tagSci-Fi & FantasyFeathered Dream

Feathered Dream


She awoke with a start when she felt the bed sink slightly as if someone had joined her on it. "Who the hell are you?!" she yelled fumbling on the nightstand for the phone. Then she heard him for the first time, a voice deep and velvety that wrapped around her like the night itself.

"Shh, I mean you no harm. You have called for me over the past months, I have heard your plea getting louder tearing at my soul. I had to come to you, it was getting to be pure torture."

She strained her eyes in the darkness to see this man sitting on her bed. "Please if you mean me no harm turn on the lights so I may see who you are." she whispered feeling in the pit of her stomach as if she already knew who it was.

The bed springs creaked as the stranger lifted himself and crossed the room to the light switch. Once the lights came on she gasped. There stood before her the most startling handsome man she had ever seen clad only in a feathered cloak. "Now do you know who I am? " he questioned softly. "You are.. you are the man I have dreamed of over and over again these past months, but this isn't who you really are.... this isn't what you look like in my dreams. Show yourself... show me who I dream of, tell me who you are, I am begging you" all fear gone in her voice replaced with pure need.

The air around him shimmered with energy and revealed his true self. Her eyes drank in the sight of her lover, the one who had ignited this fire in her that consumed her every night and haunted her days. He was well over six feet tall with wings the color of coal that shined with a red incandescence which stood much taller than himself and spread to fill the room, his body was lean and muscular, his hair was a cascade of spun copper down his back held off his face by a pair of obsidian horns that curved and curled back like a ram's. But truly his face was the most striking thing of all. His mouth was hard but with the most perfect lips she had ever seen, his nose was straight and in perfect balance with his features, and his eyes... his eyes were filled with a fire that burned for her alone in their emerald depths, and the longer she stared at them the more colors she saw in a perfect blend that kept the color ever shifting from gold to sapphire to emerald, but always the held the same passion , the same love, the same want and the same hunger that was reflected in hers. The smell of her dreams filled the air of her room, roses, jasmine, and sandalwood blended perfectly. Trembling she reached for him and breathily whispered, "It is you, you are real.. please tell me your name?"

"My name is unimportant for I have had so many, I am as ageless as time, I have lived so long waiting for you, waiting to find my love. You have finally called for me and ever your servant I have come to you" his voice echoed in her ears.

She reached out and cupped his face with her hand, her slender fingers gently tracing his cheek then his mouth. Deftly he brought his mouth down hard on her soft full lipped one and crushed her to his body in a kiss that held all the love and need that they shared, his tongue gently tracing then parting her lips to explore her warm waiting mouth. Finally he broke the kiss and stared at her. "You are even more beautiful with the flush of passion to warm your ivory skin, your mouth looks so tempting swollen and moist" he whispered to her as he stared at her face then her heaving chest, narrow waist and full hips. He ran his hands through her flame red hair and gently this time brought her face to his again to share an sweet soulful kiss.

He brought his hand to her shoulder and slowly slid the thin silk strap of her night gown off of her shoulder. He kissed her tender neck down to her shoulder, everywhere his lips touched her she felt as if a flame had been lighted. Softly he whispered to her, so softly she scarcely heard him, "Let me love you, never have I had a fire burn within my heart so, never have I been so besot with need and want. I need you like I never needed anything" The last part came out hoarsely and wrought with emotion. He clung to her as if if he let her go he would be lost forever. Gently she cupped his face and lifted it to look in his eyes as her cobalt eyes met his, she kissed his mouth so lightly he could barely feel her lips, then she whispered, " My darling, you are all I have ever needed and all I ever wanted, wished for, and waited so long to find. You are who I have waited all my life for. All I ever hoped for and without you I would surely die of this need I feel for only you."

He lifted her off of her feet, held her close to his body and wrapped those magnificent wings around the both off them closing off everything but the two of them together in a warm embrace. Finally he set her down on the bed, and softly pushed her onto her back. He lifted one foot to his chest and kissed the top of each of her dainty toes before kissing her instep, then her ankle, sliding a kiss up her calf and dropping a kiss softly on to her knee. He lightly kissed the tender inner part of her thigh while he ran his fingers along the outer part and he felt her shiver under his touch. He raised his eyes to meet hers and saw she had them tightly shut. "Open your eyes my dearest" he asked quietly. She shook her head violently and whispered "Every time I open my eyes you are gone and I am awake again and it was all just a dream"

"I am very real my love and here now, please open your beautiful eyes,"he begged. Slowly she opened one eye and when he was still there she opened the other. "You are here"was all he could make out. He leaned back and while looking in her eyes kissed each of her toes on the other foot, her soft instep, her delicate ankle, her firm calf, her knee and then he dropped his eyes and kissed her creamy inner thigh and ran his fingers up to the hem of her nightgown. Slowly he pushed the hem higher and kissed more and more of her thigh, listening to her breathy little sighs and moans. Lightly he brushed his hand over her panty cover mound before lowering his mouth to breathe hot air over her silk covered jewel. His other hand had found it's way to the band of her panty and deftly tore first one side then the other before pulling the scrap of fabric down to expose her soft curls of amber. Heavily he blew warm air over them and heard her whimper loudly, he kissed either side of her hips and down to that tender spot where her legs meet her body and everywhere but where she wanted it the most, until finally she cried out the word he most longed to hear from her "Please!"

