tagNonHumanFinding Love

Finding Love


A big thank you to my editor P.A. Solcrofft.

This is a copyrighted work of fiction by the author durablue. All rights reserved.


Chapter 1

The young woman stood at the ponds edge, staring at the rippling waters. Old gnarled Oak trees surround her, the leaves blowing gently in the breeze. The cool shade offered respite from the heat of summer. Running a hand though her long, dark auburn hair she sighed deeply. Turning emerald green eyes to the magnificent glory of the mountains off in the distance, she dreamed of freedom... freedom from her life and freedom from her village.

Each village had five Elders that served the Alpha Leader of their wolf pack. The humans called them werewolves and accepted them, after much governmental debate and racism, into their society fifty years ago. Through the years some things had changed, both in society and pack life, while others remained the same. However, the treatment of females had not changed, at least in her pack. Women were second-class citizens.

And in two days it was her birthday.

Finally she would be twenty-one, a woman, according to the village Elders. Taking a deep breath, she glanced at the pond once more, yearning to dive into its inviting waters, to lose herself in one of her favorite pastimes. The only real pleasure she had now was her joy of water, her love of swimming. This was the only place she could find peace; a brief moment that wasn't filled with plots, threats, and plans for the future.

"Two more days," Ivy mumbled to an irate mocking bird, "just two more day and I am a woman, god help me."

Her father, a village Elder, had arranged her marriage a week ago to Zan O'Shay. Even though Ivy told her father several times she didn't want to marry Zan-she wanted to choose her own mate-her father refused to listen. Over and over he kept repeating, like a broken record, that she'd accept the choice he'd made for her, settle down and raise a family.

And of all the men her father could have chosen, he picked the most lecherous male of the village. The same heated argument had been going on for several days with neither side giving an inch, and things were coming to a head... a very dangerous, explosive head.

"Dad, you're not listening to me," Ivy said, her fists clenched at her side during one of their many arguments. "I don't want to marry Zan. I want the right to choose my mate. I want to spend time with him, learn his likes and dislikes... I want to fall in love! I want to experience what life has to offer outside this village, too. Why can't you understand I want more out of life?"

"Who has been putting these far-fetched idea's in your head?" Ivy's father, Dolmas, demanded. "You're job is to mate, have a couple of cubs and make your husband's life as comfortable as possible. And Zan's father is second only in power to our Alpha."

"What bullshit," Ivy said, losing her temper at her father's description of her life should be like. "I'm not interested in being someone's maid, damn it. I've heard how Zan treats the woman he dates! He treats them little better than slaves! "

"You will marry, and marry whoever I choose for you. End of discussion."

"No, I won't," Ivy said slowly, the angered building. "You can't force me to marry!"

Without warning her father's hand lashed out, connecting with Ivy's cheek. The force of the blow spun her around, and sent her crashing into the nearest table, breaking it. Pain rushed through her slender body, competing against the pounding ache in her cheek, vying for her attention. Crumpled on the floor Ivy slowly raised her hand to her throbbing cheek, eyes wide, stunned that her father hit her... had actually hit her.

The only sounds in the room were her father's harsh, angry breathing, and Ivy's pounding heart. A small sob broke the frozen silence, drawing their attention. Looking over, Ivy's heart twisted as her mom hurried back into the kitchen, clutching the apron to her face, never saying a word. Tears gathered in Ivy's eyes as she watched her mom flee, leaving Ivy with the man that had just done the unforgivable.

"Wanna bet?" he snarled. "Plans have been made, and this marriage will improve my standing in the village. Might as well get some use out of you."

Reality crashed in as Ivy understood that her father meant business. Staring at him, determined not to let the tears spill over, Ivy hardened her heart. Dolmas' harshness toward her extended back far into her early childhood, as far back as she could remember. No matter how hard Ivy tried, she never measured up. He was always trying to break her carefree spirit, but this... this went far beyond what Ivy could cope with.

Ivy had no memory of kind, loving words from her father. Once she got older she was aware that she was being watched closely by either her father or her brothers. She had no close friends... male or female. She never realized how much her father disliked her until now, never understood how deep his contempt for her went, and she had no idea why. Her father considered her a commodity, something he could use to better himself in his own village.

"I won't do this," Ivy said, her voice hoarse. "I won't let you destroy my life."

