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Finally Satisfied


Hi, my name is Susan. I am thirty-two years old, five-foot seven with long, thick, blonde hair, and brilliant blue eyes. I have a thirty six-inch pair of breasts, tiny waist and perfect hips. My husband, Stephen, is a successful heart surgeon. We live an upper class, all white neighborhood in a 4,500 square foot home with a pool in the back yard. And I use to be completely unsatisfied, but now I have all that I ever wanted. And this is my story.

Stephen is a wonderful surgeon and a good provider, however; he has one of the smallest penises I have ever seen. I didn't know this when I married him, because I was a virgin, believe it or not. So early on in our marriage his five-inch cock was sufficient. I didn't know that they came in various sizes. When Stephen and the other doctors and lawyers in the neighborhood went to work, we wives would get together and have coffee and talk about our lives.

My friends would brag about how big their husbands were and how they couldn't wait for them to come home and screw them. We upper class "bitches" don't use the word fuck in public. I would just sit there and listen and wonder why I didn't feel that way about Stephen.

Finally, I asked my friend Sarah about the size of her lawyer husband's penis. She told me he was eight-inches and about an inch and a half around. "Oh, that's about how big Stephen is." I lied. "I just wanted to compare notes."

That night while Stephen was fucking me, I fantasized about a nine-inch dick. I wondered how good that would feel going in and out of my hot little pussy. I could imagine it for the first time, stretching my pussy to a size that I wouldn't even be able to feel Stephen in me.

I fantasize so much about a large penis that one morning, after Stephen left for the hospital, I decided to see if I could do something about it. I dressed down, took off all of my makeup, pulled my hair back, and drove to the wrong side of town to see if I could find a dildo that would give me the pleasure I desired.

I was a little uncomfortable down there; it certainly wasn't what I am use to. People lying in the street drunk, there was an odor of beer and urine in the streets. The doors to the stores were wide open and the gaudy merchandise was out there for the world to see.

I found the shop I was looking for. It sold all kinds of sex toys. I was looking for a long penis to fill my hungry pussy with. Fortunately there was a woman behind the counter.

I said, "Excuse me, do you have dildos?"

She looked at me like I was crazy and pointed to the wall behind her.

"There they are take your pick, sweetie" she said. "What size are you looking for?"

"I wanted something about nine-inches long and about two and a half inches around." I told her.

"Oh, you want a black dick? I'll show you what I've got if you'll show me those pretty breasts," she replied.

I smiled and said, "Thank you."

She took several dildos off the wall most of them were black in color and they had fake veins and balls on them. They looked just like Stephen's penis only they were black, and much longer and wider. The balls were larger too.

I asked her, "Can I touch one to see how it feels?"

She said, "Yes, you sure are a pretty woman you should have no problems getting dates. Is this your first time buying a prick? Have you ever tried a woman? We're much gentler than men and we know all of your special spots."

I became a little embarrassed, even though there was no one else in the shop.

I told her, "Yes, I want to know what it feels like to have a penis that big in me. My husband just can't satisfy me and I want more."

She laughed again and took a large black penis out of the package and handed it to me. I took it and dropped it immediately.

It felt just like Stephen's real penis. It was larger, but it felt real. And I liked the way it felt in my hand. I could barely get my fingers around it. It looked really dark against m y pale skin.

"How much does it cost," I asked.

"That one's hundred-ten dollars plus tax," she informed me. "But I'll take twenty percent off if you'll tell me if you're shaved or not and maybe let me see how pretty your pussy is."

"Wow," I said a little embarrassed, "I didn't know they were so expensive. Why is it so much?" I questioned.

"Well, sweetheart, that one comes with the batteries and it feels like a real dick. That's why it cost so much more than the others do, " she said as she rested her hand on my arm and slid it down to remove the penis from my hand.

"Oh so what are the batteries for?" I asked.

She laughed, and said, "Would you like me to show you sweetie? I'd be glad to since you are so new at this."

"That would be very nice, thank you." I replied.

She said, "Come with me to the back of the shop. I'll give you a little demonstration."

She walked around the counter, put a sign on the door and closed it. She picked up the penis and led me into a back room.

