tagGroup SexFifty Cent Piece Ch. 05

Fifty Cent Piece Ch. 05


This is the fifth chapter in the 'Fifty Cent Piece' series. I hope you enjoy it. Do let me know your thoughts as constructive feedback is always appreciated. All rights reserved, © Northern_One, 2013.


Anna's delicious lips closed around the tip of my erection and she gently sucked, her tongue stimulating the underside of my glans, sending shivers through my body. She took me deeper into her mouth, sliding her lips down my shaft, my cock enclosed in the hot, wet confines. Her head began to bob up and down as she sucked me, settling into a rhythm, the inside of her mouth a palace of pleasure-giving. As she reached the top of her stroke I groaned quietly as her teeth grazed my sensitive tip, her tongue flicking and dancing across it for a few moments before I was engulfed once more by the velvety delights of my Norwegian lover's masterful mouth. I knew I was already leaking, the first signs of Anna's salty reward oozing out from my rock-hard tool. There was no question of Anna pausing, or deciding to finish me off by hand. As soon as the lights in the cinema had gone down her hand had been at my flies, undoing my jeans and slipping into my boxer shorts. I'd been hard already, ever since her performance at the kiosk in the foyer and I knew that before the first reel had finished I'd have unloaded into her greedy mouth.

She was picking up speed now, her mouth working at the sensitive tip, her hands on my tightening balls and up onto my shaft. I was glad the film had a loud soundtrack as it drowned out the sounds of the expert blowjob I was receiving. I looked down at Anna, her blonde hair spread across my lap, and stroked her hair. She paused for a second and looked up at me, eyes smiling as her teeth gently ran across me once more, causing me to gasp. I quickly glanced around the cinema but no one was taking any notice of us. I sighed deeply and smiled back at her. She responded by taking me deep into her mouth and sucking hard. I leant back in my seat and allowed the pleasure to build.

I came a couple of minutes later, ejaculating spurt after spurt of my cream into Anna's mouth. I couldn't help but grunt with each jet but again, the sound accompanying the action on the screen masked the sound of my orgasm. Anna swallowed my semen and sat up, a cheeky grin on her face as she sucked her diet coke up through a straw. She leant over and kissed me as her hand idly toyed with my softening penis. I could taste my come on her lips and tongue.


We'd decided on a matinee showing to escape the rain that had returned that morning. It was nothing like the storm of a few days before, more a grey drizzle, all too familiar to northern Europeans but thankfully, not nearly as cold. It was humid and sticky and pretty uncomfortable outside. The air conditioned cinema had been very inviting. Anna's friends still hadn't returned from their trip to the city so I was still bankrolling her existence. In return for me buying the tickets Anna had used her considerable feminine charms to coax some popcorn and drinks out of the poor teenage lad behind at the sweets kiosk. She'd played the dumb Scandinavian blonde trick to a tee and combined it with a scandalously revealing white shirt of mine, knotted across her belly, unbuttoned to her braless breasts. Anna had made quite sure that the lad, who could only have been 15 or 16, saw exactly what was underneath the white linen material as she leaned forward, asking him to explain to her what the popcorn options were. His eyes had barely left her tits as he desperately stored as much of the image as he could, ready for him to masturbate over, time and time again. A little part of me was jealous, that I'd never encountered a girl like Anna when I was a teenager. On second thoughts, I'd probably have injured myself through excessive recalling of the time the stunning blonde had flashed her tits at me. Whatever, he'd completely forgotten to charge her for the popcorn and drinks and so Anna, in her own way, had paid for something, at least. The whole episode had given me a raging hard on, too, which Anna had kindly taken care of. Whether the way she used her body made her a slut or just a very sexy girl who knew how to get things I'd stopped caring; it turned me on like nothing I'd ever known before and I'd decided to enjoy it and stop worrying.

The credits rolled up the screen and people made their way towards the exits. Since sucking me off Anna had spent most of the film gently caressing my cock and balls and I'd had my hand inside her makeshift blouse, absent-mindedly fondling her breast and nipple. I tucked myself away and Anna made herself a little less indecent and we joined the trickle of customers heading for the outside world. As we passed through the foyer Anna made a point of waving at the young lad who turned bright red and waved self-consciously back.

