Fem School


This is a story of fiction. Bob and I wanted to write something a little longer that would include some of our fantasies. We both had input into this. It took this long to put it down because, being our fantasies, we had to take many breaks to work off the 'tension' of writing. Enjoy, Ellen

Tim had always wondered what it was like to be a girl. He, of course, knew what being a guy was like but what was being female like? He knew his sister went on dates and had curves and breasts that he did not. And thinking like a girl was totally alien. Sometimes he wondered if they could think at all.

After Jean, his sister, was married he decided he would try to see what it was like. One afternoon when his parents were out he would try on her gown. Jean was a couple of years older than he but they were about the same size. She had left her gown because in the apartment she shared with her new husband space was limited.

Tim had not trouble getting into it; zipping up the back was a bit of a problem so he left that undone. He wanted to get out of it quickly if his parents came home early. It fit ok but he did not feel any different; just a guy in different clothes.

Years later, after he was married himself, he would think about that afternoon; would it be the same or would he now have more insight. Patricia, his wife, had tried to tell him what she felt when she had an orgasm and how different it was to wear a dress than pants. The problem for Tim was Patricia just passed it all off as almost a non-conversation. She was a female and he was male. Why worry what each other felt like?

Tim stared out working at a software company but later changed to working as a website developer. His he could do from home. Since he was at home and Patricia was out at work Tim could find out if wearing Patricia's panties could make him feel any different. He didn't wear then every day, that way Patricia wouldn't notice all that many in the laundry. But she did notice. Pairs she would not wear often were showing up in the wash. She would keep track but not say anything, for now.

Patricia came home from work one day and asked Tim to help her move some furniture in the bedroom. While he was bending over she saw the waistband of a thong at Tim's pants top she knew was hers. She did not say anything but after the furniture was moved she sat on the bed and called Tim over to her.

"Like to mess around?" She asked.

"I have to go to the bathroom first", Tim was getting nervous knowing she would find the panties.

"No you don't" She pulled him by his belt to her. He was between her legs and could not pull away without making the situation worse.

By this time she had his zipper down and was opening his belt buckle.

"Oh, what is this?" She said. "Are those my panties?"

He tried to pull away and close his pants but she hung on to his belt.

"Don't be embarrassed. I find it kind of kinky."

That surprised him and he hesitated for a moment. That was all she needed to pull his pants down enough to get a good look at her panties on him and his raging hard on.

"They look kind of tight on you. Let's see if I have a pair that fit a little better."

He could not believe what he was hearing; she wasn't angry and she was looking for others that fit!

"Here, try these on." Pat was holding out a pair with lace on the top. Tim slipped off the pants from around his ankles and the pull off the panties he had worn most of the day. The new ones did fit better and contained his hard on a bit better.

"They do seem better. Now take them off." Tim did. Patricia took his hand and led him to the bed. She slipped the panties down and took his cock in her mouth in one motion. Tim gasped as she moved her tongue around the head. After having worn the panties all day and now Patricia was sucking on his cock it was only a moment before he was blasting his ejaculate into her mouth; something that she had to be coerced to do in the past. She slowly licked his cock as it slid out of her mouth. Then she reached up and grabbing his shirt, pulling him down so she could kiss him on the mouth. It was more than a kiss as she forced most of his semen into his mouth.

"Swallow." She said and he did. "Good. Now clean up and put you panties back on."

Tim did as he was told and then went to the kitchen where Patricia was waiting for him.

"Are you angry with me?" Tim asked as he sat down.

"A little but not for the reason you think. I'm annoyed that you did not tell me about your...fetish. Is that the right word? How long have you had a 'thing' for women's underwear?"

"I guess I should have told you from the start. It was since before we were married. I just wondered what it was like to be a woman. I'm not gay or anything!"

"I never thought you were gay but I would have liked to have known about this. You know I don't like you keeping secrets from me."

"I know but this is different. I was afraid you might think I was...I don't know; not right or something."

"I have known you long enough to know you are a good man. The cross dressing...well, we just have to deal with it. Don't we?"

The rest of the evening went a little more normally. Patricia did slap Tim's butt a couple of times but that was all that happened until bed time.

