Feminized by My Father


He fell down and writhed on the floor. Then I realized he was having a heart attack.

I crawled from the bed quickly and went after the dropped cell phone, picking it up I rolled away from his outstretched fingers.

I started to dial 911 but stopped. If I did that they would get here in time to possibly save him. Instead I propped myself up on the wall and waited with my fingers on the send button, just in case he recovered.

After he stopped moving I pushed it.

When I was well enough to stand in front of a mirror and talk to a doctor I discovered I had undergone radical treatments, more then I had first noticed on my face and body, as well as having started hormones. Reversing the process would be tough, and expensive.

My mother was shocked, but supportive, when I told her of my decision to go on living with the changes. She lived in another state, and I soon moved in with her, starting a new life. It was a long while before I worked up the nerve to go to a local gay club. My first night there though I saw the perfect guy.

"Hey," I greeted him simply.

The man, much older then me, raised his eyebrows. "Well look at you!" he said smiling, eying my slutty outfit. "What can I help you with?"

I breathed deep, excited.

"You want to be my daddy?"

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous03/18/17

not normaly into father son

But this story had my sissy clit dripping. I think every young man should be forced by his mother and girlfriend into becoming a sissy fag and lesbian

4yourpleasureiam if anyone wants to usemore...

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