tagNovels and NovellasFelicity Ch. 41

Felicity Ch. 41


Chapter 41. Barbara

As I was leaving the resort parking lot I saw a woman sitting in her car with a look on her face that worried me. I circled around and stopped next to her. I was not surprised she had not noticed.

She had a gun on the car seat next to her.

I tapped the window and startled her but she did roll down her window.

"Listen, I'm sorry to interrupt what you intend to do but I have a couple of pointers for you to consider. One, if you use that gun while in the car it will get messy enough to be impossible for any one to want it.

Two, have you checked your insurance policy to see if it pays off for suicide? Most don't. That was what stopped me. I may have been a worthless bum then but I wanted my son to have something from me when I learned my insurance would not pay. So I started hanging around the toughest parts of town hoping some one would kill me but every bad guy could tell I did not have any money."

She saw my concern with the gun but did not react when I opened her car door. I did not want her to be too worried about me so I leaned back on my car leaving her to choose whether to close her door or leave it open. The woman got out of her car but left her gun still inside, best case scenario so far.

"What did you do?" she asked.

"I got a job as a janitor in a flea bag motel. Men would bring their mistresses in and on the way out they would give me 'you never saw me here' money.

I cleaned up and dressed better and got a job at a better hotel and took up room service meals. I got good tips but best of all I had access to a computer.

Listen, I was on my way to eat dinner. Are you hungry?"

Her expression told me she did not need to say yes. I opened my passenger door. She got her purse and locked her car before I helped her into mine. I did notice that she put her gun in her purse.

As I drove to a downtown restaurant I continued my story.

"Anyway I used the computer to find a better job and I was soon working for the tourist office as a clerk. My job was to set up ads for places that wanted to advertise. Most advertisements were plain vanilla taken from a catalog.

On my own I went to a few places that were not members and convinced them to join.

I designed ads for my new clients specifically for them.

They were happy but the tourist office was not, they fired me.

This place we are going to has an all you can eat fish special tonight and I love fish. They have other stuff too if you don't like fish."

She was suddenly worried about her appearance and pulled down the mirror on the visor.

"Do you have a comb or hair brush?"

I opened my console and handed her a brush and some wet wipes.

She did the best she could but ended up removing all her make-up. She still looked frustrated.

"I can stay here until you eat your fish and be happy with anything you bring out for me."

I answered, "This is casual place; most people in there are wearing shorts and t-shirts. We may be overdressed,"

She no longer had that look of impending doom in her face and was a beautiful woman. She was going to make me look good.

I told her just that and she giggled.

I went around and opened her door.

That evening's crowd had every type of human being there scarfing up on the fish. I knew most and decided to introduce her to some people.

"What's your name?"


"I'm Bill. Glad to meet you."

I introduced her to a playhouse manager and an actress, a Harley riding dentist and her husband, an insurance agent that would not get on a motorcycle. Two friends, a fashion storeowner and her manager/lover, asked us to sit with them.

I asked Barbara if she was offended by the thought of eating with lesbians as I pulled out the chair for her.

My friends gave me the finger.

Barbara sat as she blushed but said nothing. I asked her if she wanted fish and she nodded yes. I rose my arm and spread two fingers and fifty seconds later we each had a basket of fish and a plate of sides.

The couple at the table, Emma the storeowner and Judy the manager, asked Barbara if she had ever met lesbians before in her life. She shook her head no; she had most of a fish in her mouth and could not speak.

"Are we what you thought lesbians look like?"

Again a vigorous no and after she swallowed she said, "I may have met lesbians before but none that were out, so to speak. You two look like women that would run a fashion store. You also look like you are very happy with each other. I am happy when anybody is."

The ladies smiled then smiled again when they got their second baskets of fish. Barbara had already finished hers and was attacking her sides. I raised my hand and she got another basket of fish.

Two beers were brought to us but the expression on Barbara's face had me placing one beer in front of Emma and asking the waitress to bring Barbara a sweet ice tea,

"He is trying to seduce you," Judy said to Emma.

Emma answered, "He will need to order many more before he would have a chance."

