tagNonHumanFinding Meridian Ch. 11

Finding Meridian Ch. 11


She just stared at him. "What happens if I stay?"

Drake slid down her body and started licking her slit. Trinity whined. "Drake, that's sweet of you but I've never been able to have an orgasm."

"You will today." Drake used his fingers to spread her thin blonde hair until he saw her clit. He pulled the hood back a bit. "Look at me sunshine." Trinity let out a whimper. "I'm going to show you what ancient vampires can do. You are not leaving this room without coming. I want to hear you scream my name. I'm giving you the first of many then I want you screaming my name."

He licked and lightly bit the inside of her thighs. He pushed her legs up, "Legs up sunshine. I cannot believe no man has ever made you come. Do you come with a vibrator? Can you make yourself come?"

Trinity was in shock and not answering. Drake licked up her slit again hitting her clit with his tongue. Trinity whimpered. "Answer me sunshine!" Drake said in a demanding tone.

"Never. I've never had one through sex or any other way."

Drake smiled, "Get ready sunshine. I'm going to make sure you come." Drake slid a finger in her and Trinity whined as her head went back. "Trinity I need you to look at me. I need to see your face when you come." Drake propped her up on pillows so she could see everything he was doing. He took his time slowly licking her in a figure eight around her clit. He slowly slid a finger in and out of her tight slit.

Drake lightly sucked on her clit. He slid another finger in her. As he slid them in her he curled them forward to find her g-spot. "Drake, don't get me wrong it feels good but...uh...uh."

Drake moved his mouth off her clit and slid up her body sucking on her nipples. He cupped her breast as he sucked on her nipple. He became rougher as he pumped his fingers in and out of her hitting her g-spot and hitting her clit with his thumb. "Look at me. Trinity, look at me. I want to see you come."

He could tell she was getting close. He thrust his fingers in hitting her g-spot and clit roughly as he pinched her nipple. "Drake!"

"Keep looking at me. That's my girl. Come for me." He slid down and started sucking on her clit while still hitting her g-spot. She dug her hands in his hair as she screamed his name. Her muscles clamped down around his fingers and she kept screaming. She finally started coming down and Drake moved up her body to hold her.

Alex ran in thinking Trinity heard screaming in Drakes room and ran in.

"Alex, everything is fine. Sorry about the noise." Trinity was turning bright red. Drake had thrown the covers over her.

"Please tell me Drake has succeeded where no other man has?"

"Alex!" Trinity was for once becoming embarrassed.

"She had her first of many. So now if you'll give us some alone time." Drake started sliding his hands under the shirt.

"Enough said." Alex smiled and left.

Trinity looked at Drake, "Wow! So that's what that feels like."

Drake just laughed.

"I need to go brush my teeth and I'll be right back." She put on his shirt and went to her room.


Trinity ran out of the room after putting on the shirt. She entered her room quickly cleaning up. She put on an ancient satin oriental gown that had slit all the way to the hips and no sleeves. Then she felt the hairs on her neck stand up. Someone was in the room with her. She grabbed the switchblade out of the pocket of a jacket in the closet.

Telepathically she tried connecting to her sisters, they were unsure if this worked or not. They had never practiced. She hit the silent alarm button. "Meridian, Alex Code Red!"

A man jumped out from the behind the clothes to grab her and she could smell the chlorophorm as he brought it close to her. She dodged it but it did make her slightly woozy and off balance. She grabbed the switchblade tighter while holding her breath and cut him.

"Bitch!" Jamison said as he pulled back and she ran into the other room.

Trinity hid the alarm in her room. Drake threw on some pants when he heard the alarm and saw flashing lights.

Meridian grabbed her gun from her bag and ran down the hall to Trinity's room.

Trinity bounced off the bed swinging around the canopy bed like a gymnast and landed on the table grabbing the rare samurai sword off the wall.

"Meridian, you are going to die here and now!"

Trinity posed for attack on top of the table. "My name is Trinity. Leave now or die!"

Jamison was shocked when he saw Meridian, Alex, Marcus, Drake, Logan and Connor run in the room just as Trinity flipped from the table. The flash of gun fire went off. "Fuck you bitch!" As she flipped towards him he caught her off balance and swiftly pulled a pair of handcuffs locking her to the bed post. She managed to cut him but was hit with the bullet from his gun in the shoulder. A flash of fire also flew across the room hitting Jamison. Meridian's shot hit him in the head.

