, you sound funny. You really hurt him, hurt his confidence you know. I don't know what happened and I don't blame you because these things happen in relationships but there is no need to be unkind."

"Well Karen, I heard you were seeing his parents this weekend."

"Yes how do you know?"

"Well I bumped, oh fuck yes, into his father who mentioned it whilst he, ohh Richard fuck, ... well never mind."

"Well yes we are going there, what about it? Are you being fucked?" she said struggling to keep the irritation out of her voice.

"I think you will find they are not 'like father like son'. The apple didn't fall close to the tree, or should I see this huge big thick tree trunk. Oh God, sooo deep, you stud"

"Sophie what are you on about? Who is with you?"

"Oh Karen, I have seen your pictures on Facebook, you are very pretty, great arse but I have it in the tits department, what are you C cups?"

"I am going to hang up."

"Just listen to this first. You are tolerating him, he is so small, ohh Jesus yes, 2 inches when soft. You will be asked a question this weekend, when answering think about it – saying yes changes your life. Ohh and one more thing..."


Karen liked Marjorie, she was kind and welcoming and clearly liked Karen. Karen had turned up on the Saturday wearing very tight jeans and a figure hugging cashmere jumper. She looked like the pretty girl next door with her tumbling dark hair, dark eyes and pretty face. However her 20 year old figure was striking, full of firm curves.

"You look sexy." Karen had been lost in thought, one thigh crossed high over the other, emphasising her toned legs, and she looked startled by the comment. She turned to see her boyfriend smiling at her. "I wish you wore those jeans more often."

Karen looked across at Martin's father, he stood in the doorway with a perfect view of her legs, totally impassive. He had hardly said a word all day and Martin had noticed that she has avoided him. Then she saw it, the straining bulge in his trouser leg and as she stared it seemed to grow larger against his trouser. Martin turned to face his father but as he did so his father turned and walked out of the room. He had never connected with his father.

The meal was done and the plan was to stay the night and head off in the morning. They were shown their rooms, Martin had his own bedroom whilst Karen was shown the guest room. Father's rules. No comment was made about separate rooms and Martin apologised to Karen but she did not seem surprised. At 9.30 pm Marjory's mum phoned to say she was ill and asked her daughter to look after her that night. Marjory made her apologies and left. Richard simply sat in his chair as the young couple made a fuss over his wife as she left.

The evening drew to a close and Karen felt awkward as Richard had said nothing to her for most of the day.

The evening ended and Karen made her excuses and headed to bed. Richard invited his son to a nightcap and Richard sympathised with his son that Sophie had left him for another man but that he should be strong and get used to knocks in life.

"Did any woman ditch you dad?"

"No, of course not" he said. Martin felt chastened. "Drink this and go to bed Martin," Richard said with clear contempt in his voice.

Martin gulped down the drink, not knowing his father had drugged him with sleeping medicine, and fought back the emotion as he felt his father's contempt for him.

"Can I do anything to earn your respect?" Martin asked.

"Grow some balls, be a man or if that proves beyond you then just show me loyalty. Whatever happens in the future, you support me, you understand?"

"Yes dad."

"Go to bed, sleep soundly," Richard said and he chuckled as he walked out. Martin shuddered at something but knew he was feeling very drowsy and needed to go bed.


Karen lay in bed, her face in the pillow, her long sexy dark hair brushed smooth and tumbling over her shoulders. She heard them going up to bed. Then silence. Half an hour passed and she allowed herself a deep breath and thought of sleep. Then she heard the handle and her thoughts went back to that call with Sophie.

"Ohh, and one more thing..." Sophie had said. "Can I introduce you to someone?"

"Hello Karen, it is Martin's father, uhh yeh, and I am at work and Sophie is spread over my desk at work. Can you picture the scene?"

"Umm, should you be telling me this?"

"Can you picture the scene Karen?"

"Uhh, not really, it is nothing to do with me."

"Wrong, let me help you Karen, there is a video in Martin's flat, I gave it to him. Find it, watch it. Then, uhh fuck yes Sophie, decide if you want to compete with this busty slut." Karen heard Sophie laugh and groan in pleasure. "There is a tracker on the video showing how many times the shrimpy dicked little pervert has watched it. This is my mobile number ..., got it, ok if you feel contempt for him text me with the number of times it has been watched. Oh and Karen, tomorrow if you want to see it hard in my trousers wear the tightest jeans you own."

Karen had found the video, her face pressed into the pillow and the only image in her mind was that enormous cock, those huge balls. She had been living in a fog for 24 hours.

The door opened and she heard footsteps but did not dare to look. It closed quietly.

"142 times" he chuckled, "in just over 2 months. The pervert obviously enjoyed watching my big cock spearing his girlfriend," Richard said.

Karen flicked the duvet off her body and pushed her tight arse into the air. Did you like my jeans Richard? I was showing off for you when he interrupted me."

"You have great legs baby and that arse looks spectacular."

"Better than Sophie's?"

"I will tell you when I've fucked it."

He slid over the back of her and complimented her on her negligee. He pushed her face into the pillow and whispered about how his son would sleep through all her groans and screams.

"I hope I can take you, I have always liked big cocks but... uhhhh."

He pushed into her.

"That is just the head, don't worry I will be slow."

He spent the next 30 minutes sliding his hands through her tumbling dark hair, over her shoulders and exploring her firm young body as he worked his cock into her. Every couple of inches he stopped and allowed her to get used to his size. She was used to 8 or 9 inches from her various lovers but this cock was bigger and Sophie was right, that ridged cock head could be felt deep inside of her, it was designed to pleasure her.

"My wife isn't as pretty as you so my huge cock is going to spend a lot of time inside of you."

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