tagNonConsent/ReluctanceFiona Gets Called In To School 02

Fiona Gets Called In To School 02


It was a Wednesday afternoon when I received a call from Nigel Mann and he sounded pretty excited, "The headmaster has seen the video and he's calling Fiona in to school tonight, he knows all about you and the situation all you've got to do is bring her up again," he said.

"What about the other teachers?" I asked.

"The headmaster told me to show him the video first as he wants some time on his own with her, I'm giving the videos to the others when they finish tonight so maybe they'll be convinced by tomorrow," he said.

"Ok no worries she'll be there," I said and hung up the phone.

During the day I didn't see Fiona take any phone calls and it wasn't until five to five that she rang me and told me that the headmaster had requested she be at the reception at seven o clock that night.

"Do you think it's about what happened on Friday night?" she asked sounding worried.

"No I wouldn't worry whore," I told her then hung up my mobile and waited for her to come down from her office.

On the way home I asked her what the headmaster had told her the meeting was about and she told me it was to discuss Alice. I instantly knew that Nigel was behind that as we'd agreed that in order to get her there Alice her daughter would be the excuse.

"I'm not too sure about going to the school tonight," she said as we pulled up at her house.

"How can you not go when the school request you, you could get in serious trouble with the local authorities if it is concerning Alice and you don't attend when requested," I told her as I headed in.

"Yeah I know," she said begrudgingly.

Now Fiona dressed in a pair of trousers and a sensible fitted blouse with a bra underneath, obviously the headmaster hadn't given her any orders on dress as he didn't want to alert her to his real motives. We pulled up at the main car park and used the visitor slots in front of reception to park in and then headed inside.

We stood in the large reception area for maybe five minutes until we heard a door open and close from up the corridor on the left that lead to the staff room and the headmasters office. A tall man then came in to view from round the corner and he strode towards us with a big dirty grin all over his face.

He held out his hand to me and winked, "Hi I'm Clive Ringrose the headmaster here pleased to meet you, and you are?"

"I'm Fiona's son in law, I'm here for a bit of moral support," I said smiling back at him.

"Fiona," he said, "We've met plenty of times haven't we?" he said smiling at her and then openly looking her up and down which caused Fiona to shift uncomfortably, "Now if you'd like to follow me to my office," he said turning on his heels and heading up the corridor to his office with Fiona between us both.

We followed him in to his office that was fairly small with two seats either side of his big desk and swivel leather chair, in the corner was a set up stand with a TV and dvd player on the side. He motioned us to take the seats with Fiona nearest the TV.

"Now I'm not going to beat around the bush, or maybe I will do a bit later," he said laughing to himself, "So I'll just get on with it," he said.

He picked up the TV remote on his desk and pressed a button aiming it at the TV and the room was soon filled with the sounds of Fiona's deep moans as we all turned to watch her getting a good seeing to from Alice's teacher Nigel Mann.

Her face dropped as it dawned on her again what was in store that evening and she turned to look at the headmaster Clive whose eyes were glued to her. "Now I think you'll agree Fiona that that sort of behaviour is totally unacceptable with one of your daughters' teachers, wouldn't you say so?" he asked staring at her intently.

"Yes I agree, but...." She agreed and then went to plead her case to Clive but he held up his hand stopping her dead.

"No buts Fiona, as headmaster of this school I cannot tolerate such slutty behaviour towards my staff by parents, not unless I'm getting some of that behaviour directed in my direction," he said as a big smirk spread across his face," Do you follow what I mean Fiona? I know you're not stupid as you wouldn't hold that good job of yours," he said still staring at her from across his desk as the sounds of her coming on Mr Mann's cock filled the room from the dvd player in the corner.

It was obviously well known at the school that Fiona held a respected position on a lot of money at her job, or so people thought unless they knew how things had panned out for her recently it was easier for the school to think that of her.

"I follow what you mean Mr Ringrose," Fiona said looking at him and then at me knowing full well that I would allow her to be taken in front of me again.

"Don't look at him for support, from what Nigel has told me he's your son in law, is this true Fiona?" he asked seeming to enjoy asking Fiona embarrassing questions.

"Yes it's true," she confirmed which made him smirk again.

"What would Alan say Fiona, I assume he doesn't know?" he asked.

"No he doesn't know," she confirmed.