When we passed through the curtain she put batteries into the penis and then she took off her pants and put on this contraption that held the penis locked in place. She looked like half man and half woman. She also took her shirt off and she wasn't wearing a bra.

Then she said, "Well, sweetie, take off those pants if you want me to show you how to use this big thing."

So I took off my jeans and I stood there in my underwear waiting for the next instruction.

"Honey, you can't test drive this thing with panties on," She said.

I looked down a little embarrassed and took off my panties. I was now nude from the waist down. I couldn't take my eyes off of that contraption she had on her body and that huge penis coming out of it.

"Okay, my pretty, lean over that chair, and hold onto the back" she said, "and I'll show you how to use this dong. Then, you'll know what it feels like when a black man fucks you."

I followed her instruction and a little nervous looked behind me to see what she was going to do with the penis. She had turned on the dildo and it was vibrating. She started towards me and I stayed myself for the intrusion I knew was forthcoming.

She put one arm around my waist and reached up to caress my breast. It was a little weird, but I figured she needed to hold onto me for balance. She then wrapped her other hand around me and her fingers went to my pussy and separated my lips.

She placed a finger into my cunt and moved it around. It felt really good. I'm sure she was just seeing how much room I had for the penis. She bent me at the waist and then I felt her pull back from me. The penis was positioned between the lips of my now wet vagina.

I felt the burning as she inserted the large cock into my pussy and it tingled because of the vibration. I could feel it as it ripped my delicate pussy and it burned.

I thought the demonstration would be short but then she started moving her hips back and forth. I guess that was to show me what it would feel like if a real black man were fucking me.

She held me in position with her hand on my back while she pumped me with that big penis strapped to her body. I must admit it felt really good. She even started moaning like a really excited man might do.

She was good at her job that's for sure. She fucked me for a good ten minutes and I even had an orgasm. Once I orgasmed, she seemed to have one too; at least she convulsed like she had one.
"That was a wonderful demonstration," I told her. "I like the way it feels in me. I'll take it. Does it come in white though?"

"No way, they're aren't any white man around with a cock like this one here," she said.

She washed it before we left the back room. When she got to the counter she wrapped it in newspaper and then put it in a nondescript bag.

I paid cash, because I didn't want Stephen to know I had bought such a thing.

On the drive home, my pussy started getting wet at the thought of feeling this large dick in my pussy. Too bad I didn't have someone to put it in one of those things she had and fuck me with it. But finally I know what it feels like to have a real fuck. I now knew what it felt like to be fulfilled.

Driving home I planned on where I would hide it so Stephen wouldn't find it. I decide to hide it in an old hat box that I had in the top of my closet; there was no reason for Stephen to go in that box so I felt safe with it there.
I stopped at the hardware store and bought extra batteries so I wouldn't run out. I was feeling really excited after that demonstration and couldn't wait to do it again.
When I was safely in the comfort of my living room I opened the package and just felt the penis in my hands. I ran my fingers over the fake veins and the ridge of its head. I stuck the tip of my tongue in the little indentation that would have been the hole. I squeezed the balls and the bounced back into shape.

It felt really good and so real. I put the batteries in so I could feel the vibration and it tingled; I liked the way it felt. I held it to my stomach and circled it around my legs. It tickled me.

I was getting excited just exploring it outside of my pussy. I even stuck it in my mouth to see how it would be to give someone this large a blowjob. I had to really stretch my lips to get around it.

Finally, I took off my pants and underwear, lay down on the sofa, and put it inside my pussy. I had to push really hard to get into my small opening even though it had been stretched at the shop.

It hurt to force it into my vagina. I could feel the skin tearing. It felt hot and painful but I finally got it in; I turned it on and it was wonderful.

I only had about seven-inches in me. It was so big around that it filled me completely. I pushed on it and made it go in another inch and I hit something that felt really good.

I lay there about thirty minutes just letting it do its thing, pushing it in and out, in and out getting lost in the pleasure it gave me. I wanted to feel like this every time I had sex from now on.

I got so involved in the joy this dildo gave me that I forgot about the time. I pleasured myself until I heard Stephen's car door. I jumped when I realized that I had been fucking myself for hours.

