tagCelebrities & Fan FictionFinal Fantasy 8 Ch. 01

Final Fantasy 8 Ch. 01


The characters in this fanfic are property of SquareSoft and are in no way affiliated with me. If vivid descriptions of sexual activities offend you, please do not go on in your reading.

Rinoa, Squall, Selphie, Zell, Irvine and the pigtail girl whose name was Mima were still sitting around a table in the cafeteria talking, after they had eaten dinner. Rinoa proposed, “We’re laying over at Centra tomorrow for some reason, so let’s all go to the beach together.”

Squall diplomatically excused himself from the table claiming prior duties, but actually he didn’t want to admit to anyone he couldn’t swim.

Selphie excitedly answered, “That sounds like fun. I’ll go.”

“Me too!” chimed in Zell. Of course discovering Zell was going, Mima immediately acquiesced.

“Rinoa,” Irvine declared in a heavy voice, “That’s a bad idea. That beach is full of Fastitocalon-F.”

Fastitocalon-F were fish that swam in the sand of beaches. They were believed to be a distant member of the shark family. They were quick moving, deadly, enemies.

“Okay Irvine, then you come along and protect us,” countered Rinoa.

“I guess I’ll have to,” Irvine replied in a resigned voice.

Good! We’ll leave in the morning after breakfast,” Rinoa informed them.


Rinoa woke up early, excited about the proposed beach outing. She quickly dressed putting on her usual outfit over her yellow bikini, which consisted of a single wisp of material across her abundant breasts that barely covered her enormous nipples and a thong bottom. After doing her makeup and hair, she left to go search for Selphie.

Rinoa discovered Selphie, Zell, Mima and Irvine waiting for her at the front entrance. Selphie was wearing a traditional red bikini and Mima was wearing a simple one-piece white bathing suit and Zell was wearing red and blue baggy trunks. Irvine was dressed the same as usual, topped off by his long cattleman’s coat and cowboy hat. Rinoa also noticed he was carrying his weapon.

“Aw,” Selphie complained to Rinoa, “I thought you were going swimming. You’re wearing your clothes.”

Rinoa smiled mysteriously and teased, “We’ll see. Maybe I’ll change on the beach.”

“Hot damn!” thought Irvine.

“Let’s go” directed Irvine and trudged behind the four excited teenagers talking among themselves, as they left the Garden. Upon reaching the beach area at the Cape of Good Hope in Centra, Rinoa began to strip off her outfit displaying her yellow bikini with its extremely low cut top that barely covered her nipples, much less the rest of her rather abundant breasts, and the thong that left her entire rear exposed excepting her rectum and was cut straight down in front to just above her vagina, where she would ordinarily have had pubic hair visible, if Rinoa had not diligently kept the entire area waxed.

“Wow!” gasped Zell as his face flushed.

“Alright!” thought Irvine. “That girl knows how to fill out a bikini.”

Mima gushed, “What a beautiful suit, Rinoa. I wish I had the guts to wear something like that!”

Rinoa responded, “You have a perfect figure. I’d be happy to help you pick something out at the beach shop the next time we’re in Balamb.”

“Oh, no” protested Mima. “I’m too shy to ever wear anything like that.”

Rinoa shouted, “Let’s hit the water!” and ran laughing into the surf. As Irvine watched the four of them bobbing up and down in the ocean water, laughing and splashing each other he now wished he had worn his bathing suit, but he has been serious about the viciousness of the monsters on this beach. Someone had to be equipped with a weapon, if they should suddenly show up.

After about an hour in the water, the four happy, wet teenagers ran up the beach from the water, quickly laid their towels out to sit on and sat down. Suddenly three Fastitocalon-F rose up through the sand on the beach and began to launch a furious attack! Mima continued to sit on her beach towel, too stunned to move. Zell, Selphie and Rinoa jumped up from the beach. Rinoa was frantically looking around the beach hoping to discover something she could use as a weapon, while Zell assumed his traditional fighting stance.

Irvine leaped into action by blasting one of the Fastitocalon-F into oblivion with his Exeter. One of the two remaining Fastitocalon-F, in response to Irvine’s attack, glided forward faster than the eye could see and attacked Rinoa rending her flesh above her left nipple and tearing off her bikini top!

Rinoa cried out in pain and stumbled backwards, but managed to keep her footing on the soft sand, while unsuccessfully attempting to cover her ample breasts with her hands.