"Wait. If you want to get the full effect you can't wear your old sleep shorts to bed. Here, put this on." Patricia handed him another pair of panties, not a thong this time, and one of her nighties.

He put them on and modeled for her. "How do I look?"

"A little strange but not that bad. You need things that fit better. Come over here." Patricia got her tape measure and did some measuring. It only took a minute but she seemed satisfied when she was done.

"Ok, tomorrow I will get some things that fit better. You have to promise that you will wear what I get for you. Having two sets of clothing can get expensive."

"I promise. I will wear whatever you get for me." That is what Tim said but he was a bit concerned. Patricia was almost too accepting of this. He expected her to react differently. But wait; he 'expected her to react'; that was almost admitting he wanted her to find out. Did he? Could that be why he did not do all he might have done to keep it a secret? At least, she did not act like he was a freak. And she was going to do some shopping for him. She couldn't be that upset.

The next morning was like any other except he found a fresh pair of panties on the bed obviously for him. Patricia was in too much of a hurry to leave for any real conversation.

The day progressed normally. Patricia was about an hour late getting home. She had a couple of bags that she put off to the side. Tim wanted to see what she bought but Pat told him that later he would be able to model his new things.

The time finally came for his to try his 'girly' things. That is what Patricia had started to call them. Patricia laid them out on the bed and told Tim to undress. They started with panties. Patricia had found his size but had been sure to get ones that were frilly.

Then came the bras. Patricia had to show Tim how to put them on and how they shout fit. Then she had him put his clothes back on over the 'girly' undies.

"The bra feels funny." Tim said.

"You will get use to it after you wear it for a while. The size is right."

He looked in the morrow when he had his outer clothes back on and even though they were small he had breasts!

"You are a little bigger than an A cup, if you are interested. I got an A cup for now and we will see how it fits. I will find some tops that show even your small ones off. For now, get used to wearing it."

The last item was a night gown. This was very frilly and left no doubt about it being a female garment.

As the light was going out, Patricia said, "good night, sweetie."

Tim did get used to the bra and other bras as Pat bought more and more female things for him. He did notice that as time went on he chose his male clothes less and less. Pat was getting him outer wear now that he had enough undies. She also started to comb out his hair and stopped reminding him to get a haircut.

After a couple of months, Tim was wearing female clothes full time at home.

Sex was mostly Tim performing oral sex on Pat. She said he should get accustomed to female sex as well as wearing female clothes. Pat also kept him satisfied by sucking his cock. She would always share his ejaculate with him after he came in her mouth.

By the time a full year had passed, Tim was fully acclimated to his female attire at home. He had not gone outside dress as a woman but he was considering it. Pat had cut his now long hair in a style that could be either male or female but it had a decided female slant to it.

One evening Pat was a little nervous and uneasy. She said we needed to talk.

"I think it is time for you to go out."


"I have met someone who understands your needs. We have been invited to her place tomorrow evening. I think we should go."

"If you think I'm ready and this person knows about me, ok. I think I can handle it. It is in the evening, right?"

"Yes, and she will send a car. You are ok with this?"

"Yeah, I have been thinking I've been inside with this long enough. I think a short trip out, if it is in the evening, is ok."

"Good. I'll call her and confirm."

Tim was excited and scared at the same time. Going out was a big step for him but after dark would lessen the anxiety he was experiencing. But he was determined; he wanted Pat to be proud of him for facing his fears.

The next evening came around and, sure enough, the car arrived at the correct time. Pat escorted Tim to the car and then went into the house for something. The driver helped Pat with something in the truck. The driver was a woman in a uniform right down to the cap.

"Are you nervous?" Pat asked him.

"Yes, but you appear more nervous that I am. What is wrong?"

"Nothing really, I just want this to go well for you."

Pat and Tim rode in silence for a while. The driver had some soft music playing and it kind of relaxed both of them. They left the city and were in the country when the car turned into a driveway and pulled up to what looked like a lodge, quite secluded.

The driver got out and opened the car doors. As they were getting out, a rather attractive middle aged woman came out and greeted them.

