tagRomanceFerret Girl Ch. 02

Ferret Girl Ch. 02


***The chapters in this are a little short on purpose, since the level of detail is a little thick, so I didn't want to make any reader's eyes glaze too badly.

Kate the wondergirl wanders a little on the island and wonders why the agreed to it. 0_o


After getting her things squared away in her little cottage, Kate began to work on the Ferrets. It was the same dirty work that she'd always done, but doing it in this climate took some getting used to. Her long auburn hair stuck to her face and neck from the sweat as she worked. She tied it into a ponytail, and that had helped to keep it a little clean, she supposed, but she found herself thinking about just cutting it all off to be done with the trouble.

By about six o'clock in the evening, Kate had had about enough. She wandered into her cottage and looked at what was in the freezer compartment of the fridge. She cautiously examined a frozen dinner, and after checking the expiry date, she just tossed it into the microwave. It came out alright, though it was nothing special.

Kate didn't care. She'd spent a whole day at this, and now she decided that after the meal, she'd either go the whole bath route and head to bed, or, ... go for a little trip.


Kate was back in the garage, sweating anew as she checked all of Fanny's lubricant and fluid levels. After asking for and receiving permission that morning to try to work out a single lap patrol route, as well as try to get her bearings, she was pumped. She opened the door and climbed into her scout car. She went through the pre-start list and a minute later, the starter ground out its whining song and the 6 cylinder engine was running as Kate booted her notebook and waited for the antenna to acquire a few of the Global Positioning System satellites as she kept an eye on the gauges relating to the engine and electrical systems.

With everything up, she consulted the map that she'd been given and tried to relate that to what she was looking at on her PC screen. It matched up fairly well – in a "close enough for jazz" sort of way, so she tuned one of her radios to the security gatehouse frequency that she'd scribbled down and checked in, identifying herself and her intent to drive round the Eastern beaches road and then return.

She released the parking brake and selected first gear.

After grinding around the yard a little while, she set the brake and climbed out to lock up the garage, but after that, she thought about things. She'd planned to wash off the sweat and get cleaned up anyway after this, but now Kate decided that she just had to get out of the coveralls that were sticking to her, so after a quick shower back in the cottage, she walked out wearing a bikini top and a pair of cut-off jeans as well as her work boots. She carried her coveralls anyway, in the unlikely event that Fanny broke down.

Clambering back in, she cranked Fanny over again and glanced at her map before turning out onto the main farm road. Twenty minutes later, she was idling along a pair of ruts headed down to a path that ought to take her along a few of the coves and beaches. There was still plenty of light left in the day and the drive proved interesting and not all that challenging to her, but she didn't mind a bit. She had new territory to explore now.

The time wore away as she ground along the ruts, some of which were just about at the limits of what a two-wheel drive truck might be expected to be able to handle, she came up a low rise and stopped.

She was looking at a little cove, a little bay which opened out onto the ocean, and there was the pale reddish glow of the oncoming sunset. Kate opened the driver's hatch and looked around. She didn't want to block the rutted path, since a lot of the skill of navigating something such as this with a regular vehicle depended upon one being able to keep up a bit of momentum.

If somebody came along here where she was, they'd have to stomp on the brakes and they'd likely sink into the mud and sand for it. But there was a space in between a pair of trees, she decided, so she backed in there, a little surprised that the leafy overhang hung onto Fanny's turret by the sounds of it.

She closed the driver's hatch, being careful not to let it bang and thought about the scene in front of her and almost gave in to the notion to open it up again, but there were already a couple of mosquitoes who'd made their entrance as it was. She didn't want to have to drive all the way back swatting and scratching.

Kate sat admiring the little scene for a moment, and then decided to stay for a while. She turned off the ignition and just stared as the now-ruddy fireball of the sun began to sink toward the horizon. She unfastened her seat and shoulder harness and sat up to ease herself backward into the commander's position. Reaching up, she turned on the targeting camera to watch for a few moments and as a test.

