tagNovels and NovellasFelicity Ch. 42

Felicity Ch. 42


It was pretty late on a Friday night when my doorbell rang. I had not expected anyone and looked through the peephole to see who was there. I saw no one.

I had assumed it was a kid, after all I was a jr. high teacher and my students had an unformed sense of humor. As I turned to walk away the doorbell rang again. I opened the door quickly so I could catch them and found a very drunk semi-familiar looking woman leaning on the wall to one side. It was Dad's third wife.

I was away in college when she and Dad married and I had first seen her at the wedding. She was definitely too young for Dad and her big boobs, platinum hair and silly laugh led me to place a bimbo tag on her.

She did try to be friends with me but I did not stay long at the reception so she really had no chance.

Mom had told me to treat every woman like a lady even though I had ample evidence to the contrary so I helped her in, gave her a glass of water and settled her down on my sofa. She mumbled a thanks.

That was when I noticed the scratches and bruises on her arms and face. I did not smell booze, I worried about a concussion.

I helped her to my car and drove her to the emergency clinic. They confirmed she was sober and had a mild concussion. She would not tell us who attacked her.

As I gave the nurse the information on her she asked me if Renee was my wife. I said no, step mother.

Renee said, "No, former step mother and no it wasn't your Dad that put me here."

It was three AM before all the tests were run and she was allowed to go home.

"Where do you want to go?" I asked.

"A cheap hotel, please. I'm not going back to that house."

"What happened?"

"You don't want to go there. Suffice it to say your Dad has been a major disappointment to me."


"Not your fault, I know you are nothing like him."

"My place has a second bedroom and your purse is there. It has been a long night, stay with me and we can figure out what we can do tomorrow."

"You don't mind?"


I took her home and settled her into the small bedroom which had its own bathroom. I gave her one of my t-shirts to wear and she went to bed.

I heard her crying and got up to check on her but stopped before opening the door. She obviously needed a good cry. I went to bed.

It was ten in the morning before I got up and after taking a leak and brushing my teeth I went to check on her. She was sleeping soundly. I closed the door and went to fix coffee.

I was drinking my second cup in the patio when she joined me. She thanked me for rescuing her and promised to be gone by noon.

I told her she did not have a time limit and that I needed to test her for symptoms of a concussion before anything else.

"Fix yourself some coffee and sit out here. I will go get the list of things I need to do."

She nodded and I immediately saw she had a headache. I found the pills the clinic had given me and got her a small glass of orange juice. She swallowed the pill with the orange juice then brought her coffee to the patio.

I looked at the list of questions I had to ask and wondered if she knew any of the answers in the first place. She knew all of them.

Her pupils were equal in size which was when I noticed how blue her eyes were. Her ears well still ringing but her nausea was gone. Her headache had retreated to dull throb category.

I reminded her I was supposed to do the test again in eight hours and asked if she needed to have stuff from her house.

She hesitated then said, "I guess I do need to go back to that house. Your Dad will not be there, he and his new lover left for Cancun this morning."

"I will help you," I said and wondered why I would.

She seemed very different since the wedding eighteen months before. Her hair was no longer platinum blonde although still blond. Her tits were no longer outrageously large although very nice. Without make-up and with scrapes and bruises she was still very pretty. She no longer looked like a bimbo.

She said, "I would appreciate your help but I need a place to live first."

"Well, you can stay here until you do and you would not need to go back to the house when he is back if we get you completely out today."

"You don't know me, why are you helping me?"

"Because my Dad apparently did not treat you right. Because you need the help. Because you need a friend."

She began to sob so I helped her up and led her to her car.

"I will follow you. I do not know where you live."

"South end of the city, about sixty miles from here but just half a mile from the freeway."

"How did you manage to drive to Felicity with a concussion?"

"I wasn't dizzy until I was in your driveway. I dropped my car keys as I got out of the car and bent over to pick them up then the entire planet began to move without my permission. It took three tries before I manage to press the doorbell button."

I smiled and opened her door for her. She got in and led me to a very nice house in a very nice neighborhood. It took us about one hour to pack up both SUV's and we drove back home. Some of her stuff had to go in a hallway closet but we had everything put away before five.

