tagNonHumanFinding Meridian Ch. 13

Finding Meridian Ch. 13


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The Healing of Old Wounds


The next morning Alex and Meridian talked to the doctor to allow them to go visit Trinity together.

Meridian went to talk to Marcus to explain the new plan. Marcus saw her come towards him and he pulled her into an embrace. As he held her he stroked her hair as he spoke, "I miss being so close to you. Now what is it you need to talk to me about?" Marcus pulled her hips to his and rubbed his hardness against her.

"You are making it very hard to have a conversation. I see you checked your shoes before putting them on." An evil smile came over her face.

"Yes, and I didn't kill your pets, they are in their cage."

"I was hoping you wouldn't kill fluffy and muffin."

"You named scorpions fluffy and muffin? How long do I need to tell you I'm sorry? I hope the payback can end soon. Look at Drake; he's having his own pity party. So what do we need to do to make this right? And for your information you're the one that makes me hard." His hands cupped her ass as he rocked her against him.

"I'll be nice and not mess with you tonight. Marcus, we have an idea to help Trinity. The doctor has authorized Alex and me to see her at the same time. We will be taking some sleep medication so we can go into her mind and speak with her. What we need is for you guys to carry us out at the 15 minute mark so no one knows what we are doing."

"We're there for you no matter what you need." Marcus started nibbling on her neck.

"Marcus, calm down we'll play soon. Don't make me sick fluffy and muffin on you! I need to go in with Alex and time us 15 minutes. We'll take the pill and meet her in her dreams. We'll do whatever is needed to help her out." Just then the nurse came in and Alex gave Logan thumbs up. Marcus smacked Meridian's ass as she went to see Trinity.

Once in Trinity's ICU room they took the pill and l rested in the chair dosing off.


They looked out and noticed they were standing on a beach dressed in swim suits. Trinity was sitting in the sand. They sat on opposite sides of Trinity.

They noticed she had been crying. Meridian was the first one to talk, "Drake resigned to be with you and Marcus changed the law. I'm assuming he'll stay working for Marcus since this is cleared up."

In a weak and timid voice Trinity spoke, "But they were right. I'm damaged and broken. I can't get the words out of my head."

Both sisters hugged her. Alex began to speak, "No, you are not. You are extremely strong and made it through."

"You don't have to lie to me Alex. The block is gone and I remember it all."

Both sisters hugged her. Meridian held her face in her hands, "It was not your fault. You are not responsible for what happened."

"I talked to Jeremy. He apologized. He said he didn't deserve my forgiveness."

"I understand where he's coming from but it's time to move on. You deserve the best and not to live your life holding onto this." Alex was hoping this would help convince her.

"It seems like baggage I can't get rid of. After what I heard, I just think maybe I shouldn't ever expect a relationship from anyone." Trinity had tears streaming down her face.

Meridian gave her another hug, "What they said was stupid. It was bullshit and I called them on it. We are way past the days of the cave man. They both are sorry and Drake is a mess."

Alex hugged Trinity again, "It's time to move on and leave the past where it is. I know it may take time but we'll get help to deal with it. We will always be on your side and there for you."

"I feel emotionally drained. Seeing Jeremy...maybe it helped with some closure. Drake was the first guy I've let in. It makes me sad that it's all gone."

"Trinity, it is not all gone. You have every right to be upset but don't give up on him. What they said pissed me off but they realized it was wrong. Sure you can make him beg and plead but don't close yourself off."

"I don't know if I have the strength to put my heart on the line again."

"Trinity, give it time. Unfortunately, we have to go but you will be coming back to us soon."

"I love you and I will be back. I'm dealing with the memories now and they are fuzzy anyways, more like a bad nightmare that's fading. I so appreciate having you as sisters. I love you. I'll see you soon." They all stood up and gave each other hugs.

Meridian awoke to Marcus lightly shaking her and Logan woke up Alex. Drake was pacing. He looked nervous.

Meridian looked at him, "She'll make it through this but she needs time."

Drake was nervous to ask, "Was she in pain? Is she suffering?" Drake sat down and rested his head in his hands.

Meridian touched his shoulder, "She's hurt Drake she's questioning her value."


