tagNonHumanFinding Meridian Ch. 21

Finding Meridian Ch. 21


Early Arrivals and a Premonition Comes True

Sorry for the delay, I had writers block. Thank you QueenM for reviewing and critiquing of the story! Thank you everyone for reading!



Reardan O'Brien -- Prime Alpha of UK, Werewolf.

Alice Grandy-Young island female whose parents were killed and uncle tried to rape. Uncle attacked Queen Trinity and was sentenced to death.

Hermes Trismegistus- Ancient Egypt spiritual leader whose name means 3 times great.

The Blue Priestess -- Magical daughter to Hermes and her powers are yet to be shown.

Meridian -- Lead singer of Genevieve's Revenge and One of the three Triadic Queens. Mate to Marcus and has telekinetic powers.

Marcus -- Vampire leader that mated with Meridian

Trinity -- Triplet sister to Meridian and Alex. Mated to Drake. Powers of hypnotic voice.

Drake -- Vampire leader that mated with Trinity.

Alex -- Triplet sister to Meridian and Alex. In a relationship with Logan but not mated.

Logan -- Vampire leader in love with Alex but not mated with her.

Zeus -- Ancient Great Great (you get it)...Grandfather to Meridian, Trinity and Alex.


"You're getting big my little Meridian, soon that stomach is going to be bigger than the rest of your tiny body."

Trinity giggled, "My stomach is smaller!"

"You're just sucking it in." Meridian teased.

"It's a baby, there is no such thing as sucking in a pregnancy!" Trinity said back as she snuggled up to Drake and dozed back off.

Meridian woke a bit cold and hungry; she snuggled up to Marcus's heat. The hunger was becoming more and more demanding. She turned and began to grind against Marcus burying her head against his neck. The smell of his blood under his skin inflamed her hunger until she found she could not resist and fangs elongated just before licking his neck with her tongue and bit in. She felt his hand come up and felt him guide her feeding with his hands in her hair.

"Mer baby, we are not alone in the room." Marcus loved the way she sucked upon his neck drinking his blood down as if it were the finest wine. Meridian cooed as she enjoyed the sweet blood in her mouth and it inflamed her desire for him. She wanted to run her tongue over his entire body. She ran her hands down his muscular chest enjoying all of the rippling muscles.

Meridian had her fill and whined as she licked the bite shut. "I want you Marcus."

"Are you sure you're up to it? Yesterday was quite hard on you and your body. And you've obviously gone through some sort of hybrid change." Marcus toyed with the crimson streak in her hair. "I love the change. Let's go in the bathroom so I can see how your body is doing."

"Oh, I'm sure you are more than interested in checking out my body," Meridian teased as she snuggled against him.

Marcus abruptly picked her up and carried her into the bathroom locking the door behind him. He placed her gently on the chaise lounge after he swiftly stripped off her clothing. He immediately pushed her back and trapped her by leaving his body between her legs. He stared intently into her eyes as if deep in thought. "Mer baby, you have no idea how much it ripped at my soul to see you be bitten yesterday. I cannot even think of what I would do if I were to lose both of you. You are my life. If it wasn't for our son..." Marcus voice broke towards the end and abruptly stopped his words as he rested his head against her neck. "I love both of you so much. Logan asked Alex to be his mate and she accepted. I'm sure he'll want to complete the mating before tonight. I just want you to know I don't want to be away from you...you are my everything. I don't want you to ever question that."

Marcus slid down so his head was resting on her ever enlarging abdomen. "Our son! You have no idea how happy I am. I never expected to be able to have a family after I was turned. You both have blessed me so much. "

"Marcus, I know you love me. I understand your obligation in Alex's mating ceremony and I'm happy for them but understand I need you to participate and allow her the happiness I have...." Meridian was cut when he kissed her deeply. Then he backed off.

He placed a finger over her lips. "I need to say this. After almost losing you, I need you to understand something. I have been negligent on my possessiveness because I've been afraid of taking away your freedom and making you feel confined. You will have to understand my...nature...my increased possessiveness. Tonight is the ball and you are not allowed to dance with anyone else or be away from me." Marcus possessively looked down into her dark blue eyes while he ran his hand over her stomach.

"Marcus, I am not a defenseless mate and I think it's highly unfair to tell me what I am allowed to do." Meridian began to get irritated and that was not helped by her increasing hormones.

