tagErotic CouplingsFinally Lovers.... Ch. 02

Finally Lovers.... Ch. 02


Your hand goes under my side and you hold me at my hips as you roll onto your back. I am forced to follow, as you have me strongly in your grip. Now I am sat straddling you. I can feel you deep within me…throbbing. You slide the shirt of my shoulders. It drops onto your legs behind me. You come up and undo my bra. Letting it drop to the floor. Finally you can feel my soft skin. Your tongue traces over my hard nipples. Gently biting and licking. You want me all naked. Want to be able to touch me everywhere, but I am not willing to let you go. Not wanting to leave that filling feeling.

“Tear it,” I say. You grab the hem of my skirt and rip it apart. Throwing it away once you have it apart. My panties go the same way. You lay back. Just looking at me. Not touching. Not moving. I can’t stand to be close to you and not feeling you on me. My body yearns for your touch. You know what I want without me saying it. Slowly you let your fingers trace up my legs. Along my sides. My body shudders at the gentleness of your touch. You cup my breasts. Let your thumbs trance the nipples. Slowly I start to move my hips. Moving only slightly. You can feel the movements on your shaft, but I keep you in me fully.

You come up again and start gently biting me. Nibbling on my nipples. Sucking on them. I moan out. Push your head into me. Your hands grab my hips and start to control my movements. Moving me up higher. You slide out halfway. Then you slam up from beneath me. I suck my breath in hard as I feel the impact. I have to hold onto your shoulders. It takes all my willpower not to scream out. I don’t want to, fearing you will stop, thinking that you are hurting me. The pleasure is unbelievable.

One arm goes around me. Resting across my back. Hand on my hip. With the other you gently push me back, so I am leaning in your arm. You keep pushing up into me. Then you lean forward and start licking my neck again. I could go crazy. Your touch is so soft. I can’t take it much longer and as I want this to last, I push you back down on the bed. Take your hands and hold them on my hips.

Now I am the one moving. Slightly leaning over you, I start moving my ass up. You slide out of me and I go on till only the head remains in me. I tease with my hips. And then sit back again. Letting you slide back in. I can see how much you like it by the look on your face. I repeat the procedure. Only much slower. And again. My movements getting real slow. You let out a deep growl.

“Don’t tease!!!!” I smile. Slowly raising myself again. Tensing up on you. Holding your cock tightly in me.

“I swear that you will regret this!!!“ you manage to mumble. I can’t help it, but I am enjoying this. Only using my muscles I have you sweating. I loosen up a bit and sit up in a fast move. You slam deep into me. Both of us moan out. You try to reach for me, but I grab your hands and tuck them under my knees. I know exactly that you could throw me off with no problem, but I also know that as long as I have you tightly in me that you are not willing to do that. I start moving forward and backward. Letting you slide in and out of me. My moves getting faster.

I can feel you rubbing in me. It feels so fantastic that I never want it to end. Even if I wanted to, I couldn’t slow down or stop. My body has taken over my mind. The animals in us start rising again. I start moving faster. My head drops back and my back arches. My breasts push forward and you free your hands to touch me. Cupping them. Massaging them. I push more into your hands. My hands are resting on your chest to steady me. You move one hand across my tummy. Down till the thumb rests on my clit.

I moan in pleasure and feel the fire burning hotter between my legs. I want you so much. Want you like this always. Your thumb rubs in little circles around my clit. Giving me an extra bit of pleasure. My breath starts coming in short pushes. You push up hard from beneath me. Slamming deep in me. I claw into your chest. Your movements get so hard and fast that you have to hold my hips to keep me steady. I can hear you growling. Can feel you expanding in me. I tighten my muscles and lock you deep embedded in me. Your hands tighten on my hips as I feel your hot cum shoot up in me and then I let go of my own pleasure. Exploding. My juices mixing with yours.

Slowly the orgasm ebbs away. Both of us breathing heavily. You let go of my hips and I lie down on your chest. Your hand goes along my spine. I close my eyes and relax. The jetlag and the last hours have me totally exhausted. I start drifting of into a sleep. My last thought being. “My God…he is still hard“...

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