tagRomanceFinally His, Finally Hers

Finally His, Finally Hers


I would also like to thank my friend Sam for being my editor.


"There he is," I said to myself, and swallowed. I'd been looking for him all day, glancing into his office whenever I walked by, waiting to approach him. Today I've finally decided to do something about these feelings I have for him. Looking around I spy an excuse to go into his office. Reaching over I pull out the case file concerning the recent robberies in the area. This is my ticket in -- he's consumed by this case so I know he'll take the time to listen to me.

I can feel the butterflies in my stomach as I push back my chair and stand up to smooth out my skirt. I'm not an officer like the other women on the force, I'm just a volunteer college student who is trying to write her final paper on law enforcement, but I think he's noticed me, noticed my sense of humor and my smile. It's now or never. Soon my paper will be finished and I'll have to leave. I head toward his office with a new sense of determination.

"Hi, got a minute?" I ask in my chipper voice, hoping he can't hear my nervousness.

"Sure, whattcha need?" he asks. I watch him look up from his monitor and I take a moment to compose myself.

"I finished restructuring your notes on those robbery cases you've been working on. Just thought I'd drop them off."

"Thanks, I really appreciate that! Man, I don't know what I'm gonna do when you're gone. I'll have to think about talking you into working here full time!"

I smile back and laugh at him, then grab a seat across from his desk. "Well, make your offer and I'll see if it's worth my time."

I would love to work for him, to just spend all my time with him. It's all I've wanted since we've met. He chuckles and leans back in his chair, "I couldn't afford you, your skills are way too polished and refined to be stuck here with a bunch of guys in blue. So what's on your mind? I can tell there is something else bugging you. Out with it!"

Well, here we go, I think to myself. "Well, actually I wanted to talk to you about something."

"I knew it. What's up?"

"I was hoping you could give me some advice." I lean closer to his desk and place my hand on his. I can feel my heart racing and I take a deep breath before I start drawing tiny circles on his hand. I think to myself, god, I can't believe I'm doing this. Looking up at him I see he's staring at my hand. He looks up at me and takes my hand in his. I watch as he brings my hand to his lips and gently presses it to them. I can feel the moisture from his lips and the heat from his breath as his tongue sneaks out and takes a lick of my skin. My heart jumps a beat and I scoot closer to the edge of my chair.

"Are you sure, you want to do this?" he asks.

"Yes" is the only word I offer him. He places my hand on the desk and moves from his chair. I can see the outline of his erection just starting to rise and I take a deep breath, wanting to see what he may do next. I look out his office window, watching the world pass by as I hear him close and lock the door. I run my hand across my stomach, hoping it will settle the butterflies that now are a raging flutter. My eyes take in the beauty of two morning doves caring for their young, and as he slowly lowers the blinds from their prying eyes I can feel the quietness of the room engulf us, waiting for us to begin our adventure.

I can hear his footsteps against the carpet and my body shivers as I feel his presence closing in on me. "I've wanted to do this since the first moment I saw you", he whispers in my ear.

"Why didn't you?" Turning my head I look up to his face and continue, "I've wanted to be with you since that same moment."

He sighs and says, "I thought you felt the same thing, but I wasn't sure. You're so lovely and I figured you didn't need another guy hitting on you."

"I'd have come to you sooner had I known you felt the same way." I replied. I watched his eyes as he bent his head to my lips and gently pressed his lips against mine. I turned more in my chair to let my head move closer to his, leaning back and letting my tongue slip slowly along his lips.

"Mmmm, I like that" he whispers as he draws my tongue into his mouth and sucks gently on it.

"Mmmmm" I hear myself moan. I keep my mouth to his and let my tongue stroke his with a fury of long held back need. I turn myself in the chair and face him with my knees on the chair and my stomach pressed to the back of it.

"You taste so good. I knew you would." he tells me as his kisses travel to my eyes and across my nose.

"So, do you, mmmm, you taste like chocolate and coffee. Quite a nice taste!" He chuckles and explains that I had just caught him after having his deadly addiction of Chocolate Cappacino, but he's glad I like the taste of him.

I take my left hand and run it through his hair and let my right lie on his shoulder as I can feel his tongue press against the base of my throat. "I love your skin, so soft. I knew it would be -- you're everything I had imagined and so much more." I hear him say as he continues to kiss his way down to the opening of my blouse. "I've wanted your mouth on me for so long, I can't believe it's really happening, I'm so scared to think this is all a dream and I'll wake up and you'll be to far to hold." I whisper to him. I notice the difference in my voice; it's taken on a more raspy tone as I watch his hand reach for the buttons of my blouse.

I lean back and let his fingers work at the buttons while I slowly reach for his. Together we look into each other's eyes and read the desire we've been reining in for so long. "Ah, a tattoo, I never would have thought of you having one." He bends to kiss the little heart I had gotten on a dare my first year in college. My body shivers with excitement to have his lips so close to my breast. I think to myself that I'm so glad I took that dare.