His collapsed to the floor dead.

Trinity became alarmingly silent. Alex ran and hugged her. Tarrin ran into the room grabbing the fire extinguisher from the corner putting out Jamison's burning body.

Drake was running his hands over her. "Sunshine, you're bleeding. He clipped your shoulder." Connor threw towels to Drake as he applied pressure to the shoulder wound.

He pulled her gown over to look at her shoulder. Trinity let off a blood chilling scream and began to freak out. She was pulling violently at the handcuff to remove it from her hand. She was pulling so hard her wrist began to bleed. Her eyes were full of extreme fear and terror.

"Alex we need a doctor. Why is she screaming like that?" Drake looked confused.

"I already called him and he is on his way. A memory became unblocked. Drake please hold her even if she struggles. I need to put the block back."

"Trinity this is your sister Alex you will relax. I am going to count backwards from 10 and when you reach one you will be completely relaxed. 10...9...8...7...6...5...4...3...2...1 Now you are completely relaxed there is nothing to be afraid of. You will see a door in front of you that has nightmares inside. They are just nightmares. I need you to walk up to the door close it and lock it. Can you do that Trinity?"

"I just closed and locked the door."

"Any fragments you may remember are only pieces of bad dreams. They will slowly fade just as a dream does until you forget. After I count forwards from 1 to 10 you will be tired after this and sleep for an hour. Afterwards you will wake up refreshed and renewed not remembering the bad nightmare. 1...2...3...4...5...6...7...8...9...10. You are now sleepy but relaxed and will sleep for about an hour."

Drake picked her up and tucked her in his bed.

Marcus ran his hand through his hair. "I'm thinking full disclosure is going to need to be really soon because I'm getting confused at what the hell just happened. Don't get me wrong. I get Meridian's dead ex here but swords, guns and fireballs and then what happened with Trinity"

Alex looked at Marcus, "We'll go over it after the doctor takes care of Trinity. I have to call Jacob."

Drake looked at Alex, "Who is Jacob?"

Alex looked at everyone, "Ok, Jacob runs the local funeral home and crematorium so he cleans up any messes we end up with. Yeah, I'll call him now. He'll send in a crew. I'll move her room."

Drake cut in, "Just put her in mine."

Marcus scowled, "She needs her own room. Drake we need to talk."

Ten minutes later the doctor arrived and worked on Trinity while Marcus and Drake went to talk.


The doctor was cleaning up Trinity in Drake's room while Marcus and Drake talked in the hallway.

"Drake, Damon ran both Alex and Trinity and it is best if you keep your distance from Trinity." Marcus ran his hand through his hair knowing this would not go over well.

"Why the hell do I have to keep my distance from her? I adore her, I was thinking..." Marcus cut him off.

"Trinity was married and he sold her off to a Japanese man as a slave. You cannot have her, she belongs to someone else. Even if he gives her up it's highly possible you would be shunned in the Vampire world for choosing such a mate. You would be an outcast."

"Marcus, you make the god damn rules then change them. I've never felt like this for someone."

"Drake, I'll have to think about it. Trinity was and will always be regarded as a slave and a whore. She is inferior and unqualified to be anyone's mate. He was very well known and her association with him makes her considered a high priced very used slave." Marcus said everything not realizing that Trinity heard it in her light sleep. The doctor stitched her up and kissed her on the forehead.

"You will find a man who is worthy of you." Then he left.

"Well that changes things. I can't have a whore for a mate much less a mistress." On the other side of the door Trinity's heart became cold. Tears spilled down her cheeks while she slept.


Trinity walked back and forth in front of the bed thinking. Drake walked into the room an hour later and was emotionally cold to her.

"Couldn't you have made a mess in another room?" Drake snapped at her.

"Housecleaning will be in shortly and clean it up." She turned and left the room.

Someone started moving her stuff into his room when he stopped them. "It's best if she has her own room."

Trinity looked at Drake then housekeeping, "Just wait for me in the hallway and I'll direct you."

"Trinity, I just think maybe..." Drake was cut off.

