tagIncest/TabooFeeding Little Brother

Feeding Little Brother


Chapter One

Riley Baxter sat in the rocking chair in one corner of the bedroom she'd lived in for twenty years of her life, breastfeeding her infant daughter. She was not married; the young man who was the father of Emily had left town two days after learning he was going to be a father, and now Riley had the task of raising her daughter on her own. Yet, it wasn't all that hopeless since her parents had offered to help in any way they could, which is why she was still at home instead of college where she had originally intended to be at this stage of her life.

Still, there was always the local community college and Riley meant to take advantage of it as soon as Emily was old enough for daycare. There were so many things she wanted to do and she realized that she still had plenty of time to pursue a college degree. Having a baby at the age of twenty might be a minor setback, but she still had a lifetime ahead of her. And looking at her baby girl as she suckled her mother's right nipple, Riley knew in her heart that her little girl was not a mistake or a setback. Emily was certainly no inconvenience.

When she thought about it, which Riley had done a number of times, she had to admit that getting pregnant was just as much her fault as it had been Rick's. First, she had not made her boyfriend wear a condom that last time and she hadn't been on birth control. Had she taken the necessary precautions she wouldn't have gotten pregnant. But that was the conundrum: had she insisted on precaution, she and Rick would not have had sex that night and she would not have Emily in her life now. That was sort of the Catch Twenty-two – damned if you do, damned if you don't.

Secondly - and this goes a long way toward defining why she didn't insist on Rick wearing a rubber - Riley was oversexed. She was addicted to sex. Since the night she lost her virginity to an old boyfriend when she was sixteen, the young woman had been nearly overwhelmed with sexual urges that were oftentimes very powerful.

Riley's daughter finally had enough and the young mother rocked the little girl to sleep. As she laid Emily in her crib, Riley heard a small sound at the bedroom door. She smiled as she stepped away from the crib and sat down on the foot of her bed. She knew the source of the noise: her eighteen-year-old brother had made a habit of peeking into her bedroom while she breastfed her daughter, hoping to sneak a glance at her milk-filled tits. It hadn't taken a rocket scientist to discern the reason for Alex's appearance outside her door every time she fed Emily.

It was because her younger brother was eighteen and filled with the normal sexual urges of a boy his age that Riley had not objected to Alex stealing a look at her breasts when she fed her daughter. After all, she had the same trouble; there had been many nights, especially while she was pregnant and craving a cock in her dripping wet pussy, that she had felt the same mind-gnawing urges. And that was why Riley had started opening her shirt wide when she breastfed Emily, so that both of her breasts were exposed to Alex.

Riley wasn't aroused or sexually interested in her younger brother, even though he was considered a hunk by girls his age, and it didn't mean that she was unsympathetic to his problem. She was aware that boys Alex's age liked to steal the occasional peek at a mother or sister's nude body – it was just the way of young guys, and as much a part of the growing experience as getting enough calcium for their bones. Riley also didn't think it fair that (she couldn't really define why she thought this) her brother should skulk around. Maybe because of her own sexual habits, or the absence of inhibitions, that she didn't mind letting her brother see her breasts.

Alex was still standing in the hall, peering through the door, which was open about eight, maybe ten inches. Riley had known that as long as her breasts were exposed, her brother would stay in the hall looking in through the door. In a way, she was flattered by his attention. She pushed a long strand of raven hair from her face and shrugged from the blouse. It was the first time she'd totally exposed her breasts this way in front of Alex and she thought she heard a long groan coming from the hall.

"Alex, come here, please," she called out suddenly. She listened and waited, then after a couple of minutes, she said, "I know you're out there, Alex."

The door swung open slowly and she turned her head to watch her younger brother slip into her bedroom. She smiled to herself when she saw how hard he tried to keep his eyes from her milk-filled breasts. As he walked further into the room she pretended not to see the bulge in his boxers that he was nonchalantly trying to cover with one hand.

"Have a seat, little brother," she said indicating the desk chair a few feet from where she sat on the edge of the bed. "I want to talk to you."

"Um, do you think you might ought to cover up?" he chuckled. His voice betrayed his nervousness.