"Oh yeah, yeah you will do this..." Dolmas replied, "or else."

Several days ago her father threatened to hand her over to the village monks until her birthday, something that Ivy was desperate to avoid. Over the years a few young men and women of their village had been sent there as punishment. There were rumors that the monks enforced their rules by way of whips, chains, starvation... and other, more unspeakable, methods.

Those that had been sent to the monks for "behavioral" reasons, returned different. Broken was the word that came to mind, both mentally and physically. They reminded Ivy of abused animals; empty shells that did what they were told, and cowered in fear.

Tired of such depressing thought, Ivy checked her watch. She knew she had to return home before her father sent one of her brothers to look for her. With a last lingering look at the pond, she turned back to the path that would return her to the village. As she neared her home, her father stopped her.

"Where have you been?"

"I went to the pond for a while," Ivy said, refusing to make eye contact.

"Have you packed your belonging like you were told?"

"No yet."

"Still you defy me. Since you refuse to accept your place, you will be restricted to your room, and your mother will bring you bread and water for meals until your birthday," her father said. "Let's see if that makes an impression on you."

"Are you kidding me? All this because I haven't packed yet?" Ivy asked, horrified. "This isn't the middle ages! You can't do this!"

"I am the head of the family, girl. I can do anything I want and no one can or will stop me," Ivy's father said, his eyes cold. "In the mean time, your mother will be picking up the slack. This means she will be working harder than usual since you will be here in your room, so you might want to think on that."

Two of Ivy's older brothers silently approached and grabbed Ivy by her arms.

"Caleb, please... don't," Ivy whispered to her brother. "This is wrong! Can't you see that this is wrong?"

"You should have listened," Caleb said, untouched by the desperation in Ivy's eyes.

"No, please," Ivy cried out as her other brother, Kern, jerked her head back. "Oh god, please... stop!"

"You need a strong mate to show you who the boss is," Kern snarled.

Kern's words were the very reason why Ivy fought against marrying someone from their pack. The men treated their woman like dirt, and Ivy was determined to avoid that fate at all costs.

"Take her to her room," Dolmas said.

Her brothers' man-handled Ivy, leaving red marks that would bruise later as they dragged Ivy back up the stairs to her room. Ivy struggled, trying to break their grip but didn't have the strength. Both brothers were big muscular men that, like their father, didn't think twice abusing someone smaller than them. Ivy took after her mom, smaller than average in height, with a lean, curvy build. Her brothers' shoved her into her room as her father stood at the door.

"Two days, then you'll be Zan's problem," Dolmas said, the satisfaction in his voice plain to hear.

Ivy stumbled over to the small bed and collapsed. Tears fell as she struggled to find a way to stop what her father planned. The more she cried, the stronger her anger grew. Ivy knew who Zan was and couldn't imagine a worse possible male for a mate. Arrogant and cruel, he had a reputation in the village of being a womanizer, and even darker rumors flew that he liked to hurt his partners. Ivy knew that some people got off on pain, but the rumors were that Zan like woman who did not enjoy that type of lifestyle, who truly feared him. Ivy vowed she'd run before being mated to one such as him.

"I won't," she mumbled, wiping the tears away. "I won't marry that sadist."

Emotionally spent Ivy stripped off her clothes and slipped on her nightgown. The light gauzy material of the sleeveless gown caressed her body and fell to her knees. Pulling the thin sheet over her tired body, she tossed and turned.

Her stomach growled faintly and Ivy remembered she would be eating only bread and water until... god, she didn't want to think about it anymore. Curling up into a fetal position she tried to empty her mind. There was nothing she could do about the hunger pains that racked her but try to get to sleep before they got worse.

Finally she drifted off...

Running swiftly she raced through the forest, the night warm and welcoming. Laughter spilled from her lips as she ran, feeling the wolf in her yearning to be let loose. The starry sky and full moon lit the way, showing the path that would take Ivy to her favorite place... her pond.

As she neared it, another scent rose in the air and snagged Ivy's wolf attention. Slowing to a walk, Ivy struggled to understand what her wolf smelled that excited her so much. Desire pebbled Ivy's skin as her nipples hardened.

"What..." Ivy moaned as her body reacted, "is that scent?"