I hurried up the stairs, washed it off and placed it into the hatbox. I didn't have time to clean myself up so I lay down on the bed and pretended to be sleeping.

When Stephen came up to the bedroom he climbed on the bed, kissed me on the cheek and said, "Wake up sleeping beauty, your Prince Charming is here to rescue you."
I opened my eyes, sleepily, smiled and said, "Oh darling, I must have fallen asleep. How long have you been home?"

"I've just arrived. When you weren't down stairs I came looking for you. I love watching you sleep," he replied.

"Hmmmm, that's nice. How as your day?" I inquired as if I cared.

"Uneventful," he said as he walked into the bathroom to wash his hands.

I jumped out of the bed, put on some underclothes and got dressed. Then I went downstairs to start dinner. Life would now go back normal for the evening but I could still feel the pleasure between my legs.

After dinner Stephen said, "I would like to get to sleep early tonight because I have surgery in the morning."

"That's not a problem, honey, I'm a little tired too, even though I had that little nap this afternoon." I lied. We cleaned the kitchen together, had a nightcap and climbed the stairs to the bedroom.

Stephen and I have had sex every night since we have been married. So the first thing he did when we crawled into bed was reach over, and give my breast a gentle squeeze.

He whispered, "You have the most beautiful body that I have ever had the privilege to see, touch and make love to. I am so happy you are my wife."

I could feel that little prick of his growing to it's full five-inches and I got a knot in my stomach.

"I love you, too, honey." I responded and turned to kiss him so we could get this over with.

He climbed on top of me, inserted that small cock in my not so wet pussy and started his nightly calisthenics.

I was surprised he didn't notice the expansion in my pussy, but if he did, he didn't say a thing. He never changed the position he fucked me in; it was always the missionary position.

There is seldom any sound to our sex except for his grunting when he was close to losing his wad. Once he empties his cum into my pussy, he turns over and falls right to sleep. I lie there with the desire to touch myself so that I can feel fulfilled.

On this particular night, I did get up. I went to the closet, got that wonderful instrument of pleasure and completed the job that Stephen had left unfinished. And finally satisfied, I climbed in bed next to my unconscious husband, and slept as I had never slept.

The next morning after Stephen left and before my morning coffee with the girls, I took out my black cock and fucked it for at least an hour. Once I was satisfied, I put it away and went to the bitch session.

I enjoyed it much more than usual. Now I was fulfilled before I went. I followed this routine for about a month.

Then I started getting bored with having to please myself every morning and afternoon. It was becoming a chore. I needed the stimulation regularly.

I thought about maybe asking one of the girls to join me in the fun, she could do me and I'd do her. I would go back to that shop and get one of those things the saleslady used to demonstrate the penis for me.

Unfortunately, I couldn't think of one of my friends that would go along with that idea. However, in my deepest dreams I thought wouldn't it be fun to fuck another woman and kiss her lips, and lick her pussy? This thought made me hot but also felt a little weird. So I would have to find another plan.

I had to go downtown to get a gift for a friend that was having a baby. On my way back to my car I passed a construction site. You know how those construction workers are. Any woman they see they start yelling and whistling and it was no different on this day.

I heard them yelling, "show me those pretty tits of yours, baby" and "Oh I would love to hold onto that ass as I pumped you full of my love!"

I just tried to ignore them but one of them caught my eye. He was a tall black man that looked like a brick wall. He had large hands and I could tell by the bulge in his pants that he also had a big dick.

I took out a piece of paper, wrote down my address, walked up to him and said, "You are a beautiful specimen of a man and I want to have sex with you. This is my address and I want you to come to me tomorrow morning at eight-thirty and fuck me."

"Ma'am?" he said shocked or not understanding what I said.

"My husband cannot satisfy me sexually. He provides for me very well, but sexually he is useless. I needed a real man to fulfill my needs.

I want your cock in my pussy every day. I want to feel like a real woman and I know your cock can make that happen for me. At eight-thirty tomorrow morning I want your large cock in my wet pussy.

He reached over and squeezed my breast hard, then he put his hand in my crouch and said, "Yes, ma'am, I'll be there."

