tagNonConsent/ReluctanceFather's Friend Takes Advantage

Father's Friend Takes Advantage


My mother and I had organised my fathers 60th birthday party and it was successfully underway at the local sports club, which we had hired for the evening.

All his friends, past and present were there and the large car park was impressively full. I wanted to really enjoy the occasion and so my husband had agreed to drive and also keep a watchful eye on our two young children while my mother and I mingled with the guests, often being shown off by my father to his friends.

I was wearing a black dress, showing a little cleavage although my 38d breasts usually had a little on display, black stockings and stiletto heels and of course matching black bra and panties.

I felt that I looked quite good, hopefully at 32 I would be one of the youngest adults there, and my recent hairdresser appointment had resulted in my brown shoulder length hair being feathered and slightly lightened.

Everyone complimented my mother and I on the layout, catering, planning etc and also on the way we looked.

I was really buzzing and I know now that I was drinking alcohol way too fast.

Towards the end of a fantastic evening I began to feel a little dizzy and at one point my dad grabbed my arm as I stumbled, and asked if I was OK.

A little later I once again stumbled. This time I was steadied by my dad and one of his friends. Blaming my heels, I tried to explain my unsteadiness. But when trying to move again I felt my legs completely give way on me.

His friend Eric, who I had known since I was a child, suggested they take me outside for air, and this they did. Walking me a little distance from the front door in the opposite direction of the car park.

I think the cold air added to my condition as I began to feel very faint and quite ill, although I could hear some party leavers saying goodbye to my dad and Eric.

My legs gave way again and Eric caught me, trying to hold me near a small wall. I then suddenly lent over the wall to vomit as Eric held me around the waist from behind.

I heard my dad say "oh dear, we had better get her husband, are you OK staying with her."

I heard Eric say, "Yeah sure, you go get him."

I could hear Eric asking me questions but I just somehow couldn't make myself speak. Even though I had just about stopped vomiting I felt as though I was having an out-of-body experience where I knew what was happening but couldn't see anything or couldn't talk.

In fact it was as though I could only look through a tunnel directly in front of where my face was pointing, nothing to the left right up or down.

I remember groaning and wishing I hadn't drunk as much but again couldn't force my self to communicate with Eric.

I was partly leaning over the small wall, with Eric's hands flat against my rib cage as my stomach and waist was almost leaning against the top of the wall now.

I heard my dad shout "he will be out in a bit, he's taken his youngest to the toilet, will you be OK for a while or do you need me."

"No, its OK, she's OK with me," Eric shouted back.

"Are you OK darling," I heard Eric say, but again I was trance-like in my prone position.

"Come on sweetheart, stand up," Eric said as he pulled at me but I just could not move.

"Come on Emily love," he said, again tugging at me slightly.

I could feel his body pressing against me, and his hands on my ribs. I also felt what I thought were perhaps the back of his thumbs under the bottom of my breasts.

I'm sure I was groaning, and trying to speak, but I just couldn't.

"Are you alright love, say something," Eric said, but again I just couldn't.

It was at that point that I felt his hands cup my breasts. I appeared to be calm, probably thinking it was a mistake or I was wrong. Had he done that before but I hadn't realised? Was I imagining it anyway?

It happened again, he was now squeezing my breasts.

"Are you OK, Emily," he said.

I wanted to say something, to tell him how I felt, to ask him what he was doing or to move his hands, but my incapacity denied me.

I could hear his breathing as he continued to fondle my breasts. I could also feel what felt like an erection against my right buttock, surely if I can feel and hear I should be able to see and speak, I thought to myself.

I heard someone shout "is she OK Eric?" and he responded, "Yeah she's OK thanks, just had a bit too much to drink."

"Are you OK darling?" Eric asked again, and again getting no response from me.

I was willing myself to recover, willing my husband to come out, but all to no avail as I limply stayed in Eric's grasp.

His hand left my right breast but then seemed to start rubbing the side of my right thigh. Oh no, I realised he had been gathering my dress up as I felt the cooler air and then his hand on my stocking and then higher up on my bare thigh.

"Oh, yes," Eric said to himself.

"Wow, are you OK love," Eric asked, again with no response from me.

It was as though I was watching something on TV, something I couldn't do anything about.

I felt his hand on my buttocks then on my bare bottom. Then, and as I was stood leaning forward with my legs slightly apart, his fingers between my legs.

I knew he had penetrated me yet I experienced no feeling. I knew I would groan or object with what he was doing to me, if I was in any sort of control of my feelings.

"Oh darling, that's lovely, tell me if you want me to stop," he said, yet withdrawing his fingers at the same time.

I felt my dress fall back into place but then heard the unmistakable sound of a zip being pulled down. For a moment I wondered if it was my dress zip, but with his left hand still holding my left breast his right gathered my dress up once again.

"Night!" someone shouted.

I lifted my head slightly, seeing two figures walking towards the car park in the distance.

"She OK?" they added.

"Yeah, she will be soon," Eric called back.

"Right where were we," Eric said as I now felt his hand again but this time it wasn't his fingers that he was guiding into me.

I felt as though I was almost asleep, my eyes half closed, my brain not connecting to my limbs or voice box, could I be dreaming this?

But no, the feeling of a hard penis entering me was very real.

"Oh, oh yes," Eric breathed against the back of my neck as his hand moved to the side of my bare thigh.

He moved his left hand across to my right breast, and holding my right hip then started to - well, for want of a better phrase - fuck me from behind.

He suddenly stopped, and then I heard my husband's voice shout across to him "hi Eric, is she OK?"

"A bit too much to drink," Eric shouted back.

"OK, I'll bring the car over," my husband shouted back.

"OK," Eric replied.

I lifted my head just enough to see my husband walking away, and then heard Eric say "right lady, we better get a move on."

He began moving into me faster and harder.

I couldn't believe I wasn't gasping, or even seemingly breathing differently in any way. I couldn't believe my dads' friend was having sex with me, and I couldn't believe this was going on while my friends and family were in a building only a short distance away. Some of who were actually beginning to leave.

But most of all I couldn't believe he was having sex with me after speaking to my husband who he was now watching walk away to our car.

The movement stopped and I heard him groan.

"Oh, oh, oh yes, that was brilliant sweetheart," he whispered.

He seemed to adjust my clothing, then his own, and I then became aware of headlights approaching us.

Eric helped me to the car as I heard my husband say, "can you put her in while I get the kids."

The next thing I remember is sitting in the front seat with Eric putting the seat belt around me. My eyes felt so heavy I just couldn't open them.

I heard him say, "don't worry darling you can't get pregnant."

And then if that wasn't enough I felt a hand reach down the front of my dress and into my right cup and squeeze my right breast a few times.

Voices in the distance of "is mummy drunk," coincided with the removal of the hand and Eric responding, "Just a little bit."

I went into a state of unconsciousness on the journey home and felt ill for the next two days, and to this day I try to avoid thinking about my exit from that party.

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