I wadded a napkin and threw it at her and they broke into giggles before attacking the fish again. I got my second basket of fish and Barbara asked the ladies where their shop was.

The ladies answered and Barbara asked, "How long have you had the shop?"

"We have been there four years, it used to be a feed store."

"I would like to visit your store sometime, both of you look adorable in your outfits."

"Good, make him bring you over and spend a lot of money."

Barbara did not know what to say at first until with an innocent looking expression she asked me, "You are paying for this dinner aren't you?"

The ladies cracked up and I had to smile, it was a great line.

Barbara was an intelligent lady

"Hey, Wederman. You need to give her ten minutes. She is funny,"Judy yelled to the playhouse manager.

"A funny comedian would ruin you reputation Paul. Don't do it."

That had been Gary, manager of a slightly upscale bar in the same neighborhood.

Soon wadded up napkins were flying through the air until the owner/chef Doris yelled, "If anyone throws another napkin they will have to pick them all up!"

Her fury was fake as usual as were our claims of innocence.

Everyone pointed to everyone else and resumed devouring fish. Ruthie and Sean came in and kissed their way to a table. I introduced Barbara and Ruthie kissed her lips. Her stunned expression was priceless.

Emma and Judy gave Sean the usual passionate kisses. Ruthie first got pecks on the cheeks then passionate kisses.

Barbara's expression was exactly what you would expect if you unknowingly wandered into Neverland.

Barbara eventually decided that three baskets were enough fish but I had room for another basket, my third. Emma and Judy had also quit after three but were enjoying their drinks. I had ordered a second beer for Emma. Judy wadded up a napkin to throw at me but received a glare from the waitress and just dabbed her lips with it.

As soon as the waitress turned she threw it at me but missed and it landed by the waitress' feet. She turned in mock fury but Judy pointed at Ruthie that was now at a table behind her. Ruthie had a mouth full of fish and silently implored her husband Sean to defend her. He pointed at Ruthie and got his shoulder punched in return. The waitress tried to keep her angry face but that is impossible to do when you are giggling.

The ladies decided it was time to go and kissed me on the lips then semi-surprised Barbara with kisses on the lips. Judy whispered to her, "Did you like them?"

A wide-eyed Barbara nodded yes.

She watched as my friends picked up the napkins on their side of the table then kiss everyone on the way out. Judy's kiss to Ruthie included biting off a piece of fish Ruthie was putting into her mouth. Judy easily got out of the way of a wide right cross.

"Honestly, I can't take the child anywhere," Emma said.

Judy was almost a year older than Emma.

"Ready to go?" I asked Barbara as I picked napkins around our table. Barbara quickly joined me and I kissed my way out as I introduced her to others. All the women kissed her lips. She seemed to enjoy Clara's kiss a lot, she had closed her eyes. Her kiss to Fiona came with a signs of recognition. Fiona gave her a grateful kiss when Barbara did not make a signs although her smile gave her away.

I took her hand and as I walked us to my car and I asked, "Where do you live?"

"In my car."

"Well tonight you will have a bed. I will finish my story later."

I opened her car door and helped her in. I drove us home and showed her my spare bedroom then went to my room and got her a couple of t-shirts for her to wear.

"Take a shower. There is shampoo in there and there are new toothbrushes in the top drawer. If you are still awake after that come join me for the news."

I did not see her again until I was ready to go to work the next morning.

She hurried to me and said, "I'm sorry, I meant to join you last night so you could have me but I fell asleep when I laid down for a minute. I can be ready in three moments."

"Stay, watch TV and cook anything you want. The office closes at three on Fridays. I will see you then."

She was stunned until she flew into my arms and kissed me hard then headed to the coffee pot crying.

I worried about her emotional state.

She was a short woman with short black hair. My first impression was that many people would confuse her for a teenager but if you looked closely her face showed the experiences of time. She was gorgeous with an athletic body, a fine ass, and very fine tits.

I had taken her gun out of her purse and took the bullets out the previous night and put it back. I also took her car keys and stopped by her car before going to work. I took everything she might need out including a small suitcase. Her car looked like it needed help so I called the Toyota dealer and had them come get it.

