tagIncest/TabooFilling In For Dad

Filling In For Dad


The globes of Mom's beautiful ass framed my thick cock as it plunged into her furry cunt. She had refused to bounce bellies with me, but doggy-style suited me just fine. I love to admire, caress, and even slap a woman's ass while I'm fucking her. Each thrust made her plump cheeks jiggle like Jello. She buried her pretty face in a pillow and yodeled into it. Her butt-cheeks clenched with every Kegel contraction in her pussy. She was cumming, and cumming hard.

"That's it, Son," Dad said. "Keep going. One orgasm is never enough for her. She can have ten, even twenty." He was sitting next to the bed watching through glassy eyes and jacking off like a schoolboy.

Overcome with lust, I bent forward and scooped up Mom's ample tits in both hands. Her swollen suckers were almost two inches long. I wet my thumbs and fingers and milked her. Another pillow over her head muffled her shrieks but didn't entirely smother them. Her howls told me I was doing something right, even though I wasn't doing anything fancy. I was simply driving my seven-inch torpedo straight into her tube three times per second like a fucking machine running at full speed. I lost count of her orgasms. I couldn't tell if she was having multiples or one long super-orgasm, not that it mattered.

"OH, FUCK, I'M CUMMING!" I shouted, and then I shot my load into my very first home - my mother's womb. I squeezed her big tits so hard that I bruised them. Dad took my place as soon as I pulled out. Her sopping wet pussy made squishing sounds as his whisk stirred my batter. Pearls of my jism spilled out and clung to his fuzzy balls. The feel of sloppy seconds provided by his own son was too much for him, and he came in short order. He snorted with each spurt from his cock. Panting like a runner after a marathon, he collapsed on top of her and sent both of them sprawling on the floor.

No doubt you are wondering how I happened to be fucking my mother in front of my father. I probably should have started at the beginning. I served in the Army for four years and rose to the rank of Captain. It was an honor to serve my country and I'm glad I did my part, but Army life wasn't for me. I took off my uniform, put on civilian clothes, and became a partner in my father's business. The three of us had a good life for awhile, then one day the police came and put handcuffs on him.

There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that my father is innocent of the crime that he was accused of. He and I were working side-by-side at the very time that it was committed. Nevertheless, two eyewitnesses identified him as the criminal. It was clearly a case of mistaken identity. My father is the most law-abiding person that I know. He even obeys the speed limits. The jury did not believe my alibi and found Dad guilty. He was sentenced to one year in a minimum-security prison.

Before Dad reported to begin serving his sentence, he gave me a playful punch on the arm and invited me to Murphy's Tavern for a beer. We shot a few games of pool and then settled into a quiet corner booth.

"Son, I have a big favor to ask. I've given this a lot of thought and I know it's the right thing to do. You may never speak to me again after this, but I have to risk that and ask you for a favor. Your mother has a powerful sex drive. Sometimes I think she's addicted to sex. She's so beautiful that she can have any man she wants. She will never get through a year without one. Masturbation isn't enough for her. You have got to fill my shoes. I want to keep it in the family."

"Are you asking me to fuck my own mother?"

"That's right, son. It's fine with her. We know you have a big cock because we spied on you masturbating once. She has fantasized about taking you on, and now she's ready to make it a reality. What do you say?"

"Well, she is very beautiful, Dad, but I don't know if I have what it takes to fuck my own mother. I admit that I've had fantasies about it. Let me think about it."

I had already made up my mind but I didn't want to seem too eager. We shot a couple of games of pool - I had never played more poorly - and drank a few more beers that I hardly tasted. On the way home, I told my father that I would fuck his wife for him. "I have to be there for two reasons," he said. "First, I have to be sure you are man enough do it, and second, if I'm there you will know that I'm okay with it." I would have screwed her that very evening, but Dad insisted that we wait until the following evening.

After dinner the next evening, Dad laid out his plan. "Go up and get ready just as though you were going out on a hot date. Then put on only a robe and meet us in the livingroom. I'll put a porno in the VCR and we'll let nature take its course. If nothing happens, we'll try again tomorrow."

I followed Dad's instructions and came slowly down the stairs clad only in a short, terrycloth robe. I was shaking like a leaf. My greatest fear was that I wouldn't get hard. My second greatest fear was that I would get hard but would ejaculate prematurely. I need not have worried on either count.

