tagSci-Fi & FantasyFerrezoth Ch. 02

Ferrezoth Ch. 02


Taki sat on the cold metal floor of the hold as the transport rumbled on, wishing she could see the world passing by outside. She doubted anyone who cared would know if she stood up in here, but even if she did, the slit in the steel wall that allowed light and air in would still be just a little too high for her to see through. She had no way of knowing how close they were to their dreaded destination. Looking around, she could see the same fear on the faces of all the other girls that she felt. These were girls she had spent her whole life around, and after today she would most likely never see any of them again.

The day that Taki had dreaded all her life had come. She was going to be sold.

For as long as she could remember, her life had been an orderly routine: wake up, morning rations, begin daily chores, afternoon rations, back to work, evening rations, bathe, go to sleep. It was a harsh and often painful existence, but it was what she knew. What would her life be like now? Everything was about to change. No longer would she be living in a stone-walled compound surrounded by other girls in the same position as her, commanded and overseen by armored handlers. Now she would live totally for the whims of one person.

While not knowing what sort of things she would have to do for her new master was frightening enough, what scared Taki more was the thought that maybe she did know. She had heard stories from some of the other girls about things that sometimes had happened to them that she feared might soon happen to her. It was something she had never experienced herself, but her friend Kiana who sat next to her now had been through it several times.

Sometimes at night, while all the girls were asleep, one of the guards would sneak into the bunkroom and pull Kiana away to someplace hidden. And there, she described the event as the guard dropping his pants and shoving a hard thing into her, splitting her open inside. Kiana said that the first time this happened was every bit as unpleasant as it sounded, and the times after that weren't much better. Sometimes the guard had grabbed her by the head and made her suck his manhood into her mouth, and then forced her to gulp down every drop of the bitter-tasting ooze he released into it.

Some other girls had had similar experiences; a few had recounted being used by two guards at once, or even three. While Taki had always offered her pity to the girls who had been through these experiences, she had also been thankful she hadn't had to suffer them herself. Was that going to change soon?

Taki's heart jumped into her throat as she felt the vehicle stop. They had arrived. All the girls turned their eyes to the doors at the back of the hold, waiting for them to open. Taki could hear her heart thudding in her ears; her fear of what was to come was terrible, but the anticipation of waiting for it to happen was far worse. After a few agonizingly long minutes, the doors finally opened, and the handler who had herded them into the transport at the slave compound a short while ago stood there, flanked by two armed guards, lowering the ramp. "On your feet, slaves!" he commanded.

The girls all immediately obeyed. He pointed to a random girl among the group and said, "You first. Single file, this way." He turned and began walking, and one by one, starting with the girl he'd pointed to, twenty-seven black-haired, almond-eyed young women, naked except for the silver bracelets they wore on their left wrists, each fell into line after him.

Taki saw the girls ahead of her moving through a doorway into a building of wood, which she had to admit looked far more inviting than the slave compound ever did. There was an identical building next to it on the left; probably where the male slaves were. To her dismay, she found there wasn't much to see of the town from where she was; they appeared to be entering the building from the back.

She entered into a spacious, friendly-looking room with thin magenta cushions of velvet covering much of the straw mat floor, and many more slave girls were already sitting on it. As the girls moved onto the cushions, they spread out from the line and seated themselves down, following one of the most basic rules of proper slave etiquette that had been drilled into all of them since childhood: unless otherwise instructed or performing a task that necessitated standing up, slaves were to always keep low to the ground.

When the last one was through, a guard shut the door behind them and barred it. The handler stood in front of the crowd of seated slave girls and spoke, "For those of you who are just arriving: you will be gathered here every morning and spend your days here until you are purchased. Those of you who are not chosen today will spend the nights in our holding pen, and you will receive two rations per day. We are opening now." With that he removed a wooden beam from the front doorway, leaving it covered only by a beaded curtain.