I then added in from the side, "Not yet anyway," which caused them both to look round at me, Fiona's face looking nervous while Clive's smirk was still etched on his round face at Fiona's lack of control against me and her unwillingness to challenge my threat of telling Alan about her behaviour.

"Well if you know why her Fiona and you're not stupid I suggest you begin by standing up and taking your clothes off, and I mean all of them and pile them on my desk," he said smugly.

Fiona was so well trained and been in this position enough times now to know that she wasn't going to be leaving her without taking his cock so she stood up pushing her chair back at the same time so she could step back from the desk a little. I shifted my chair a bit more to the side of the desk so was out the way and could watch her humiliating strip.

She began with her more conservative blouse that was fully buttoned up and once she'd removed that and was stood in her black expensive bra Clive told her that she had fantastic tits and told her to lose the trousers next. She unfastened her clasp at the front and popped her button open before sliding down her zipper revealing a hint of the frilly material at the top of her knickers. She bent over to unbuckle her shoes so that once she'd kicked them off her trousers fell to the floor around her ankles; she bent down and retrieved them off the floor and then placed them on Clive's desk with her blouse.

Her black frilly knickers were French style and had lovely little red bows in the middle at the top and on the side at her hips.

"Turn around," Clive instructed her.

And on the back another red bow was on her knickers just at the small of her back, the back of the knickers were a thin material whilst the front section that did little to cover her thin landing strip of pubic hair had a small flowers in a tight pattern all over the front.

"Put you heels back on," Clive instructed her from his seat again.

She placed her shoes back on and then stood in front of the desk as Clive took a moment to admire her, "Fucking gorgeous," he said smiling to himself again, "Lose the bra," he said.

Looking down at the floor she reached behind and popped the clasp and her bra fell forward and she bought her hands back to the front with the ends of the bra in her fingers and caught it as it fell from her wonderful big breasts. She dropped it on the desk in front of Clive and then stood back so that he could look at her big hanging breasts and large dark areola sporting big cube nipples. Clive lifted her bra and rubbed it in his fingers and then found the label and looked at it.

"Thirty six double fucking EE's," he almost shouted as he looked at her and gave her a lecherous smirk before he threw her bra back on the growing pile of clothes, "Now for the main event," he said holding his arms out in an exaggerated expression to emphasis his point, "Lose the knickers," he said.

Fiona hooked her fingers in the thin elastic at the top and began to roll them down when Clive stopped her, "Turn round and bend over as you peel them down," he said.

She turned and hooked her fingers in the elastic as before and began peeling them off her bottom and when she was half way over her cheeks she slowly bent forward and continued to roll them down. First her puckered little arsehole that had been abused by Nigel came in to view and then as the gusset of her knickers peeled from the damp folds of her wonderfully shaved cunt flaps came away she pushed them down her legs until they were round her ankles.

"Stay there," Nigel said as he took a moment to stare at her tight puckered hole and her meaty pussy flaps that were quite clearly looking moist already, "Bring me your knickers Fiona," he said.

She stepped from her knickers and then walked towards him, his eyes glued to her pubic strip and pussy lips between her legs, she reached across the desk and he shook his head and turned his chair to the side making his intentions clear that she was to bring them round to him. She walked round and stood in front of him and handed him her knickers. He took them to his nose and inhaled her scent deeply in to his nose and then smiled at her then placed her knickers in his top draw.

"You smell magnificent Fiona," He said opening his legs and motioning with his finger to step between them so that she was stood right up against his chair. Once she was there he reached out with his right hand and slapped her inside right thigh just below her pussy and she instantly parted her legs a foot and his right hand came out again and he curled two fingers under her and cupped her cunt and slid his two fat fingers up inside her.

"Ummm," she moaned unable to control herself as her body was used by yet another man.

"Very well trained and very wet, just how I like my whores," he said as he looked up at her and smirked again as he began sliding his fingers in and out of her hole savouring every moment by fingering her real slow making sure she took the full length of his chubby fingers by pulling them out to his tips and then slowly easing them back in until he couldn't push them in anymore.

Fiona had now closed her eyes, whether it was because she didn't want to look down in to Clive's eyes as he smirked back at her in a sleazy way, or whether it was because she didn't want to see his face as she began to enjoy his fingers more and more, and she certainly didn't want to have to look him in the eye as she began pushing her cunt down on to his fingers as her need for pleasure got the better of her as her body was used again.