Mom and Dad were sitting on the couch waiting for me. Both were clad in bathrobes. Mom looked out of place in hers. It didn't match the carefully-applied makeup, earrings and pearl necklace. Her robe was opened enough to reveal all of her cleavage. What a mouth-watering sight she was!

They smiled as I took a seat near the couch. "Show time," Dad said, as he hit the play button on the remote. The tape that he had selected featured scenes with two men fucking one woman. A beautiful blonde was getting fucked by a well-hung stud while a second stud nursed on her big, fake tits. I could feel the blood rushing to my head as the second stud straddled the blonde's chest and molded her tits around his cock. We watched quietly for five minutes or so, then I glanced over at my parents and was treated to the sight of my mother's bare tits. Dad had his hand in his robe and was playing with himself. By the time the two studs jacked off on the blonde's big tits, Mom was completely topless and Dad was masturbating openly. "I think it's time I joined the party," I thought. By then, my cock had a mind of its own and began to emerge through the opening of the robe. I took it in my hand and began stroking it. What a perverted thrill it was to masturbate in front of my mother!

Mom undid the belt of her robe and opened it all the way, giving me my first look at her pussy. I was pleased to see that she had a full bush. In my opinion - and it's the only one that counts - hairy pussies are much sexier than hairless ones. Dad opened his robe all the way to reveal a very masculine physique. His muscular chest was covered with a thick carpet of hair that thinned as it crossed his belly. His cock was about the same length as mine - seven inches - and had a prominent curve to the right.

My feelings of guilt were fading away along with my nervousness. I was masturbating with my parents and enjoying every second. We watched porno for about thirty minutes, then Dad got the ball rolling when he dropped his robe to the floor and knelt in front of Mom. He sucked on a tit for a few minutes, then he buried his face between her thighs. "Oh, that's nice," she whispered, as Dad's tongue pried at the folds of her pussy. After awhile, Dad looked over at me and with a jerk of his head signaled me to join in. I dropped my robe and walked toward them with a cock so hard that it pointed at the ceiling.

Mom gasped as my mouth closed over a nipple. "It's been twenty-five years since you had my teat in your mouth," she whispered. "How do you like it?" An answer wasn't called for. She could tell by the way I was going at it that I loved it. As I watched Dad tongue her pussy, I tried to memorize what he was doing so I could service her the same way. I sensed that my father knew that I had very little experience in that department and that he was passing along his knowledge to me.

Mom didn't tell me to get up on my knees, she simply pulled on my cock until I got the idea. I watched with fascination as my turgid cock slid between her perfectly-painted lips. She moved her head toward me until the tip of my cock touched her throat, sucked so hard that her cheeks caved in, then slowly pulled off. My cock was smothered with slippery mouth-flesh, the palate above, the tongue below, and the silky-soft walls on both sides.

Mom stopped sucking me long enough to say, "Alright, John. Fuck me now. I'm almost there and I would rather cum on your cock than your tongue." Dad came to his knees and speared her pussy with one smooth thrust. With each of Dad's thrusts, Mom took another gulp on my cock. By then I was sure that she wanted to suck me off.

"PUT IT BACK IN!" Mom demanded. "I want to show him what your favorite position is," Dad explained. He pulled her down onto the floor and put her on her elbows and knees, then he dropped down behind and rammed his bone into her. He was putting it to her so hard that her knees came up off the floor each time his belly smacked her ass. I would never have guessed that my father was such a skilled cocksman. "Sometimes she likes it hard, rough and fast like this and other times she likes it slow and easy," he said. "You'll be able to tell what she wants after you've had her a few times."

Mom pulled me to her by my cock and stuffed it into her mouth. Each time Dad slammed into her he drove her onto me. I bent forward and reached underneath for her tits. They were swinging North to South when I caught them and smashed them up against her torso. "Now you're getting into the spirit of things," Dad said.

"Oh, my God, Mom, I can't take it much longer. Mom, you had better stop sucking now or I'll have to let it go in your mouth. MOM, LOOK OUT! I'M CUMMING IN HER MOUTH, DAD. MY OWN MOTHER'S MOUTH. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!"