Irvine shot and killed the Fastitocalon-F that attacked Rinoa. The remaining fish darted forward and bit Rinoa twice at the apex of her thong slightly tearing her vagina and left with her thong in its mouth! Rinoa screamed out in pain and fell backwards on to the beach.

Zell sprang into action and quickly pummeled it to death with his fists. Quick as a flash, Irvine ran to Rinoa’s side and knelt down. Rinoa was moaning in pain, but attempting to cover her naked beauty from prying eyes with her hands. Irvine complained “I can’t cast any curagas on you, if you don’t move your hands, Rinoa.”

The pain outweighed Rinoa’s innate sense of modesty and she dropped her hands down by her sides. Irvine gazed upon one of the prettiest women he had ever seen – high firm breasts, a narrow waist, long perfectly sculpted legs and a luscious vagina that was completely exposed, due to Rinoa keeping her entire mons pubis waxed. Selphie suddenly appeared behind him and retorted, “Take a picture, Irvine. It’ll last longer.”

Rinoa, who had closed her eyes so she wouldn’t have to witness Irvine casting curagas on her most private areas, suddenly felt something was amiss and opened them to see Zell, Selphie and Mima all standing around her staring down at her!

“Okay, this has gone too far,” Rinoa thought to herself. When Rinoa attempted to sit up, Selphie placed a hand on her shoulder and cautioned, “You need to stay still or you’re going to make your wounds bleed worse.”

“But I’m stark naked!” protested Rinoa.

“Yeah, I’ll say!” exclaimed Zell with a huge grin.

Suddenly Irvine, who had been crouching behind Selphie so Rinoa was unable to observe him, stood up completely nude sporting a full erection.

“Oh Great Hyne!” Rinoa cried out, “What’s going on here?!”

“Oh, I think you know,” Selphie retorted. “I think this is what you had in mind all the while wearing that sluttish thong that just barely covered your cunt!”

“No, no, it wasn’t” Rinoa denied.

Meanwhile Irvine had knelt down by Rinoa and said “I have just what you need for the pain and believe me when I say it – this won’t hurt a bit.”

Rinoa began to verbally protest and attempted to sit up quickly again.

“Selphie” Irvine ordered, “Hold her down.”

Selphie, moving quickly around behind Rinoa’s head, pressed down with her hands on Rinoa’s shoulders effectively pinning her to the beach. Irvine leaned over and cast several curagas onto Rinoa’s wounds in both of her wounded areas. Rinoa was immediately filled with the painkilling magic that also left her feeling as though she was slightly floating and with an incredible sense of well-being.

Having rendered Rinoa to the state of pliancy that he needed to begin his pursuit of pleasure, he swung his knees over her so he was straddling her with his seven-inch penis resting on her belly.

Because of her slightly drugged state, Rinoa gazed bemusedly at his penis. Irvine bent down beginning to passionately kiss Rinoa forcing his tongue into her mouth and, reaching down with his left hand, he began to rub her wondrously large left nipple, which became instantly erect. Rinoa began to moan, but it was uncertain to the people watching closely if it was in protest or pleasure. Irvine inserted his middle finger of his right hand past her luxurious labia and began to manipulate her clitoris.

Zell, who was watching the entire operation closely and, was now sporting his own erection entrapped in his bathing trunks, spun around and, pulling Mima closely to him, began to passionately kiss her, while groping the outside of her bathing suit in her vaginal area.

He managed to push the fabric of her suit aside enough so he could insert his finger into her vagina. He began to move it inside of her, while she squirmed enough to pull back slightly from his mouth and protest, “Zell, we haven’t even held hands yet!”

“That’s a situation that’s gonna be quickly remedied,” Zell predicted while quickly removing his finger from her most private place. He placed both hands on the straps of her bathing suit and in one motion pulled her suit down her body to the beach rendering her stark naked!

Zell ordered “Pick your feet up” and Mima was so dazed at the recent sudden turn of events that she automatically complied. Zell removed the suit from her completely and flung it over on the beach. Standing up, he gazed upon her and murmured, “You are so beautiful.” Mima blushed furiously, not from being rendered denuded on a public beach, but instead from his compliment. Zell stood frozen for a moment just drinking in her beauty thinking back to the many nights in his lonely room he had attempted to satisfy himself with his hand to the fantasy of her naked and how that never lived up to this reality.

Reaching down, Zell dropped his trunks to the beach exposing his erection to the eyes of Mima, who gasped having never seen a totally naked man before, not even in pictures!

