tagGroup SexFaye Fellatio Ch. 01-04

Faye Fellatio Ch. 01-04


This story is dedicated to Faye Skylark - the inspiration for this story and a terrific fellow author.

And thanks to another fantastic author, Busty Alix, for her advice and encouragement.

When you're done here, look up their stories. You won't be disappointed!

Part 01 (Two Minutes)

"Next!" The voice from the room next door called out.

Faye Skylark looked around her at the room full of college girls and tried to work out her place. She had been there for almost an hour and was pretty sure she must be called soon. She half started to rise out of her seat when a mini-skirted and very busty blonde strode past her toward the door opposite. She sat back down with a sigh.

What am I doing here? she asked herself. Look at that girl! She's perfect! And who are you? Sure, you're cute, but just look at these girls!

And she was cute. 18, 5'6", slender, small waist, large but perky breasts, brown eyes, fair skin, freckles (But not too many, she thought), a cute bob of brown hair and a delightfully impish smile.

But the room contained the sexiest girls on campus. When she decided to audition for Theta Iota Tau fraternity's porn film she just didn't realise how tough the competition would be.

Again Faye wondered why she was there. She was probably the only freshman in the room and had only been in college a few weeks. And if the Dean finds out about this, it will be my last few weeks, she thought. So why am I doing it?

Sure the money would be helpful but that wasn't it. She needed somewhere to fit in. Faye wasn't great at sport, had no interest in debating, or in any of the other activities the college offered.

Then Faye heard about Theta Iota Tau's film and knew she'd found her niche. If there was one thing she could do - could do exceptionally well - it was suck cock. Her mouth had reduced grown men to tears - and to their knees. The boys at High School had openly praised her oral abilities and she had gained a well-earned reputation as the best cocksucker in school. But that seemed a long time ago now... No one knew her here and she needed this.

Faye looked around the room at the competition again. The memory of literally hundreds of blowjobs began to fill her with confidence. Just let me get my mouth on you, she thought, looking back at the doorway hiding the unseen voice. I'll blow you away!

A few moments later the busty blonde came out of the door opposite and walked toward Faye on her way out. As she walked passed, she glanced down at Faye and gave her a dismissive look.

Faye gasped. There, hanging from the blonde's chin, was a small string of cum. She'd been beaten to it! The blonde had sucked the guy off already! Well, no matter, Faye thought. I'll soon have him up aga...

But at that moment the door opened again and a guy wearing a Theta Iota Tau football jersey & jeans came out. "I'm sorry girls," he announced, a contended smile playing across his lips. "But the position has been filled. Thank you very much for coming and if we need anyone else in the future we'll be in touch."

As a rumble of discontent amongst the girls began to grow the guy ducked back behind the door and closed it.

The girls' discussion and resentment became more animated but they began to make their way out until only Faye was left. She wasn't about to give up that easily. She went up and knocked on the door.

"The position has been filled!" The guy called out again, through the closed door.

"I... I know... but... please...!" Faye called back. "I need this. I'll do anything!"

"Then you should have got here ten minutes earlier, sweetheart!" the voice called back.

"It's not too late!" Faye refused to give up. "Whatever she did, trust me I can do better!"

"Yeah, right!" The voice began to sound impatient. "She had me... er... convinced in less than five minutes!"

"Then I'll do it in less than two!" Faye's lip curled in doubt. Could she do that? The guy had only just shot a load into the blonde. But he was young... and she was very good...

"Like I said... you should have got here ten minutes earlier!"

"I can still do it!" Faye breathed deeply. "Two minutes... tops!"

The voice behind the door was silent. Then Faye heard footsteps and the door opened. "Two minutes?" The guy looked sceptical.

"Two minutes."

"You're serious?"


"You know I just er... spoke... to Melissa Page?"

"Makes no difference..." So that's her name, Faye thought.

"Come in..." the guy pulled the door further open and once Faye had passed through, closed it behind her. Then he turned and began to eye Faye up and down. She was wearing a black tube top, blue jeans & high heeled sandals. Niccceeee!!! He thought to himself.

