tagSci-Fi & FantasyFinders Keepers

Finders Keepers

byThe Enigizer©

The trail I was on seemed to be leading me around in circles. Or else this country all looked the same. For some reason I had a feeling I had been this way before. What was I doing in this God forsaken place anyhow? Thinking back on everything that had happened, I knew I had to be out of my fucking mind. Maybe everyone was right; "Randy Miller" had no mind. Either way, I really screwed up getting involved in this thing. But it was too late now. I was involved. Right up to my neck.

This nightmare all started when a friend of mine, Jack Stone, came to me with a story about a shipment of high tech secret weapons that was lost on a shuttle flight from Earth Sector IV, here on Mars, to Earth Sector II, on Venus. "So what," I asked. "Why should I care about something like that? Unless!!! There's a lot of money at stake!"

"To hell with the finder's fee, try for once in your stinking miserable life to think about someone other than yourself," Jack said.

"Now, just why in the hell should I start doing that?"

"Because the pilot of the shuttle was Gloria," he replied. "You remember her... You know, Gloria Miller, your wife, the one you never got a divorce from..."

Why hadn't I divorced her? That was one broad that I really didn't want to think about or even remember. But now it all came rushing back, like a roaring flood. The pain I hoped had gone, was still there. That's why I had put her out of my mind. That's the only way I could live with it. Sort of like she never existed.

When I met her the year was 2097 and I was 22 years old and carefree. I was known as an adventurer to some people and just plain crazy to others. Usually doing anything and everything. Right or wrong, good or bad, I never asked questions, only if the money was right. Then, on a flight back from Venus I met her. Gloria Jacob!

She was the most beautiful woman I had ever seen. Even though I had traveled all over the galaxy and had met many pretty women, I had never met or seen anyone like her. Long golden hair, deep blue eyes and a body that was out of this world. I should have known that someone this beautiful would eventually bring me nothing but trouble. But what the hell, I'm an adventurer, right? So we became involved. She was on Venus to fly the shuttle for Mars Air. A company that was to this the 21st century, what F.U. Air was to the 20th century. Not a bad job to have. But it sure makes for a lousy bed partner. The crazy hours and all. Almost as bad as mine. I guess that was the main cause of our problems.

Our first night together was one to remember. We could not get enough of each other. Seeing her standing naked in front of the window, with the moon rays framing her, as if she were something out of an artist's painting. Never had I been so aroused. I have been blessed with a bigger cock than most men, close to 16 inches long and 3 1/2 inches across. I took her there on the floor. Her hot body responding to my every touch like a violin in its master's hands. Not a whimper as I slid it in. Only when I started to come and it grew did she scream from the pleasure. Everything we did together and to each other that night was perfect. No inhibitions. No doubts. Just pure lust and love for each other. What man in his right mind could ask for more?

We were married a month later. A whirlwind that should never have happened. I think that was when the problems really started. Now, we had made a commitment to each other. Something new to me. Probably for her also. With my jobs taking me all over the galaxy, I never knew from one minute to the next when I would be home. It fell apart after we had been together for about a year. I came home one night without calling, after being gone for over a month. I thought I would really surprise her with the flowers and the wine I picked up. Maybe we still had a chance.

I opened the door to our house and turned on the lights. There on the floor lay my wife. Her legs spread wide, her hands rubbing her breasts, pinching her nipples, her head moving violently from side to side. Between her spread thighs I could see the head of Brenda, her girlfriend and copilot. I had met her once before and at the time thought her to be a little weird. Now I knew why. Gloria's moans were intense and her scream was earsplitting as she climaxed. All I could do was stand there like a statue and watch.

They both raised their heads and looked up at me with dazed expressions on their faces. They got up, their arms wrapped around each other and Gloria said, "Why didn't you call when you got in to let me know you were back?"

I suppose I really lost it then. I started yelling, "You dirty slut-- You two timing whore--You stinking freak, while I'm gone you throw me over for this fat, ugly pig." Then, I did something completely out of character for me. Without saying another word --I simply left!

That's right. I simply turned and walked out the door. Leaving them standing there naked, with bewildered looks on their faces. I must have stayed soused for a month. I don't remember where I had been or what I'd done or whom I did it with. But the booze here on Mars does that to you. You feel like shit afterwards -- if you survive the hangover. There were enough odd jobs to keep me busy.