"Why? You were out in the hall for thirty minutes watching me feed Emily." Riley grinned when she saw Alex's cheeks turn a bright red. "You've been copping looks at my tits for at least two weeks."

"I-I'm so s-sorry," he stammered. "I won't do it anymore. I promise."

Riley grinned. "Don't worry, Alex, I'm not mad but you should be careful or mom and dad will catch you."

"I know, and I am."

Alex looked relieved that he wasn't in trouble. Still, even when she leaned back on the bed a little, thrusting her breasts out, his eyes still wavered and sought other objects to look at. In a way she could understand her brother's obsession with looking at her tits and she simply didn't see anything wrong with it as some women her age might.

"I don't mind if you look at my tits, Alex," she smiled. "I mean it doesn't mean anything bad and it isn't like we're having sex. Besides, it's flattering that my little brother likes looking at my tits."


"Really," she smiled warmly.

At first he wasn't comfortable looking at his sister so boldly but finally Alex inhaled deeply and dropped his eyes to his sister's breasts. They weren't big, even with milk in them, but they were a nice shape with nice fat nipples that she knew drove men crazy. And Riley saw the familiar look of desire in her brother's eyes as he stared at them.

"Why do you like looking at my tits?" she asked after a few minutes of watching Alex ogle the milk-filled globes. "You're so good looking and you must know a hundred girls who have bigger and nicer tits than me."

"I...well, I think you are so beautiful," he said in a soft, halting voice.

"Really?" Riley was stunned. Her brother's sudden confession was a little surprising. "I'm your sister, Alex. Doesn't that bother you?"

He hesitated for a moment, obviously uncomfortable. "Yeah, I know you're my sister and you probably think I'm a pervert, now."

"No, I don't," she smiled. Then she shrugged. "You're not the only guy who...I don't know...has ever had a crush on his sister. Do you have a crush on me?"

Alex dipped his chin for a moment, and then sighed. "Sort of, I guess."

Riley stared at Alex for a moment. He was obviously embarrassed and awkward after revealing his feelings. In a way, knowing that Alex was attracted to her was even more pleasing than she could have imagined. And she hated seeing him so ill at ease.

"Hey. Have you ever tasted a woman's milk?" she asked brightly.

Alex shook his head as he looked at his sister.

She shrugged and grinned. "I still have plenty left if you would like a taste."

"I-I don't k-know..." he stammered.

"C'mon, little brother," Rile coaxed.

"Does it, you know, taste bad?"

"I've tasted it and I think it's ok."

"Sure ok," Alex grinned.

Riley had her brother sit on the bed to her right facing the wall behind her, then pulled his face to her right breast. When Alex took the fat nub of nipple into his mouth, the raven-haired girl gasped softly. Aside from her daughter, and Emily didn't count, it had been a while since she had felt lips enfold one of her nipples. It felt good. She tilted her head back for a moment and closed her eyes as Alex sucked milk from her.

Riley's breathing became irregular, her pulse raced and her temples throbbed with the unexpected wonderful feeling her brother's mouth caused her. As he sucked her right nipple, her brother cupped both silky-smooth globes in his hands. She held his head with one hand and rested the other on his side. The young woman recognized the signs immediately; she was becoming aroused by Alex's attention to her breasts. A brief thought that she should put a stop to what they were doing before everything got out of hand came to mind but she made no move to stop her brother from suckling at her breasts.

Riley couldn't. It just felt so good; besides, it wasn't like they were having sex. All Alex was doing was sucking milk from her breasts, tasting it, and there was no harm in that. Was there? It had been so long since a male had taken her nipples into his mouth and there was no harm in having a little fun. And the way Alex's hands kneaded her soft breasts, the way his lips and mouth worked her nipples as he drank her milk, just felt much too wonderful to stop.

"Oh..." she whimpered softly.

Riley hadn't meant to make a sound, hadn't even known she was going to until it was out of her mouth. She looked at Alex's face but he showed no signs of hearing her. He seemed so blissfully unaware of anything but her breasts and drinking Riley's milk. But she knew that her brother wasn't sucking her fat nipples for the sake of the milk in them. Seeing the ecstasy on his face, she immediately realized that Alex was devouring her nipples, satisfying a fantasy he'd probably had for years, and she could feel her pussy become moist with that knowledge.

