tagNovels and NovellasFinding Home Ch. 12

Finding Home Ch. 12


This is the last chapter of this story. Thank you all for your encouragement and feedback. I hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I did writing it.

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Jesus stroked her hair, his voice musing. "So what kind of punishment would be appropriate for an impertinent slut that has given us such a gift? I think that perhaps a simple spanking would be the best choice."

He sat up and crooked his finger at her. "Come here girl, you have been strident and crude. Lay over my lap and contemplate your errors." Cassy remembered the hard swat he had given her as he had carried her to the bedroom. She felt a delicious shiver of dread.

"This girl regrets that she spoke so discourteously. This girl accepts her punishment and craves to improve by it." She lay over his lap.

Jesus ran his fingers over her ass and then slowly stroked her soft skin. "Slut only you will know when you have truly learned your lesson. You will be the one who decides the extent of your punishment. I will only be the instrument. You must beg for each spank. You will know when you have had enough."

"Please Jesus, spank me. I need this."

His hand cracked down on her ass. Cassy felt the sharp sting lance through her. "More please." By the fifth the stinging and heat in her ass was continual. Gradually the force of the spanks were getting harder. She felt her whole body jerk, her flesh shuddering as his hand cracked down on her butt. "More please." By the tenth soft little yelps of pain were being forced from between her lips. At the fifteenth a sob broke from her lips and she cried out. "Wait, wait just a minute."

She realized that Nathan was laying close to her face. She blinked through her tears and smiled at him tremulously. "Hold my hands please." He nodded solemnly and took her hands in his.

She took some deep breaths. "Please five more just like the last one and then stop." She was wailing by the time he was finished. Nathan was gently kissing her face and she could feel Jesus's big hand warm and soothing stroking her aching ass cheeks.

She pulled herself up and kissed Jesus. She was startled to see tears on his face. He wrapped his arms around her and buried his face in her hair. She could feel him trembling. Nathan put his arms around the two of them.

"Don't be sad, Jesus. I really did need that. It had been too long since I have felt the discipline of a Masters hand. I needed to know how it would be for me now. I hated the way I was talking to you but I was so desperate and I couldn't figure other way to get you guys to listen."

"You probably will need to yell at me on a regular basis."

"Promise to give me this afterward."

"Oh I see your plan. This is a two edged sword."

"I will do anything to keep this wonderful feeling of being held like this."

Nathan stood up and shook his long white hair. He reached down and pulled on the pajama bottoms he had been wearing. "I don't know about you guys, but I am starving. I am going to throw something together to eat. There is no way I will compete with Momma but it will be hot and edible, marginally edible."

Jesus laughed, "I have eaten your cooking before." He shuddered dramatically.

Cassy mocked outrage. "Its not that bad."

Nathan looked at the two of them, a rueful smile on his face. "Thanks for that vote of confidence little one, I think."

Nathan boiled some pasta and opened a couple of jars of marinara sauce. He made a salad and apologized for not having any bread in the house. "I really was not expecting company or I would have had something better delivered."

"Like I said he is not a bad cook." Cassy the corner of her mouth trembled with a stifled giggle.

Jesus nodded. "Thank you for the not so bad food, Nathan. We were all hungry."

"What do you guys want me to do. Hire a cook?"

Cassy squealed in excitement. "I want Momma! Lets get Momma to come cook for us."

Jesus looked at her and shook his head. "Mia will never leave Cam. Never in a million years."

"If Cam comes to live here, Momma would come."

Nathan looked at Cassy with consternation. "How the hell are we supposed to fit all these people into this house?"

Cassy stopped and looked thoughtful. She tipped her head to one side and looked at Nathan through her lashes. "You have a bigger house."

Nathan inhaled sharply. She could see him struggle. "That place is so full of ghosts for me. I swore years ago I would never step inside of it again."

"The ghosts are still there, Nathan. Even if you don't ever live there we should go chase them out. They haunt you everyday. I really want Cam to be here with us. He has been part of this since way before I was. He loves you guys as much as I do."

Jesus stood up and moved to stand behind Nathan. "You know thats true. The Wookie is part of this, always watching, always teaching. He loved us before we even knew we loved each other. He was always the conductor in this little opera."

