tagSci-Fi & FantasyFelinoids: Senona Ch. 03

Felinoids: Senona Ch. 03


The soldier quietly returned down the hall and entered the Captain's quarters. Sitting behind the desk he tapped the screen and began searching. Finally he found what he was looking for. Tapping the screen again he brought up the monitoring program. Using a single claw he highlighted each camera until he came to Senona's. Leaning back in the chair he watched silently as Sinde and Senona snuggled together.

Senona stroked Sinde's hair. Her thoughts racing. She was caged, again. Would this insanity never end? She really wished the big lizard thing had killed her. Being a slave was the worst thing ever and death was truly preferable.

"Senona, he seems nice," Sinde murmured sleepily as the stroking of her lulled her toward sleep.

"Sure, kid, sure," Senona whispered and though she too was sleepy, she forced herself to stay awake and watchful.

The Soldier closed the feed and leaned back in the chair. "There is something special about that one." He pulled up Senona's records in the database and began reading.

>>Next Morning<<

The Soldier awoke with a start not recognizing his surroundings then got his bearings. Eyeing the screen in front of him he chuckled. "I need to make sure this one is taken back and given her freedom, with a mate."

Senona's eyes were bloodshot but she'd managed to keep awake. She was tired and knew she probably should have napped but fear of what might happen to little Sinde kept her awake. Her stomach rumbled and resolutely she ignored it. Hunger was nothing new to her but she had to make sure Sinde got food. Carefully she moved from underneath the child and stalked toward the forcefield. She stared at the guard. "Hey, you! Please, the kid needs some food."

The guard eyed the catwoman and then spoke in his native tongue into his communicator then looked up, "Food.......Soon," he said slowly in trader's dialect.

She nodded and went back and lay in front of Sinde. She stiffened when the child snuggled against her fur but relaxed and for a brief moment, dozed.

The Soldier approached the room with a tray full of food and nodded at the guard. "Open the field," Setting the tray down he slid it past the field perimeter and into the room. He nodded again and the field came back on. "Food, your Highness," He said aloud.

Her eyes flew open and her fur puffed out as she hissed, not quite awake. It took a moment to get her bearings and slowly her fur went flat as she scuttled over to the tray, snatched it and hurried back to Sinde who had finally awakened.

She pushed the tray to Sinde and stood guard in front of the child as the little girl hungrily ate. She stared at their jailer and tried to figure out how best to appeal to the giant lizard to release them.

The Soldier grinned wishing he had been chosen when he was still in the egg to be an adapter so he could further the species. He spoke aloud to Senona. " Make sure you eat too, your Highness. I am going to need your knowledge of the slave trade planet to get this mission done."

"Stop calling me that," she hissed. "I do not like pet names!" Her fur rose. "And I will not help you!"

"You will help me so we can end this despicable blight on this galaxy," he replied in a tone that was low and threatening.

"You only say things you do not mean! I will not help a liar. Besides you are male and not to be trusted." She did not shout yet her fur remained on end as she glared at the reptile.

"Most males that you have met could not be trusted but a reptiloid is bred not to lie," he said quietly.

Her look of disbelief and then derisive laughter filled the cell. "You...you expect me to believe that you are genetically incapable of lying?" She laughed so hard her eyes watered. "Oh, that is such a funny joke, scaly male."

"You will find this true when you come to the planet we are based at. But for now, it is enough to know that when you ask a question make sure it's something you want the truth about," he said with a big toothy grin.

She snarled in response and would have spat out a scathing retort but Sinde's hand stroked her arm and she restrained herself with effort. "Yes Sinde?"

"You didn't eat," the little girl pouted.

"I'm a big person, I don't have to eat as often as a little one does." She smiled at Sinde and hoped the little girl would just change the subject.

The Soldier smiled again while looking at Sinde, "Little one she must eat and she won't until I leave, so I am going to go and eat myself now that you two have food. I will see you in about an hour." Turning to the guard he ordered, "Rearrange the forcefield so they have free access to the fresher."

The guard began typing into the portable control panel and then looked up, "Done, sir."

The Soldier nodded his head, then turned and headed back down the hall.