"You are going to have to give me some lead way here. I almost lost you and our child yesterday. I know you may be worried others might consider you weak but everyone will completely understand. I can't handle you risking your health or life much less our child." Marcus ran his hand down her abdomen until he was lightly rubbing her clit. "I am a vampire love and you are my mate carrying my child. I will not stand aside in the fear I might smother you. I'm going to smother you and dote on you all that I want. My mate, MINE!" Marcus licked his fingers after removing them from her clit and then placed them back.

"You're being a bit irrational Marcus. I am yours. I will be careful. I..." Meridian's voice escaped her as her eyes glassed over and her mouth formed an O. He stroked a finger into her and started to rub her g-spot.

Marcus' stroke became even more possessive. His fingers emphasized his words as he said them. "My clit, my mate and my son." Marcus said with a low growl. He slid up her body kissing her deeply until she felt light headed. He finally released her swollen lips and allowed her to breath. He noticed her heart rate increase as he continued to rub and plunge into her folds. His rhythm increased as he stared into her eyes. "Who is my mate that is having my child?" Meridian slightly turned her head and gasped as he became more fervent stroking her clit. "Who? Who do you belong to?"

"I am. I'm yours." Meridian's breath hitched and her whining increased as Marcus became quicker with his strokes. "We're yours Marcus."

Marcus pulled her legs over his shoulders as he teased her by rubbing his hard cock over her clit and down her slit but refused to enter her. "And who is going to allow her mate to be highly possessive while she is pregnant until things calm down? And don't worry I asked the doctor we are allowed to do this...that is if you're good and say what I want to hear."

Meridian stubbornly bit down on her lower lip trying to avoid answering the question.

"Look at me Meridian. If you want me in your tiny sweet pussy...say it!" Marcus growled possessively. He punctuated his words by sliding just the tip inside her.

Meridian whined as her control was quickly fading away. "Fuck me Marcus. Be possessive. I'm yours; we're yours."

It took every bit of his control to slide slowly into her with one thrust being ever careful of the baby. "You are so fucking tight Mer baby." Marcus's control was almost gone as he began to speed up his thrusts. He wove his hand into her hair tilting her head back to stare into her eyes. "My good little Mer lets her mate protect her." Marcus stared down seeing her breasts that were heavier than before as they bounced with each thrust. Meridian kept running her hands over his shoulders and back if to find purchase. He was entranced watching his cock disappear into her. He couldn't help but growl as he used his legs to spread her wider watching how he stretched her open with each trust.

"Watch me baby slide in and out of that tight pussy of yours." Meridian started to cry out as his hand cupped her breast and squeezed her nipple worshipping it with his fingers.

Meridian started to spasm around him, "I love you...Marcus, I'm coming!"

Marcus pounded into her as he held her hips up and stared up as he saw her head go back. He stroked into her jerking as he lost control. "MINE! My Mer!" He finally buried himself in one single long stroke as he finished coming inside her. He regained his breath and released her hips to cup her breasts. "They are beautiful." He teased the tips until they were tight pebbles again.

Meridian felt she was losing control again as Marcus played with her extremely sensitive breasts. He ground up against her clit still buried in her. "Marcus they're so sensitive you're going to make me come if you don't stop."

He pushed in circular motions against her clit. "Is my Mer going to come?" Her moans became screams as she quickly came hard on his cock. Marcus groaned as she spurred him on and he thrust into her a few more times before coming violently inside her once again. Meridian's hands scratched down his back as she came pulling him in as deep as she could.

Marcus stared down at her body glistening with sweat as her breathing slowed and she came down from her orgasm. He licked around her breast and sucked her nipple in his mouth.

"Please, no more. I can't take anymore." Meridian said in heavy pants.

Marcus chuckled and gently ran his hands down her ribs. "I'll give you some reprieve since you've been through so much plus I don't want to exhaust our baby."

"Do I get that kind of treatment anytime I argue about you becoming possessive?" Meridian smiled as she licked the side of his neck.

"Hell YES!" Marcus slightly thrust into her to punctuate his comment causing her to cry out.

"I'll have to argue with you again but I don't think I can take anything more right now." Meridian said in a low husky voice.