That was when we noticed we had not eaten all day. I told her to take a shower and I would be back with dinner. I drove to Janie's and got two of everything, almost. When I got back I put everything on the kitchen table then went to take a shower.

When I returned to the kitchen she was plating the food.

She said, "There is a lot of food here. Are you expecting company?"

"No but I am hoping there is enough left over for breakfast. Why didn't choose a hot dog?"

"You never know what is in them."

"That one is kosher beef and delicious."

"Oh," she said and put it on her plate.

As expected she loved every bit of everything. She also ate every bit of everything I got for her and had her eyes on my taco which forced me to move it beyond her reach.

She giggled. I loved her giggle.

As we ate I asked her the questions on the concussion check sheet and she answered everything correctly, well except for the Regis Philbin answer to a question about a signer of the declaration of independence. She was grinning when she did and after answering the next question correctly I told her the right answer to that one was also Regis Philbin.

She giggled. I loved her giggles.

"Do you have wine?" she suddenly asked.

"Yes but you can't have any until the doctor checks you again on Monday."

"Oh, too bad. I suddenly felt like celebrating. It just crossed me mind I just started a new life today."


"Let me tell you the sanitized version of my last two years. I was a young lawyer to the firm your dad uses. We had some business to conduct and as soon as we finished he took me out to dinner. He was charming, handsome, polite, I could see women wanted him.

I was naive, impressionable. Even though he was old enough to be my father I fell for him. Two weeks later we were fucking on a regular basis. Two months after that he asked me to marry him. Two days later I agreed.

Our wedding and our honeymoon were fairy tale worthy. Then he returned his concentration to his work. He did not want children buy did allow me to have breast reduction surgery. My back no longer hurts at the end of a day.

About eight months ago he began to come home late. He smelled as clean as he had when he left.

His travel increased. I was convinced there was someone else but was afraid to find out. I found the tickets to his trip to Cancun, he had told me he was going to Chicago.

Last night as he packed I went to the woman he was having an affair with. The first thing she did was sneer at me. I slapped her. She attacked me. She won but I think I did break her nose.

I was driving away when I suddenly realized I had nowhere to go. I don't know why I came here, I really don't. I did know it was far away enough. Thanks for allowing me to crash on your life."

She kissed my cheek then stood as a tear ran down her face.

I stood and hugged her as I said, "I'm happy I was here for you."

She sobbed and hurried to her room.

I cleaned up the kitchen then went to watch TV. I found a baseball game and settled in with a coke. I wanted wine but decided against it since she could not drink. She did not come out of her room that evening.

The next morning I knocked at her door and told her we were going out for breakfast since she had eaten ours last night. She came out three minutes later and said, "All I ate last night was a very small portion of fast food items, which were delicious by the way."

"I will show you where they came from, you are getting a guided tour of the town today."

"Is it true this town is full of lesbians and gays?"

Percentage wise you could say that although out and out lesbians there are not that many. Perhaps more than twenty percent of the women in town are bisexual, even those with a husband. Some of the men dabble in gay sex even though some are married, that is a once in a month deal for most of them."

"Will you tell me who are the bi and the lesbians?"

"I wont need to, they will kiss you on the lips. I expect a few will not be able to keep their hand off your tits."

"You have managed."

"How did you know I was a lesbian?" I asked.

She giggled and slapped my arm.

She would fit in living in this town I thought.

She had dressed in a white sundress and sandals. She looked fabulous.

I pointed out places of interest as we went past them. She was very much surprised to learn that Felicity Music was the home of a world famous singer.

We pigged out at the buffet and she was kissed by every woman I introduced her to. Ruthie's kiss lasted long enough for Renee to close her eyes.

I drove us to church and introduced Renee to everyone that came by and all the women kissed her lips. I am sure Carly's kiss included a tongue as well as a tit cop.

She enjoyed the service and the fried catfish lunch then we went back to my house and got into our swimsuits. We spent the afternoon on the beach swimming, splashing each other, and trying to dunk the other.