The next 24 hours seemed to drag on and the doctor had delayed pulling Trinity out of the drug induced coma. Finally they decided to reduce the medications and see if she would come to. The doctor was hesitant at the idea of home care but once Marcus's medical staff discussed everything he was sure she would have the best treatment. They waited around for Trinity to finally wake up. Meridian and Alex were allowed to wait in the room. Minutes seemed to stretch into hours. Finally, Trinity's eyes fluttered open and she looked over to see Alex.

"Water," she said in a dry raspy voice. Drake walked into the room and rushed to her side.

"I have ice chips for you right now. We can try water later. It's good to see your back. I'd ask how you're feeling but I'm going to assume shitty." Meridian said while holding her hand.

"Can everyone just let me rest? I don't feel like talking." Drake turned around and left the room.

Meridian took her hand. "We talked to the doctor and he has agreed if the next 24 hours go without any problem he will allow you to be care for by Marcus's medical staff."

In a weak raspy voice she spoke, "We should just put me in the guest house. I won't disturb anyone there and the guys don't have to be embarrassed by my presence. Has the doctor said how long it will take for me to recuperate? Meridian, make sure you find out how much Marcus spends on my healthcare and I'll reimburse him."

Alex cut in, "Trinity, don't be like this."

"Just set me up in the guest house. We'll plan on how to get Meridian's life back and afterwards I'm going to head back to the island." Trinity's face showed how sad and hurt she was.

"How do you feel?" Meridian was hoping to pull her out of her shell.

"Like I was hit by a semi, I hurt all over. All the memories are back. I remember Jeremy saying he was sorry." Trinity looked a bit nervous. "Alex can hire people to clean the warehouse out and sell it? Can you also get rid of his ugly ass urn? I really don't care what you do with it."

Meridian hugged her, "Honey, you don't remember everything that happened. Don't get upset. Both Drake and Marcus came in while you were in a coma and apologized. Drake was ready to resign to be with you but Marcus got the law removed."

"Tell them I said thank you but it wasn't necessary." Trinity stared blankly at the floor.

"Trinity, you can't just shut us all out." Trinity's eyes were read and filled with tears until they started spilling over.

"I appreciate you guys but I need some time and space." Trinity slowly twisted the sheet on the bed as she closed her eyes and cried until she fell back to sleep.

Later the doctor walked in and checked Trinity over. "I don't think we officially were introduced. I'm Dr. Fieldstone and I will be getting you well until your stable enough to go home. It looks like you'll be out of here tomorrow to recuperate at your sister's house."

"That's great. Thank you." Trinity just kept staring at the floor as she spoke.


The hours dragged by and they took turns going back to the mansion to change and rest. The next morning Trinity was given all her paperwork so she could recuperate at Alex's.

Drake tried to put his hand on her shoulder but she flinched and he removed it. Marcus stared down at her as they took her out of the hospital in the wheelchair and to the SUV.

When they arrived at the mansion Drake went to pick her up and carry her in. She moved away from him, "Please don't Drake."

Trinity forced herself to stand and walk to the back guest house. Despite the pain and dizziness she forced herself to the house where the nurse reattached her IV.

Drake looked at the frail Trinity with all the sadness in her eyes. "Trinity, please forgive us. It's killing me to see you like this."

"I forgive you. I'm tired and just want to rest," Trinity said void of emotion.

Connor spoke up, "Why don't we go to the library and plan how we will reveal that Meridian is alive."

Trinity had already curled away from them in the bed. Meridian had a very pissed off look on her face when Marcus spoke, "Just give her some space."


Later that night Marcus grabbed Meridian to pull her into the bedroom.

"I don't know if I'm ready to move back into the room with you Marcus. I'm going to go keep Trinity company."

Marcus just stormed up to his room.


Over the next couple days they worked on the plan to keep the peace among the groups and reveal Meridian was alive. The routine stayed the same with Meridian staying with Trinity. They went in and would go over the information with Trinity but she never said much. Later that night when the maid came back with her dinner tray Drake looked down at it.

"What has she eaten since she arrived back?"

"She says she's not hungry. I've tried but I can't seem to get her to eat."

Marcus then started talking to Drake, "Screw it. I'm not putting up with this shit anymore."

Marcus and Drake stormed out to the guest house. Enough of this shit. Marcus wasn't going to spend another night without his mate in his bed and if he had anything to do with it Trinity was going to snap out of this depression.

