tagIncest/TabooFeeding Amy Ch. 01

Feeding Amy Ch. 01


I had just turned eighteen when mom got pregnant. Dad's an over-the-road truck driver and is normally on the road for two-three weeks at a time, then at home for a week. It was during one of the weeks he was at home that he and mom conceived what would become my little sister nine months later. He was back on the road when she learned that she was pregnant.

Life at home changed then. Since dad is gone most of the time it fell to me to help mom out. In fact, I changed my plans to attend college and decided that mom would need the help during her pregnancy, and then for a few months after the baby was born. I didn't mind, either. Besides, I had been helping mom with housework since I was ten.

As time passed and mom's tummy began to grow with the baby, I would stare at her for hours. She was always a beautiful woman, to me, and the pregnancy just made her even more beautiful. Sometimes, after a shower when I stood in front of the sink blow-drying my hair, I would stare at my own tummy and wonder what I would look like pregnant. I favor mom a lot and it wasn't hard to believe that I would also look as beautiful as her when I became pregnant.

Mom and I are both 5', 7" tall, with blond hair and blue eyes. Her breasts are bigger than mine – mom is a D cup while I'm a C – and we both have slender, curvaceous bodies. At least mom did before she got pregnant, and I knew that she would regain her youthful, attractive and sexy body once the baby was born.

The big day finally came and dad was thankfully home when mom gave birth to my sister, Andrea. She was so beautiful and I looked forward to helping mom take care of her. Maybe it's a female thing but the maternal instincts came out in me and I looked forward to the whole business of taking care of a tiny infant. Even the thought of changing diapers didn't bother me. The only thing I wasn't going to be able to help mom with was breastfeeding my sister. That would have to be mom's job. And, judging from her heavy breasts, she was more than capable of taking care of that task.

One day when Andrea was about two weeks old, the day after dad went back on the road, I walked into the den to find mom sitting on the sofa breastfeeding my sister. I don't know why - probably because I had never seen it before - but I was taken by complete surprise. The top mom wore was open and both of her large, milky white breasts were exposed. I just stopped in the middle of the room and stared. Mom held Andrea cradled in one arm while she sucked an exposed nipple.

"What's wrong, Amy?" mom asked with a chuckle. "You look shocked."

"I…well, I just hadn't seen…you know…" I stammered.

"It's called breastfeeding, dear," mom grinned. "It's how I fed you when you were this age. In fact, I seem to recall that you enjoyed it."

"I was a baby, mom," I said a little disgustedly. Then, in spite of myself I laughed. "Besides, I think I can handle solid foods, now."

"Oh, that's a shame," mom said with a twinkle in her eye. Then, without warning, she cupped her left breast and winked. "There's plenty if you're hungry."

"Oh, puhleese!"

"Suit yourself."

I don't know what it is about the human psyche that causes us to think about something we would normally consider repulsive. For some reason I couldn't get mom's offer out of my head. I know she was just teasing me but the offer kept banging away inside of my head for the rest of the day and I couldn't get it out of my mind. The notion of sucking milk from her breasts, which I found initially distasteful, obviously triggered some latent need in me that I didn't know was there.

It wasn't just mom's offer to drink her milk that kept coming to mind, either. As much as I tried I could not erase the image of her large milky white breasts, the dollar size aureoles and her fat, hard nipples. In my mind's eye I could see the flawless, pale skin that looked as soft as satin. A few hours later, while I was in the utility room folding clothes that I had just taken from the dryer, I noticed something that startled me to the very core of my being. I had been thinking about mom's breasts and what it would feel like to suckle from them, to drink her mother's milk, when I discovered that my pussy was wet!

I sat down in a plastic chair by the table we use to fold clothes on and stared at the dryer, my brain buzzing with astonishment. I was aroused at the thought of sucking mom's nipples! Why? Women had never aroused me before – certainly not my mother! Yet, as I sat in the plastic chair, I looked down between my thighs at the damp spot on the crotch of my sweat pants that I'd cut down into shorts.

I guess my brain didn't want to accept the denial that screamed loudly inside of my head. My breathing became harsh and ragged in my chest, my pulse quickened and my body began to tremble with desire. I closed my eyes and tried to will away the unbidden thoughts that refused to leave my head. I didn't want to think along these lines, didn't want to harbor sexual fantasies of my own mother.

