tagBDSMFinding Happiness Ch. 01

Finding Happiness Ch. 01


Northwest Hunters: Book Two: Finding Happiness: Chapter One


Junie Thomas had always been pathologically shy. Short and fat, she was painfully self-conscious. She avoided new places, new experiences and strangers at all costs. Divorced and with her children grown, her whole world consisted of her boring, lonely job and her hobbies. If it weren't for her computer, she would have never spoken to anyone. But there in the anonymous world of the internet, it had been easy to pretend to be someone else, someone bolder, more experienced... happier.

It was there in the internet that she had learned that her lifelong fantasies of ravishment, of being taken and controlled, forced to do all the things she craved, craved and feared, were not an impossible dream. She learned that there were people who lived this life, voluntary slaves to a Master who could make those dreams come true.

She had found a man in a chat room devoted to Masters and slaves, a man who courted her with promises and the illusion of strength. Perhaps it was the fact he lived too far away to really see that made it easy to play along, to pretend to be a slave, but this little taste of what could be only made Junie realize how much she wanted the real thing, a real Master.

In many ways she was indebted to Sir James. After all, he was the one that suggested she answer Bob and Donna's ad looking for a submissive woman to come serve them.


Northwest Hunters: Experienced Dominant 50 and wife 52, retired professionals, able to devote full time to the right sub. Him: 5'11" 200 lbs, light drinker, non smoker, SSC, honest, sarcastic, cruel, perfectionist, control freak, sick sense of humor. Her: tall, slender, switch, bi, loving, generous, strict, funny, bold, creative.

Looking for: Sister/slave/sub/pet/toy, age 35-50, large sized women welcome but must be fit and healthy, looks less important than brains. Must be single and willing to pursue a long term relationship and, if we prove to be compatible, willing to relocate. Good communication skills, honesty, no smoking, light drink, no illegal drugs. Must be bi or willing to engage in sexual activity with both male and female owners. Absolutely must be willing to completely submit mentally and physically to a Dominant and willing to respect the authority of his alpha sub.

For: Serving both a Master and a Mistress in bondage, spanking and other impact play, role play, name calling, forced masturbation, blindfolds, gags, erotic denial, hair pulling, rape fantasy games, forced oral, anal, toys.

Hard limits: sex with animals, blood, potty stuff (sorry, we will not piss or shit on anyone), liars, married people, nut cases, republicans.

Short term goal: Online relationship, exploring and getting to know each other, learning each other's needs and limits.

Long term goal: Live in 24/7 M/s relationship in our rural home. We are outdoors people, have dogs, travel several months a year. Must be willing to share in day to day household chores.

Junie had never thought in a million years that they would want her but at Sir James' urging, she had answered and now here she was, living a dream.

But if Sir James had done the right thing by encouraging her to pursue this dream, he had also betrayed her. He had shared her information with another man, someone who had

befriended him on the internet posing as a friend and a mentor, someone dangerous. This was a mistake that would have repercussions that threatened to tear apart Junie's life just when she was finally finding happiness.

Chapter 1: The Face of Evil

As usual, Junie woke early, once more stirred awake by Bob's hand cupping her breast, his fingers tugging insistently on her nipple. Silently she twisted in his arms and looked into his eyes. She smiled sleepily, stretched and arched against his hand. Bob warningly put his finger against her lips, cautioning her to be quiet and not disturb Donna still sleeping on the far side of the bed. Junie pressed her lips against it. He raised a brow teasingly and pinched her nipple, causing a tremor to course through her, a silent gasp parting her lips.

Junie's eyes widened in silent outrage, as he reached for her other nipple and pinched it even harder. Junie closed her eyes and took her lip between her teeth, forcing her body to go limp. Bob's eyes sparkled and he scooted down and took her nipple into his mouth, pulling and biting. Junie struggled to stay still, her breath coming in short sharp puffs, assailed by excitement as much as the lancing pain.

Finally he released her, laughing silently. He pushed her out of bed and scooted out behind her. Junie scurried into the bathroom and pushed the door shut after Bob followed her in. Her eyes were smoldering with excitement and frustration.