Enough to keep me sane and at least off of the bottle for a while. Time had managed to pass fairly quickly. Although, subconsciously I guess I stayed away from Mars and Venus, so I wouldn't have to fly on Mars Air and take a chance on bumping into Gloria or Brenda. I couldn't handle that yet.

That all happened two years ago. Recently, I shelled out 100,000 SQDs (galaxy currency called Squids) for a used Star-Duster cruiser and had it rigged out with lasers and cannons. She's a pretty tight ship. Travels at Mach 3 and has cloaking capabilities, just in case I have to be invisible for some reason. Of course, if I could come up with 100,000 SQDs more, I could have added a Warp drive. But the old girl probably wouldn't hold together going faster that the speed of light.

I had only been back from Pluto a few days and was trying to get some very badly needed rest. That's when good ol' buddy Jack showed up with this tale of his.

"OK Jack, what is the load of crap you are telling me now?" I asked.

"Last week, Gloria and Brenda took flight 69 out to Venus Earth Sector III. They never arrived. The last message from them stated that there had been an explosion on board and they were going down. Their last known coordinates put them over the Cuspidate Range on planet Yargo, as of now an unexplored planet," he said.

Sounds like an appropriate flight number for her, I thought, but asked instead, "What was her cargo?"

"Some sort of new high tech military weapon systems and the word is out that there are some powerful forces in the galaxy that want that stuff, regardless of the cost," he replied.

I started making out a list of things I would need on this mission and gave it to Jack.

"I need all the information you can get on her last known position and all you can get on that cargo she was carrying. The fewer people that know about this, the better," I said.

"I will get everything you need but I get to go with you," he said.

Thinking for a minute, it might not be a bad idea to have some extra help. Also he might be more apt to keep his mouth shut about all this, if his neck was on the line too. "All right Jack, you can come along, besides if I were going to break her neck when I saw her, I'd have done it a long time ago," I said.

Two weeks went by. We hadn't had a trace of them or the shuttle. Even some things showing up on radar scans proved to be nothing. So it would be on foot the rest of the way. The Cuspidate Range is an ominous place to have to land a perfectly good ship. To have to land on that involves problems that would require a miracle or one hell of a lucky pilot. Was Gloria one of those?

The terrain was made up of mountains, deserts and everything in between. Just when you had one type of terrain figured out, it changed. We encountered everything from giant scorpions, to small snakes that can bite through steel. Even the bugs had teeth. Jack got wrapped up by some sort of plant with tentacles that almost sucked all the blood out of him. It took a few days for him to get his strength back. It seemed like I had seen some of these creatures before but I'm not sure. Something was very strange and familiar about this place.

We traveled over, around, and through every type of country one can imagine. We were about ready to give up when Jack said that he saw some movement below the ridge we were standing on. Using my Image Magnifiers I started scanning the valley. I didn't see it at first but then there it was. The lost shuttle, partially hidden. I could not make out any signs of life around the site so we started down. The mountain was not going to be an easy thing to get down off of. There were drop-offs that, according to my Abyss Depth Meter, fell 1000 feet or more straight down. It took the better part of a day to make our way down to the shuttle's location.

I told Jack to circle around to the other side and check things out. If it looked clear, then he should make his way to the ship. I would do the same from this side. I would give him ten minutes before I would make any move, just in case. During the wait, I sat there thinking about what I would do or say when I saw her. What if she was dead? Or hurt badly. NO! -- Nothing could happen to her, not now. I wouldn't let it. Then I thought to myself, "Miller you damn idiot, haven't you suffered enough because of her?"

Those ten minutes seemed like forever. Finally, I started making my way towards the ship. The closer I got to the shuttle, I began to hear voices. For the last 50 yards or so, I crawled until I was under the shuttle. Listening, I could hear voices coming from somewhere towards the front of the shuttle. Slowly I made my way towards the sound. As I got closer, I heard a scream. So someone was still alive. Who? I crawled to the nose landing gear and looked around. Under a big tree, hanging from a large branch by ropes tied to their wrists were Gloria and Brenda. Taking my I.M., I scanned the area. I gasped out loud at the scene before me.