"No…please, no…"I whispered softly.

I couldn't shake the thoughts in my head, couldn't drive out the images of mom's massive, milk filled tits and the fat nipples that a part of me wanted desperately to take deep inside of my mouth. That part was growing stronger and taking control of me. Tiny whimpering sounds came from my mouth and it wasn't long before I felt the resolve that I had believed was strong, evaporate with each second.

"Oh, mommy…" I whimpered.

To my surprise, I found my right hand between my thighs and pressing gently against my damp pussy. It was an unconscious act on my part, something I had not planned to do, but the act, itself, destroyed what resolve I had left. I closed my eyes and gritted my teeth as I finally gave into the unwanted thoughts of incest. I wasn't wearing a bra under the short sleeve blouse and I could feel my nipples hardening, rubbing the thin fabric.

I looked at the closed door. Thirty minutes before mom had taken Andrea into her bedroom for a nap. I knew that she was most likely sound asleep with my baby sister beside her on the large king-size bed. And, in truth, I don't think it would have mattered because I was quickly losing control of all reasoning. Without another thought, I quickly shoved my shorts and panties down and off of my feet, and then shrugged out of the thin cotton blouse.

I was completely naked, sitting in the chair with my long legs spread wide. For some indefinable reason I wanted to act the part of a brazen slut as my mind began to summon images of my mother naked and holding me close to her lovely breasts. I could almost feel her arms around me while I greedily sucked her fat, hard nipples.

"Feed me, mommy!" I hissed through clenched teeth. "Let me suck your beautiful tits!"

The fingers of my left hand pinched and pulled my hard nipples while the right toyed with my sopping wet pussy. I slipped a finger deep inside of me and gasped loudly. While I moved my finger in and out of my wet, steaming hot pussy, I began to rub my sex-swollen clit. Harsh gasps of pleasure came from my open mouth, as I slowly loved my pussy. When I pushed a second finger inside of my slipper wet love channel, I nearly screamed with delight.

"Yesssss, mommy!" I hissed. "Do you like my little pussy? Oh. Mommy, make my pussy feel good while I drink your sweet mommy milk!"

I was lost in my own little world of lust as I imagined my mother's fingers sliding slowly in and out of me. Curiously, my mouth was as dry as a desert, but I could almost feel her milk in my mouth as I fantasized about her. It was the first time I had entertained a sexual daydream about another woman and I guess the fact that the woman in my imagination being my mother, stoked the fire of my lust to a bright, white-hot inferno of lust.

"Make love to me, mommy!"

I quickly dropped my left hand between my legs and shoved three fingers inside of me while I began to rub my clit with the other. My fingers inside of my pussy began pumping me hard and fast and I continued to imagine that they were really mom's fingers. The fingers of my right hand, which had become mom's fingers, too, rubbed my clit hard and fast bringing me closer and closer to a mind-blowing orgasm.

"Yes! Oh, fuck, yes!" I gasped loudly. "Do me, mommy! Do my cunt! Make me cum!"

My eyes were on my shaved pussy, watching my fingers touch and rub and fuck me. The feeling was incredible, the most intense feeling I had ever had in my life. Never had I experienced masturbation so hot and overwhelming before and I loved it! I could feel drops of sweat falling from my face and landing on my flat, taught tummy.

Suddenly, I knew I was there. I had come to the brink of sanity, to the crest of oblivion and I knew I was about to cum. With a tiny gasp of delight and anticipation I jerked my wet, slippery fingers from my pussy and watched as a flood of cum erupted from my sopping slit. I watched my pussy, as I always do, spray hot cum into the air between my spread legs. Then another eruption and I closed my eyes as I stifled what I knew would otherwise be a loud, ear-piercing scream of fulfillment.

I finally collapsed back against the chair, my legs trembling greatly with the most awesome orgasm of my life. My chest heaved with harsh gasps and an overpowering buzz filled my ears while I sat unmoving. I lost track of time and don't recall how long I sat in the chair, with my long legs still spread wide and my right hand lightly covering my drenched pussy.

Finally, my legs still shaking, I dressed and cleaned up my cum that my pussy had sprayed onto the floor. With my head still buzzing with the most incredible self-pleasure I'd ever felt, I left the utility room and headed for the shower.