It hadn't occurred to Taki until now that she might not be sold today. She was now entertaining the possibility that she might be here for a long time, and it didn't seem that bad. Compared to her life at the slave compound, idly sitting in this comfortable room every day without having to work might be a welcome alternative. The more she thought about it, the more likely it seemed, in fact. After all, none of the guards at the compound had ever picked her to have their way with at night, so she couldn't have been all that desirable anyway. It was this thought she was holding onto as the rattling of the beaded curtain heralded the first customer of the day.


Davir hadn't wasted any time after he got home. As soon as he walked in the door, he'd called Durren to him and said, "We're off to the slave market!" Durren did in fact try to protest a little, saying it wasn't necessary, but Davir wouldn't hear it. "I told you you're getting your own slave, so that's what we're going to do."

Durren gave no further argument. From there it was out the door and into town. He'd spent the last two days rather dreading this moment, not looking forward to dealing with the awkwardness of this situation. How would he tell Davir that he didn't really want a slave? He'd been beside himself trying to come up with an answer.

At least he did get a brief diversion from these thoughts yesterday. He'd decided to stop by Kalan's farm to see how he was getting along with his guest. He'd found the two of them naked next to the horse stable, with Xeres lying on a pile of hay and Kalan kneeling between her spread legs. He initially apologized for walking in on them, but Xeres only greeted him with a bright smile, and invited him to join them. Just a day after meeting his first elves, he'd received an invitation to fuck one.

It had taken a moment for Durren to get over his nervousness at the concept, but ultimately, how could he pass up an opportunity like that? Xeres had gotten on her hands and knees and taken Kalan into her from behind, while she pulled Durren into her mouth. The feelings of her tiny tongue dancing along his shaft had been absolutely exquisite, added to the way she moaned around him in tune with Kalan's thrusting, and the way her little four-fingered hand stroked the length that her little mouth didn't cover.

And it got even better after Kalan came inside her and she asked them to switch. The two of them rotated around, allowing Xeres to use her skilled mouth to begin reviving Kalan's tool, and letting Durren have access to the tiniest entrance he'd ever felt on a girl. Kalan told him he should have felt how tight she was before he took her the night before. Durren decided he didn't even want to imagine that, given how incredibly tight she was still. It didn't take much for Xeres's orgasm that came shortly thereafter to bring Durren over the edge.

Even after Durren spilled his seed into her depths, he didn't think he got soft at all; or else he did, but it was just too brief to notice. He remained entrapped in her folds while he watched her suck Kalan to his second explosion, and attempt to swallow down as much of his seed as she could, after which she decided to let Kalan have a breather while she climbed on top of Durren, and rode him until they both couldn't move anymore. It was definitely an experience worth remembering. It wasn't the first time he and Kalan had shared a girl like that, but an elf?

But that was yesterday, and now there was nothing to do but silently contemplate the situation as he followed behind Davir. Even living with his brother's slave in the house, he had never really considered having a slave of his own until Davir brought it up. He still had doubts that he really wanted to own someone, but he was trying hard to think of how he might enjoy having someone to answer his needs at his command. Each time the thought entered his head, it seemed tantalizing at first, but was always weighed down by the fact that it just seemed cruel.

But Davir would not take "no" for an answer. He led the way with single-minded purpose through the streets of Saum, coming upon two identical buildings joined by a single sign that identified them as where the slaves were sold. Davir led him through the doorway on the left, marked by the Imperial symbol for woman.

Durren had to admit, the tableau in front of him was not at all unpleasant on the eye: dozens and dozens of beautiful nude girls seated on velvet cushions, most of them looking up at him and Davir as they entered. The sales master instantly greeted them with spread arms. "Welcome!" he beamed, and then he recognized Davir. "Ah, I believe I've seen you here before. Has your slave pleased you well, good mercenary? Come to find her a companion?"

"She's pleased me fine, sir," Davir smiled back. "This time I'm shopping for my brother here." Davir nodded to Durren to go ahead. "Go on, Durren, don't be shy. Which one do you like?"

Durren sighed, and began slowly scanning his eyes over the crowd of girls in front of him, looking carefully at each of their faces, and then stepped onto the velvet cushions and began walking around to get a look at each of them. As much as he would like to take any one of these girls back home with him, there was some part of his mind that didn't believe he would be able to choose any of them. Could he really make himself master of anyone, no matter how tempting she was to look at?