Gloria and Brenda were tied spread eagle. The ropes tied to their wrist supported them above the ground. While their legs were spread as wide as possible and anchored to the ground. They were both stark naked.

Brenda had lost a lot of weight. She looked pretty good hanging there. Just then I saw movement over to the side of them. Swinging my I.M. around for a closer look, I saw two of the biggest creatures I'd ever seen. Then realization hit me. I had been here before. These were Harydons!

Probably the meanest, most ill tempered, hairiest and biggest creatures I had ever seen. They had to stand at least 7 foot tall but with well shaped bodies. The worst part of it was, they had tongues that if used as weapons, could take the hide right off of you. Not to mention a cock that closely resembled that of a 20th century horse. The head would flare out like a saucer during intercourse.

One of them sauntered over to where the girls were hanging. The look on their faces was one of pure terror. I took my laser and sighted in on it. If it looked like it would hurt them, I'd kill it if possible. Just then its tongue shot out and went between Brenda's legs. Her scream was shrill before dying off into whimpers. I could see her body become rigid as waves after wave of pleasure washed over her body. The Harydon kept this up for about 10 minutes. By the time he was finished, Brenda was hanging limp. Then the other one turned his attention to Gloria. Before I could fire, his tongue was lapping at Gloria's cunt also. She didn't scream until her orgasm was too intense to bear. Now this was a hell of a sight. What should I do? Wait!!

Then Brenda came around. Would you believe it, the bitch actually had a smile on her face. Maybe I should shoot her instead. The first Harydon moved to her side. Again his tongue shot out. But instead of between her legs, he went to her tits. She really had a set on her, too. She threw her head back and moaned. Her nipples becoming taut and blood red. Then out of the fur on the Harydon's groin appeared the biggest cock I'd ever seen. The head was of normal size. I guess, I had been misinformed about these beings. He untied her legs and lifted them up on its shoulders. While still lapping at her nipples, I could see his dick slowly disappearing up inside Brenda. I don't know if she was so worked up that she didn't notice but she only moved her ass to help it move farther up inside her. She actually took every bit of him inside and that had to be about 18 inches. Then he started to move. Watching her face, I could tell that the head of this things cock must be starting to expand. Her face showed the pain she must be feeling. But then again that changed. Her moans of pleasure rang through the valley. I could tell the Harydon was getting ready to come. His nose flared and his tongue was working more rapidly on her nipples. The he roared and hunched into Brenda. Holding her there impaled on his dick, as he must have emptied a gallon of come into her. It was running out of her like a water fall. Her scream was not one of fear or pain but of pure unadulterated pleasure. As it started to withdraw from her, she whimpered and said,

"No!!!! Don't take it out."

Then there was a loud plop as he withdrew from her. Still, more come gushed from her. She was totally exhausted from the ordeal but seemed unhurt.

Now it was Gloria's turn. The other creature started tonguing her big nipples. Why didn't she cry out? Hell, she was enjoying it! Even welcoming it. This time they cut her down. With her on her back, the Harydon continued to lap at her pussy. Her hips were moving faster than I could remember her ever moving them when we were together. The other Harydon came to her head and stood over her. She only looked up at him and licked her lips. With that, his cock started to protrude from his fur.

Hell, it was so long that he didn't have to lean down. Immediately, Gloria started to lick the head of it. Taking as much of it into her mouth as she could get. The creature threw its head back and roared. She reached up and got a tight grip on his cock and sucked for all she was worth. Just about the time he would start to flare, she stopped sucking and only licked the head. The creature was beside himself with lust. The one that had been lapping Gloria's pussy and nipples suddenly stopped and got up. He lifted Gloria and laid down under her. She reached between them and found his cock, which was starting to protrude from its fur. She inserted it and sat back on it waiting for it to reach its full length. Then she started to rock back and forth.

With her eyes clamped shut and the veins bulging in her neck, I knew she was coming. Her scream of pleasure was short because the creature began to move under her. Very slowly. Then I noticed the second one kneel down behind her. God, I thought -- there's no way she could take that. The second Harydon was surprisingly gentle. As his member started to appear from his groin, he leaned forward and it was if his dick had a mind of its own. He knelt there perfectly still while his cock worked its was up Gloria's ass. She only threw her head back, smiled and started rotating her ass. Soon the one behind her started moving in and out of her. It wasn't long before she reach her peak again. But this time she brought the two of them to the brink with her. Her eyes bulged as both of the Harydon's cocks began to swell and their heads flared.