* * * * *

The most curious thing of all was that I felt absolutely no remorse for what I had done in the utility room. There were no after effects of guilt and shame for fantasizing about mom and bringing myself to a mind-numbing orgasm while imagining her making love to me. It was all so incomprehensible that it defied logic and I simply could not understand why I had suddenly become attracted to my mother. There had never been a time in my eighteen years when I had wanted her that way.

There was the faint odor of sex, more precisely, the smell of my pussy in the utility room when I went back to finish folding clothes. And, just like that, the odor took me back to the minutes I had sat in the chair earlier and imagined making love to mom while jamming three fingers deep into my wet pussy. I inhaled a breath deeply into my lungs and let it out slowly. The same images of mom's gorgeous tits came flooding back into my head with the smell of my pussy.

I knew what was happening. I was becoming obsessed with my mother and that knowledge startled me so much that I dropped a pair of my panties onto the floor. Even though I'd been sexually active over the past couple of years I couldn't recall a time when I was obsessed with sex, or anyone in particular. But I was infatuated with the notion of sucking milk from mom's massive milk-filled tits and making love to her.

Making love to mom, though, was out of the question. There had never been anything in the way she'd acted over the years that would lead me to believe she was interested in another woman, especially her daughter. But, maybe, I could experience a part of my earlier fantasy and drink milk from mom's tits, and sucking her nipples would be a sexual high that I had never known. She had, after all, offered to 'breastfeed' me, though I still believed that she was joking.

Even so, I began to stalk my mother. I know that sounds a little severe but I spent the next two days taking every opportunity I could to be in the same room with her when she breastfed my little sister. I tried to be as inconspicuous as possible and I didn't think mom caught on. At least it didn't look that way. When she fed Andrea, as it was the first time I witnessed her feeding my sister, she would have both of her breasts exposed. Mom would talk to Andrea as my she fed from one of mom's fat nipples and I would look at her breasts with barely concealed desire.

On the third day, about mid morning, mom was feeding Andrea when I walked into the room. As always, I sat in dad's recliner and tried not to be obvious while I copped peeks at my mother's beautiful tits. When Andrea had finished and mom burped her, she took my sister into her room for a nap. A few minutes later, while I was still sitting in the recliner dreaming of suckling mom's nipples, she came back into the den. I crossed my legs immediately knowing that it was a real possibility that there was a large damp spot on the crotch of my gym shorts.

"I think your sister will sleep soundly for awhile," mom said reclaiming her place at one end o the sofa.

"Well, she's probably full," I laughed. I winced inwardly at the sound of my voice that came out a little shaky.

"Come here, Amy," mom said patting the sofa next to where she sat.

I looked at mom for a moment wondering why she had asked me to sit beside her. She smiled at me and patted the sofa again without speaking. I stood and walked around the coffee table and started to sit down beside her when mom placed her hands on my hips. Wordlessly, she turned me around so that when I sat down I was in a position not unlike the one Andrea would be in when mom fed her. She had me scoot down the sofa a little so that my head and shoulders were in her lap.

I hadn't noticed it when mom came back into the room but she hadn't buttoned her blouse after breastfeeding my sister. Silently, mom opened the blouse and released her massive tits. I gasped, mostly from surprise.

"Go ahead, Amy," she said softly, looking into my eyes. "I know you want to taste my milk."

"I don't…I mean, what gives you that idea?" I laughed nervously.

"You've made it a point to show up when I fed your sister the past few days," she smiled. "And I saw the way you watched me breastfeed Andrea."

"Mom, I-"

"Shhhhh," she hushed me.

With her soft hand under my head, mom lifted her right breast, then lifted my head and brought my mouth close to the nipple. My head buzzed with a mixture of embarrassment and excitement as I stared for a moment at mom's nipple. A tiny drop of milk had oozed from it and I found my pulse quickening as I stared. For someone who had never been interested in a woman, the sight of that fat, brown nipple was the most exciting thing I'd ever seen in my life.

"Go ahead, Amy," mom said. "Take my nipple in your mouth and suck."

I know there was no excitement surging within mom as it was with me. There was no white-hot desire sending electric ripples of arousal crawling up her back the same way it did with me. She was simply reacting to what she thought was her daughter's curiosity and letting me taste her milk. I believe, had she really known about the extraordinary amount of desire that flooded me at that moment, mom would not have allowed it to happen.