Senona's sensitive ears verified he was gone and she hurried Sinde over to the fresher room to get them both cleaned. She kept the shower short but both were washed and clothed. Fur still damp, Senona scented the air. Good the reptile leader was not around.

"Senona, here, eat this fruit. I'm sorry I'm such a pig and ate most of it." Sinde gave Senona her best woeful expression.

Senona patted her head. "It's ok, kid. You have to eat more than me but the fruit will be fine." She put action to words and finished the fruit in three bites. It didn't really dent the raging hunger but it was better than nothing. The captain had been starving her the last five days as punishment for not performing well in bed and she was weak because of it. maybe if she'd been fed, none of them would still be in holding cells on this ship with creepy reptiles as their jailers.

~Below Decks, Slave hold~

The Soldier entered and looked around, then nodded his approval. "We will have to mess it up again when we arrive but it is a lot better now. Hey Doc, how is it going down here?" He asked the Doctor who was examining the Octopus-like slave. who in turn was examining the Doctor.

"It is going well, sir. Most have been abused but only two in the last two days. The women are all grateful that the human leader of this ship is dead. It seems he did most of the raping though they did assure me that the child has never been touched. It also seems that the feline was here from the beginning and has tried on different occasions to spare them the attentions of the captain with mixed results. Unfortunately the human male apparently took great pleasure in assaulting the feline slave in front of the women to scare them into submitting."

A tentacle had been feeling the Doctor's throat while he had been talking and now the Soldier laughed. "Seems you are an object to be examined too. Well we have the feline and the child together, and until we get to the planet, I think if we let the slaves have the run of the ship except the control places we should be fine. Doc, your opinion on this?"

"I don't see why not. I really need to examine the child and the feline. They are the only ones who have not been looked at."

"I agree Doc," he replied, "But make sure you have a claw proof suit on. She might let you examine her but the little one is a different story. I think her maternal mode has kicked in."

The doctor chuckled. "I saw some of the footage of her during the attack, she does have wicked claws. Oh, I also found this." He handed the data crystals to his leader. "I couldn't finish them. I didn't have the stomach for it but you should watch them to help you get a better understanding of what went on with that human captain."

"Hmm, I shall look at them after you have examined those two. I wish to see how you convince her that you are a doctor and not someone who is going to hurt either of them," he replied gently removing the tentacle from his arm.

He reached out and touched another tentacle and patted it, "Not now my friend," he finished speaking quietly to the Octo-person.

The Octo-person made a disappointed sucking sound but kept the tentacles at its side. Doc just gave his leader a funny look. "As you wish. I can see them both now if you will have them brought here."

"Hmm," he replied with small grin showing all his incisors. "Guess I better get my suit then huh?"

"I will have a sedative waiting just in case."

"One for her and one for me, too, please." He gave the Doctor the reptiloid equivalent of a pleading look.

"Why do you need a sedative?" Doc was confused.

"For enduring her abusive nature," seeing the Doc's face he raised his hand before the Doctor could say anything, "I understand the part about her being abused so I will be gentle. I might even try to bring her and the child without a guard too. Maybe that will build trust."

Comprehension dawned and the Doc laughed but he did hand a sedative to the leader. "Just in case."

The Soldier took the seda-gun and tucked it into his pouch. "I won't use it unless I just cannot get her here without severe bodily damage to one of us." He said solemnly. He turned and headed for the lift. His mind was already moving to the next task, convincing the Queen that her presence was required in the slave hold.

>>Senona/Sinde Cell<<

Senona wished for the hundredth time that she had a brush to groom her fur but such niceties had been forbidden by the captain a long time ago. Any time her fur had gotten knotted, he would simply shear it all off both as convenience and as a humiliation to keep her in line.

A gentle tug on her fur had her looking at Sinde. "Yes?"

"You looked angry and sad. Do you miss your home?"

"I don't remember my home, Sinde. It's been too long ago." Senona sounded wistful but then shook herself. Thinking about things she couldn't have would just make her miserable.

The Soldier approached the room the spoke aloud so Senona could hear. "Lower the forcefield. I am taking these two to the Doctor."

The guard looked at the Soldier like he had lost his mind but tapped a command into the console and the forcefield collapsed.