Cassy pushed back in her chair and began to clean off the table. Cleaning up after meals had always been her job. Nathan came up and whispered softly in her ear. "Jesus and I will clean up here. I want you to go downstairs and shower. I also want you to take an enema. Jesus and I have some creative ideas for some after dinner fun." His breath tickled her ear and he ran his hand over her ass. Cassy felt a rush of excitement.

"Could I make a quick phone call to the clinic. I should let them know I will not be back tonight and I want to talk to Cam a little."

"Going to check in with the puppet master little one?"

"Puppet master?"

"Yea we used to call him that when he started getting into hypnotism. He always seemed to be in the background pulling the strings."

"Puppet master or not. He pulled me out of the swirling shadows. And even if he hadn't, he has something about him. Something intense and he is so wise. I would have loved him no matter what."

"I feel the same. Call him. Report in. And then go get ready for some more fun."

"Yes sir."

Cassy got her phone from her pants and carefully pushed the buttons that would make it call Cam.

"Cassy, I am so glad you called. I haven't been able to do anything but pace around and wonder what the hell is going on up there all night."

"Its been epic."

"Epic, good?"

"These two are wonderful and together, oh my god, words fail me."

"You sound happy."

"They aren't done with me yet, so I have to go. Can't wait for my next surprise. But Cam can you do me a favor?"

"Anything for you."

"Could you come out tomorrow morning first thing. Bring us a nice big breakfast. We want to talk with you about something."

"I will be there."

"Cam, thank you. Thank you for everything. You have made me the happiest girl in the world and I think with your help its only going to get better."

Cassy quickly finished cleaning herself. She hated taking enema's but Nathan had insisted she learn to do this early in her training. He did not often want anal, preferring her cunt. But he had would occasionally use her ass during her period. He was very particular about her being clean back there during those times. She had not found it pleasurable but still felt the same happiness at being able to give him something he wanted.

As she stepped out of the shower and was drying off when Nathan came in. "You are taking your sweet time pretty slut."

"Sorry sir, I am ready now."

He wrapped his arms around her. "I love you little one. Come upstairs. We want you to come play some more." His hands were on her, caressing, demanding, as he followed her up the stairs and into his room.

Jesus was on the bed, grinning a lazy smile. "You found her I see."

"I think she was hiding from us."

"Come here pretty slut. Your training is sorely lacking. You must continue your lessons." He slid to the edge of the bed. Cassy slowly walked up to him. Jesus grabbed a handful of her hair and gently irresistibly forced her to her knees. "You are so pretty when you suck on cock. Give me some of that mouth pretty slut."

Cassy moved closer between his legs and began to lick the length of his shaft. She gently licked his balls, trying to get as much in her mouth as she could fit, sucking softly. She moved up and pulled back his foreskin and began to lick around the top of his glans and then slipped her whole mouth over him, her tongue circling around under his foreskin. She could feel his body tensing and quivering with each new sensation. She slid down the length of him taking as much as she could into her mouth and throat but she could not take him all. She felt Nathan's hands on her, his fingers on her face feeling the stretched lips and wide mouth. His chest against her back warming her, sheltering her. A soft groan of happiness bubbled up and vibrated against the flesh filling her mouth. Nathan's voice was soft in her ear. "Relax." and his hands helped her tip her head up as Jesus began to move against her. Cassy gagged and for the briefest instant felt the urge to struggle. Nathans hands on her were suddenly strong. "Relax, trust us."

Cassy shut her eyes and force herself to listen to the voice in her ear. She could feel Jesus's cock sliding deep into her throat. She could feel herself gagging but she struggled to press deeper on his hard cock rather than pulling away. He would slowly pull out and let her breathe. Nathan's voice was soft in her ear. "Good. Thats good. Let him fuck your throat." And she would feel him move into her, pressing deep. Cassy grabbed at his hips pulling him deeper, grunting and gagging, tears streaming down her face.

Jesus pulled from her mouth and lifted her, his mouth soft and gentle on hers. "Thank you little one." He tipped her over onto the bed and kept kissing her. Cassy could feel Nathan move up between her legs, his mouth spreading her cunt lips and gently taking her clit between his lips, his fingers probing deep and finding her g-spot. Cassy squealed against Jesus's mouth.