Work that day was intense but that was good, it postponed my decision on what to do with Barbara. I knew she would be staying with me for three days so I had time.

She was very happy to get her make-up bag and suitcase that afternoon. I showed her where the washer and dryer were and she ran a load of clothes.

She told me that last night had been her best and most fun date ever and kissed me repeatedly.

"Why didn't just come to the bed and take me last night?"

"I don't take advantage of people in tough circumstances. I will not until you have a paycheck and that is if you still want me then."

"But I want you now."

"How did you end up in this mess?"

"I fell for a con artist. I bought a house for us and put it in his name He left me two months ago taking all my credit cards. Two days later there was a for sale sign in front of my house.

I finally accepted he was not coming back and called the police and although they were very sympathetic they said it was his house and he had the right to sell it.

I turned him in for stealing my credit cards and was reminded he had his name on them too.

I have tried to find him but he is apparently not even in the country.

I was evicted from my house three weeks ago and have been living in my car since.

I have no job skills and no one will give me a job.

The resort I was parked in turned me down for a job as cleaning lady.

"Your husband?" I asked since she wore a wedding band on the ring finger of her right hand.

"He died fifteen years ago, never wanted me to work.

The bastard came into my life a year ago promising I would be his queen.

I couldn't even get a job cleaning the thrones in a hotel.

By the way, I doubt I would have been able to pull the trigger last night. When you came to me I was hoping you would be a deranged killer. Instead you were Prince Charming and treated me to a fabulous night. Again thanks."

She gave me a long soft kiss then said, "And I do want you. Borderline need you. I want to feel like someone wants me because of me but I worry that the only thing attractive about me had been my money."

"Well you can count me is as wanting you even if you don't have money. What would you like for dinner?"

"Anything except fried fish."

"I know a Greek place."


"Do you like Greek food?"

"Don't know, never had it before."

I smiled and said, "Get dressed."

She was still wearing my t-shirt she had worn last night and as she walked away she lifted the hem and showed me a very fine bare ass.

I audibly moaned for her benefit and she giggled.

She liked just some of her dinner that afternoon but I did stop and got her a couple of empanadillas.

On our way out of town I drove her by my office and told her I worked there but not that I owned the ad agency; I didn't want her to know that. It had occurred to me she might treat me as her lover had treated her.

I would have a report on her Tuesday morning.

I drove by Emma's place and stopped to make rude comments as they locked down the shop. Barbara rolled down her window and Judy went to her and gave her a long kiss, long enough for Emma to walk around and swat her butt. Judy came to my side and kissed me as Emma kissed Barbara.

"We are going to the playhouse tonight. Join us," Emma said.

"I saw it last week. We are headed to the House of Blues to see Blackberry Smoke before their price goes up."

"They're in town? OMG Emma, we have to go!"

"But we have tickets to the play."

"And you got them for free. I will treat you to the show tonight."

"Well, OK." Suddenly they were in my car and Judy said, "Go."

They called and had tickets waiting for them at the will call window just as I did.

Emma, Judy and Barbara talked all the way into the city. I heard Barbara say she was visiting me and would be staying at my pleasure.

She got all the lascivious ribbing she earned with that remark.

I tuned them out after she also said that she learned we were going to a rock concert at the same time they did. It was me the subject of ribbing then with Neanderthal being the term of choice.

It was a one-hour drive but we were early and went to the bar. I asked Barbara if she felt she could handle a drink and she suggested we share a beer. We did but she drank very little of it.

"Beer is an acquired taste, let me get you what Judy likes."

Judy liked Sweet Red Wine and Barbara managed to drink the whole glass although it took her nearly half an hour to do so.

The band gave a spotty performance, some good, some just noise, and a few exceptional numbers. I lowered my expectations for their future, as I had to do with The Fall Out Boys.

However Judy really loved them, Emma appreciated them, and Barbara was confused by them. I guessed she was a country and western fan. I later learned she mostly listened to classical music.

I got each of them a concert t-shirt.

My concert souvenirs were the ticket stubs; I had well over fifty of them in a scrapbook.