Meanwhile Irvine had ascertained from manipulating Rinoa’s clitoris that she had already become sexually aroused, because of the moisture her vagina was producing and decided the time had arrived for his big old hawg to get into action.

He removed his finger and replaced it with his seven-inch penis inserting it into her marvelous vagina being careful to not take any particles of beach sand with him on his journey. As he slid his seven-inch penis all the way up the beautiful young woman and began to move his hips with purposeful thrusts, Rinoa began to moan, “Yes, fuck me!” “Fuck me hard, Irvine!” And Rinoa began to buck more and more violently in time with Irvine’s more intense thrusting. Suddenly she could feel her orgasm building and felt as though she was preparing to ride a large ocean wave straight down.

Meanwhile Zell had not worried about such foreplay, but was already coupling with Mima on the beach. As he attempted to thrust harder and harder against her maidenhead, Mima rolled from side to side attempting to protest, but was unable to articulate herself due to the pain she was experiencing. Suddenly the pain subsided and pleasure began for her, as Zell finally penetrating her maidenhead with his emboldened member began thrusting all the way up inside of her.

Suddenly as Irvine had greatly increased his thrusting into Rinoa, she began to experience her orgasm as she felt the wave of cum come cascading through and out of her. Rinoa began screaming “Fuck me harder!”

In the meantime back at the Garden, Squall had finished his light regimen of duties and decided to wander out to the beach to discover how they were all doing. It just so happened he walked up on them undetected, just when Rinoa had begun her screaming.

“What the hell?” Squall first thought and then quickly discerning what was occurring, when he espied Selphie holding Rinoa down, he thought, “This looks like the time for some payback.”

As everyone was preoccupied with his or her own activity on the beach, no one noticed as Squall quickly stripped off all his apparel and, as he stepped over to Selphie, he was already equipped with an eight-inch erection, due to all the sexual stimulation he observed around him. He reached down quickly and picked the startled Selphie up and set her down in front of him. Before she could make a sound, he quickly removed her bikini rendering her as completely nude as all the other teenagers around her.

Squall quickly covered Selphie’s mouth with his to forestall any sound from emanating from her and picked her up again and laid her gently on the ground. He immediately inserted his eight-inch erection into her lavish appearing vagina and began to thrust with long vigorous strokes. He began to experience the beginnings of his orgasm after a minute or two, because he wasn’t interested in offering any pleasure to Selphie, but on the contrary was considering his actions to be something akin to rape as a payback for her involvement with the Irvine - Rinoa sexual coupling.

As Irvine began to shoot his load of hot sperm up inside of the Deiling City beauty, he shouted, “Here I go, Rinoa!” When Rinoa felt the flush of Irvine’s orgasm rushing inside of her, she was experiencing the third of her multiple orgasms and doing some inarticulate shrieking of her own.

Zell had just finished shooting his hot load of sperm up the beautiful pigtail girl, who hadn’t experienced an orgasm, but found the entire experience pleasurable enough, considering it was her first sexual experience. Zell withdrew his wilting erection, which was covered with sperm and virgin blood and flopped on the beach beside her.

When Squall felt his own orgasm building, he pulled his eight-inch penis out of Selphie and proceeded to shoot his own hot load of sperm all over Selphie’s beautiful face and hair shouting, “This is for Rinoa.” When he had finished, Selphie was literally awash with his massive load of cum almost completely covering her face and hair. Squall laid himself on top of Selphie for the moment feeling completely drained. Even though Selphie hadn’t achieved an orgasm, she had enjoyed the entire procedure, despite the overabundance of his orgasm which was still dripping down her face onto the beach, because she had always wanted an opportunity to view Squall’s massive penis close up, but assumed she never would because it was always up that bitch Rinoa.

At the sound of Squall’s voice, the other four people noticed he was present for the first time. Rinoa sat up quickly to complain to him and couldn’t believe her own eyes, when she saw him lying nude on top of Selphie. “What the fuck!” she shouted.

Squall spun his head around toward Rinoa and spoke to her, “Hey there.”

Rinoa immediately crawled over on her hands and knees to where Zell was laying and placed her mouth over Zell’s presently limp penis and began sucking. Feeling it harden immediately in her mouth, she felt totally vindicated and she had not even begun to fight back yet. Mima couldn’t believe what she was witnessing. Had she just given up her virginity to the young man, who claimed she was beautiful and now that same young man was having his penis, which he had just had in her, slobbered on by that hussy Rinoa? She fully expected to see Zell throw Rinoa off him any second and when he didn’t she felt very disillusioned.