Not far away another raced through the woods. A siren's call, sweet and tempting, thrummed through his body. His sleep was disturbed by images of a woman, a flame haired beauty that called to him. His wolf tugged at the chain that bound him, wanting, needing to find her. Finally the man gave in to his wolf, something that he didn't allow to happen often.

Nearby a twig snapped and Ivy swung around. Moving out of the woods was the biggest wolf she had ever seen. His silky coat was coal black. The slight tangy scent of werewolf floated to Ivy, making the wolf inside her howl with desire. He was magnificent; everything about him shouted power and authority. Bright yellow eyes followed Ivy as her hand crept to her throat.

"Oh dear god," Ivy whispered, fear and desire swirling though her.

The air around the wolf shimmered and a bright light blinded Ivy for a moment. When her eyes cleared, there stood a man... a very naked man. His hair was a black river of silk that fell to his shoulders. Large sky blue eyes stared at her from a strong, sure face that had a dent in his chin. He was tall, well over average height even for their kind, and towered above Ivy.

A board chest, lightly covered with dark hair, tapered into a small waist, and powerful thighs. He was dark, sexy and powerful, everything that appealed to Ivy's wolf. He had all the traits of an Alpha. But what had Ivy struggling to breath was that long, hard dick that stood straight up against his stomach.

Desire took a backseat as fear flooded Ivy.

"I won't hurt you," he said, his deep voice striking a cord with Ivy's wolf, "my flamed haired beauty."

Moonlight broke through the trees, turning the thin gown Ivy wore sheer.

"So beautiful," he whispered, stepping closer, drawn by the scent of the woman in front of him. "So perfect."

Her small perky breast set high on her chest. Licking his lips, he imagined her hard dark nipples, which showed clearly through the gown, rubbing against his chest. Her waist was so small, but her hips flared out perfectly. He could make out the small strip of hair that led to her womanhood.

His eyes drank in long, long legs that reached to her neck and dear god... even her feet were sexy. But her face, her face was perfection. Big emerald eyes that slanted slightly, a small nose that tilted up, and heaven help him... those lips were sinful. Such kissable lips that drew his attention and weaved fantasies' about how they would look wrapped around his throbbing dick.

"Who-who are you?" Ivy asked, frozen to the spot.

"You know who I am," he said. "Ask your wolf. She knows exactly who I am."

One lone word pounded in Ivy's mind... mate, mate, mate!

Before Ivy could grasp the message her wolf was screaming at her, he grasped Ivy's chin and ran his thumb over her lips. Confused by this dream that was entirely too real, Ivy melted into his body when he touched her. Trembling, she opened her mouth as his thumb caressed her soft lips, then ventured inside. Ivy ran her tongue around his thumb and watched as his eyes flashed yellow for a second, then turn back blue, as he took a deep breath.

"Jesus, those lips of your would drive a saint to drink," he mumbled.

Leaning closer, he watched as her eyelids fluttered closed as his lips touched hers, coaxing them to open for him. Moaning slightly, she wrapped her arms around him, pressing her body close. One of his hands twisted in her hair, holding her head still while the other had drifted to her ass.

Oh yeah, he thought, that's perfect too. Small and tight, but so soft.

His tongue explored her mouth, tasting her sweetness. Growling deep in his chest, his lips slanted over hers again and again. Barely releasing her mouth, he pulled the sweat soaked gown away from her body. He took her hand and placed it on his shaft.

"See what you do to me?" he asked.

"I've never-I've never-"

"Never touched a man like this?" he asked, shocked. "Never?"

"My father kept a close eye on me; if he caught me doing stuff... Do you have any idea what he would have...? It wasn't worth the danger of getting caught!"

"Sweetheart, are you telling me you're still a virgin?"

"Yes," Ivy said, a blush tinting her pale skin.

"My sweet, sweet innocent," he said quietly. "This changes things completely."

"What...? I don't understand-"

"I can't make love to you now, not if you're a virgin. But I can still give you pleasure."

"What... do you mean?"

He stared at her in shock. "Has no man ever touched you?"

"No. My father would have-I know now that he would have... I was never left alone."

"What are you..." he trailed off, trying to rein himself back from the think edge of violence her word evoked. Had her father beat her? "Have you ever had an orgasm?"

Oh my fucking hell, he thought, no other but me has touched her!

"I-I-I have made myself cum, yeah."

"Oh, my beauty. Will you trust me?"