It was without question the strongest orgasm of my life. Dad was also getting his rocks off. His eyes were screwed shut and his white teeth were bared. He made a hissing sound as he filled Mom's pussy with a hot load of jizz. Mom wasn't cumming yet, but she was very close. Her breathing was rapid and shallow. Beads of sweat plastered her bangs to her forehead.

Dad collapsed and crawled to the couch. "When I was your age I could usually keep it up if I put it to use right away," he said. "I failed her. You're going to have to finish the job for me."

My cock came out of Mom's mouth with a wet pop. I knew from past experience that my father was right about keeping it hard. As I took aim on Mom's freshly-fucked pussy, I noticed that Dad had worked up a froth on it. Mom grunted as I sank my thick shaft. It felt like her pussy was full of warm soup. "Pussy soup," I thought. I couldn't suppress a giggle at the notion that Mom and Dad had made me some nice, hot, pussy soup. "Get serious, young man," my alter ego said. "You shouldn't be giggling at a time like this. Fucking your own mother is serious business."

One of my girlfriends had taught me a fucking technique where the man rotates his ass in one direction when he thrusts and in the opposite direction when he withdraws. It is not an easy technique to master, but it's well worth the effort. When I tried it on Mom, she began panting like a dog on a hot summer day.

Dad had a big grin on his face and was shamelessly playing with his cock. Every healthy male masturbates, but I had never thought of my father doing it. When I saw him stroking his cock, I realized that he and I had more in common than I had ever imagined. And now, with my cock planted in Mom's cunt, we had everything in common. I turned my attention back to my insatiable mother. I tried to imagine that my cock was a crowbar and her pussy was a door that I was trying to pry open. I varied the depth, angle and speed of my thrusts so that she never knew what was coming next. Mom buried her face in a pillow to stifle her embarrassing rants. A steady stream of unintelligible gibberish still managed to leak out.

When Dad gave her a hard slap on the ass, she went off like the Fourth of July. Her pussy clamped down on my cock and her ass-cheeks drew together until her crack became a slit. "Keep her going, son," Dad urged. "Don't let up on her now. She's probably going to go multi-orgasmic any second now." He helped out by sliding under her chest and sucking on her tits. The wet sounds of sucking and slop-fucking filled the room.

Mom filled her mouth with a corner of a pillow and chomped down on it. Her beautiful face was so contorted with lust that it was almost unrecognizable. Her Kegel spasms squeezed my cock and her pee ran down my thigh. I could feel Dad's fingers working on her clit less than an inch from my cock. Mom was having her fifth or sixth orgasm when I lost control and shot my load straight into her womb.

Gasping for air, I collapsed on the couch. I felt a wave of self-revulsion so intense that it made me nauseous. The mood passed quickly and I turned my attention back to my parents, who were far from finished. Dad was on his knees again taking another turn at Mom's pussy, or so I thought. All he really wanted to do was coat his cock with the natural lubricant of our combined sex juices.

"She likes it just as much in the back as in the front, son. I think she cums harder this way, too." I leaned forward for a better look and watched the head of his cock slowly disappear into her rear. Dad didn't stop pushing until her beautiful cheeks flattened against him.

The sight of my father rump-fucking my mother stoked the embers of my lust into a raging inferno. I casually knelt by Mom's head and slid my cock back into her mouth. She sucked it as though her life depended on it. After she sucked me up nice and hard, I knelt down next to Dad to indicate that I wanted to use her ass when he was finished with it.

Mom soon began huffing and puffing as the ass-fucking took effect. She reburied her face in the pillow to stiffle her noises and to hide her contorted face. Dad suddenly pulled his cock out and jacked off on her quivering globes. "Her ass-hole is so tight that the cum wouldn't shoot out," he said with an embarrassed laugh.

Mom's ass was still distended when I stepped up to bat. After wetting my cock in her pussy, I slipped it in. Her warm gut fit my cock like a glove. As I watched her sticky butt-cheeks flatten against me, I realized that I was fulfilling a lifelong fantasy of touching all three bases, mouth, pussy and ass, one right after the other. Dad was right about her ass-hole being too tight, and I was forced to pull my cock out and spray my load on top of his.

Dad only had one week before he had to report to the police. "I have to squeeze a year's worth of fucking into one week," he said. We hardly did anything else. When the big day came, I drove Dad to the police station, shook his hand, and said, "Don't worry, Dad. I'll take good care of Mom."

"I'm sure you will, son. I'm sure you will."

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