I took mom's nipple into my mouth without another word. It was the first time I had done this since I was my sister's age, so the feeling of her nipple in my mouth was intoxicating. I began to suck slowly and I tasted her sweet milk for the first time in nearly eighteen years. And, for some reason, mom holding my head while I feasted on her breast caused me so much pleasure that I wanted to scream with desire.

The initial embarrassment I felt when mom pulled my mouth to her nipple, vanished almost immediately. To suck another woman's nipples wasn't revolting, at all. Instead, it was electrifying. A torrent of my pussy juices began to flood into my panties, soaking the crotch and causing another large damp spot in the crotch of my gym shorts. At first that awareness made me a little uncomfortable but I soon became so aroused that I no longer cared. I actually wanted mom to know that sucking her nipple aroused me.

Still, though I was becoming so hot that reasoning was beginning to take backseat to the white-hot urges building within me, I realized I had to be careful. Sucking milk from mom's tits would not happen a second time if she realized what it was doing to me. So I was careful not to show too much enthusiasm as I suckled her fat, delicious nipple. But knowing that mom was watching me, her pretty eyes focused on my mouth as I sucked her nipple – something a woman doesn't do to another woman – was having a big effect on me.

All at once, I heard something that I hadn't expected to hear. Mom's breathing had become labored, so much so that she was lightly gasping. My astonished mind shifted back into gear and I listened hard. She was breathing hard! Was mom becoming aroused? I continued to suckle and drink her sweet milk, and then I felt her long fingers lightly caressing the back of my neck.

I opened my eyes and looked up into mom's face. I was completely overwhelmed by what I saw. Her head was tilted back slightly, her pretty blue eyes were closed and her full lips parted slightly. I could see the tip of mom's pink, wet tongue licking her lips. Tiny gasps came from her mouth and, as I watched, she began to roll her head from side to side.

My mother was aroused! I couldn't believe my luck. I would never have thought mom would become aroused from me sucking her nipple. Without delay I released the nipple of mom's right breast and took her left in both of my hands. I took that nipple into my mouth and began to suck it eagerly, taking it deeply into my mouth, sucking it hard and furiously. My hands began to squeeze and fondle both of her large milky white globes. I roughly pinched and pulled the nipple I had been feeding on while I sucked and chewed on the other. Mom cried out with pleasure and pulled my face tighter against her massive tits.

"That's it my darling little girl!" she gasped softly. "Feed on mommy's titties! Drink my milk, Amy!"

Mom began to writhe against me as she held my face tightly against her breasts. I alternated between both heavy globes, sucking and chewing and biting her fat, sensitive nipples. I can't even express the ecstasy that surged through me with a power that nearly took my breath away. I can't count the times I had masturbated over the past days wanting something like this to happen, knowing that it probably wouldn't. And, now, it had come true and I was nearly out of my head with desire.

I released mom's nipple and rose up until my face was level with hers. She opened her eyes and looked at me. I could see the desire, the heat of the fire burning deep within her. My hand still held her breasts, squeezing and fondling them, rolling and pushing the milk-heavy globes together. The expression her face was pure, unrestrained lust as she looked deeply into my eyes.

I did something then that I hadn't even thought about during the times that I fantasized about her. I grabbed mom's face and mashed my mouth to hers, parting her lips with my tongue. Mom groaned with pleasure when she accepted my tongue into her mouth. We kissed with a hard, animal desire, our faces twisting, bodies writhing together. Suddenly, mom screamed into my mouth as she ground her ass into the sofa. My mother was cumming with my tongue in her mouth!

All at once the kiss was over and I leaned back a little to look at her face. Mom's eyes were wide and filled with astonishment. Her mouth was open wide and I could see embarrassment on her pretty face. We just sat there for a long moment staring at one another, both of us gasping for breath. Her chest heaved with each gasp and she licked her lips that had become dry.

"I-I-I'm s-so sorry," she stammered.

Abruptly, she stood up and fled the room. I heard the faint sound of her bedroom door closing softly as I sat on the sofa, my brain confused from her sudden reaction. I couldn't blame her for feeling the way she did because what we had engaged in was incest and a sexual act between two women. It was understandable that mom would be distraught – most women would be.

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