She was thinking about the next two years on this island. Kate had no expectations, but she did have a bit of a hope to maybe meet someone at least a little interesting here. It would be nice. She'd always been able to handle being a bit of a solitary soul, but, this out of the way spot on a small leeward island seemed to make her feel the want of a warm male body just a little more keenly, that was all.

She was just thinking about shutting off the camera when she thought she heard the sounds of someone running. It was just barely possible to hear from inside and that was only because there were no other sounds beside the soft hum from the drive of her notebook.

She had to listen carefully for a moment or two to be certain of it, but yes, someone was running along the dirt track in the woods along the shore, she was sure of it now. She slid down and dogged the driver's hatch, returning to dog the commander's hatch on the turret as well. She sat and wondered a little as the pace of the running slowed.

Kate didn't know if the runner had noticed the armoured scout car or not. Maybe the sight of it had caused them to slow to a stop, she didn't know. She looked at the small monitor.

She couldn't see much at first. The sun was now very near the horizon, and at this latitude, it almost seemed to be in freefall to someone from a more northerly latitude like her. She stopped down the camera to protect the sensor. As she looked, a little worried that she likely wouldn't see the runner, her jaw began to drop.

She couldn't see all that well, since he was silhouetted by the sunlight, but she did like the shape that she saw. He was almost dead center in the screen and apparently oblivious to the presence of a five ton reconnaissance vehicle a little behind him in the trees.

Kate couldn't have managed this any better to save her life, and it was just as well, too. She might have been able to get him centered a bit better, but that would have necessitated her rotating the turret a little, and that would certainly attract his attention from the whine of the transiting motor.

He stood before her, about fifty feet away and facing the same sunset scene which had caused her to look. After a few moments, he walked to the water's edge and removed his shoes and running shorts before stepping in.

Kate reasoned that her mouth must have already been open – at least a little – otherwise, she was sure that her chin would have hit the metal of the compartment with a bang. She had no idea who this was, but that didn't matter.

He was gorgeous.

She hit the record button to save this and she wondered if she dared to risk the slight sound that stepping up the magnification might make. She decided against it. He was almost too close for the optics anyway. Even so, Kate couldn't keep the grin off her face as she turned on the targeting reticule and almost laughed as she watched the crosshairs there in the screen, right over his sweet ass.

The ground sloped a little and he sank in her view as he walked away, so she adjusted and bit her lower lip a little as she heard the soft whine of the camera as it angled down a little to keep him in view.

Now that, she decided, was really nice.

She almost yelled in her disappointment as he leaned forward a little to dive in.

She watched him swim around the little cove for about five minutes, and opened up the camera a bit to compensate for the loss of light from the fading sunset. She was really enjoying this. But then she began to fret a little. Whenever he decided to step out, he'd just have to look up and when he did, he'd have to see Fanny's big front end there facing him and that would end the show for certain.

She wondered what she'd do for a moment, but then she found herself chuckling a little. Other than feel a little embarrassed, what could he do? She had permission to be here, after all, and unless he had one really big-assed can opener, ...

The moment came when he turned to swim back to the shore and Kate felt a little twinge of sadness in her chest. The light level precluded her seeing his face.

She waited, holding her breath for the moment when he'd have to notice that he wasn't alone here.

But it never came.

He walked up the little slope looking down, and Kate could just see a little of his male bits, though in no detail at all. When he got to where he'd left his shorts, he turned to lean against a fallen tree trunk and look at the very slight bright spot there on the horizon which marked where the sun had gone.

Kate stared, watching from almost a side-on view of this mystery man and she could swear that she heard it when she saw him draw a breath and sigh.

He didn't know it, but Kate sighed then too.

But he didn't pull on his shorts and leave.

Kate gasped as she saw his hand reach down. She cursed under her breath because there wasn't enough light to make out what he was doing.

Not that it really mattered, she thought. What he was about to do was bloody obvious.