"Hello, Pat and hello to you too, Tim. Pat has told me much about you."

"Tim, this is Sheila; Ms. Sheila to you. She will be taking over your training."

My training! What is going on? Tim's mind was racing with questions.

They went inside to a lobby and Ms. Sheila asked them to sit.

"I see you have not told Tim very much about me. Would you like to do that or should I."

"Tim, Ms. Sheila and I met a couple of months ago and I have been keeping her up on your training. She and I have come to the conclusion that I can't do any more for you and you need her services. You see Ms. Sheila runs a Fem School. She instructs guys like you in how to be women."

A Fem School! Tim was interested in what it was like to be a woman not to actually become one! All of this was going through his mind and he was too disconcerted to speak.

"Ms. Sheila has a new class starting and we both thought you could benefit by being enrolled."

"You have done a good job so far but he is still a man dressed like a woman. We can teach him to act just like a woman in almost all situations. We need to do some paperwork, first. This is a consent form that you both need to sign."

Pat signed first then passed the form to Tim. Both Pat and Ms. Sheila watched Tim as he also signed.

"Good, that is done. Have you given any thought to what his new name will be?"

"Yes, I think Tina will be a name he can live with. His initials will be the same and it should be easy to remember."

"Good choice. As of right now you are Tina. Tim is behind you and we will not use it anymore. Pat, I think you and Tina should say your good byes for now and we should get Tina settled in for the night."

They all stood up; Tina by reflex more than anything else.

"Ok, Tina. This is for a month and I'm sure you will learn a lot. When you get home, I expect to not be able to tell you apart from a woman. Learn your lessons well and Ms. Sheila will keep me apprised of your progress."

"Pat..." She leaned in to kiss me.

"No, no, you will have fun." With that Pat was out the door and Tina was left watching his wife walk out to the car.

"Come, Tina. I will show you to your room. Please bring the case Ms. Pat packed for you."

Tina followed Ms. Sheila down a hall to a door. "This will be your room. After tonight you may not spend all that much time here but this is where you will get dressed and keep your things. Dr. Carla will be along in a minute."

The room was small with a bed and a dresser and a closet. Laid out on the bed was a nightgown. The bed was turned down as if waiting for its occupant.

"Please get undressed. Ah, here is Dr. Carla now."

The woman who walked into the room was in her thirties and very attractive. She was wearing one of the white lab coats doctors are so fond of. She was carrying a tray with a cover over it.

"Dr. Carla, this is Tina who is one of our new students."

"Hello, Tina. Please remove your clothing and we can get started."

Get started with what, Tina wondered. When Tina was undressed, Dr. Carla took her blood pressure and listened to her heart.

"Dr. Carla is our medical resident. If you feel ill, she is here to take care of you. Isn't that nice, dear?"

When Dr. Carla was done, she instructed Tina to stand with her legs slightly apart. Then she started to fondle Tina's cock.

"Look at me, Tina. Not at Dr. Carla" Ms. Sheila reached out and took Tina's face in her hands and forced Tina to look at her.

Dr. Carla was pulling and stretching Tina's cock. Tina wanted to look at what she was doing but Ms. Sheila would not allow her to look down.

Tina heard a click.

"That is done." Dr. Carla said. Ms. Sheila's hands fell away from Tina's face.

Tina looked at what Dr. Carla had done. There on her cock was a shiny metal looking cover. On the top was a lock that looked like a serious piece of hardware.

"We can't have you doing anything that you shouldn't. You will get used to it rather quickly. Ok, put your panties and nightie on and thank Dr. Carla."

"...Thank...you...Dr. Carla." Tina almost could not speak. All of this was happening so fast. Only 2 hours ago she was home and ahead was a normal evening; well almost, Pat was taking her out to visit a new friend but...this was too much!

"Get to bed now. We will call you at 5:30."

5:30! That would be the earliest she had been up in years; not since she had started to work from home. That had to be wrong. But since she had nothing else to do but unpack and that would take a couple of minutes, might as well get to bed.

The 'thing' on her cock made sleeping difficult. When she did get to sleep it seemed like only a second later there was a soft knock on her door and a woman, a 'maid', was in her room telling her to wake up.