Marcus stormed into the bedroom to see Meridian sitting in a chair looking at Trinity who was curled up in the fetal position.

Marcus threw Meridian over his shoulder. "What the hell are you doing damn it?!"

"I'm taking my mate to bed and Drake is going to fix his relationship with Trinity."

"Put me the fuck down! Do you think manhandling me is going to make me all hot and turned on?"

"I've had it. I've had it with the sulking and the silent treatment so we are going to see how silent you can be." Marcus was taking the stairs to their room two at a time. When he entered the room he kicked the door shut behind him. He hurried tossing Meridian down on the bed holding her down with his body. He began devour her mouth as she lost her train of thought. She felt his arms slide up hers but didn't know what he was doing until she heard a clicking sound. He had locked her hands in handcuffs hooked to the bed posts.

"What the hell Marcus! Let me go!"

"No, we're going to see just how silent you can be." Marcus unzipped and pulled off her pants and thong. He then ripped her small t-shirt off her body as he tore the bra off.

"Let me go now Marcus!"

"No, now we are going to find out just how silent can you be." Marcus pulled each of her legs towards a post and tied it.

Marcus ran his fingers from her feet to between her thighs. He dipped a finger into her wet slit and curled it forward. "You sure seem turned on for someone who wants to be let go of. You can't tell me you don't miss me touching you or my mouth on that sweet clit of yours." Marcus dipped his head between her thighs and lightly licked her clit. "Are you sure you don't miss me fucking you? With my fingers, my tongue and my cock." Marcus removed his finger from her and thrust his tongue into her tight hole. Meridian whined in shock and pleasure.

Marcus then moved away from the bed and took off his clothes. Meridian cursed herself in her head. She couldn't hold out when he looked at her like this. Like a predator needing to feed and she wanted to be the main dish. Meridian didn't realize that she was whimpering when Marcus was on his knees between her legs. His big shoulders and tan body made her hot as hell. He took his cock in his hand and ran it up and down her slit.

"Are you sure you don't want me little one?" Marcus teased her again by barely pushing the head into her hot pussy. "If you want this Meridian you are going to have to tell me." Meridian didn't realize she was whining with the feeling of the head of his cock in her. "Go ahead Meridian tell me you don't want me."

"Marcus please."

"Please what?" Marcus slid slightly out of her and then slightly back in. "Tell me what do you want Meridian?"

Meridian's will was quickly fading when he lightly pinched her clit. "Fuck me Marcus. Please fuck me."

Marcus pulled completely out of her and slammed all the way in her bracing himself on his arms. He slowly stroked completely in and out of her. "Does that tight little pussy of yours miss me? How does that feel little one?"

"Oh fuck Marcus...Marcus!" Meridian began to spasm around him.

"That's my girl come on my cock. My sweet little Meridian, look at me." Meridian looked in Marcus's eyes as he started speeding up his thrusts. He thrust his tongue into her mouth as he made sure to grind against her clit with his thrusts. Marcus stopped and Meridian whimpered.

"Please fuck me Marcus!" Marcus unlocked her legs from the post. He slid some pillows under her head and another under her ass. He pushed his cock just in her pussy.

"Can you see my cock go in and out of you little one?"

"Yes, oh please fuck me Marcus." Marcus went extremely slow thrusting in and out of her. Her whimpers and whining were starting to make him lose control. When Meridian slid her legs up around his waist he increased his speed.

"Tell me what I'm doing to you little one. Say the words."

"You're slamming your cock in my little pussy."

Sweat was forming on both of them. "What a sweet tiny little pussy it is. You're going to come with me. I'm close little one." Marcus grabbed her legs behind her knees and pulled them to her chest. He looked down as he slammed into her even deeper. "Oh fuck little one. No one else ever gets to fuck you, your mine. Come for me sweetheart."

Meridian screamed out his name as he groaned and thrust into her two more times as he came deep and hard in her. Marcus whispered in her ear. "I know how sensitive you are. All I have to do is slightly slide out of you and slam back in like this. That's my girl. Come for me again. I wonder what would happen if I keep fucking you and hitting that little clit of yours?" Marcus slid his hands under her and held her hips while squeezing her ass as he thrust. Meridian started arching her back and screaming. Marcus kept thrusting making her whine and whimper then she would scream his name and he would start over.