Rinoa worked her lips around Zell’s penis in a perfect oval noting that it was considerably narrower than Squall’s. “Kinda like a pencil” she thought with a giggle. She worked her mouth from the tip of his penis all the way to the base, because one thing Rinoa was extremely good at was the correct way to suck a young gentleman off. As she continued to suck on Zell’s member, she realized his orgasm was shortly going to occur and she began to slightly rub the edge of her teeth along the hardened stem, adding just the tiniest bit of pain into the erotic mixture. Zell began moaning louder and also began to facilitate his pleasure by thrusting up further into her mouth.

Squall was upset with Rinoa, not because she was presently servicing Zell’s penis with her mouth, but because she had totally missed the point of his recent behavior. He hadn’t thrust his eight-inch penis up Selphie’s vagina because he thought she was beautiful, although she certainly was, but because he wanted to wreak revenge in her for holding Rinoa down, while Irvine had his way with her.

Squall suddenly noticed Mima appeared completely shattered over Zell’s participation in Rinoa’s oral sex escapade and had tears flowing down her face. Squall felt deep pangs of sympathy for her and decided he would lend his support to alleviate her suffering.

Quickly kneeling down by Mima, who was now sitting beside the cavorting Zell and Rinoa, Squall spoke gently to her “A woman as beautiful as you should never be treated so shabbily.”

As Mima glanced gratefully into Squall’s face, he whispered “Zell’s not worthy of your love” and he began to very chastely kiss her mouth. After a few kisses, as Mima began to respond by slightly opening her mouth Squall saw his opportunity and quickly inserted his tongue into the young beauty’s mouth and began to explore the recesses therein. He continued to move very slowly and gently, because he was going to provide this young woman with the sexual experience of her life, causing Zell to resemble to her, hereafter, a pale imitation of the sex act.

Irvine, who was now standing, was watching the two sexual interactions happening around him with renewed interest, when he espied Selphie sitting up and appearing extremely sexually ungratified.

Irvine strode over to her and explained, “Little darling, you appear in need of some servicing by Mr. Big Hawg.”

Selphie offered Irvine a big smile and patted the inside of her upper left thigh inviting him to visit. Irvine dropped to his knees and, pushing Selphie gently down on to the beach, he lowered his head and began to tongue her libidinous labia. As Selphie groaned in appreciation of his behavior, he located her clitoris and began to manipulate it with his tongue.

Selphie invited, “Let’s start dancing, Irvine.”

Irvine ceased his activity with his tongue, and, leaning over her, he coupled with her joining his penis with the deep inside of her vagina causing Selphie to gasp. Irvine began to thrust deeply into the teenage beauty’s sexual kit with his seven-inch penis harder and harder over and over. Sensing that Selphie was approaching her orgasm, he allowed himself to gaze down at her beauty drinking in with his eyes her enormous but perfectly shaped breasts with their large nipples and the light brown pubic hair of her mons pubis, as he earlier had been purposely not gazing at her in hopes of prolonging his sexual interaction with her and allowing her to achieve orgasm before him.

Squall had progressed to gently tonguing Mima’s nipples, first the left one and then the right until they increased in size becoming erect, while he just grazed the tips of his fingers along her labia gently teasing it. Mima suddenly demanded passionately “I want you inside of me now!”

Always eager to comply with a beautiful woman’s request, Squall introduced his eight-inch penis into her lovely honey pie taking care to be extra gentle and then began to slowly but firmly thrust every millimeter of himself up her over and over. As he watched her face flush and felt her responding to him in a vigorous manner by lifting her pert behind off the sandy beach, he began to thrust harder and faster. Mima started moaning and then whispering in order to not be overheard “Fuck me, Squall. Fuck me hard.”

As Rinoa continued to suck on Zell’s sexual apparatus, she suddenly realized Zell was beginning to reach a successful conclusion to the operation. In anticipation of this occurrence, she began to pull her mouth off his erection, when suddenly Zell reached down and jammed her head back down on his throbbing love machine!

Zell proceeded to shoot his hot load of semen into the Deiling City beauty’s mouth, while continuing to press her head down on his sexual organ. As it trickled down Rinoa’s throat, she began to gag and cough thinking, “Gross! I don’t really like this guy and who knows what sort of diseases he might have.” It was now readily apparent to her that her revenge against Squall for making love to Selphie hadn’t worked out to her liking.

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