"Oh you don't do you?" Marcus looked at her devilishly as he slid down between her legs and held her open. He quickly slid three fingers into her as he devoured her clit. He refused to let her go as each orgasm spurred on another. He finally stopped when he noticed she became completely limp. He looked up to see her swollen lips slightly parted and her eyes closed but he sensed she was awake. He immediately thrust his fingers in her as he bit and started to feed over her clit.

Meridian dug her fingernails into his shoulders as she started to scream. "Fuck Marcus...oh fuck!"

Marcus finally licked over her bite to seal it and slowed down his fingers as he felt her spasms around his fingers subside. He finally cleaned up her limp body and carried her into the other room to see her sisters and their mates with smirks on their face.

Logan looked at Marcus, "We're going to move back to our rooms. As much as we enjoy hearing the porn channel from here we're going to need some privacy. Can you meet me at noon to secure my mating with Alex?"

Both Marcus and Drake looked at Logan, "Noon sounds fine."

Logan felt Alex become a bit nervous. "It'll be fine little one. I'm not letting you go unmated to the ceremony tonight."

Trinity started to laugh, "I have a feeling we all are going to be subject to the possessiveness."

Marcus looked at a sated Meridian as he pulled her close, "Speaking of possessive; no more of you making out with Blue."

Meridian whined as they spoke, "We're just friendly."

Trinity snorted at her response, "You're not as friendly with everyone else."

"Ok, I'll try to behave but make no promises."

"You already promised." Marcus said pulling her against him possessively. "Don't make me remind you or we won't make it at all to the ceremony tonight. I'll just keep you handcuffed to the bed."

Alex made a puking sound, "Can you please not share so much?"

Logan helped Alex up as everyone but Marcus and Meridian went to their rooms to clean up. Servants hurried and moved them back to their rooms.


Alex tried to relax but became more anxious as the time grew closer to noon. Logan looked at her with concern. "Do you want to wait?" He didn't notice he growled under his breath at the thought.

"No, I'm just nervous. Meridian told me what happens but I'm still nervous." Logan was getting turned on by her biting her lower lip.

He ran his thumb over it to make her release it from her teeth. "You are so tempting but we can't play until noon. I'll be as gentle as I can with you. Are the babies ok for this?" Concern over the children began to show in his facial expressions as he face clenched.

Alex ran her fingers over his face to release his stress. "Just be gentle with me. I'm highly sensitive now." Alex curled up next to him on the sofa.

"I'll make sure no one is too rough with you. If you at all feel sick or hurt or even uncomfortable; you tell us immediately. I love you so much." Logan rested his head against her swollen abdomen until a short time later there was a knock on the door.

Marcus and Drake entered and changed into robes in the bathroom. Alex became even more nervous as they walked out. Logan looked at her lovingly, "Alex, I will take care of you."

Both Marcus and Drake walked over to her telling her they would never hurt her.

Logan was unaware that Drake had made some plans for this. Drake went over to the bed pulling down what looked like a hammock hanging from the poster bed.

Alex's voice hitched when she saw it, "What is that?"

"It's to make this easier on you. It was different when Meridian and Trinity mated but with the pregnancy we want you safe. Plus, Logan will really enjoy having you strapped into it." Drake looked at Logan with an evil smirk.

"I told you I would get you during your mating." Drake teased Logan telepathically.

"If she goes running from the room away from your bondage swing I'll kick your ass. I haven't introduced her to that kind of thing yet."

"Logan, I think she'll be fine with it. Plus, it will help since she's pregnant. I talked to the designer. No undue stress on the babies." Marcus said as he smiled at Logan.

"You sound like you already ordered one!" Logan smirked at him.

"No comment," Marcus replied.

Logan pushed the robe off of Alex and carried her over to the bed and placed her in it. The back was movable so she could watch as each of them fed between her legs. Each of them kissed down her arms and legs as they secured the leather restraint around each leg and arm. Alex's breath hitched in fear and excitement.

Logan had her sitting partially up as he stared into her eyes. "Alex sweetie, we are going to be gentle. I'm going to give you two words; yellow if you just want us to slow down and we're scaring you. Tell us red if you want to stop completely."

"Do you like this?" Alex said staring up at him with anticipation.