After I dropped Emma and Judy at their car Barbara and I were assaulted with passionate kisses then we went home.

We took separate showers and I went to bed. Three minutes later Barbara gets in bed with me and says, "No sex. Just cuddling."

I was fine with that but my cock wasn't. It wanted Barbara badly.

"You may need to masturbate."


I went to the bathroom and managed to ejaculate in just over a minute.

"You must have really wanted me." She said.

I growled as I got in bed and turned away from her very fine body. She turned towards me and put her hand on my ass and said, "Good nightzzzzzzzzzzz."

"Well fuck, I really like her," I thought.

Saturday morning was at times agonizing, at times fun, and at times confusing. Fun was cooking breakfast together. Every time I added anything to the food she added more. In retaliation I slipped a pad of butter in her hand then squeezed it shut. She kissed me as she caressed my face with her buttery hand.

Agonizing was when after we ate breakfast she loaded the dishwasher, every time she bent over I could see her bare ass and pussy. She put everything in the washer one at a time, in slow motion.

Confusing was when she began to cry as she kissed me then ran into her room and closed the door.

I left her to her emotions and went out to water my plants.

When I came back in she was wearing shorts and a blouse with sneakers.

"Could you take me to my car please?"

"It's at the Toyota dealer and will not be ready until Tuesday."

"What are they doing to it?"

"Everything that should have been done ages ago, belts, fuel filter, cabin filter, oil filter and on and on."

"Fuck. So I'm stuck here until Tuesday?"

"Unless you wish to stay in a motel."

She began to cry and went back to her room.

A voice in my head said, "Listen dumb ass. She wanted you to tell her you wanted her to stay with you."

"Oh, right," I answered the voice.

Just before I opened her door the voice came back and said, "Of course it could be her period just started."


I reached for the knob then thought better and knocked on the door.

"Come in."

"Would you like for me to go to the store for you?"

"Yes please, Tampons, heavy duty please."

I began to leave then turned and kissed her softly then left.

I brought back two kinds of tampons and some Midol pills and handed them to her. A few minutes later she came out and loaded the washer then went and got a glass of grapefruit juice and sat on a kitchen chair. She took a pill then stared into space for a while.

I sat next to her but gave her a bit of time.

"I thought I would have you tonight. Hell I thought you would not even make it through the morning. Being a woman is tough."

"Yes, I understand. It's even harder when they hear things but interpret them wrong. I don't want you to go to a motel. I don't want you to leave Tuesday. I was giving you alternatives not suggestions. Get comfortable here. If you are not ready to look for a job next week then fine, another week comes after that one."

She looked at me with astonished eyes and began to cry again but that time she was kissing me as she cried.

After a few moments we got more coffee and sat at my patio table watching the butterflies and bumblebees work my flowers.

"Can we stay home tonight?" she asked.

"Of course."

"Can I sleep on your bed tonight."

I guess I had a confused look in my face because I had no idea how to answer that question.

She giggled and said, "No I don't want to swap beds. Yes I want to sleep with you. And yes it will only be sleep. Oh, and kisses.

I understand if you are worried about the safety of your mattress but if you want me on my bed I still want you with me."

"My bed," I said and kissed her.

We sat in silence for a while until I asked her what kind of she job she wished to have.

"Travel agent but those jobs are disappearing and they seldom get to go on trips anymore. Fashion designer but I can't draw and can't sew."


"I'm too old and too short for that."

"You could do happy housewife or traveler or miserable Mom with the flu. You could also get your wish to travel a bit."

"Those jobs are on the other two coasts, not this one."

"There are a few around but you would need an agent and a portfolio."

" I don't need an agent and I don't have the money for a portfolio anyway."

"How do you feel?"

"Much better, thanks."

"I'll get my camera."


I got my camera and had her pose amid the flowering esperanzas. Her black hair, black blouse and the abundant yellow flowers provided a fine contrast.

"Look like you just love being in Cancun."

"I have never been to Cancun."

"This is exactly like it is there. You are in your private patio in your hotel. Your naked husband is taking your picture."

Her facial expressions were priceless and I hoped I had captured all of them.

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