Her bare tit was just under the water when she noticed me staring.

"Oh, sorry," she said then tried to brush some imaginary something off her tit before putting it back into her bikini bra. Then she giggled. I loved her giggle.

Late that afternoon we went home and took showers. I was wearing slacks and a polo shirt when she came out of her room.

"Are we going out?"

"Yes, to whichever of the favorite restaurants is open today."

"They take turns?"

"On Sundays. They open only for dinner. I am hoping either Julian's or Doris' is open today. Pedro's would be good too. Shorts and a blouse would do by the way."

It took her two minutes to be ready and as it turned out Doris was open. We had calamari appetizers and deep fried sea bass. She was not surprised or concerned the fish still had their heads on.

About five more women came by to meet her, two were lesbian couples. I saw Renee invite their tongues in.

Back at home we changed to gym shorts and t-shirts and watched TV for a while.

During a commercial Renee said, "Just so you know I am another bisexual woman in this town. It may be difficult to leave."

I stopped myself from saying I hoped so.

The following morning I dressed and went to school before Renee got up. During lunch I called to make sure she was OK. She assured me she was and had spent the morning doing our laundry and drinking coffee on the patio. I reminded her she needed to go to the clinic for a check-up. She said her appointment was at two.

I told her to remember to take the notes I had written down when I was doing the concussion protocol. I added, "Dr. Beverly will not kiss you, however you may kiss her if you wish."

"Thank you. Have a good day although I don't see how you can where you work."

"You have to be as loony as they are to get along."

She giggled.

"Do you know a good divorce lawyer in this town?"

"Yes, in the office building on the boulevard just past downtown. Her name is Fay. Tell her everything and she will take it from there."

"Did she handle your divorce?"

"Yes. Gotta go. Bye."

I had almost forgotten my marriage, and divorce. In fact as I walked to my classroom it occurred to me that I had now been divorced longer than I had been married.

I had a nice surprise when I got home, Renee had cooked dinner. It was fabulous.

"Did you go to the grocery store? I don't remember having any pork chops."

"Yes I did, it's a good place for kisses. So was the clinic and the lawyers office. Someone gave me tongue and copped a feel at each place. I love this town. By the way everyone thinks we are lovers and are happy you have me."

"You did set them straight, right?"

"No, apparently everyone thinks you need a lover. I did not confirm or deny anything. Of course Fay was shocked to learn I am your stepmom but she can't tell anybody anyway. Neither can the doctor now that I think about it. So for the good of the town please ignore the rumors."

"What did Fay tell you about your divorce?"

"He will be served as soon as he gets back home. She will be served as an accessory the same day. Fay thinks that since both have reputations to protect neither will dispute it. I asked for enough money to move here. She said that was a brilliant idea. I was so happy I kissed her. She kissed me back."

"The next time you go back to her office remember Carly works on the third floor."

"Now you tell me. Wait, Carly is married isn't she?"

"Yes, her husband works on the second floor of the building. He knows about her urges and allows her to play. They enjoy threesomes but he will not fuck the other woman unless she insists.

Carly is allowed to fuck two other men, both guys are married. She did ask for specific consent on those. No, I don't know which men although it is not a deep secret."

"I love this town."

"Me too. Did you get the green light to drink?"

"Yes, I did. She even mentioned a red wine I would love."

"This one," I said as I poured one for her and one for me.

"Wow, this is yummy."

"Yes it is but you will notice everyone has just two glasses. You will want to drink the whole bottle but before you get to number three you are too drunk to drive. As far as I know we have only one person than can drink three and maintain her faculties. Tonight we will learn if you are the second such person."

"Who is this person?"

"Inga, I don't think you have met her yet."

"Does she have a pool?"

"Yes, an infamous one."

"I was invited to a pool party at Jana and Inga's Sunday after next."

"Make plans for it."

For the rest of the evening we drank wine and watched TV. She was tipsy after her first class and drunk by her second. I filled her third glass to about a third but she fell asleep before she took her first sip.

I picked her up and carried her to her bed. As soon as I covered her up she kissed me then was immediately asleep.