By now Taki had watched four girls get sold, one of whom was among the ones she was brought in with this morning. As she had with all the customers who had entered today, she watched the young man now scanning the group with her head low, trying hard to be as unnoticeable as she could. It had seemed to work so far, or maybe that was just luck. She tried to tell herself that she was worrying too much; if the guards at the compound didn't want her, then this person—Durren, his brother had called him—probably wouldn't either.

She reflexively shrunk back a little when Durren's eyes fell on her, but only for a brief moment as his gaze kept on moving. Taki quietly let out a breath of relief. She would be able to relax here a little longer. Who knew how long it would be before anyone chose her; it might even be years—

Durren looked at her again. And it wasn't just a passing glance this time, either. He was looking right at her. She gingerly brought her head up, looking up into his eyes. Though there was no question that he was a member of the master race, his hair and eyes were dark like hers. And something about the way he was looking at her... as frightened as she was by the bare fact that his attention was on her, something in his gaze gave her the feeling that maybe she shouldn't be.

Durren took two steps toward the girl looking at him, and knelt down. She shrunk back from his touch as he brushed a bit of hair away from her eyes. She was so afraid, and so fragile-looking, sitting here, waiting to be sold to some brute to use and abuse as he pleased... or maybe to be sold to him. "What's your name?" he asked.

Taki looked back at his face, and hesitated a moment before answering in a shaky voice, "Taki."

"You like that one, do you brother?" Davir said, stepping up behind Durren.

Durren paused a moment, thinking hard, and then stood and faced Davir, and answered firmly, "Yes."

Taki felt a cold shiver run through her. It had actually happened.

"Fine choice!" the sales master said. "Up!" he commanded. Taki obeyed, rising to her feet. "This way," the sales master said, turning and walking to the table where all the other girls who'd been sold had been taken. Durren gently took her by the arm and pulled her along with him.

"2,000 geros," the sales master said when they reached the table. Davir handed him a small stack of paper money which the sales master stashed away in a metal box. Taki knew what was coming next, having seen it done four times already. The sales master picked up an open collar from the table, and detached a small square device from it before stepping up to Taki and snapping it around her neck, and placing the square device in Durren's hand.

The sales master explained to Durren, "That collar will shock her if she gets more than forty feet from that remote, or tries to pick up the remote herself, so if you have to go somewhere and can't take her with you, leave the remote at home and you can rest assured that she won't go anywhere. And if she starts acting up, press that button there to teach her a lesson."

One of the customers who'd bought a slave this morning had tested that. Taki had watched as the man pressed the button and the girl screamed and dropped to the floor, clutching at her collar as she writhed in pain. She anxiously waited, hoping with all the hope she could muster that Durren wouldn't do that to her.

He didn't. Durren simply clipped the little remote onto his belt and said, "Well then, shall we bring her home?"

"Absolutely," Davir smiled.

"Thank you for your business," the sales master beamed.

Davir stepped through the beaded curtain and out the doorway. Durren took a step after him, before stopping and gesturing for Taki to follow. She gulped down the lump in her throat, and followed after her new master, stepping with bare feet onto the paved street, heading towards whatever her new life would be.


Jevanna was willing to stop at home just long enough to change clothes after she and her father got back to Ferrezoth. She wanted to get rid of the more regal and fashionable tunica she'd presented herself in at the summit and change into something more comfortable and practical for moving around on a farm. She went to her room to discard her long white tunica, and came back downstairs dressed in a shorter green one, prompting her father to ask where she was off to in such a hurry dressed like that. Needless to say, he wasn't thrilled that she was off to Kalan's farm, but he didn't try to stop her.

She also was made curious by a comment made by her friend Airya in town. Airya started by welcoming her home, and when Jevanna said that she was headed for Kalan's farm, an odd smirk crossed Airya's face, and she told Jevanna that she had a big surprise waiting for her. Where before she had been driven only by single-minded eagerness to see Kalan again, the rest of the trek to his farm was spent wondering what that could've meant, and wondering also if she would like the answer when she got there.