Marcus was painfully hard, "Come with me again little one. Let go. Does it feel good when I hit your clit? Answer me!"

"So good...Oh fuck... Yes, Marcus I'm coming... Oh fuck me, please fuck me!" Meridian came and clenched around his cock so hard he had to hold her legs open to finish thrusting two more times before he came deep inside her with a loud groan. Marcus collapsed next to her. He grabbed the key for the handcuffs and unlocked her arms pulling her into his arms.


"Trinity, we are going to talk this out. I can't stand seeing you suffer like this. I refuse to go through thinking I've lost you again." Drake stared down at Trinity who was still curled in a fetal position.

"What is left to talk about?" Her voice came out weak and scared.

Drake slid into the bed and pulled her curled up body onto his lap. "Look at me." Drake cupped her chin pulling her face up to look in her eyes. "I messed up. I hurt you. I love you and I'm not losing you over this."

"You shouldn't be stuck with someone that will make you an outcast."

"We have settled all of that. Marcus got it removed. No one even questioned it do you know why?"


"Because he told them I had found my mate and that any what happened shouldn't be held against you." Drake ran his hands down her sides and he could feel her ribs. "I love you Trinity. Don't push me away anymore. I need to hear you laugh. I need to see your smile. I miss you sunshine. I want to give you my blood to heal you. What do you think?"

"Are you sure about wanting to be with me?" Trinity stared down at the sheets.

"More than you'll ever know. I'm here to stay. Will you drink my blood to heal?" Drake was stroking her hair.

"How does it work?"

"Sunshine, I'm going to put you in my lap and cut the side of my neck and you will suck until I tell you to stop. It's very erotic and I will take care of you. I will be linked to you forever. You'll be healed in a few hours. Will you let me heal you? Do you have any questions?"

Trinity placed her head on his chest. "Yes, I would like it if you would heal me. What do you mean by erotic and taking care of me?"

"Don't worry about that part sunshine. I'll take good care of you. Now let me just go grab a few things and we'll get you all better."

Drake came back with two towels and a razor. "I'm going to first remove your IV." Drake handled her hand like it was made of glass. "Did I hurt you?"

"No." Drake gave her a hug. Drake pulled her tiny nightgown up and off. Then he started pulling her thong off. "What are you doing?"

"I told you I will take care of you." He gave her a deep kiss. "I want you nude as you feed off me." Drake threw the towel over his shoulder and got the razor ready to cut his neck. "I'm going to make a cut and you need to suck on my neck so the blood heals you. Can you do that?"

"I think so."

Drake cupped her face in his hand and tilted her face back, "Look at me sunshine." He saw the nervousness and fear in her eyes, "I'm sorry I hurt you. I love you." Drake kissed her softly then tilted his head to the side.

He made the cut in his neck and used a hand to cradle her head against his neck as she slowly began to suck on his neck. "Suck a little harder sunshine...That's it." Trinity was becoming very turned on and was whimpering as she fed. "You're doing so good little one. Spread those legs for me." Drake moved his hand from cradling her head to squeezing and rolling her nipple. He slid his other hand between her legs. He felt how wet she was and slid a finger up into her. He slid it in and out and added another finger. She whimpered more as he fucked her with his fingers. "You're going to come really hard for me sunshine. Just let it go. I've got you and will take care of you." Drake slid a third finger into her tightness stretching her out as he curled his fingers forward and roughly stroked her g-spot.

Trinity's body arched and her head went back as she cried out. Drake kept stroking her and started hitting her clit with his thumb as she cried out and came in his arms again. She finally collapsed against him. He kissed her on the lips tasting his blood. "You did great my little one. I wonder how sensitive you are?" Drake used one hand to spread her lips and he teased her clit with the fingers on his other hand. Trinity cried out and arched. He hurried while she was coming and slid two fingers in her pressing on her g-spot and lightly pinched her clit. Trinity almost fell out of his arms as she came hard. "Beautiful. You're mine Trinity and I take care of what is mine. I'm not letting you go. I will always keep you safe."

Drake pulled the covers over them as they went to sleep.


Alex and Logan were sitting in the Library hearing screams and moans from around the house.

"Fuck! Do I need to put up a flashing neon sign? Maybe install some stripper poles? Have Tarrin charge them by the hour for the room?"

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