"I bet he was straight into the loos after your little show earlier," I whispered.

Anna gave me a playful smile and giggled. "Well I hope he had fun!"

"I'm sure he did. And will do many more times," I laughed.

As we walked I gently squeezed Anna's round bum through the flimsy skirt she'd acquired the day before and she slid her hand first into my back pocket, then further down, pressing against my arsehole. I shuddered at the sensation and squeezed her more firmly, pressing the heel of my hand against her bum, my fingers against her hot pussy. A wave of lust swept through me and, boosted by my recent taste of domineering behaviour, I allowed my lewd thoughts to be aired.

"I think I might fuck your arse later," I said casually.

Anna turned sharply to look at me. Her mouth was slightly open, revealing her white teeth, her tongue just visible between them. Her eyes sparkled. "Mmm, that sounds good, Sam. I'd like you to do that."


I always think the daylight seems brighter than normal when leaving a cinema during the day and even though it was still cloudy and grey it took a few moments for my eyes to become accustomed to the light. Although it's hardly the most deviant of pastimes I think there's something slightly decadent about watching a film during the day, something to do with my British upbringing I suppose, honest, hard-working, not swayed by the exotica of alien cultures and foreign lands. Day time is for working, night time for relaxing -- to a certain degree, of course, and wiling away a couple of hours in front of a movie while the rest of the population went about their work would always have that slightest air of licentiousness. Anna's trickeries the previous day had pricked my interest though and not simply because of the taboo nature of what she'd done. I was starting to find her unconventional approach to her body, to sex, and to the effect she had on people thrilling rather than alarming. I knew it wasn't morally right and that deep down there was something pretty cheap about swapping sex for goods but the risk and the excitement were undeniably arousing and a million miles away from the safe, comfortable life I'd lived for the previous twenty five years of my 0existence. The whole point of my trip was to do something different, to experience more, and Anna was opening my eyes. Maybe I didn't have to be the nice guy and play it safe all the time. And really, what was the problem? Anna was basically making people's days and giving them something to smile about. As long as people weren't getting hurt where was the harm?

Anna had heard from her friends who were on their way back from the city. Having never met them I didn't really know what that meant for Anna and me but at least it meant I was off the hook when it came to paying for everything that Anna couldn't flirt her way around. As we drove back to the camp ground the sun began to break through the clouds and the air seemed to dry out a little. It was still muggy but not unpleasantly so and the breeze from the open windows was very pleasant. I looked at my watch, now safely back on my own wrist, and saw we had a couple of hours of daylight left. I glanced over at Anna who was busy texting as usual, tapping her feet to the banal Euro-pop she loved so much. Beautiful and sexy she was; a connoisseur of music she was not.A text pinged its way through the ether and into Anna's phone. Her face lit up as she read it. She turned to me, her eyes glinting.

"That's from Sara," she chirped, almost bouncing in her seat with excitement. "She wonders if we want to hang out later?" Anna's own pout reminded me of Sara's incredible blowjob lips and how they felt around my cock. I'd had a flawless blowjob only a handful of minutes before but who was I to complain about the chance of another mind blowing experience with the two Scandinavian goddesses.

"Yeah, why not?" I replied, trying to sound cooler than I was considering what hanging out with Anna and Sara would hopefully lead to.

Anna smirked and said, "I thought you might say that. Just you remember who got their hands on you first, OK?" She shuffled over to me and kissed my cheek, before lightly resting her hand on my upper thigh. I felt more than my ego begin to swell and as the wind blew open the linen of Anna's top, revealing her entire tanned breast to me I couldn't hide my grin.

"I'm still not sure I really believe you about never having met Sara before," I said, my fingers tracing their way up Anna's thigh, "but who cares?"

Anna smiled sweetly and squeezed my leg. "Don't you worry yourself, Sam. Just enjoy!"