As the last of the sunset's gleam winked out on the horizon, she stabbed the camera controls to engage the low-light sensor array, and with that done, Kate Perkins relaxed a little and actually heaved a much deeper sigh herself.

She could see pretty well now, though the image was monochromatic.

He was standing there with his eyes closed as he pleasured himself. Kate wanted more than ever to nudge up the magnification just a little now, but decided against it again. There was the whine of the optics to think about, but also, if she did that, and the angle and everything worked out absolutely perfectly, she knew that she'd be looking at something far too large, and she wasn't interested in just looking at that part of him if she lost the rest in her viewfinder.

What he was doing aroused her, but only when taken within the context of the whole.

She sat and stared, completely transfixed at the sight of an awesome man, not forty-five feet from her, and absolutely naked as he masturbated. She might as well have been watching a male lion or something like that, she realized a little sadly. For damn certain, he was married or gay or there was something which wouldn't work out for her if she met him.

She knew how her life ran.

Something like this just wasn't for her.

Still, she decided, it wasn't as though she had little pornos like this dancing in her viewfinder every day.

And she was aroused, after all, completely locked away and safe inside Fanny.

Her top was undone a few seconds later and her shorts were opened and pulled down a little not long after that. She might not ever be able to get something as nice as what she was looking at, but damn, ...

Kate stared at his face in profile for a little while, wishing that she could make it out clearly. What she saw was plenty nice enough to want to kiss, and as her eyes drifted lower on him, she almost moaned a little more when her other hand found her slick wetness.

She gasped when she saw him reach for his balls to caress them for a little while to help himself along. She wanted to whimper, but bit her lower lip.

Kate normally wasn't a big fan of watching DVDs of naked men, but this was live, in real time.

She did moan – just a little – when he'd gasped and she watched his semen fly as he came. It only looked like something light in a dark and grainy image in the dim light of the display, but that couldn't be helped. This system wasn't designed for this at all. She was lucky to be able to get anything here.

She watched him work his penis a little longer and then he cleaned himself up a little in the water at the shore before pulling on his shorts in a bit of a hurry. He didn't even look around. He just ran off, as though he was embarrassed by what he'd felt the need to have done.

If she could have, she thought, ...

If only the gods could have smiled on her just a little, just one time, she'd have been able to open the hatch and walk over to him. At the very least, she suddenly wanted so much to kiss that face and thank him for what he'd done – even though it hadn't been for her benefit.

She'd watched a very fine male masturbate and within the context of her mind, he'd done nothing wrong to her.

He'd only done something which had fascinated her long enough to want to believe in at least one man again.

She didn't know a thing about him, and she was aware that in real life, he might be just as much an asshole as William. That didn't matter to Kate.

For just a few moments, the man that she'd watched could have been anybody. And as an 'anybody', then it was up to her to assign him a personality and so she did. She'd probably never see him again and it wasn't a fair comparison at all, but to Kate, there was now another man who was as even-tempered and as kind as her father – well, she smirked, this one was a dirty little thought and her Dad was just her father.

Well yeah, Kate thought, her Mum had certainly made out alright in her choice of a kind man, from the sounds that she remembered hearing not infrequently from their bedroom, once she'd known what they were about.

Kate saw him leave her field of view and she listened carefully to hear his footfalls receding away along the rutted path. She leaned back and moved her hips a little as she worked herself. It took a lot, but she stopped the recording before she slid her fingers inside herself.

After her own loud and surprisingly satisfying orgasm, she reviewed the video, stepping through it quickly to be sure of what the camera had gotten.

After that, she sat and thought about which way to go. Did she want to go on in the dark, or would it be better to go back? Since she didn't know what awaited her, she sat for a good twenty minutes before she cranked the starter and slowly idled Fanny out of her hiding place and headed on the way that she'd originally been going, pretty much as slowly as she could, wanting to give him the best chance to get ahead. When she couldn't see much of anything anymore, she turned on the headlamps.

She saw no sign of the man, but she did see where his tracks had turned off the path on his way to somewhere.