"Miss...Miss. Time to get up. You don't want to be late for Dr. Carla your first day."

Tina was moving slowly but she did sit up. "Who are you?"

"I'm Barbara. I have been assigned to take care of you this next week. You have to get up now. Dr. Carla is waiting for you. Since you got in late last night, there wasn't time to get you all arranged for the start today. Here is a dress to put on for now. I'll see you have proper things for when you get back from Dr. Carla."

Tina went to the bathroom for a couple of minutes then was in the dress and heading for the room Barbara directed her to.

She knocked and was told to come in. The room was set up as a full doctor's office complete with an examination table.

"Ah, yes. Tina, we were not able to get you all squared away last evening so, an early morning today. Off with the dress and I'll unlock you."

The dress and the panties Tina had slept in were off quickly and Dr. Carla had the tube unlocked and removed.

"Ok, into the shower and use this cream on your whole body except above your neck. It is a depilatory cream and we want you to keep your hair on your head but not all that body hair."

There was a door that led to a bathroom in the office.

Tina showered and used the cream. When she stepped out she was hairless from the neck down. Dr. Carla inspected her and then refastened the cock tube.

"Back to your room. Barbara should have your clothes laid out for you by now. See you later."

Tina found her clothes were indeed ready. She found panties and a bra; socks and shoes; a skirt and a blouse. All fit her but she looked like a school girl! Well, I guess that is what I am, she thought.

Barbara was back and escorted Tina to the dining hall for breakfast. There she met her classmates; Jane and Michelle. Tina thought they both looked like they were new to cross dressing because their hair was still in a male cut and they seemed uncomfortable in their female clothing.

Everything the girls did was watched and remarked upon. After breakfast, they were taught how to sit and walk, how to put their clothes on and off, how to talk, even what to talk about.

In the course of the day, they met the last two instructors; Ms. Joyce and Ms. Gina.

Before dinner, the girls were sent back to their rooms and told to change for dinner. Laid out on Tina's bed was an evening gown; the little black dress everyone talked about. Barbara stopped in to ask if she could help and Tina did need some help with the makeup they were told to wear. Barbara told Tina she looked as any of the women Barbara had seen at the school in her time there. Barbara then laid out a night gown for later for Tina.

Barbara then said, "I hope you have a good evening. I won't see you again before morning."

Tina went down to meet the others and was surprised to find the 6 other women waiting for her; all were dressed in very feminine clothes and to be having a good time talking with each other.

Dinner was fun and the talk was free and natural. Then Ms. Sheila announced that she wanted to speak with each of the students privately and Michelle was to be first. They walked off to Ms. Sheila's office. About 20 minutes later Michelle was back but she was dazed and almost in shock.

Jane and Tina were surprised and confused; they helped her to a chair and wanted to know what the problem was.

"How could she do this? I can't believe this is happening." Michelle was beside herself with confusing.

"What did Ms. Sheila do that could cause this?' Jane was becoming up set herself.

"Not Ms. Sheila; my wife! She signed me up for hormone therapy. She wants me to be a real woman...or as good as!"

Tina and Jane knew what hormone therapy meant; real breasts and hips and not just play acting as a woman. It was only one small step away from full reassignment surgery! This was serious and then Michelle said that Ms. Sheila wanted to see Tina next.

Tina did not know what to say to the others. Jane was concerned but the three instructors seemed to be taking this all in stride; they had seen it all before.

Tina knocked and opened Ms. Sheila's door. They talked over what the training for the next few weeks would be and then Ms. Sheila asked Tina to send in Jane.

"Ms. Sheila?"

"Yes, dear?"

"Did Pat say anything about hormone therapy?"

Ms. Sheila laughed, "That is Ms. Pat, remember that. No, she did not. Why, do you want to start it?"

"No, I was only asking because of Michelle."

"Not all of our students undergo it. It is only if it is specifically asked for and then it must be right for that person. Michelle and her wife-mistress both talked about it but is seems Michelle is not sure that was what was decided. Pat did not tell me anything about it."

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