"I-I... yeah. I trust you."

"Lie down on the grass," he said. "I'm going to make you cum, show you what your body was made for, but I won't take your virginity. Oh god, I want your juices all over my hands."

Desire swamped Ivy's body at his words, and she threw caution to the wind. He was the perfect male, the image she held in her mind of a perfect mate. No hands but her own had ever touched her body and she wanted, no needed... Hell, she had to know if it was as good as she had heard.

Ivy shivered, the command in his voice fanning the flames of her desire. Gingerly she lay down on the soft grass, her body shaking with desire, her mind confused by her reaction to this unknown man. Her wolf, on the other hand, knew exactly what she wanted. Ivy lay down and watched as he moved his powerful body next to her.

"So good." He growled against her mouth, his lips moving down the column of her throat.

A small nip was the only warning she had before he started to suck lightly at the base of her neck. The other hand drifted down her chest to caress a small, hard nipple. His soft lips moved to suck on the dark nub, lavishing attention to it until it was hard and aching.

The roughness of his whiskers made her groan softly as he alternated between her nipples, making both highly sensitive from his mouth. His rough, callous hands smoothed over her legs, encouraging them to spread them wider as leaned over her, touching his lips to hers again.

"Oh, oh... lord, oh god, I-I-I..." she moaned.

"Shh, it's okay," he whispered. "Open to me."

Knees bent, both feet placed flat on the ground, Ivy let her legs fall open. A harsh groan told her exactly how much he liked that. He settled between her smooth thighs, staring at the most private part of her. Trembling slightly, her body tightened as he leaned down, and breathed deeply. Her scent was intoxicating, and already her clit was stiff and swollen.

His fingered brushed across it lightly causing Ivy to jump and moan loudly. She was wet for him and god she was smelled delicious. He watched her head thrash back and forth, that sexy deep red hair of hers whipping across her face as he eased one finger into her cunt, feeling the heat and tightness clasp a hold of his finger. His wolf howled at the sensation. Gently he moved his finger in and out while his thumb worked her clit. She was shaking and desperate sounds poured from her throat as he added another finger.

"Play with you nipples for me," he rasped, watching her give over to her desire.

Her hands rubbed her tits, then latched onto the hard nipples that stuck up proudly. As she rolled both nipples, he fingered her cunt gently. His fingers brushed against the hymen that proved her virginity. It took all his will power not to bury his face in her cunt, but he knew she wasn't ready for that yet. But, oh god... soon, soon he would have her taste in his mouth and down his throat.

"Not yet... don't come yet." He voice was a low rumble.

Giving in to his sexual dominance, she relaxed, amazed at how much she trusted him, how much her wolf trusted this stranger. But he didn't feel like a stranger, he felt... right. Ivy knew he wouldn't hurt her. A surge of pleasure shot through her as she found that she like his dominance.

His cock ached from pent up desire. As he watched, her pleasure overwhelmed her and her body stiffened as she came. The small scream that broke from her made his wolf snarl in victory. His eyes lightened to bright yellow as his wolf demanded him to bite her, mark her, claim her as him. It took all he had, all he possessed, to wrestle his wolf back under control.

"So responsive to me, so fucking beautiful," he groaned, amazed at her.

"Oh my god, that was, that was..." Ivy gasped as her body shook, the aftermath of her orgasm nearly robbing her of breath. Her eyes focused on his jutting dick. "Oh lord, you-you didn't..."

"No, I didn't. But I'm going to teach you how to please me, too."

"But, I've never-"

"I know. We'll take it slow, my sweet. Kiss me first."

This time the kiss was harder, hotter, and much more aggressive. Pulling her with him, he lay back against the soft grass. Unsure and a little afraid, she ran a finger up his erection, watching it jump.

"God, it's so hard, so warm."

He locked his hands behind his head. Her light touch was driving him crazy, and he knew that if he got his hands on her, virgin or not, she would be under him in a heartbeat... while his damn wolf suggested hands and knees as a possible position. God.

"Wrap your hand around me," he said, his voice full of gravel.

Wrapped her hand around his length she began to pump him. Precum dripped from the top of his cock, wetting his shaft. Curious, she leaned down and tongued his erection, gently nuzzling up the length of him, and he nearly lost it right there, unable to believe she'd do that since she was so inexperienced.

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