tagFetishFetish: Fifteen Fifty-Word Stories

Fetish: Fifteen Fifty-Word Stories


Author's Note: They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery... Oggbashan, who is Literotica's King of the Fifteen Fifty-Word Stories, gave us all carte blanche to adopt his model when he won the 2006 How-To Contest with his "How to Write a Fifty-Word Story" essay. I can only hope I did the genre justice half as well as he does. (And believe me, I now know that these aren't as easy to write as they look!) Enjoy!


1.) Shoes

The EBAY ad was for a pair of well-worn black pumps in feet that looked vaguely familiar. He outbid them all, paying a total of $98.76 with shipping. When they arrived, he discovered his ex-wife's return address on the package. He kept them, anyway—she always did have great feet.


2.) Confession

They met online, but she really wasn't his type—a tall, long-legged waif. Still, they fell in love and discovered they lived only a mile away. When he pressed her to meet, she finally confessed. She was a BBW. Smiling, he responded, he always had liked the big girls best.


3.) Shower

She thought it was disgusting—there was no way. Still, he kept trying. One night, after she'd had a lot to drink, he refused to let her pee, but ran the shower instead. Eventually, she couldn't hold it and, to his delight, gave him a golden shower—in the shower!


4.) Excuses

His wife's were too small for him, so he bought some Queen size—black, sheer, deliciously sensuous pantyhose. It was his secret pleasure to wear them, but one morning, she discovered and questioned him. He claimed they were for hunting, to keep warm. Too bad he didn't own a gun.


5.) Easy Money

A chat room flirtation turned quickly to cybersex. He turned her on so much, her panties were soaked, and he asked her to keep them on. Orgasm after orgasm ensued—then, he said he would pay her if she would mail those panties to him. Easiest $50 she ever made!


6.) Discipline

Mike was furious with his wife, who donated his comic books to charity. She taunted him about his attachment to his childhood until he turned her over his knee, pulled up her skirt, and gave her a spanking! After a while, she began to moan. (Hey, Mikey, she likes it!)


7.) Procreation

He was a voracious consumer of erotica and read stories hoping for a happy ending—someone getting pregnant! Was it too much to ask for a little baby-batter to be deposited next to a woman's cervix at the end of each tale? So what if the protagonists were gay... males.


8.) Footsie

John and Marsha went to dinner with Helen and Dave. John grew bored and began nudging Marsha's shapely calf. Surprisingly, she returned his affection, nestling her bare feet against his bulging crotch. Marsha asked Helen to accompany her to the bathroom. Helen smiled, "Just let me put on my shoes."


9.) Sharing

His newborn son was nuzzling his wife's milky breast. Feeling left out, he knelt next to her and suckled at the other one, making her gasp and moan. "I feel like a milk maid," she whispered. He licked his sweet, sticky lips and said, "No, darling—you're the Dairy Queen."


10.) Smooth

He heard her footsteps coming up the stairs. He held his breath, his heart beating hard. His hands shook slightly and he steadied them, looking at the blade in his hand—wicked sharp, the edge clean and shiny. She appeared nude in the doorway, smiling. "Time to shave my bush!"


11.) Scarlet

He admired her freckles, green eyes, pale skin and fiery tresses, but was too shy to ask her out until his roommate set them up. The date went so well, they ended up back at his place, where he found out that she was, indeed, a "real" redhead—all over!


12.) Cowgirl

Sara couldn't take her eyes off Roxy's boots. Roxy swaggered and stomped around in them. When they danced close, their bodies melted together. Sara asked Roxy to come home with her, but even when they were naked under the sheets—you can bet Sara made Roxy keep her boots on.


13.) Biker Bar

Christy walked a mile after her car broke down. Her heart raced when she saw the row of Harleys. The bar was lined with bikers. She picked up the phone and felt a hand on her shoulder. Smiling, she turned, surrounded by strong men and the delicious smell of leather.


14.) Mixed Greens

Linda met her lover's eyes over the melons. He squeezed them, grinning at her. She continued their shopping—bananas, cucumbers, zucchinis, some corn on the cob and an eggplant. At the checkout, the girl remarked, "That's a lot of roughage!" Linda smiled at her lover. "Roughage? You have no idea!"


15.) Wedding

Her long, elbow-length gloves were driving him to distraction. When they sat down to dinner, her fingers found their way to his zipper. During the best man's toast, "May the couple live a long and happy life together!"—he found his own happiness under his new bride's gloved hand.

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