There were a few new camper vans and tents but I was able to park up facing the sea, a little way away from the other campers so as to avoid too much of the noise that I anticipated might be created later from bothering others. It was no great surprise that the basic facilities didn't put people off considering the breathtaking location. I hadn't found anywhere else so close to the clear, blue ocean yet with deep, shady woodland within a few minutes' walk. There were still fewer than twenty different units set up around the large field from seasoned old travellers in converted buses or ambulances, fully kitted-out with kitchens and wood-burning stoves to brand-new, purpose-built campervans that marked their residents out as being moneyed tourists roughing it for a few weeks on their holiday of a lifetime. I saw myself somewhere in between. I wasn't just here for a holiday that lasted a month then remained only as an album of photos on Facebook but then again I knew I wasn't going to spend the rest of my life wandering around old hippy trails, living hand to mouth.

The old blue camper was finally back and Anna skipped off to see her friends while I pottered around. Along with her taste in music her tidiness was somewhat lacking. It crossed my mind that if our fling was to become anything more one of us would have to adjust. I'm not obsessive or anything about things being kept ordered but I wasn't going to let my standards fall as far as Anna's just because I'd decided to open my mind to her unconventional approach to things. As I tidied up the things that Anna had flung around the van Amelia came to mind. I tried to imagine her flaunting herself in the way Anna did but it just didn't seem plausible. As attractive as she was she wasn't the type to put it all on show and the thought of her seducing someone to get something out of them just didn't work. I hoped she was doing OK but that was it. I'd had a taste of something different and my predictable old life couldn't compete.

I wasn't sure how much later Anna reappeared as she still had my watch and I hadn't even turned my phone on for a week but she did her thing of standing in front of the sun, blocking out the late afternoon light so that all I could see was her silhouette. She said hello and dropped my shirt onto my lap, thanked me for the loan, and leaned into the van to help herself to a beer. I set up the other folding chair and, my new-found masculinity in full effect, re-took my seat in the favoured deckchair. She'd already taken the opportunity to change her outfit now that she was reunited with her possessions and she was wearing a short, blue summery dress that made her eyes even bluer than normal. Her bobbed hair was neatly parted and, as usual, was tucked behind her ear. Around her was a faint scent of delicate, flowery perfume that I'd smelled a few times since meeting her. She looked sweet more than sexy and I could see she was even wearing underwear, for once. From the visible bra straps I could see that it was white and lacy, almost innocent-looking. How looks could deceive, I thought.

Anna pulled the ring of the can and straight away slurped at the opening as it frothed. She took a deep drink and put her hand to her mouth to cover a little burp caused by the fizzy beer.

"Sara will be here soon," she said. "Her parents are back from their trip and are going to drop her off."

The whole Sara thing was most confusing but I'd decided to give up trying to figure it out. With any luck I'd soon be involved in the kind of escapade that previously only existed in my wildest fantasies so I wasn't going to jeopardise any of that by digging, or even thinking too hard. I did chuckle to myself, though, at the unlikely thought of Sara's parents dropping their twenty-something daughter off for a night of depravity.

"It'll be good to see her again," I grinned. Anna smiled back. "I'm going to have a shower, in that case." I gestured towards the van, "Why don't you see what you can find in there for dinner and I'll see you in a few minutes." I walked off towards the shower block, wondering what Anna's culinary skills were like.

I was quite impressed. In the few minutes it had taken me to ablute and make myself look presentable Anna had rustled up something quite edible. It wasn't going to trouble any Michelin inspectors but considering the tools at hand her pasta creation certainly passed muster. We ate and looked at the sea with some mellow music drifting out of the van's speakers. Anna had chosen something from my iPod rather than her own phone. I almost couldn't believe it when she collected the plates and went off to wash up. Happy as I was to not be the one who did all the domestic duties I wasn't going to push my luck so I decided to reward Anna with a little herbal reward on her return.

The sun was setting when Anna came back to the van and I handed her a beer and the lit joint to enjoy as we watched the beautiful sky meld from blue to purple to a fiery orange before the huge red disc of the sun disappeared below a bank of clouds on the horizon. We held hands and passed the joint to one another and for a few moments I felt completely at ease, as if Anna and I were something approaching a proper couple and I wasn't embroiled in some crazy nymphomaniac's nefarious goings-on.

A few minutes later it was properly dark. The suddenness of nightfall in the southern hemisphere was something I still hadn't become properly used to, even though we were quite a long way south. Cicadas chirruped in the early evening, clearly audible over the low volume of the music. It was still warm but less humid than during the day and for once the mosquitos seemed to be spending the night elsewhere. I was feeling nicely relaxed and as Anna announced she was nipping back to her campervan for a bottle of wine I let my eyes close and my mind wander.