"A battle wound?" I ask as I bend to kiss a small scar on his chest just above his heart.

"Yes, a long time ago." We finish the buttons on each others clothes and I run my hands along his chest, letting my fingers feel the texture of his skin and the coarseness of his hair.

"You're so beautiful" we both say at the same time. His hand travels across my breast to trace the material of my bra and releases the clasp. I can hear his intake of breath as he slowly removes my bra and blouse with his hands. I let the blouse fall free to the floor.

"I want to touch you; all of you" he says as he comes around to the front of the chair. I turn my body around and start to stand. "No, don't move yet, just sit here facing me." I do as he wishes and watch him lower himself to his knees. My eyes close as I take a deep breath knowing what he is about to do and praying that I am all he's imagined I would be.

"Are you sure, you want to do this?" I ask him, trying to give him a way out or maybe myself, scared of disappointing him.

"Oh, god, yes." he says as his hand moves up my thigh and slowly releases my left garter and then the right. I can feel my pussy tighten in anticipation for his next move. Embarrassed by my wetness I press my legs together. "Don't" he whispers "Let me see all of you". I feel his hands on my hips as he brings my bottom to the edge of the chair. My skirt snakes up my thighs and I grasp its hem and raise it to my hips. I hear his groan of pleasure as he sees my white panties. He reaches up my thigh and rolls down first one stocking and kisses the inside of my ankle and then does the same to my other leg.

"You're killing me, you know!" I tell him as I watch his mouth and tongue trail kisses up my leg and stop at my knee, where I watch him lick its side and taste me with his tongue and teeth, before letting his hands creep up to my panties.

"You like this don't you?" he asks as I feel his hand press against my pussy, rubbing it through the material of my panties.

"Yes" I whisper, barely hearing myself as I feel my breast tingle and my nipples harden. "Yes" I say again as my pussy becomes even wetter.

"So do I", he tells me with a throaty laugh, "You'll love this then". I looked down to watch his mouth press a hot warm kiss against my panties. I continue to watch him as I see his tongue snake out and lick my panties from end to tip, pulling at them with his teeth. I can feel his hot breath on my pussy and can feel myself getting wetter with every breath I take.

"You taste so good, baby. So good!" He takes his left hand and pulls my panties to the side to give his lips, tongue and teeth the treasure he's been searching for, "You smell good too, hun. Wonderful" I feel his tongue press against my clit. My body bucks against his face as the first wave of true sexual need gets its first sign of freedom.

"Oh, please don't stop, please!" I can hear the need in my voice and the fear that he will stop before I can learn about this new experience he's giving me.

"Baby, I'm not gonna stop till you cum for me and then I'm gonna keep loving you in so many ways", he tells me as he begins to suck my clit.

His tongue licks the folds of my pussy, then reaches deep into my wetness. I can feel his tongue thrust deep inside me. I grasp his head and press him closer to me, wanting to give him my pussy and wanting him to devour me. I let my head fall back and run my hand through my long red hair then to my mouth where I imagine my finger is his cock, sucking it, running it across my lips, and drawing it deep into my mouth. I want his cock in my mouth and make a promise to myself that before I leave this office his cock will be where my finger is.

"Oh Baby", he says and his voice brings me back to watch him suck and stroke me.

"I want you", I tell him.

"I know love, soon" he answers back. I notice the way his voice has changed, deeper and thicker

His eyes hold mine captive as his tongue enters me again and I watch one finger slide inside my pussy and move out again slowly. I can't hold his gaze for long, so I close my eyes and let myself feel. He continues to move his finger deep inside me, sliding it along the walls of my body, making little circles inside me. I can feel myself urging him on, trying to bring his finger deeper inside. "You're amazing", he says as he continues to lick and stroke me with his tongue and finger. I feel another finger join the first and my legs naturally spread further for him, I feel like my body is on display for him, like I'm a piece of art and he is worshiping me.

"I've never felt so loved", I tell him, letting my eyes remain closed so I can concentrate on what I'm learning about my body. I'm learning about all the things I can feel if I just let myself go and let myself believe I'm beautiful.

"So sweet, so wet and all for me" I hear him say as he drives his fingers deeper inside me and moves them in a faster rhythm, while his tongue continues to lap at my clit, sucking on the juices of my body. I can feel the tension building up in me now. My breath is quickening and I know that soon my release will come. I place a hand on each thigh in order to keep my legs from involuntarily closing on him. I press them further apart. I feel his hands grasp my bottom and shove my pussy deep into his face as I cum for him. His head moves back and forth against my pussy while my cum flows from my body, only to be lapped up by his tongue.