"Two minutes?" he said again, still not believing it. Still... who cares? He was going to get his cock sucked for the second time today. And that kind of luck didn't come his way every day! "Perhaps you should show me what you can do...?"

Faye smiled sweetly at him and dropped to her knees. Moments later she had his jeans unzipped and had pulled out his cock. It was about three inches long and still soft. Well, I'll soon fix that, she thought as she took it inside her mouth.

Ooooohhhhh! the guy thought as he felt a multitude of sensations around his cock. She's gooooood!

It took only a few moments for Faye to suck the cock up to its full length and rock hardness. She couldn't see it but her experienced mouth told her it was now about nine inches long, maybe nine and a half... and quite broad. Then she began bobbing her head up and down, allowing the cock to slide in and out of her mouth and across her tongue. Not too deep, she decided. Save that for later.

Ooooohhhhh! Was still the thought uppermost in the guy's mind. He certainly lost all interest in timekeeping. He just gazed down lovingly at Faye's pretty face slide up and down his length and her pretty bob of hair as it er... bobbed up and down. I wonder if that's why they call it a bob, he mused silently.

Faye continued her well-practised, rhythmic bobbing motion and the guy kept watching...




Ooooohhhhh! The guy thought yet again. That is soooooo nice! Almost hypnotic...




The guy found watching Faye's bobbing head remarkably soothing while at the same time the incredible sensations she was producing in his cock were wildly arousing. The conflicting mix of the two was... well, he couldn't think how to describe it. But he liked it. He really liked it!

Faye had settled into her standard blowjobbing bob. She could keep it up for hours given enough guys. She could keep a guy teetering mercilessly on the edge of cumming for ages without letting him over the edge. But not today... Today she had a two minute window in which to drain this guy dry.

Faye's record for sucking a guy to completion was waaaay under two minutes, but this guy was unknown and he'd just shot a load not five minutes ago. Getting him off in under two minutes would be a remarkable achievement for anyone.

After 20 or 30 seconds of bobbing Faye decided to start exploring his cock in more detail. While maintaining the bob, she sent her tongue to probe all around the head of the cock, then up and down the shaft, all the while gauging his reactions and working out his weak points.

"Mmmmmmggg..." he groaned as Faye licked just under the head, flicking it and tickling it with her tongue. "Yes..."

Faye briefly released his cock in order to suck on his balls. First one... then the other... then finally both together. He really seemed to like that...

Finally Faye decided to treat him to her speciality - a deepthroat hummer. When she took his shaft back into her mouth, she pushed herself all the way down, without pausing, until she could lick his balls once again - this time with four or five inches of steel hard cock poking down her throat.

"Oh God!" the guy groaned. "That's... ohhhhhh!"

Then Faye began to hum.

"Ohhhhhh...! Ohhhhhh...! OHHHHHH...!" The guy was now weakening fast. His body was twitching. His breathing was becoming short and irregular. Faye knew that his face was beginning to screw up into one of those funny expressions guys have when they're cumming. She looked up and a brief smile played across her lips at his expression.

You're mine... Faye thought. We both know it. Now cum for me. Give me that load...

"Yeeeeaaaaahhhhhhhhhh!" the guy erupted. Literally.

Faye felt his first spurt shoot straight down her throat into her tummy. It was quickly followed by two more what felt like sizable shots. She debated pulling her head back so she could take a load or two into her mouth but didn't want to put him off his shooting, so just kept humming.

Two more spurts and he was finished. Losing his balance he grabbed the table beside him for support. "Jeez!" he exclaimed, somewhat dumfounded. "That was... was... ahhhhhh..."

Faye finally released his cock from her throat and returned the head to her mouth. She continued with some gentle sucking and tonguing while the guy's orgasm fully subsided. Finding a little leftover cum at the tip she swallowed it down and felt that little thrill of excitement she always felt when she got to swallow a guy's load. Too bad most of it had pumped straight down her throat but this was business, not pleasure. She had a taste for it now, and wanted more. Someone's going to strike it lucky tonight, she thought to herself. I wonder who it will be?