Junie stood with her back pressed against the door, watching as Bob peed. As he stood up, casually shaking off the last drops, he sighed in satisfaction. "Good morning, Junie."

"Good morning, Master." Junie's voice was soft.

As she took her turn on the toilet, she avoided his eyes and tried to focus on relaxing. Bob's voice was amused, "I kind of had you on the crux of a dilemma."

Junie whispered ruefully, "You did have me in a pinch there, both literally and figuratively. It was hard to be quiet and still, Master. I didn't want to wake up Mistress Donna."

"It was a delight to watch your face as you realized you were trapped and I was going to push you. Your beautiful eyes are such windows into your soul. I should forbid you ever closing them to me."

Junie's voice was thoughtful, "Master, that would be very difficult for me; sometimes looking into your eyes is overwhelming for me. My heart fills with emotion."

"I see it there. I see the lust, the pain and most of all your resolve to obey. It is most beautiful."

"Master, with your permission, I would make coffee."

"Yes, that would be good. Let's start our day. We will shower after Donna wakes up. She mentioned she likes it when you... attend her in the shower."

"Serving both of you brings great joy to me, my Master."

As she busied herself in the kitchen, Junie's mind spun back to the transformation her life had taken in just a short time. She could hardly believe that she was here, living with a Master and a Mistress who had demonstrated that they were willing to commit to her, take care of her. Junie's eyes filled with tears as she thought the last words, love her. Never in a million years when she had answered the personal ad from a couple looking for a submissive to serve them in their home, did she think that they would ever want her. But it had happened, and so quickly that it was almost too much to encompass.

Like Donna had said, it seemed like the world had conspired to force them to put aside their plan of a gradual and careful timetable of gaining familiarity and making commitments. Some of Junie's past mistakes as she hunted for a man to be her Master had come home to roost. Her online Master had given her personal information to someone who seemed very dangerous, and both Bob and Donna had taken Junie into their home to protect her. Junie shivered as she thought about how lucky she had been that they had had the foresight to do that. She had not been gone from home for even a day, when the man had broken into her apartment. He had been caught and the police had informed Junie that he was wanted for rape and attempted murder in Oregon.

The thought of him breaking into her tiny, perfectly ordered apartment made Junie feel sick. Her manager said he had destroyed almost all her belongings. At that thought, she felt her heart starting to pound, her mouth go dry. Speaking aloud to herself, she repeated Bob's instructions, "Don't worry about that. Master will tell me when to worry about that." She took a deep breath and forced her mind to simpler things, what to make for breakfast, what chores needed doing today. This was where she was happiest and found the most peace, taking care of Bob and Donna, cooking, cleaning and serving them.

Bob threw a thick yellow pad on the dining table. "Junie, while I brush out the dogs, I want you to write a list of the things that have been weighing on your mind. Write down all the things that you need to accomplish. You have done a good job of obeying me, but I can tell they still are bothering you. Just write down a list. I will look at it and later we will discuss priorities."

"Once the coffee is done, may I come sit on the deck with you while I write, Master?"

"I would like that."

Sitting down at the kitchen table as she waited for the coffee to finish brewing, Junie picked up a pen and began to write. She had quit her job at the school records department so she needed to drop by and sign some papers and get some things off her desk. Most important was the picture of her three children she kept on her desk. And then there was her car. The man that had broken into her apartment had also broken into her car the night before and left a very frightening calling card.

The memory was still clear in Junie's mind. She had been so caught up in the wild, excited anticipation of meeting Bob and Donna for the first time. She had on her favorite yellow dress, her hair and makeup perfect, her mind abuzz with a heady mixture of anxiety and impatience. And then she had seen her car, the driver's side window shattered into a billion glittering cubes, and then the things on the front seat, a knife stabbed deep into the upholstery, impaling a nude black and white photo of her through the very center where her legs hid her sex. She recognized the picture; it was one she had sent to her former Master. The shock was so sudden that she had staggered back, gasping. It was like the knife had stabbed into her own belly. It took a minute for the distinct, acrid smell of urine to penetrate her awareness and notice the wide wet stain on the fabric of the seat.