The Soldier spoke aloud, "Senona and Sinde please come with me to the slave hold so the Doctor can ensure you are not in need of medical attention."

Senona's claws came out and she was in front of Sinde instantly. "How do you know my name? No one but HIM knew my name!"

"It was in the database along with your history, your Highness," he replied with a smile.

Just then one of the female slaves walked past the door and saw Senona.

"Hi Senona. Hi Sinde. Aren't the rescuers great?" She then walked out of sight down the hall.

Senona felt her jaw drop and she dropped to a crouch. She must be dreaming. She closed her eyes and fought to quell the rising panic that her life was spinning horribly out of control and the rules she'd been forced to live by no longer applied and the new ones made no sense. "Stop calling me by your pet name!"

"It is not a pet name, it is a sign of respect for someone like you. Anyway come with me so the Doctor may examine you." He was thanking his maker that the slave woman had walked past at that moment. He stood patiently waiting on Senona to make the next move.

Senona's confidence wavered. Her stomach growled but she ignored it, her eyes on the Solider It was Sinde who decided for her when the little girl ran around her and over to the reptile, taking its claw in her hand. "I'm ready!"

Senona's mouth fell open in shock and she quickly closed it. Sighing she edged slowly toward the pair, keeping the reptile in sight as she slid past them and out into the hall.

The soldier turned with Sinde and proceeded down the hall with the two. "You can have some more food when we get to the hold." He said quietly. "Sinde, our doctor is one of the best at working with your race so you and Senona will be in the very best hands."

"As long as he doesn't do a bad touch like the old doctor, I don't mind," Sinde replied cheerfully.

Senona stopped in her tracks. "What do you mean bad touch?" Her eyes narrowed.

"He touched me here, one time." Sinde pointed at her chest. "The captain got mad and hit him."

Senona relaxed slightly but it still upset her to know that one of the humans had touched the child in anyway. She resumed walking.

The soldier noted the exchange but said nothing more as the walked into the hold. He waved at the Doctor, "Safe and sound, Doc."

Senona's claws came out and she snatched Sinde and placed the girl behind her. "He's one of yours!" she hissed at her captor.

"Yes, he is, and one of the best doctors we have," the soldier replied with a smile but didn't show teeth.

"No! No! Stay away from her. I mean it." She bared her fangs, her stance rigid.

The Soldier glanced at the Doctor for help, "Any thoughts?"

The Doc looked at the cat. "I have several but nothing a GUN wouldn't solve. However, I'm not a violent man by nature so using a gun is against my directive."

Before Senona could flinch the Soldier had pulled the Seda-gun and fired into her flank. "I am sorry but we must make sure you are healthy. We do not want you endangered."

She yelped took a swipe at him but missed as the drug took immediate effect and she fell to the floor unconscious.

"Sinde, would you please let the Doctor run the test required. It is painless and quick." The soldier said quietly as he began to lift Senona's limp form.

"Sure." Trustingly she let the doctor pick her up and put her on the bed as he ran his test. "Thank you little human." He turned to his leader. "Unlike the women, this child is well-fed and healthy. Not a scratch on her either."

"Hm, track her DNA. She may be like this Tigra here." He settled Senona on the bed and then put Sinde on a stool to watch. "Make sure you tell Senona everything with no exaggerations ok, Sinde?"

"Yes big lizard."

"No, it's not that she's Tigra. Her DNA is completely human. I mean the others were abused and truly treated like slaves while this little one was not. I just wonder at the difference in treatment."

"The captain said he didn't hurt kids so no one else got to either."

The big lizard thought for a second, "Strange morals that captain had, but it was lucky for this child."

"Yes, very lucky. Now, let's get a look at this Tigra." The Doctor bustled about efficiently running tests. He hissed several times, made a few notes and within twenty minutes was finished. "Do you want the good first or the bad?"

The Soldier nodded his head, "Bad first."

"She is of the royal bloodline. Which branch I'm not able to ascertain fully but the parts of her DNA that identify her as a royal in the Tigra family are present."

"I thought during the invasion we had obliterated the Royal Line?" The Soldier grew thoughtful.