At that melodious cry, he dropped a kiss on top of her moist curls and breathed deeply her perfume. As he explored her with his mouth his finger gently separated her hot flower. His tongue then caressed her petals savoring her nectar before he let his tongue dance across her tender bud. At this she moaned loudly whimpering and begging him for more. He teased her with his tongue before gently sliding one finger in to her hot confines, again she cried out louder this time her voice on the verge of tears. This only encouraged him, as he worked his finger in and out of her his tongue circled and teased her poor bud till she was crying for release. His finger reached a fevered pitch as he lapped harder at her clit and he sent her over the edge. She wrapped her hands up into fisted balled in the sheets and squeezed her eyes tightly shut while she bit her bottom lip to keep from screaming. When it was over she lay there limply from having passed out from the sheer intensity of what he had done. He stood over her drinking in her beauty before gently rustling his wings and brushing her cheek with the tip of one. She stirred slightly and he traced the line of her cheek with one of his fingers.

When she opened her eyes and saw he was still there, she bolted upright and clung to him as if her life depended on it. "Thank you, thank you" she kept murmuring over and over. Gently he kissed her barely grazing her lips with his teeth. "It was entirely my pleasure, my love." he rasped. Her hand snaked down his firm chest, over his washboard stomach and traced circles on his lined thighs. "Let me... return the favor? " she whispered into his mane of hair. He shuddered as her small hand skipped over the top of his head. Mutely he nodded and she kissed his neck, nipped his ear lobe, nibbled his shoulder before swirling her tongue over one of his dark rose nipples. At this he moaned deeply and she kissed his flat stomach, tracing each of his six pack with her moist little pink tongue, before nuzzling the trail of hair that led from his belly button to his manhood.

All of his muscles tensed as she lightly drew her hand across his crotch. Slowly she lifted her head slightly to blow warm air across the tip of his manhood, before flicking her tongue across it. He shuddered at the touch of her tongue startling her, "Did I hurt you?" she asked voice full of concern. He just shook his head and trembled waiting for her touch. Smiling devilishly she engulfed him in her mouth in one felt swoop, drawing a low moan from his lips. Then she took her mouth completely off of him and swirled just her pointed pink tongue over his head before wrapping her full lips around the head and sucking gently. Slowly inch by inch she let him slid into her waiting mouth and then she quickly bobbed her head up and down before letting it all slid out but the tip. He growled deeply in his throat causing her to look up at him. While her eyes were locked with his she licked up and down the shaft and licked lightly the with more pressure over the head while her fingers played with his sack. Finally she let him slide all the way back into her throat and she purred and bounced her head up and down on him, until he grabbed her and threw her on the bed unfolding his wings completely.

"Teasing wench, I will have you" he growled. Then he kissed her hard while he parted her thighs and took his place between them. Deepening the kiss, he bent his wings so they touched the bed on either side of them and let one hand gently knead her ample chest whilst the other hand rolled her nipple between his fingers, slowly he started to enter her for the first time. She whimpered loudly into his mouth and he pinched her nipple harder as he hit her maidenhead. His eyes flew open and he stared down at her, breaking their kiss, he whispered with a voice wrought with want, "Are you sure?"

Instead of answering him she bucked her hips up hard against him and bit her lip and squeezed her eyes shut to try to stop the tears from coming. He held her tightly in her arms kissing her face and neck waiting for her to be ready to go on, murmuring how much he loved her between kisses. Finally he felt her slowly move beneath him and gently he started to pull out of her. Then he slowly pushed back in , steadily the pace picked up with her pushing up to meet his every thrust. Faster and harder they went both needing release, both clinging to each other for dear life. She started to feel pressure building and building screaming for release, she felt him grow harder and harder in her.

He bite her shoulder, growled her name, and held on to as if his existence depended on her as he released his seed deep into her. As soon as he bite her and she heard his growl, the pressure that had been building in her exploded and shatter everything she saw into a thousand shimmering lights and she dug her nails into his back and cried out her release. He felt her tighten around him milking him and he shuddered and collapsed on to her. They lay there together intertwined as one for the longest time, just holding each other neither saying a word until they started to fall asleep. They disentangled themselves, and he folded his wings onto his back and laid on his stomach next to her, pulling her close with one arm and kissing the back of her neck. She sighed softly and fell asleep almost immediately feeling safe and secure. He spread one of his wings over her like a blanket and watched her sleep.

In the morning she woke up cold and alone on her bed and she almost started to cry before she saw a single black-red feather next to her pillow and a note in the most beautiful handwriting. It said:

Although the daylight hours separate us for now,

Night quickly approaches and I will return to you,

My one true love, my life, my true mate.

Till the future all I can leave is a token of my love

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