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Favor for Favor


My first year of college was absolutely horrendous. I had to spent the first few semesters in a dorm with roommates that always partied and were always messy. I was also very frustrated with my dating life. I had been asking out girls left and right but they would never take me up on my offer and I felt sexually deprived. I was able to keep up halfway decent grades and when I came back from working hard over the summer, I got an apartment and seeked a roommate.

I ran through the wire of roommates and eventually found one in the form of a girl. Her name was Penelope. She was a few years older than me, was doing a graduate program at my college, and was pretty friendly. I never expected to have a female roommate but we actually got along pretty well and had respect for our boundaries. One thing was for sure was that she was a bombshell. She's a latina, big boobs at maybe a DD size, plump round ass, beautiful skin, and kind of tall. She was very desirable and me having sex with her never left my mind much. I never did find out if she had a relationship or not but I found out the truth of that one day.

A few months ago, she started having car trouble with this old, worn out Dodge Neon beater she was driving around from the apartment to college. Thankfully, I've been around cars for most of my life and with some money, new parts, and a little bit of time, I fixed her car up with a brand new radiator and transmission cooler. She was profusely thankful and part of our deal was that I did her a favor so she would do me one in return if I ever needed one. Since I'm still struggling on a dating level, I'm deciding to see if I can cash in on that favor to satisfy a burning desire of mine today.


On most days, I'm the first one back at the house but today is a little different because Penelope doesn't have classes on Friday. I get in the door to find her playing video games at the TV in her bra and pajama bottoms.

"Have you been gaming all day?" I ask as I set my bag down on the table.

"I woke up at 11, ordered pizza, and then got gaming." She corrects.

"Wow." I kick my shoes off.

"What's up?" She asks.

"Nothing much." I go to the fridge and swing it open looking for food.

"Is that girl going out with you?" She questions.

"Fuck no." I grab a lunch and slam the fridge back.

"Damn. Sorry." She states.

"Don't be. Not your fault." I scarf down the ham portion of the tray.

She pauses her game and looks up at me. "You know what you need?"

I finish chewing the food. "I think so. What do you think I need?"

"A tennis buddy." She states.

"The hell does that mean? I play baseball. Not tennis." I explain.

"No like. You need someone to meet up and do something then go home and fuck." She offers.

"Like a friends with benefits?" I question.

"More like a fuck buddy." She corrects.

"And where will I get one of those?" I grind my mouth on the cheese.

"Tinder, bars, reddit." She lists.

"Too ugly. That shit won't happen." I curse.

"Who said you were ugly?" She stands up and walks into the kitchen.

"Enough people. I'm scrawny, too tall for my body, pale, and got rosy cheeks." I reply.

"There's only one way to find out for sure." She mentions.

"I guess so." I agree.

I feel my cock push out of my pants in my own horny attitude. I know what I want. I swallow down what pride I have and get my courage up.

"Hey, Penelope. You know how that I helped you fix your Neon about a month ago?" I ask.

"Yeah." She confirms.

"Well, I want to cash my favor in." I add.

She gets a glass of orange juice and walks over to me. "Well, what do you want?"

"I desperately need a blowjob and a massage." The words jutter out of me.

She opens her eyes wide as she finishes sipping on her orange juice. She takes the glass and sets it on the counter. "Well then."

"It's okay if you don't. This is just me being honest with you." I confess.

"No. I get it." She washes the glass out.

I push my hands on the back counter and lean against it.

She finishes washing the glass out and she looks at me and bites her lip. "Shave up if you haven't already."

"I am." I state.

"Okay then." She walks to her bedroom. "You coming or what?"

I feel my cock try to slam its way out of my underwear. "Yeah."

I walk in her bedroom and she shuts the door behind me. I get up on her bed with black covers and lay down. It's evident the bulge in my jeans as I stretch out. I see Penelope look at me.

She laughs. "You need this bad, don't you?"

I nod. "Yep."

She reaches her hand around her gray bra and then slides the straps off her arms and the cups fall to the floor. She gets up on top of me and I'm greeted to the sight of her beautiful, fatty breasts and dark nipples.

"Wow." I reach my hands out and gently squeeze on them.

She beams and then begins fumbling with my belt. She unbuckles it and then pops the button off and zips my jeans down. She grabs onto the sides along my waist and pulls them down from my legs over my knees and off my feet. I shiver as they come off as I look up at her sexy pose. My cock comes free as it presses out of my loose underwear in its tent.

Penelope giggles and she rubs her hands over my underwear and rigid cock. She reaches for the straps and then gently peels the underwear off of me.

My cock becomes exposed and stands at attention as Penelope pulls my boxers off of me. She throws my underwear to the floor. She teases it in her hands for a moment then reaches under my shirt. Her cool hands caress my chest and then she begins flexing my shirt over me and I follow with her as it goes over my neck and off the bed. She goes back over my cock and begins rubbing and squeezing the shaft with her hands going up and down towards my head. She then lays on her belly in between my legs with her mouth right above my cock. She sticks her tongue out and begins licking around my head.

I stretch in response as the feeling is just the ultimate teaser. "My god." I murmur.

She then opens wide and my cock is pushed into her warm mouth. The feeling is amazing as she takes it all the way in to the end of my shaft as my head shoves into the back of her throat. My cock is then greeted to the presence of slick, hot saliva lubricating it as she begins to go up and down on the shaft back and forth, sliding around in her mouth with the hot spit. She then surprises me when she comes up to the tip and gently bites it.

I shake and my pelvis pops up as she does and then goes back down onto it. Rhythmically, her mouth rises and falls off of it as she gives me this sloppy blowjob back and forth. She's an absolute machine on it and it's all I can do not to just moan from the pleasure. She's relentless and unforgiving as her hot hole strokes my cock up and down. I know I won't be able to take this much. She then drops it out for a second and lands a thick layer of spit on my tip then goes back at it. The lubrication and the hot presence is almost too powerful as I do what I can just to enjoy it.

I look at Penelope and she's staring right up at me with her dark eyes and seeing my cock inside her mouth just caps it off. I can feel myself coming close, each cycle from her mouth just unable to do anything as she takes it all in and out.

No longer, I can feel my cock muscles beginning to spasm and my balls retracting into my skin. I cramp hard and I look up.

I see Penelope not giving up wanting to drain my of all my cum.

I moan as my cock begins jetting and spraying. I look up as Penelope envelops my cock into her mouth as it drains deep into her hot throat. I moan and grab onto her hair as she sucks up every last drop.

"Good lord." She finally gets my dick out of her mouth.

My cock instantly falls out limp and red. She looks up at me smiling then lays her tongue out of her lips. Empty throat. She swallowed it all down.

"Swallower, huh?" I ask as I try to get my breath back in control.

"Yep." She then leans down and kisses my frenulum.

"Wow." I relax as the release spreads through my body.

"I'll blow you anytime you want with that kind of dick." She offers.

"Thanks." I smile.

I lay back on her bed.

"Well, are you going to turn over for your massage?" She asks.

"Yeah." I begin adjusting myself and pull a pillow under my chin and lay flat on my belly.

She begins rubbing her hands all over my back.

"Maybe a happy ending after." She adds.

"If I'm able to get it up." I explain.

"You will." She spanks my bare ass.

I giggle in response.

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