Faye released the guy's cock fully, placed it back into his jeans and zipped him up. She stood up and looked him straight in the eye, a playful smile dancing across her lips. "Well?" she asked.

"That was... incredible..." the guy gasped, still in a bit of a daze after the most intense blowjob of his life.

"So...?" Faye waited, impatiently, her hands bunched over her chin and her body bouncing up and down in anticipation.

"Be back here at 11am Saturday, and wear something cute."

"Thank you!" Faye clapped her hands before rushing forward to kiss the guy. It was a long, deep kiss and it left the guy still more dazed and not a little breathless.

Before he recovered his wits to say any more the cute, perky brunette had skipped out of the room and was gone. He wasn't sure but he thought she might have been singing quietly as she went...

Part 02 (Blowing Brad)

As Faye returned toward to her own dorm she felt like she was walking on air. At 11am she would walk into that dorm. By 11.30 she would have blown these guys away - literally. And by Saturday night she would be the talk of college!

She needed to celebrate... and she had a taste for hot, fresh sperm which needed quenching.

Aha! Faye thought watching a tall gangly figure coming the other way. Mr Robinson...

She had caught him trying to peek up her microskirts several times. He was so shy and awkward; Faye usually had to help him. She'd lost count of the number of times she'd dropped her pen, or her purse, just so she could slowly bend over at the waist to pick it up, giving her cute tush a little wiggle as it pointed straight at him. Either that or she'd open her long slender legs particularly widely beneath her desk and watch as all of a sudden he started dropping pens onto the floor. Funny how they always seemed to land near her desk and how long it seemed to take him to pick them up again... Poor guy seemed distracted by something...

Anyway... Faye liked Geeks. Geeks were always so polite and appreciative when having their cocks sucked. Not like some guys she could mention...

Like Brad Jennings...

Six Months Earlier

Brad had been Faye's boyfriend at High School... for a very short time, Faye reminded herself quickly.

He was rude, arrogant and super-possessive. And whenever she sucked him off, or fucked him, Brad always tried to make Faye feel like he was doing her a favour. Yeah... right! He was also a very rough lover. Not that she minded a bit of deep penetration, or a vigorous face fuck... but sometimes it was as if he were trying to hurt her...

Sometimes Faye wondered if he felt threatened by her... All Brad's previous girlfriends had struggled to manage his 14 inch monster - but it slid down her throat with ease. Faye remembered how he used to fuck her face with all his might, pushing as deep as he could, but she would just look up at him lovingly (Uggghhh! she thought. To think I used to like that creep!) and let him plunge in and out her throat until he wore himself out. Then she would give him a deepthroat hummer until he spilled his load right where she wanted it - either across her tongue, or all over her face. Perhaps she made him feel a little inadequate?

Good! Faye thought. The arrogant, sexist pig!

One night, shortly before the end of their relationship and when he'd been particularly objectionable (Hah! she remembered. When wasn't he?), Faye turned the tables on him and gave him a taste of his own medicine. It was a night to remember.

She was bobbing away on his cock as usual...




"Ooooohhhhh... Yeah, babe!" Brad groaned. "You know you want that...! All the girls love Brad Jennings...! Go on... treat yourself to a mouthful of Brad goodness!"




Sheeeshhhhh! Faye sighed to herself. Just shut up and let me get on...




"Mmmmmmm!" Brad gazed down at the brown bob of hair as it bobbed up and down his cock. "Come on, babe! Enough with the bob thing... I gotta meet the guys in ten minutes. Work it up a bit!"

What...? After a month with Brad, Faye was close to breaking. You promised to take me to dinner tonight... and you love my bobbing! She stopped for just a moment as a wicked plan flashed through her mind. Then Faye picked up the tempo... Work it up a bit, eh? Sure...

Bob... bob... bob...

Bob... bob... bob...

Bob... bob... bob...

"Woooo, babe!" Brad grinned. "Now that's what I'm talking about. Perhaps I'll have time for an extra beer..."

Grrrrrrrrr... As Faye grew more annoyed her bobbing intensified...

Bob... bob... bob...

Bob... bob... BOB!


"Whoa...!" Brad watched, a startled expression on his face. "Chill, babe... I got a few min... wooooooo!"