Jesus pulled away from her and she could see him put on a condom and lay over on his back. His perpetual grin was predatory. "Lube her up Nathan, get her nice and greasy."

Cassy could feel Nathan rubbing cool slippery liquid onto her cunt. Together they lifted her on top of Jesus. Cassy groaned in delight as she felt him fill her. She began to lift herself and slide down the wonder long shaft filling her, the pleasure forcing soft cries of delight each time she plunged down.

Cassy could not understand when he trapped her hips and held her still. She struggled to continue her movements, mindlessly seeking her pleasure. "Wait slut. Wait until Nathan is with us." His hands pulled her down to lay flat on his chest. Cassy could feel Nathan running his hands over her skin, spreading her ass cheeks. His fingers wet with lube worked their way into her ass, massaging and spreading. Jesus held her hips and ground against her from underneath. As Nathan pressed his cock into her, slowly moving into her ass. Cassy was groaning continuously, her senses overloaded with all the feeling of having both men filling her. As the began to move, perfectly in concert, as Nathan would push deep into her, Jesus would lunge up and grind against her cunt. Cassy began to tense and tremble, her groans changing to strangled screams as she began to come. One climax blending into the next, she convulsed in ecstasy. Still her orgasms built, never pausing, each one shaking her deeper, almost tearing her apart, her cries hoarse and loud in her ears.

The lunges of the cocks filling her were getting more frenzied and urgent. When both men lunged deep and came simultaneously, she was suddenly still and said in a soft voice, "Oh shit." It seemed like a bright light exploded in her head and she went limp in their arms.

Cassy became gradually aware of a soft cool cloth gently wiping her face and Nathan's voice softly calling her name. "Cassy wake up. Wake up for me."

Cassy stretched and softly hummed a question. "Hmm?"

She heard Jesus rumble softly, relief in his voice, "I told you she wasn't dead."

Cassy's eyes blinked open. "Dead?"

Jesus laughed. "He was accusing me of fucking you to death."

"I'm dead? Is this heaven? I feel heavenly. And I am surrounded by angels."

"OK, we didn't kill her but I think we might have fucked her brains out."

"You guys certainly have fucked me happy. That was crazy, I was totally out of control. When you guys both came at the same time, you blew my mind. I just want to sleep for while." Cassy snuggled up to the closest warm body and sighed.

It was deep in the night when a deep rumbling vibration shook her awake. She was snuggled tight up against Jesus and he was snoring loud. Cassy looked around the bed and noticed that Nathan was not there. Silently she crawled out of the bed and padded to the bathroom. Her legs and cunt felt stiff, her ass felt greasy and loose. She sighed, that was crazy. That had been was almost too intense, almost.

Cassy peed and then gently washed her cunt and ass. She wandered through the house wondering where Nathan had gone. He was asleep in his big leather with a blanket over him. She tucked the blanket a little closer and went downstairs to her room. As she snuggled down into her soft nest in her room she thought to herself that it would be a good idea for Jesus to have his own room, a nice big soundproof room.

Cassy woke to the familiar sound of Nathan working out with his weights. She stretched came to her door. He was still wearing the brown silk pajama bottoms. "Good morning sir, did you sleep well?"

"No, that guy snores like a freight train. Its worse now than ever. I woke up in that chair with the worst kink in my back. I thought I would come down here and try to work it out."

"Come lie down on a mat and let me give you a massage."

He smiled gratefully and lay down. Cassy knelt down by him. "I see you are wearing your jammies, sexy man."

"I got all dressed up for you."

"Where does it hurt?"

"Down low."

Cassy began to knead the muscles feeling the knots and tension there. He sighed and groaned in relief as she worked deep into the muscles. Cassy's voice was soft and neutral, "The gynecologist has given me a prescription for birth control pills."

"Good idea."

"At first I was scared if I came home to you that things would be the same. And I did not want that. Now everything is changing and I am scared about that. This is not going to be easy is it."

"You are not the only one that is scared little one."

"Its hard to describe. I like the way things are going but I think that sometimes I will need to know that what we had, what we have is still there. I remember when I first came here and I was almost paralyzed with confusion because I didn't know what you wanted. I was so terrified of doing something wrong, making mistakes, displeasing you. Sometimes now I feel that same confusion. I miss the rules. I miss knowing exactly what to do, exactly what to expect."