I went to bed and masturbated for the first time in two weeks.

I was at work before she got out of bed and had a normal day. We got home at the same time. She was wearing a nice outfit and I asked if she was just coming back from a date.

"No, been looking for a job. Every big concern in town has a lawyer. Did you know Carly is the lawyer for Felicity Music?"

"Yes. Did anyone seem like a possibility?"

"No, but Carly and Fay gave me some places to try. Sorry I don't have dinner ready."

"It's Tuesday, all you can eat chicken legs and thighs at Mollie's. Let's pee and go before the place gets mobbed.

We were on our second basket before she slowed down enough to talk. "Fay told me we can't fuck until my divorce is final."

"What made her think we would?"

"As far as this town is concerned we are married since we share a last name. She wants us to be able to swear under oath we don't fuck. She wants me to have friends come over and see I have my own bedroom."

"Good idea. Any of the ladies that want you would be fine. I will be watching TV while you have company."

"Thank you."

She then ruined our pact by giving me a wild kiss. I'm not sure she knew that she had. I am sure everyone that saw it let it pass right by them, everyone did that.

Renee did notice everyone was kissing Mollie and her daughter on the way out. She did too.

As we began our drive home she said, "I kissed a black girl and no one noticed. I am in the right town."

We went home, changed to shorts and t-shirts then settled in front of the TV with glasses of wine. Half way through her second glass she stood and kissed my lips saying "G' nite."

I watched the monologue after the news and went to bed. As I passed her door I heard a moan, she was masturbating. I was masturbating thirty seconds later.

The next evening we went to Julian's and she fell in love with the linguini in garlic butter sauce. I then took her to Jana's for a concert by Alice and Marie which she absolutely loved. Many kissed her lips and I introduced her to Jana and Inga. She loved the kisses they gave her and really loved to hear she would be welcome the Sunday after next.

Among the many to kiss her was Ruthie. She played the piano that night and we saw Sean was doing the sound. I wondered if the rumors about them were true.

Renee met several others all of whom made it clear they wanted her. She was giddy when we got home.

We got back to our t-shirt gym shorts state of dress and I filled a glass with wine half way for her even though she had two drinks at the club. She kissed my lips before she plopped down on the sofa.

Forty five seconds later her eyes were glued to the TV but not seeing anything. I worried about that for a second until I noticed she had a throw pillow on her lap. She had a hand under the pillow. The hand was in almost imperceptible motion. She was masturbating.

My erection was instantaneous. She saw it and her hand went faster. Her mouth opened with a silent moan. Her motion stopped. She looked at my erection again

She drank her wine in one gulp, stood and came to me then gave me a long ferocious kiss before saying good night and staggering to bed.

I masturbated on the sofa immediately, I knew I would never make it to my bed.

The following morning she was sitting at the kitchen table drinking coffee as I went to get mine. I was wearing boxer shorts. She was wearing a t-shirt, nothing else.

"Early interview?" I asked.

"Yes. Eight thirty at the bank."

"The two honchos there are a lesbian couple but do not put the make on them, they are all business first. They are geniuses at what they do so listen well."

"I am so glad I have you as coach, I would have fucked it up from the beginning."

"I need to dress, you do too. It's a quarter to eight."

She bolted up, kissed my lips and ran to her room. She definitely had a fine ass.

I left as she did and we kissed before driving away. I was parking at school before my mind questioned the kisses. The panic prone person in my head said it meant nothing, a new bad habit acquired from the town at best. I decided to go with that.

As my third period class went off to lunch my brain showed me a clear image of Renee's naked ass as she ran that morning. The lecherous person in my brain said, "Oooh, nice."

I called her and asked how it had gone.

"I'm still here. They had to take care of an important customer and I have been sitting at a desk for about fifteen minutes."

"Do you see a cute older lady with glasses there?"

"Pippa? Yes, I met her."

"She was their first hire. Ask her how her day went when she went to interview."

"She already told me. She was here nearly the whole day and did not know anything for two days. The ladies also told a customer she would handle their questions and she did the best she could. The customer seemed satisfied and left.

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