By now Faye was slamming her head up and down Brad's dick. It was almost a blur.


Each time Faye surged forward, Brad's cock sank to the bottom of her throat and beyond. And with each thrust, Faye used her throat muscles to tighten her grip upon him. Hmmm... Maybe its time for just a little tooth action as well... she decided, and let her front teeth gently rub against the top of his shaft. But at that speed even a gentle touch provoked quite a reaction...


"Whoa...! Babe!" Brad's voice sang out in alarm. What was she doing to his cock? It was both the most amazing sensation he'd ever known, but also a little painful too, and getting more amazing and more painful by the moment.


"Babe! Please!" Brad tried pulling back, pushing himself into Faye's mattress but there was nowhere to go, and the sensations were becoming overpowering... Her throat was too tight, and her mouth was applying far too much friction!


"Ba..." he began but his throat tightened up and he couldn't finish. What was happening to him? He'd given many girls a hard time but now this pretty brunette was literally ravaging his cock with her mouth! He knew he was going to cum, and cum hard... but at the same time it hurt sooooo much!


"B... aaarrrgghhhhhh!!!!!" Brad's eruption started and it was a big one. He thought his heart would explode, or his lungs, or both! And he didn't want to think about the condition of his cock. It was spurting unearthly quantities of cum - far more than it seemed designed to manage. He wondered if that might burst too, under the pressure. He was literally screaming now... "AAARRRGGHHHHHH!!!!!"

Once Brad started shooting his load, Faye clamped her mouth down tightly and rode it out. It was like deepthroating a hose pipe! The familiar sensation of cum being shot down her throat seemed greatly magnified compared to anything she'd experienced before... and it just kept cumming!

Eventually the flood began to subside and Faye sat back, releasing Brad's cock

Well, you won't be going anywhere for a while, Faye smiled to herself as she sat on her knees and idly gazed at her semi-comatose boyfriend. He was breathing hard and recovering from a major shock to his body. And you'd probably better put some ice on that cock, too, she added to herself smugly.

"Awwww... you feeling tired, sweetie." Faye teased her slowly quieting boyfriend. "Was my bobbing too much for you?" She stopped and thought for a moment. "I think I'll call that my 'bob slay' blowjob... What do you think?"

But Brad had slipped away to sleep...

So you were gonna meet the guys down at the bar? Faye contemplated letting her anger take her one stage further. Perhaps I should go and tell them you won't be er... cumming. She giggled as she looked down at his worn out cock. No... you probably won't be cumming for some time...

Leaving him to sleep it off, Faye pulled one of her favourite outfits from her walk-in cupboard - a tiny tube top, microskirt and heels - all bright blue. As she bent over to pull up the skirt she could swear she could feel Brad's cum sloshing around in her tummy.

That must have been a hell of load, she thought, pausing for a moment. He may not be good for much, but he can sure produce the good stuff!

Faye turned to her mirror and spent a few minutes touching up her makeup and tidying her hair, picked up a small blue bag and turned to leave.

She glanced back at the sleeping Brad and as she switched off the light allowed herself a little smile. Then she thought about catching up with Brad's (slightly) less obnoxious friends at the bar.

"Happy Birthday, Faye," she said to herself and smiled again.

Back To The Present

"Oh, Mr Robinson!" Faye called out to her favourite tutor as she took him by the arm. "I was hoping to talk to you about tomorrow's oral test. Perhaps you could help me revise?" and she steered him toward his car.

Time to celebrate, she thought, Oh well, no champagne, but I'm sure I can find something to uncork. I hope there's plenty of room in the back of there.

Part 03 (Clearing Out The Pipes)


Faye finished cleaning out the cupboard below the sink and went to answer the door.

What a time for the sink to get blocked, Faye sighed. Mr Robinson will be here soon.

Faye had invited her favourite tutor round for some "private study." She was a bright student and her studies were going well, but it never hurt to blow your tutors from time to time and keep them happy.

"Erm... Miss Skylark?" a young tradesman carrying a tool bag gave her an embarrassed look from the other side of the door.

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