"And I miss being able to control everything. The power of that kind of control is seductive."

"I guess this that change Cam talked about. How is your back feeling."

"Better little one. Thank you."

"I am going to take a quick shower."

"Want some company?"

"I hate being alone."

Nathan and Cassy walked upstairs, both naked and drying off from their shower. Nathan headed into his room to get some clean clothes. Jesus was in the kitchen wearing only a pair of boxers gloating over a stack of aluminum foil covered dishes. "Look what the Wookie brought."

Cassy squealed, "Cam is here?"

"He's going out to his car to get more." He looked at her and looked thoughtful. "You OK little one? You kind of scared Nathan and me when you fainted like that."

"Then you should go more easy on me. I am, how you say, delightfully inexperienced. That was way over the top."

Jesus chuckled, "Yea, Nathan and I kind of perfected that move. We kind of have a sixth sense about each other. We can tell where the other guy is and hold off waiting for the other. Its fucking awesome to fuck you, watching Nathan, looking into his eyes. I can feel his cock moving in your ass. When I see him come and I feel myself come at the same time..." His voice cracked with emotion. He looked up at her, his eyes were filled with tears. "Thank you little one, thank you so much."

Cam came in through the door his hands full of bags. His eyes lit up at seeing Cassy. "Good morning pretty girl. I like the outfit."

Cassy helped him put the bags down on the counter and practically climbed up into his arms. "You have to protect me. These big idiots have been trying to fuck me to death."

Cam laughed and kissed her, "Poor girl. Maybe its how you are dressed. His hands stroked her back and then he reached down and squeezed her ass. It certainly has my mind dwelling on my more primitive urges."

Nathan walked in. He had changed into his normal day clothes. "Hey there. Something smells wonderful. Trade you the woman for breakfast."

"Sold to the fair haired man."

Cassy protested, "Hey, I am hungry too. My doctor has strict orders for me to eat regular meals."

Jesus chimed in. "Yes, feed the slut. She will need her strength."

Breakfast was wonderful. Cam had gotten Momma to make a big pan of home style hash browns with onions and peppers. The other two containers held scrambled eggs and sausages. Cam pulled out a bag of bagels, orange juice and some strawberries from the bags. Cassy ate and ate, filling her plate twice. "Oh my god I was so hungry. You have no idea how hard these guys have been working me."

Nathan looked slyly at Cam. "How much you pay Mia?"

Cam looked alarmed. "Don't even try. You don't have enough money. She is mine."

"Then I guess you will have to bring her with you when you come here. Cassy seems to think we should open up the big house and all live together. I think I agree."

"Here? I can't come here. I just got the clinic set up the way I like it." Cassy could hear the ambivalence in his voice.

"It wouldn't be that hard to do it again then would it. Just think about it, most of your practice is outpatient or over the internet. The few patients you have staying with you are your pet projects, most of them could manage just fine on their own at the clinic in the city. You could ride the Valkyrie to town a couple days a week."

Cassy climbed into his lap. "Cam please don't say no without thinking about it. Lets go look at the big house and see what its like. We have to chase out the ghosts anyway."


"Nathan says there are ghosts."

Nathan's voice was soft, "Every room is full of my mother and her fucking disappointments."

Jesus put his arm around Nathan. "Nathan, she is not in that big empty house. The only place she is anymore, is inside your head. Thats where the ghosts are. It was all her inability to understand the beauty that was you. She could only see the dreams she could not let go of. She never could see the wonderful person you were. She fed you that poison your whole life and then she died and left you in charge of your own pain. All you have to do is decide that she was wrong, reject that bullshit."

Nathan turned to Jesus and wrapped his arms around him burying his head in the broad chest. A soft strangled sob shook him. Cassy flew from Cam's arms and wrapped her arms around the two men. Cam stood close and put his hand on Nathan's shoulder.

After a long time Nathan pulled his face away from Jesus and wiped the tears from his face. "I loved her so much."

Cam answered, "Of course you did, you still do. You can still love her and disagree with what she did."

Nathan breathed a deep shaky sigh. "Come on, you guys get dressed. Lets go look at the place. I am sure I have the keys somewhere around here."

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