Trinity was trying to hold back tears but lost it. She responded with eyes full of sorrow as the tears streaked down her face. "I heard it all. Maybe get the whole story before you judge someone. Alex blocked out the memories but there are things I know. I know I married the man I loved and was a virgin. I know the drugs turned him into someone else. I know that other than you I've never let another man touch me. Thanks for earlier. It was nice to have met you." Tears started going down her face and Trinity gritted her teeth while walking into the hallway.

"Trinity, I..." Drake noticed she was already gone. Drake rested his head in his hands. Shit!


Trinity walked into the hallway to talk to housekeeping. She hurried and wiped her tears.

Meridian walked up to her, "When you finish, meet us in the library so we can do the full disclosure thing and go over the plan."

"It's going to take me a few minutes, start without me? I'll be in when I finish." Trinity seemed cold and distant.

Meridian looked at her noticing her face wasn't her normally cheery self, "Is something wrong?"

"Nothing other than getting shot. Just go deal with details." Trinity did her best to keep a blank face.

"OK," see you in a few minutes. Meridian shook her head feeling something was wrong.


Trinity looked at housekeeping. "Can you help me carry this down to my vehicle?"

"Of course."

Trinity walked into the garage and grabbed the keys to the Hummer. It was an odd feeling; she hadn't touched the hummer since his death. She flicked the alarm button and opened the vehicle. She handed the guy money as he loaded it. "Thank you."

"No problem, miss? Did you need anything else? Are you ok?"

"I will be fine. Actually, yes I would like a favor from you." She wrote out a note and sealed it in an envelope for Alex. "My sister Alex, just like me but dark hair, can you give it to her when they come out of their meeting?"

"Of course."

She kissed the man on the cheek as he opened the door and she got in the vehicle and left the estate.


Alex began the meeting. "We will show good faith by me explaining our powers. We all have telepathy, premonitions and a 3rd gift. I have pyrokinesis... a fire starter. We've found out our Meridian here has telekinesis...she moves things with her mind. Trinity is a hybrid. I call her a trancer; years ago she was referred to as a siren. She hypnotizes with her voice. People feel the urge to do what she suggests and she can talk people down from situations but it has taken years of work and there are a few who have resistance to it. She wouldn't have been shot today if he wasn't slightly immune to it."

"There are prophecies of the Triadic. Many cultures had many different names and different prophecies. The one that makes the most sense is the Indo-European theory. It is the belief that the three are "spinners" of destiny, the idea that they weave destiny. From the little we have found we believe we are able to spin or weave destiny. Inherently changing it."

"As far as powers, Trinity has obviously felt her power is more sedate hence the sword fighting. Is she coming in soon?"

There was a knock at the door. "Excuse me Miss Henderson but your sister left and told me to wait until you finished your meeting to give you this note but she seemed upset. I'm sorry if I interrupted but I was concerned she left in the Hummer." Drake started feeling horrible about how he treated her and what she heard him say.

"No, Thank you, for bringing it in."

Dear Alex and Meridian,

Sorry about everything. I'm pretty damn useless when it comes to this shit anyways so I'm going to force myself to take care of the warehouse. Alex, I am aware the block may drop with the trauma but maybe if I completely break, it will be over. Alex can explain it to you Meridian. It is time for me to take care of the past. I am sorry my presence has disgraced Marcus, Logan and Drake.

Alex and Meridian, Marcus did backgrounds on us and I've been labeled a whore slave who is unqualified and inferior to be anyone's mate. I love you guys but I have gone through so much and to be treated like I have leprosy is something I can't handle. We'll figure out training and such soon but we can easily do it remotely.


"Trinity's moved her stuff out." Alex tried to act undisturbed by the letter. "Why don't we take a break?" Alex motioned for Meridian. "We need to talk outside."


"We need to get this over with to go check on her. She went to her dead husband's warehouse to stay. I want to just cancel this right here and now and go get her. If her block comes down again I don't know what will happen."

"Give me the skinny! I want to know so we can decide." Meridian was becoming nervous.

"Ok the skinny is Trinity married a dude she loved from high school. First lover thing and he very rich, more than anyone knew. The playboy, mega rich guy with a prince title, fell in love with Trinity. They got married. He kept going out for Treasure Expeditions. She started to notice his attitude was changing. He started doing drugs. He became a sadist and beat the shit out of her. She loved him, thought she could save him. He started drugs to try to get through it. Things went bad. I hadn't seen her in weeks. I took the spare keys to the warehouse to check on her and he had her chained and beaten in the basement. She almost died. The drugs spurred on schizophrenia in him and he lost it completely but not before he auctioned her off as a sex slave."