Junie shuddered and shook her head, trying to clear it of the memory. She wrote down that she needed to bring the knife and the picture to give the police. She still had it in the plastic bag she had used to pick it up with.

Bob and Donna had made her former Master, Sir James, promise to buy her a new car to replace the damaged one, but she needed to deal with her old one. She was still making payments on it so she needed to get it fixed and sell it.

Then there were all the little things that came with ending one life and starting another, change of addresses, bank branches, and largest of all, telling her three adult children that she was taking a new job, out of the city, as a housekeeper for a nice retired couple.

Junie already had the pad covered with small neat writing when she carried a big mug of steaming coffee out to Bob. He was vigorously brushing out the shining coat of Honey,

murmuring softly to her as she leaned against his leg, her eyes glowing in devotion.

Junie smiled softly as she looked at the pregnant golden retriever bitch, "She is starting to show a little, Master."

"Yes, one of the things I did yesterday was take her to the vet. He thinks it's going to be a big litter. He said she is doing great."

Junie looked over her list and made another note. "How many is big?"

"Hard to say for sure, but Golden Retrievers can have big litters, probably eight or nine. I hope not more than ten, it would be hard on her to carry that many and the risk of having complications go up, for both her and the puppies."

Bob finished brushing Honey and spoke firmly to her, "Enough for you. If you still want attention, go pester Junie." He gave Honey an affectionate pat and then shoved her away.

Junie called the bitch to her, "Honey, come. I will give you loving."

Honey eagerly laid her head in Junie's lap, pushing the notepad out of the way, her eyes soulfully looking up into Junie's. Junie giggled, "Oh you poor, poor thing. Never enough love in this world and soon you will be so busy with your babies. I bet you are a wonderful momma." Junie sat, watching as Bob efficiently combed out the other three golden retrievers.

As Junie rubbed the soft fur around Honey's ears, Bob asked, "How is your list coming along?"

"I have written down everything I can think of at the moment, Master. With your permission I would keep it and add to it if I think of anything more."

"Only if you understand that once it is on the list, you are not to spend any more time thinking about it until I decide."

"Yes, Master."

Bob made an exasperated growl. "I am getting sick and fucking tired of Master this, Master that, little of that goes a long fucking way."

"I am sorry Ma... um... I am sorry. How would you prefer I express my respect for you?"

"You can show your respect by your fucking actions; the tone of your voice, your posture, your facial expression, your attention to my needs, your obedience! I don't mind a Sir now and then and even a Master, if it seems appropriate. But this artificial insertion of Master into every fucking sentence is starting to drive me crazy." Bob's tone was plaintive by the time he reached the end of his rant.

Junie fought to keep from giggling. "Ma... um, okay... I will be able to do that. I think I will save Master for when I am most grateful for the lessons and gifts you give me, for that is when it feels the most natural."

"Thank god. Now go take a cup of coffee to your Mistress and wake her up. Tell her I want her to hustle her lazy ass into the shower. I think we will drive to the city and get some of the items on your list marked off."

"Yes, Sir." Junie jumped to her feet and trotted off before he could react.

Junie gently waved the coffee in front of Donna's nose, whispering a little sing song. "Wake up, wake up, you little sleepy head." When Donna's eyes blinked open, Junie put down the coffee cup and kissed her Mistress gently on the forehead. "I bring a message from our Master. He says for you to hustle your lazy ass into the shower. He wants to drive to Seattle this morning."

Donna laughed and reached up and pulled Junie down on top of her. In an instant she was on top of Junie, pinning her to the bed. It was not difficult, it did not even occur to Junie to resist. "My lazy ass?" Donna's hazel eyes sparkled as she looked down at Junie.

"His exact words, Ma'am."

Donna let go of Junie's hands and stayed sitting on top of her. Casually she reached for the coffee and took a big sip. "Mmm, good coffee! Thank you." Her eyes sparkled as she pulled up Junie's shirt and exposed her breast; she took the hot mug and slowly brought it down onto the tip of Junie's nipple. Junie stiffened and gasped as the heat shot through her. It did not burn. It did not even hurt, but it was intense and held all of her attention. The fact that the cup was filled with scalding coffee added to the tension, Junie knew if she moved, she was at risk of a lot more than a warm feeling.