When they came in her, it must have been an awesome feeling. She seemed to be going out of her mind. She was thrashing around, first pulling her hair, then pulling on her tits so hard, I thought they would come off. With come gushing out of her from both openings, the Harydons started to move again. The noise was deafening. The sloshing sound plus their roaring and her screams of pure pleasure was unbearable. They both pulled out of her with a loud PLOP, and she fell to the ground exhausted. The most contented cow I'd ever seen.

I thought now was the time to put an end to this mess. So I raised my laser and took aim at the nearest Harydon and started to squeeze the trigger. That's all I remember before coming to, hanging in the tree beside the girls, totally naked.

Looking around, I didn't see Jack anywhere. Maybe they thought I was alone and he had gone undetected. Then my eyes locked on Gloria's eyes.

"What in the hell are you doing here?" she said.

"I might ask you the same," I said.

"We had some sort of explosion on board and were forced to land here. Then those hairy bastards found us. We thought they were friendly."

"They usually are but when they want to they can take the hide right off your ass. I noticed that you weren't fighting very hard a little while ago."

Her face turned three different shades of red. I had never seen her embarrassed about anything she had ever done. I looked her up and down for the first time since I came to. She still had one hell of a body. Damn if it wasn't having an effect on me. I thought, "Miller you son-of-a bitch, you'd better think of something else!" Then I heard a noise.

Looking up I say another Harydon approaching. There was something familiar about this one. As it got closer, I knew why.

This Harydon happened to be the female of their species. Even though she was covered with fur, you could very plainly see the huge tits, with their two inch long nipples and down below the fur was parted to allow excess to her cunt. Which, it looked like you could stick your head up inside. To tell the truth, she definitely looked better that her male counterparts.

As it got closer, she looked up at me and let out a whine. Then started running up to me. Grabbing my legs, she started calling what seemed to be my name. "Radi, Radi", she whined. Then I knew I had been here before. I couldn't remember exactly when I had been here or seen her before.

I was snapped back to the present by something massaging up my dick. Looking down, I could see Shena, (that, I seem to remember, had to be her name) using her tongue on me. As I started to stiffen, she suddenly opened her mouth and swallowed me whole. Never in all my years, could I remember a blow-job that would even come close to comparing with this. "Hello Shena", I squeaked. She stopped and let my hard dick slide from her mouth. Looking at me with those big eyes, she said, "Randy remembers Shena?"

Gloria looked at me and screamed, "You son-of-a-bitch, don't tell me you know them."

"OK," I said, "I won't tell you I know them."

Then Shena roared something vulgar at me and a tongue snapped out from Shena, snapping Gloria on her ass. "OOOOHHHH!" she screamed. There on her ass was a long red welt.

"I suggest you be civil to me when she is around," I said.

With tears in her eyes, she nodded her head, "Yes."

Again, Shena roared, which must have been an order because the two males untied the three of us and led us away from the shuttle. After what seemed like forever, we came to a bluff. Below its over-hang, were rustic shelters. We were shoved through the door and it slammed behind us. Getting up, I went to Gloria's side to check her out. She was unhurt except for the red welt on her ass. As soon as I touched her, my cock immediately came to life. Seeing this she raised up on one elbow and reached for me. I got back to my feet, and saw the disappointment in her eyes as she said, "Would you rather have that hairy thing than me?"

Not saying anything, I moved to where Brenda lay on her back. I had never really looked at her up close before. I knelt close to her head to check her out for any injuries. I felt of her arms, her rib cage, then her legs, then rubbed her tits. Just then I felt her mouth close on my engorged cock. I was taken by surprise and didn't pull away. Her mouth became more demanding. The more I rubbed her tits, the bigger the nipples became. Her breathing became ragged and her hips rose off the floor. My hand slid down her stomach until it came to rest on her clit. I only had to keep my hand motionless because of the way her hips were moving, she was doing all the work. Very soon, her clit began to swell, and I knew she was about to come.

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