"If it wasn't for a business associate of mine in the lifestyle, I would have lost her. I had him buy her. The name on ownership is actually mine. I set up a mental block to block all the horrific memories that might surface but as you can see it can break down. She still has some memories."

"My friend in Japan took her in. He never touched her. He said she was the student and daughter he always wanted. She had surgery after surgery to heal the scars from the beatings. We told her it was a car wreck in the beginning. He taught her how to use the sword. She lived with him. He helped her built her business there. He felt like he had to have his "daughter" as he called her fully trained so no man could ever do that to her ever again. Blocking the memories was the only option. We tried therapy and she was completely unresponsive. With the block we get back the majority of the original Trinity. Her husband was mysteriously killed in a home invasion shortly after my associate started taking care of her. I have no doubts it was her benefactor who handled it. Marcus and Drake said something about it and she overheard. I want them to tell you."


Meridian called everyone into the Library.

"Alex and I are taking off. Something has upset Trinity and we're worried." Meridian was playing stupid.

Drake just scowled and looked away.

Meridian sensed something from Marcus, "What is it Marcus? You are not telling me something?!"

"She's going back to her dead husband's warehouse to live because someone did something. Said something!" Alex looked furious, "You're grown men talk!"

Marcus told the conversation he had with Drake to Alex and Meridian.

Alex pulled out a folder and was in Marcus's face, "Did you see the paperwork? Did you? I bought her! He was a Japanese associate. He did it to save her life. Her time spent in Japan was for surgery after surgery. He considered her a daughter. He taught her the sword. He had her taken care of. Do you have any idea what it was like for her to love a man who went insane and left her beaten and chained in a basement? She begged me to kill her when I found her. This was the happiest I've seen her in years, she didn't smile for so long. The man she loved lost his mind and brutalized her over and over. In one way I was lucky, I stopped it before he allowed anyone else to brutalize her but the scars are there despite the numerous surgeries to remove them. Mentally the scars are there." Alex threw the file describing the abuse with all the photos attached.

"I didn't know." Drake said trying to apologize. Drake felt like he should be holding her close. "I want to go with."

Both Alex and Meridian yelled out, "I don't think that's a good idea."

Meridian looked at Marcus, "So Marcus, does that make her inferior to be mated with a Vampire? Did you make sure there isn't something I've done that makes me unacceptable?"

"Meridian, I was not aware of the whole story. It changes things. I will work on changing it."

"Fix it and fix it fast. Even if she was forced into that lifestyle there is no reason a person should be ostracized for that. Have a video conference and take a vote but fix it. The law should be corrected. Until then you will be sleeping with Drake!" Meridian was fuming.

"We're mated! You do not have a choice now!" Marcus was getting angry.

"I die soon that will sever it. Be sure to include your words about my sister in my eulogy." Meridian was furious and used her telekinesis to push him out of her way.

"You are my mate and you cannot leave me!"

"Watch me! Marcus, this is me leaving you! Drake this is me giving you a one finger salute." Meridian and Alex walked out of the room they allowed Connor to follow. Logan stayed with Marcus and Drake.


Connor asked, "What's the game plan?"

"Are you with us Connor?" Meridian looked at him.

"I am right here so that would be a yes."

Alex spoke up, "I worry she might hurt herself so we have to set to the warehouse."

They hurried and got in an SUV. "Connor, the warehouse is in the GPS so I'm assuming being vampire you can drive faster than the rest of us."

"I'm taking the motorbike. I can race faster than an SUV on the side streets." Meridian geared up stripping in front of Connor as she put on the leather.

She heard Marcus talking to her telepathically, "Get back here! Put your clothes back on! You do not get to show your body to other men!"

"You are not my god or master you are my mate, an equal! She is my sister! If you have a problem with that then bite me!"

"Do not test me I will punish you after this!" Marcus was furious.

"Like Trinity was punished? Wouldn't that tarnish me? Do you get to toss me to the side? I die soon so suck it up Marcus! I will not let my sister die because you and your friends are stuck up! If she dies I do not give one damn what threats you offer me!"

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