"Oh baby!" I hear him whisper against my pussy as he slowly kisses my belly and up to my breast. I reach up and wipe a single tear from my eye as I let my breathing return to somewhat normal.

"Thank you." These are the only words I can say to express the wonder I have felt with this man.

"Ahh, honey there is still so much more to do."

He stands up and helps me to my feet, then takes his hands and moves my skirt and panties off, letting them pool at my feet. I reach up to kiss him and to taste myself on his lips. I let my tongue dive deep into his mouth and let this one kiss show him that I'm all his and want no one else. "My turn", I tell him as I let my lips trail kisses along his neck. I push the chair back away from me and slowly run kisses down his chest and belly as I sink down to my knees.

"Oh, man" he says as he watches me work at his belt, and then release his button and zipper. "Oh, god, baby. I have to watch you". I smile up at him and he knows that is what I want him to do. I take my hands and lower his pants and boxers until I can see his throbbing cock in front of me, waiting for me to enjoy its taste.

I let my tongue glide over the tip and savor the taste of the moisture that has escaped from deep inside him. "Oh, god, that feels good", I hear him say as I taste the first signs of his pending release. Eager for more, I let my mouth cover the head of his cock and my tongue licks and circles the front of it. "Oh yes, baby. Don't stop!"

"I won't love, promise" is my reply as I let my mouth cover his cock completely, drawing him fully into my mouth. My hand guides his cock to the back of my throat and my tongue moves up and down the shaft and then back up to the head, to lick circles around it. My hand continues to stroke him, the moisture from my mouth mixes with the moisture escaping from his cock, allowing my hands and mouth to move easier and faster in perfect rhythm with each other.

"Just like that baby, just like that" I hear him say, but I can't focus on his words, too caught up in the passion of pleasing us both. I can feel my pussy getting wetter as I continue to suck on his cock. Bringing my other hand to his balls I cradle them and feel their weight, letting my fingers caress them while my mouth continues to make love to his cock. I take my mouth from his cock and place kisses on his balls as my hand continues to stroke him faster.

My eyes fixate on him and I watch more beads of moisture escape him so I let my tongue lick those off as I once again let my mouth cover his cock. "Oh yes baby now, oh god I'm cumming now", is all I hear before I feel the hot rush of liquid shoot into my mouth. I continue to suck on him, letting my hand stroke his cock to help ease the cum from his body. I take one hand and place it on his hip and press his crotch further into my face as I suck him until all the moisture is free. His body shudders as I can feel my own release again. I take my hand from his hip and dip two fingers deep into my pussy, relishing the feel of my cum on my hands.

"You like", I ask with a knowing smile as I look up to him.

"Oh, yes sweetie". I slowly rise to my feet and he takes me by the hand and pulls me closer to him lowering his head to kiss my mouth and to share in the taste of newly released passion. "Now honey.......now." he says as he pauses to remove his shoes followed quickly by the rest of his clothing. We walk towards his sofa, with each holding the other's hand. He sits down and pulls me to him.

"Oh nice", I tell him, as I place a leg on either side of him and lean down to kiss the top of his head. His mouth captures my nipple as he lowers me onto his cock, hard again so soon after his earlier release. I toss my head back as I feel his cock impale me and his mouth suckle on my breast. "Oh yes!" I yell as I feel the full length of him driving deep inside me. He lifts me up, just enough to allow his head to remain inside me only to drive me down against him again.

"Oh baby, you're so tight", he yells out as he continues to lift and drive me over and over. His mouth sucks hard on my breast, then he lets his teeth graze my nipple. I can't control the movements of my body, I can only let my hands rest on his shoulders as I feel him continue to lift and drive me over the edge. I can feel his balls press against me as he thrusts me down on his cock, letting him carry me to all heights that at one time seemed unreachable until this moment.

"Cum with me baby, cum with me!" he whispers in my ear as he impales me deeply one last time. I feel my release flow from my body at the same time I feel the rush of his seed flow up into me. Our bodies freeze in time as we fight for breath only to feel each other's body once again give way to more liquid fire.

"Kiss me baby, kiss me."

I lower my head to his and as our lips meet I can feel the rest of our heat release as we both relax in each others arms. "I wish time would freeze for us." I tell him.

"So do I, love, so do I."

We give each other one last kiss and reluctantly pull away. I slide myself off his cock and feel somewhat empty inside but, yet complete and full all at the same time. "Thank you" I tell him as I slowly begin to replace my clothing. He watches me dress and makes his way to his desk to begin his own repairs to his appearance.

"Baby, I want to see you again. Is that possible?"

I answer him with a smile and a kiss upon his lips, "Love, I'll always be here when you need me".

I pause at the door and look out his window, past him to the birds who are no longer feeding their young, but seem to be staring at me, looking inside me to see the first stirring of life as if I too, will one day be feeding our young.

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