"Oh my love you look so beautiful." He ran his hand down her legs. "This is so sexy; having you restrained and ready to be fed from. Remember, you are completely safe." Logan moved between her spread legs, "It's ok little one. Marcus and Drake spread my little's sweet pussy open for me. Alex, are you ok?"

"Yes." It was all she could say as Marcus and Drake spread her legs a bit wider and each slid a hand between her legs to hold her open as Logan looked at her.

"You are so beautiful little one." Logan ran a finger up and down her spread pussy and circled her clit as he heard her start to whine. He flicked at her clit while Marcus motioned for Drake to take over holding her open as he suckled on her breasts.

Marcus cupped each breasts in his hands. "They are so gorgeous little one." Marcus began suckling them again as he squeezed them together.

Logan went down and started to lick at her slit as she started to move and whimper. He slid a finger into her wetness and stroked up towards her g-spot.

"She's not going to last long. The pregnancy is making her come quick and fast."

Marcus talked back to Logan telepathically, "Go for multiple orgasms and then feed."

Logan quickly suckled between her legs on her clit as she cried out. He felt her spasm around his fingers as he thrust against her g-spot. He didn't let her come down before pushing her to the next orgasm. When her third hit Logan bit down on her clit as her orgasm hit her even harder and she screamed out.

Logan kept stroking in and out of her with his fingers until Marcus replaced him between her legs. Marcus suckled her clit refusing to let up as she started to come. Marcus speared his tongue in and out of her tiny sheath as he rubbed her clit with his thumb.

"Oh fuck I'm coming again!" Alex screamed.

Marcus waited until she hit a high and he bit down on her clit. Logan looked up from suckling her nipples, "Marcus, suck my little Trin's clit. Come for us little one. " Her eyes glazed over as she spasmed around Marcus' tongue. Alex's head went back as she came again. Finally Marcus licked the bite closed.

Logan thrust his tongue into her mouth kissing her deeply. "You are doing so well little one. I am so proud of you."

Drake then moved between her legs as Logan reluctantly handed a small bag to him.

"Logan it's only fair. You got to be there during our matings." Drake said telepathically as he could sense Logan's unease.

"But stretching her out? Is that safe with her pregnancy? She's pregnant with my children." Both Drake and Marcus sensed his worry.

"We stopped by the doctor to get it approved. It might take a bit longer when you finally take her to work into her completely but we won't go overboard on the toys." Drake reassured him.

"Now little one, we have to make sure you can accommodate Logan. You both have to come at the same time. Are you ok Alex?"

Alex whimpered a yes as she felt Drake drip some lubricant between her legs and over something. Alex looked at Logan cautiously.

"Go slowly with my mate Drake. My little Alex needs time to adjust." Logan kissed her deeply as she felt something stretch her. Logan pulled back and looked at the dildo slide slightly into her. "Watch what I am having him do to you." Alex gave him a apprehensive look. "I'll take care of you little one and no one will hurt you."

Alex whimpered as Drake slid the dildo in her and out. "She is so tiny and tight." Drake lightly traced each side of her sweet slit that was stretched around the dildo and then stroked her clit. "I'm going to enjoy sucking on that sweet little clit of yours."

Drake pushed back her hood to reveal her clit and started to suck on it.

Logan sensed her orgasm coming, "Drake push it in and bite her."

Logan held her face and stared in her eyes, "Let me see you come. It's so sexy to see you come all tied down." Logan watched as Alex cried out and came hard while he held her face lovingly in his hands as Drake feasted between her legs. He couldn't resist thrusting his tongue into her mouth halting her cry.

Logan pulled back and watched her come down from her orgasm and replaced Drake between her legs. "I wanted to do this to you in the Jacuzzi but it's not safe for the babies."

Logan removed the dildo and rubbed his cock against her wet pussy. Both of them groaned as he slid halfway into her. "Sweetie, how are you doing?" Logan asked after noticing a pained look on her face.

"I think you're bigger...too big." Alex whimpered.

"Marcus and Drake please let the back of the hammock down." Logan telepathically asked them.

Logan pulled her hips down and slid further into her. "Marcus and Drake are going to suck on those gorgeous breasts of yours. They are so fucking beautiful." Logan groaned as he slid further into her and heard her whimper. The sound of Marcus and Drake sucking greedily on her breasts were turning him on. When they would suck hard she would clamp down on him with her muscles. "Baby, I'm not going to last long if you keep doing that."

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