Subconsciously, the young woman began to squeeze her slender thighs together, and she could feel her juices soaking the crotch of her panties underneath the plaid skirt she wore. She was vaguely aware that the hand she had rested on Alex's side just above his boxers was moving slowly, caressing the soft, young skin of her brother's narrow waist. She studied her hand in an abstract sort of way as she caressed him, her mind a blur to everything except the sweet way her brother made her feel.

Riley didn't want to feel this way. It was wrong to harbor sexual thoughts of her own brother, thoughts that any responsible person would judge as indecent and immoral. Incest was wrong. She knew that it had started innocent enough but her feelings were beginning to spin out of control. Alex was sucking her nipples and enjoying it because her body aroused him; the eighteen-year-old boy wanted his older sister in a carnal way that had nothing to do with sampling her breast milk. And the way he sucked her nipples, the tiny, barely audible sounds of lust that came from his mouth, belied the innocence of his actions.

Riley's resolve was melting, as she had known it would. She had never been good at terminating anything sexual once it began. Once the fire of lust began to burn within her loins, Riley's resolve began to evaporate as well. Having her nipples sucked for so long and with so much eagerness was something the young woman enjoyed immensely, and it was having a big affect on her.

She looked at the front of Alex's boxers and saw the bulge of his erection. The fingertips of her right hand continued to lightly caress his soft belly as she stared at the bulge in her brother's underwear. She bit her bottom lip, her mind abuzz with the war that raged within as she grappled with the urge to touch Alex's cock. Taking his hard manhood in her hand and stroking it would certainly invalidate the impression of moral virtue that her mind had already constructed, to soften the reality of what was happening. In truth, Riley and Alex would be committing incest.

Riley found, as she stared at the tempting bulge, that she didn't care. After all, touching his cock, holding its hardness in her hand and stroking it until he came, wasn't all that bad. It was a little harmless fun that didn't really mean that much. It wasn't as though she would be taking her brother's cock in her pussy...it wasn't the same thing. And the more she thought about it, the more Riley convinced herself that the act of stroking her brother's manhood was no more than simple innocent fun between a sister and her brother.

Without another thought, Riley sucked in a deep breath and slipped her hand through the long slit in Alex's boxers and quickly wrapped her long, soft fingers around the thick shaft. He gasped softly with a fat nipple in his mouth and Riley smiled as she brought his cock into view. It was beautiful, but then she loved all cocks. It wasn't all that long – probably about six inches, she saw, but it was very fat. The massive purple head glistened with pre cum and she lightly ran a thumb across the slippery tip. Alex groaned and arched his back, pushing his hard cock closer to his sister.

"You like that, little brother?" she asked softly, her voice thick with lust. "You like having your sister stroke your big man-cock?"

"Oh, yes!" he exclaimed breathlessly.

"It's so big!" she cooed as she pulled on Alex's cock. "I bet you've fucked a lot of girls with it."


"Suck my titties, little brother!" Riley gasped as Alex lightly bit her left nipple. "Oh, that feels so good! Drink my milk!"

Riley couldn't believe that she was talking this way to her brother; urging him to suck her nipples while she jacked his cock off. The incredible imagery, the wonderful sensations that coursed powerfully through her slender body, the way Alex suckled her breasts and the feeling in her pussy as she squeezed her legs, was more than she could endure. The raven-haired beauty realized as she stroked her younger brother's cock that she would orgasm soon.

She held her breath for a moment, wanting to hold off until Alex erupted and shot his cum. At that moment, the one overpowering urge that consumed her brain, was watching cum explode from the beautiful head she was staring at. She began to pump Alex harder and faster, her hand becoming a blur as she jacked him off with hard, fast strokes. She watched with eager desire as Alex began rocking his hips and fucking her hand.

"I want you to cum! Cum for me, Alex! Shoot your seed all over me!"

Alex groaned and she could feel the slight vibration from his mouth on her left breast. Riley didn't have to work hard for the orgasm she knew was just around the corner. She just hoped that Alex would cum very soon so she could give in and release herself to the powerful force that threatened to overwhelm her.