A whiff of the flowery scent told me Anna was back, even though I couldn't see her in the dark. A figure appeared to my side and leant down to me, kissing me on the mouth. Her tongue slipped between my lips and quickly the intensity of the kiss grew. We kissed passionately and I was about to drop the can and joint to pull Anna to my lap when I heard her voice.

"Hey, get your own man. He's mine," she said playfully.

Sara pulled away from me, her pillow-like lips reluctantly leaving my own. "I was just saying hello," she giggled.

I stood up, aroused by the kiss but a little shocked by Sara's unusual greeting. I turned so I could see Anna and Sara in the dim light.

"Say hello to me too, then," Anna said, stepping towards Sara and kissing her with as much passion as Sara had just kissed me.

I watched the two girls kiss, their hands wandering up and down each other's bodies, their mouths joined together. Momentarily confused and feeling slightly redundant I waited for them to pause for breath.

"Hi again." My earlier calm and cool had evaporated a little. "Sorry," I hesitated. "I thought you were Anna. It's very nice to see you again, Sara."

Still in Anna's embrace Sara looked at me through slightly narrowed eyes. "It's OK, Sam. I don't mind being mistaken for this sexy little thing," she said, slipping her hand from Anna's bum to her breasts, as if to reinforce her point.

The girls looked at me and beckoned me over. I stepped forward and, one glorious Scandinavian bottom under each hand, warmly greeted them both again.


It hadn't taken long for the mosquitos to return from their brief sojourn elsewhere so we'd had to retreat into the van. The three of us were sitting on the bed as apart from the bench seat in the front there was nowhere else to go. I'd suggested going to Anna's van, it being a proper campervan as opposed to an old van with a bed in the back but she'd said her friends weren't quite as relaxed as she was. The little fantasy I'd been indulging in of a full on five person orgy with me at the centre of it all was put to rest. A quick glance at my current companions reminded me I wasn't doing too badly. I'd even closed the curtains to give us some privacy.

Sara's pneumatic figure was barely concealed underneath a tight, black cotton dress Somehow, for now at least, the spaghetti straps were managing to contain her ample bosom and the tight material clung to her beautifully round arse as she half sat, half lay on her side, a joint in one hand and a glass of white wine in the other. Subtly made up she had curled her long blonde hair and it flowed in bouncing waves, adding to her general air of effortless glamour. While I had been busy making spliff after spliff to try and satisfy their narcotic demands she and Anna had spent a good half hour talking in Norwegian, occasionally looking in my direction, and shrieking with laughter every few seconds. The van was filled with a pall of aromatic smoke and if the girls were anything like as stoned as I was then the level of giggling was only going to go one way. Judging by recent experience the grass was likely to lead to other things, too. Largely oblivious to their conversation topic I amused myself by admiring the view, listening to the hypnotic rhythms of the music and continuing my production line.

Anna's feet had found their way onto my lap and I was absent-mindedly stroking her shapely lower leg and ankle. The little chain that I held responsible for my induction into this bizarre world of sex and seduction slipped gently around her ankle as I stroked. Anna was obviously enjoying the feel of my hand's caresses as she pressed her foot into my crotch and rubbed her toes against my now awakened cock. I shifted a little to give her better access and let her explore my groin with her foot while I allowed the tingles and twitches to build nicely. Every now and then she'd look over and give me a sultry look, or blow me a little kiss and every time she did, she'd rub a little more firmly. Anna was now more or less lying against Sara, her head against those fantastic tits and Sara's arm was resting along Anna's, each occasionally stroking or caressing the other. As they chatted I could see Sara was watching me playing with Anna's ankle bracelet and I realised they were talking about my little peccadillo for that narrowest part of a woman's leg. Sara had a wicked look in her eye an i knew I was about to be teased.

"I hear you have a little fetish, Sam?" she said coquettishly, lifting her own tanned leg and pointing her toes straight. "Do you like my ankles too?" I'd become so used to Anna's accent that Sara's subtly different intonation sounded even more mysterious and alluring.

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