"Apparently not. And judging from the amount of injuries and scars, she's been a slave from a very young age, possibly younger than our little friend here." The Doc pointed at Sinde. "The human child is about six years old. The Tigra has a healed broken bone in her right arm that she would have gotten at the age of 4."

"I wonder if one of us turned her over to a slaver so he wouldn't have to kill her." The Soldier said angrily. He knew that Reptiloids detested slavery but a few would give someone to slavery for money.

"I have no way of knowing, sir. However, I do have some good news. She is compatible with the transformation process."

The Soldier's face brightened, "Well knowing this one it will have to be forced at first until her chosen mate seeds her."

"I don't know if force will go over well with her. She's been a slave, a fiery one judging by her behavior with us. She will not be mated easily."

"I think they can make one that will adapt to her personality and introduce a calming effect on her when he is in the room. We need some of her DNA to implant in him so she will be attracted to him don't we?"

"Already collected and stored. Just let me know who the lucky male will be."

The Soldier wished he could be but he was not of the new breed. He thought for a second about it. "What about Sentaur? He is the oldest and hasn't taken with any female yet."

The Doctor tapped his claw against his jaw. "Do you think he would be able to handle her fire?"

"He would, he is of my Spawn," The Soldier replied. "We can find out using a sample of his DNA and hers in a controlled environment couldn't we?"

"No. The imprinting process requires some active control on the male's part. DNA by itself will do nothing."

"She is going to despise us until the seeding and as small as she is it is going to be really bad for her. I do not like almost killing her and then have it not work, but if that is the only way...." his voiced trailed off.

"It is, sir. We will do as we must. We need females and this is the only way to get it done."

"Take her to Sentaur's quarters then and keep the little one nearby but not close enough to hear the mating but close enough for the cat to smell the child. Might make her not as uncooperative." The Soldier replied as he turned on his heel and left the room.

>>Bridge, Reptiloid ship<<

The Soldier entered the bridge and sat down at the long table near the back with the rest of the Council of Elders.

The leader, a massive lizard lumbered to his feet. "This session is called to order. Solider General, the floor is yours."

The General stood and faced the Council, "We have found a load of female slaves, human and one Octo-person who might be a willing partner for me." The General's face reddened slightly but he continued, "One of the females is a Royal Tigra. Her DNA is compatible with us and I request permission of the council to mate her with the Soldier Sentaur who is of the new breed."

Instant hissing and murmuring rose but quieted when the Leader spoke. "He is of your line, is he not?"

"Yes, so there is no question of his lineage, is there?" the General clicked threateningly.

"None. Your line has been one of the more successful line of breeders. There is no problem." Leader looked at the assembled council. "Are there any objections to Sentaur being allowed to try?"

One of the older members stood and looked at the Leader. "Sentaur should try but what of allowing the General to have the Octoperson? That is not our way, the taking of slaves I mean."

"If the Octoperson is willing to mate with him, there is no complaint. If not interested, the Octoperson will be set free along with the rest on a planet we chose that is free of slavery."

The General nodded his head in agreement as did the other Elders. "Agreed" they all replied in unison.

"Are there any other pressing matters?" Leader looked around the room one last time.

The Elders looked at each other and all shook their heads no. The General rose, "If you will excuse me I want to check on my future mate if she will have me."

There were hisses of encouragement as the meeting ended.

The General rose and left the meeting quietly heading back to the slaver to test the waters with his new mate if she desired him.

>>Reptiloid Ship, Crew Quarters<<

Sentaur was upset since he was relived of duty and told to go to his quarters. For the life of him he could not understand what he had done. Upon entering his quarters he stopped in shock and then stared at the female laying on his bed.

"Hello Sentaur." The Doctor emerged from the bathing room. "You will not be continuing your duties until after you have mated with the female."

"Mated? She is not a human and that was what my DNA was designed for." he replied but he felt a kinship for the Tigra female. "Or was I given Tigra DNA while in the egg?"

"None that I know of. And though you may have been breed for humans, the royal Tigra family line is a mixture of humanoid and felinoid features. There should be compatibility."

Sentaur sighed as he sat down in a chair. He knew in his heart this female was his. Her odor pervaded his senses to the point of distraction. "Has it been approved by my family and the Council?"

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