"Ma'am, that feels wonderful. Perhaps you would like to do that again in the shower as I bathe you?"

"Are you trying to remind me that I have to take a shower?"

"It is not my place, Ma'am, to remind you of your duty. I can only remember my own."

"You are too damn good. What am I going to do with you?"

"Kiss me, beat me, make me cook you breakfast, Ma'am?"

Donna cracked up laughing. "Okay, okay you win. How is a brat like me going to ever compete with such a paragon of virtue?"

"I am sure you will find a few flaws in my perfection as you get to know me, Ma'am. And I have no wish to compete with you. I wish to serve you."

Donna gave Junie a frustrated look. "You are no fun to fight with. You never fight back." Her eyes took on an evil glint and she ran a finger nail up Junie's side and then suddenly attacked Junie's armpits.

Junie shrieked and convulsed under Donna. "Oh god! No! Stop!" Then she dissolved into paroxysms of hysterical giggles, her whole body bucking and twisting. "No, no, no, no! Please, oh god, please stop!" Not once did she try to escape or push Donna's hands away.

Bob's voice cut through the room. "I can see you girls are having fun."

Donna froze and Junie collapsed under her gasping for air, little giggles still leaking from her lips. Donna grinned, "Good Morning, Master. We were just going to take our shower."

"Enough of this fucking 'Master' bullshit! The next bitch that tries to force this Master label onto me is going to regret she ever heard the word! Now stop the horseplay and get your ass into the shower." Bob's voice was loud, but he did not sound particularly angry.

Donna wailed in mock terror and leaped from the bed. As she ran into the bathroom she yelled over her shoulder. "It is not my fault, Junie made me do it."

Junie pulled herself from the bed, her face flushed and sweaty. "Did not." Her voice was all little girl petulance, but her eyes sparkled.

Bob laughed. "Maybe not, but you loved every minute of it."

Junie scampered into the bathroom, giggling and nodding.

They hurried through their shower with Bob standing in the bathroom watching them indulgently, running an electric shaver over his face. "No more fucking around, you two. I have plans." After Junie was finished with washing Donna, he stepped into the shower and pushed Donna out. "My turn. Get dressed. Go make something to eat."

It was midmorning when they finally were on the road. It was surreal to think about going back to her apartment. In just a few days, the beautiful stone house on the lake, deep in the forest, had become home. But Junie knew she needed to face the damage, to get what few belongings that she could salvage. Her manager had said that the man had broken down her door and that they had to put in a whole new lock. Junie called her apartment manager's number to let her know that she was going to be there in awhile so she could get the new key to her apartment and talk to her about settling the lease.

Junie sighed and made a face. "Damn, I am not sure we can get in, my manager says that the police still have my apartment sealed with crime scene tape."

Bob pulled the SUV over and looked thoughtful. "Call that police detective Sangstrom, the one you spoke to before, and see if he can do anything."

It took a couple of calls, but eventually Junie got hold of a police woman that said she was working on the case with Detective Sangstrom. When Junie asked if there was any way she could get some of her personal belongings, Detective Funk said that the crime scene investigator had finished his report and had released the scene. She said she would meet them there to unseal the apartment and ask Junie some questions.

"Okay, we can go ahead. There is a new police person, a woman named Funk who will meet us there and let me in."

Bob pulled back onto the road. "Good, let's get this show on the road. Junie, do you have your list?"

"Yes, Sir."

"Put a star next to everything that you think you can get done today and read them off to me."

"Look at apartment, clean up mess, pack clothes, get sewing machine, talk to manager about moving out, take car to repair shop, talk to police, sign papers at work and clean out desk."

"Way, way too much. Let's not worry about your work today. And I think that you should not worry about cleaning too much, just enough to get what you need. We can maybe just call a tow company to get your car."


"I want you to sort out what you want to bring with you to the house. You won't need any household stuff, like dishes, linens, stuff like that. It would be just as easy to donate that stuff to charity."

Junie spoke up, her voice faltering a little. "I do have some family things, mostly dishes and a few collectibles, which I can't just give away. I will box them up and label them as to which of the kids should get them. I can take them over to my ex-husband's."

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