Suddenly, Alex stiffened, then cried out as a thick, white rope of his seed exploded from his cock. Riley began to tremble as she watched each spurt of her brother's cum burst from the massive head and land on her side, arm and hand. Without even touching herself, the young woman slipped over the edge into the chasm of her own orgasm and bit her lips to keep from screaming. Wave after delicious wave of the most delightful orgasm of her life ripped through Riley as she held her brother's cock in her hand.

Finally, mercifully, the explosive orgasm began to abate and Riley let go of Alex's cock. She gasped for breath as she gently moved away from her brother. It was then, after the act that the enormity of what she and her brother had done, took hold and guilt settled in. She had just had sex with her younger brother, no matter how she had rationalized it moments ago while she pulled on Alex's cock, and the impact was disturbing.

"I-I need to take a shower, Alex," she said, standing from the bed and quickly pulling her blouse back on.

"Ok. I'll talk to you later," he said. Alex touched his sister's arm and left the room.

* * * * * * * * * *

It was a little after four in the afternoon when Alex closed his bedroom door and walked to the desk that sat in one corner. He sat in the chair staring at the dark face of the computer monitor as his mind replayed what had just happened in his sister's room. The taste of her milk in his mouth, the feel of her fat nipples as he drank her sweet milk, and the feel of her soft hand on his cock as she jerked him to a mind-numbing orgasm still lingered heavily in his consciousness. It was the most awesome and stimulating event in his life.

Over the years, once he went through puberty, Alex had developed a powerful lust for his older sister. To him - and every man who could see - Riley was a very beautiful woman who exuded more sensuality and sex than most women he'd seen in his young life. She had become the object of his desires and, while he'd dated and made love to several girls his own age, Alex was still captivated by his older sister's beauty.

Was it wrong to want Riley the way he wanted her? That was the question he'd asked himself countless times before. Everyone knew the definition of incest, was aware that it was wrong and he had long ago realized that a sister and brother were not meant to be together in a sexual way. To Alex, that was the conclusion of society's rather narrow-minded point of view.

When she'd asked him if he wanted to taste her breast milk, Alex's heart had sped up. In order to taste her milk he would have to suckle from her breasts and that was a dream come true. Though it might not be the same as making love to her, joining with Riley in the biblical sense that he had lain in bed imaging over the years, it was more than he could ever have hoped for. He had enjoyed the taste of his sister's breast milk, yet the act of sucking her fat lovely nipples was what he had wanted.

Hearing her groan as he suckled, hearing Riley's harsh, excited breathing, had sent a signal that she enjoyed the feel of his lips on her delicious nipples. The feel of her soft skin as he fondled the milk-heavy globes of her breasts had been intoxicating. When she slipped a hand inside his boxers and wrapped long, soft, slender fingers around the shaft of his hard cock, Alex had thought nothing else in life would compare to that feeling. To hear his sister talk dirty to him, encourage him to cum as she jacked him off, was more than he could have envisioned in his wildest fantasies concerning his lovely sister. And, she had actually had an orgasm while he sucked her nipples and she jacked him off! He had not touched her, nor had she touched herself. It was incredible!

Then, suddenly, once they both climaxed, Riley changed and became somewhat remorseful. He'd seen the guilt on her face. He'd heard the disgust and shame in her voice and knew that his sister felt bad for letting herself fall into the pitfall of her own lust. Oh, yes, Alex was aware that his sister had long been an addict to the powerful craving of sex. She could not escape the urges that boiled deep within her loins and controlled her with their manipulative impulses that were just too formidable. It was really too bad because for a moment, as she stroked his cock with so much desire, talked to him with a voice filled with lust, he had allowed himself to believe he might actually have a chance to fulfill the strongest fantasy of his life.

Alex crawled onto his bed, stripped out of his boxers and grasped his cock in one hand. He was hard again as the images of what he'd shared with Riley flooded his mind. In his mind's eye he saw her breasts, felt her nipples between his lips and recalled the sweet taste of her breast milk on his tongue, and felt the wonderful soft touch of her hand on his cock as she jacked him to orgasm. And it wasn't long before he came again, sending ropes of hot white cum streaming from his cock to land on his belly and chest. As he lay gasping for breath, the eighteen-year-old wondered if he would ever enjoy his sister again.

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