The other workers saw this and howled more remarks. I just ignored them and fantasized of how it would be tomorrow, after Stephen left for the hospital, to have a real man inside of my wanton pussy.

The next morning everything seemed to move slowly. I felt I couldn't get Stephen out of the house fast enough. I kept looking at the clock and urging Stephen to hurry up or he would be late. I finally had him at the door, kissed him passionately good bye and got him out of the house for eight-fifteen.

I went up stairs and found the sexiest negligée I had the one I wore on my wedding night. It seemed appropriate since, in a sense, I was now pseudo marrying the man that would probably do a really good job at satisfying my desire. Thus becoming my second husband.

He was very punctual. The doorbell rang at exactly 8:30. I opened the door and said, "Welcome to my home, please come in." My smile was wide and my pussy was wet.

He reached for my breast again and said, "You do have a nice set of tits for a white woman and your ass ain't bad either."

I blushed and said, "Thank you. Do you have a name?"

"Yes ma'am, Jevon," he told me.

"Well, Jevon, is your cock as big as it looks in those pants of your?" I asked him.

"Ya want to see it ma'am?" he asked me.

"Yes, please pull it out. I would like to see it and touch it. If that's all right with you?" I told him.

He took off his belt and dropped his pants and when he did the most massive prick I had ever seen fell from his body. It had to be at least twelve inches long. I was in awe.

I wanted to touch it and see how it felt. I wanted to lick it and see how it tasted and I wanted to put it in my wet pussy and know what it felt like to be fucked with something that large.

I didn't even bother to ask his permission, I just walked up to him, took that cock in my hand and stuck it in my mouth. It was immense and stretched my lips wide. It tasted a little salty, maybe he had cum recently. But I liked the taste. I licked it and stroked it..

I said, "You have a really nice cock here, Jevon."

"Yes, thank you, ma'am," he replied.

"Are you married, Jevon?" I asked him.

"No, ma'am," he replied.

"Do you have a girlfriend?" I asked.

"No, ma'am, I works too much to have time for a girlfriend," he answered.

"So you are pretty free to come see me everyday then, right?" I asked.
"Yes, ma'am, if you need me here, I can come here," he answered.

"Good, now, let's go upstairs and see how good you are with that beautiful instrument you have between your legs," I said as I led the way to my bedroom. My pussy throbbed with anticipation.

He reached down to pick up his clothes.

I said, "Just leave them there, you're not going to need them for a while," and started up the stairs with him behind me.

When we entered the bedroom he became an animal, he ripped the negligée off me and picked me up and threw me on the bed. Then he tore his shirt off and revealed to me a massive chest covered with black curly hair and a six-pack stomach.

I was more than impressed. My entire body craved having his black physique explore her and make her a real woman. My juices started trickling down my legs.
As big as he was, physically and sexually, he was very gentle when he begin. He took it slow, kissing my breasts, licking my shaved pussy.

He looked at me and said, "I ain't never seen one with no hair on it before. It sure is pretty an' soft."

"I'm glad you like it that way," I said, "it makes my clit easier to find."

"Oh, I likes that, I do! I'm gonna kiss it for a lil' while, okay?" he asked.

"Yes, that is very okay," I smiled and spread my legs.

He had a nice strong tongue and he knew exactly how to use it. He flicked my clit and swirled that tongue around the inside of my pussy. He sucked on my clit and fingered it and he flicked it with his tongue some more.

He flicked that wonderful lingua in and out of my pussy like it was the head of a penis and my juices flowed begging for more. I had four strong orgasms just from his tongue and we were only starting.

Then he took a break from my moist pussy and explored my breast, gently like they were delicate flowers he ran his tongue over the nipples and they became erect and hard. He sucked the nipples and nipped them between his teeth. It tingled, hurt a little, and felt good. Jevon took the whole breast into his mouth and sucked it in and out for about five minutes.

He was fingering my pussy at the same time, keeping it wet and the juices flowing. I could feel my clit growing harder and I was eager to feel that big black cock in my hot, wet pussy.

I wanted to feel the fabric of my skin burn as it ripped from the size of his massive prick. So I pushed my pelvis towards his hand as he fingered me, letting him know I wanted more and he took the hint.

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