Kate sighed and ground on through the dark.


Back in the garage, she shut everything off and climbed out to close up the main doors. Climbing back inside, Kate smiled a little. Fanny's interior smelled of her earlier arousal. She didn't mind it a bit as she pulled out the connector for the portable hard drive that she'd installed.

After her bath and settled into her bed with a cup of tea, Kate booted her old laptop after connecting the drive. After copying the video, she erased everything from the portable drive and sat back to watch what she'd captured again.

But this time, Kate watched the man more than the act, and she decided that she liked him, though she knew nothing at all about him and likely never would. That didn't matter to Kate one little bit.

Now that she knew how she felt about him, she almost didn't want to meet him. Like this, living on her laptop hard drive, he was a handsome and really nice man who happened to be built like a tank himself and he was human enough to have needs. To her, he was an all-around great guy, and he'd stay that way and never change.

It was better that way.

When she'd met him, her William had been a nice guy too, ... before he's shown her just what an asshole he really was.

Kate liked the man in her video as he was and decided that this was one bubble that she didn't want to ever burst.


After another long day at work, Kate thought about checking out a little of the nightlife, but after a thought, she came to the realization that she was a ways away from any of that in terms of the distance involved. She decided to ask about hiring a car or something the next day. She was about to try to figure out how to get to the little canteen and restaurant in the place before it closed, since she was more than a little hungry now.

There was a knock at the door, and opening it, Kate saw her saviour in the form of Corinne Morris, Everton Morris' daughter. They'd met briefly her first day at the large old house. Corinne was a gorgeous young woman a little below Kate's age, and she'd been wondering why Kate had been nowhere to be found for a few days now.

"I was down at the company store and I thought that you might not know how to get there from here, so I've brought you your groceries." She pointed to the beat-up Toyota pickup in Kate's small driveway. Kate was astounded.

"My groceries?"

"Sure," Corrine beamed, "You're allotted some basic staples every week, since you're in one of the cottages. Help me get this stuff out of the truck, and I'll show you around a little."

It turned into a far better evening than Kate had imagined, and after a lot of fun where she'd been introduced to far too many people for her to remember, they sat on the hood parked a ways back from the strand of one beach on the plantation's property and shared a couple of beers. The beach was almost deserted with not much going on. Corrine was mindful that Kate might not want to talk about work all that much, so she stayed away from the topic.

"Is there anything that you'd like to know about things around here?" she asked.

"Well yeah," Kate grinned over the neck of the bottle that she held before taking a sip, "Where the hell are all the gorgeous men around here? I've sailed a long way to get here, and I know that this is a job, but bloody hell, all that I've seen around here so far are married blokes, from what I can tell. Everyone here is really friendly, but –"

Corinne grinned, "I don't think you'll have much trouble meeting men around here, the way that you look, Kate," Corinne grinned, "I've already heard some of the fascinated talk over Red Sonja, the lady with the tanks. I know they're not tanks, but that's what they say anyway.

And as far as getting to know things around here, that's what I'm here for," Corrine laughed, "to show you how things are here. There are a few single guys," she said, "but most of the men here are married and live with their families, since they're here under long term contracts. A lot of them come here and once they get tired of flying back and forth home a few times, they bring their families, a lot of them. It makes the place a lot more like a little town all by itself. I like it.

Kate admired Corrine's features and her long hair and the ringlets which hung far down her back and over her shoulders. "That's how I got here," she said to Kate. "Daddy got his job here and we moved here a year later. I was born in Kent, but I just grew up here, a transplanted island girl. My Mum was born in Jamaica, and Daddy is from London. They just traded one island for another and here I am."

She looked at Kate and grinned, "But I think I know why you're asking. There are a lot of beaches, some here and of course, there are lots of them all over the island. The best places to meet guys are the bars, just like everywhere else, I guess. We can do that tomorrow, maybe. I can show you around the town too. I know most everybody – or I know their friends."

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