She was somewhat relieved when she arrived to find Kalan out in the field tending his crops; nothing bad seemed to have happened to him, and nothing seemed out of the ordinary. She called to him. He looked up from the vines and smiled when he saw her. She ran to him with a big smile on her face and threw her arms around his neck, giving him deep, warm kiss. "I'm back," she said.

"I missed you," Kalan said.

"You too."

"Did you enjoy yourself?" he asked. "Did the mercenaries there give you a good time?"

Jevanna looked away with a guilty grin, thinking back on the... how many was it? Let's see, first there was Haxton, then that night and the next morning there was Egarde, that charming but arrogant clown from Kel Moran, then yesterday I spent the afternoon with those two men who I let take me together... I wish I could remember their names... and then this morning Egarde and I gave each other that little send off before we each came home... that's four of them. "Yes they did," she smiled. "What about you? Did you find a girl to entertain you while I was gone?"

"I did indeed," he said, with a smile just as curious as the one Airya was wearing. "Would you like to meet her?"

Jevanna didn't know whether to be excited or worried at that as she followed him to the doorway.

Kalan lifted the beaded curtain and followed her inside, and then began looking around the house as if expecting to see something that wasn't there. Or someone. "Xeres?" he called. "Xeres, where are you? ...Xeres?"

As Jevanna also searched for whoever it was Kalan was calling for, she suddenly heard a WHUMP behind her. Both of them turned, and Jevanna's mouth dropped open at the sight of the elven maiden who was now poised in a frog-like crouch on the table. "Yes?" she grinned.

"Where were you hiding?" Kalan asked.

"In the rafters. I thought you wouldn't think to look up, and it seems I was correct."

"Very sneaky. Jevanna, this is Xeres," Kalan said. "Xeres, Jevanna."

"She's beautiful!" Xeres beamed.

"She's an elf!" Jevanna gaped.

"Yes she is," said Kalan. "I met her in town shortly after you left."

"She's an elf!" Jevanna repeated.

"If it makes you feel any better, most everyone in Ferrezoth has reacted to my presence in much the same way," Xeres said, climbing down off the table. Kalan went on to explain the details of how Xeres had been traveling with her brother and a friend and opted to stay with him. Xeres cuddled up to Kalan with a sly grin and said, "Kalan has been showing me around, letting me experience all of Saum. In return, I've been draining him of his body fluids."

"Well..." Jevanna said, still gaping, "I did say I wanted you to enjoy yourself while I was away... but I didn't realize the girl would be staying here... or that she'd be an elf!"

The playful look on Xeres's face sobered somewhat. "Do you not like elves?" she asked, sounding concerned.

"Oh, it's not that!" Jevanna insisted, waving her hands in front of her. "It's just I've... I've never seen one before!"

"Sure you have," Kalan said. "Don't you remember? We were five years old, we were playing in the field, and an elf who was on his way through Ferrezoth came by the farm and asked to sample some of my parents' crops."

"Really?" Jevanna asked, straining to remember.

"Of course. We didn't know what an elf was at the time, so we told him his ears were funny and asked him why his eyes were so big. Remember?"

"Oh!" Jevanna gasped. "I do remember that! He told us we were like little squirrels!"

Kalan and Xeres both laughed. "That is how many of the children here seemed when I showed my face," Xeres smiled.

"I'm sure they..." Jevanna started, then stopped suddenly, noting the bareness of Xeres's left wrist. "Kalan, she doesn't have a maiden's bracelet!"

"No, of course not," Kalan said. "The elves don't bother with Imperial customs like that."

"And yet you've been sleeping with her? Isn't that risky? What if you produce an illegitimate half-breed child?"

"As delightful as that would be," Xeres sighed, "I'm afraid there is little chance of that."

When Jevanna heard Xeres's explanation of how elves conceive children only after forming a spirit bond with another elf, she put a hand on her chest and sighed, "That is so romantic!" She looked into Kalan's eyes, and pressed herself to him. "Oh Kalan, wouldn't that be wonderful? To be forever linked, mind and heart and soul? To truly be one?"

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