Even though Fiona had closed her eyes so Clive couldn't see she was enjoying his fingers he certainly hadn't let her groin movement go unnoticed, "That's it Fiona grind your pussy on my fingers, you love it don't you?" he asked her.

"Ummmm mmmmm," she moaned without thinking as she pushed her pussy down and forwards on to Clive's invading fingers signalling her approval and he head went back and a high pitched squeal left her lips when his thump pushed through her folds to locate her clit he didn't need her to answer him properly, her actions had done that.

"Shit your clits on fire," he said probing his thumb deeper between her meaty cunt flaps and rubbing her nub harder and faster for what seemed like only a minute and then she came hard all over his fingers in a show of complete wanton abandonment as her legs buckled and she lurched forward holding his shoulders for support, as he pumped her hole and thumbed her clit as her orgasm came and went.

"Turn round and bend over in front of me, keep your feet the same width apart and hold your ankles," he instructed her once she'd regained composure and he'd vacated her pussy with his fingers.

Of course she did as she was told and a minute later I was looking across at Fiona bent before Clive holding her ankles as she offered no resistance as his fingers' dipped back in her cunt and then were smeared around her tight arsehole. He repeated this again but then leant forward almost touching her arse and spat directly on to her puckered hole. He then leant back and dipped his forefinger in to her cunt, lubricating it once more and then eased it in to her bottom nice and slowly.

"Ah, Argh, Ahhhh," Fiona moaned as she felt the fingertip breach her anal passages tight resistance and then his big knuckle bought a deeper moan followed by a longer groan of acceptance as his whole finger slid in to her rectum.

Clive fingered her passage with one finger for a good three of four minutes until I could see that he was moving it in and out of her with great ease and it was as if he'd read my mind because he added a second finger which alongside his forefinger slid in quite easy without Fiona even really making a sound at the extra intrusion; so after less than two minutes Clive was pushing a third finger in to her arse with his other two fingers only this time she knew about it.

"Fuck, oh shit, ahhhhhh, ohhhhh shit," she squirmed on his hand, her bum bouncing around as her passage was stretched to accommodate Clive's three fingers.

Just then the phone rang on Clive's desk and he answered it on the second ring with his free left hand leaving his other hand firmly lodged in Fiona's arse.

"Ha, yeah I'll come down Nigel, I'm just getting to know Fiona a little more intimately after all these years, I'm about done, she can acquaint herself with my cock when we get down there, ok see you soon," he said in to the phone and hung up.

I never asked and he didn't forth come with any info he simply told Fiona to turn around, "Follow me," he said leaving his chair and heading for the door. Fiona went to grab her clothes but Clive saw her and told her to leave them there as she wouldn't need them until later and hesitatingly she followed him out in to the corridor of the school, naked except for her high heels that clicked along the floor between Clive and me following behind.

We turned right which I knew led us towards the staff room and as we approached it light could be seen coming from inside, Clive opened the door and walked straight in and Fiona followed behind leaving me to close the door behind us. Fiona had stopped dead almost just inside the door and I nearly bumped in to her, and it wasn't until I turned round that I saw Nigel and two other men sat on the seats where Nigel had screwed her the other night.

Clive turned to look at her and said," Now's not the time to be going all shy on us Fiona come and meet Daniel and Joe, two other teachers who wanted to sample a bit of parent pussy," he said as they all laughed.

Fiona hung back and turned to me and held my hand, "Please these men all teach Alice, "she said.

And for a moment I did think I was going too far with the amount of men I was making her fuck and the situations I was getting her in were getting closer to home. I did say I only thought about it for a moment and then took her hand from mine and turned her round to face the four men all looking at her expectantly and she slowly began to walk forward between the seats where the men were sat either side.

"Stop," Clive said when she was in the middle with two men on either side, Nigel and Clive who she had already fucked and been fingered by on her left and the two new men she knew as teachers from Alice's school but not their names. I slumped down on a soft seat in the corner and settled in to watch the show. The other two men were much younger than Nigel and Clive and I guessed at around early thirties, both looked in good shape and quite muscular and tall so I had visions of these being able to give Fiona the good hard fuck she deserved.

"Fiona don't be rude say hi to Daniel and Joe," said Clive pointing first at the brown haired man to the right and then to the other man with a shaved head on the right who must've been Joe.

Fiona turned to the men awkwardly trying to hide her tits and puffy cunt lips and greeted the men with a simple quiet hello before turning away totally embarrassed and humiliated.

"Come on Fiona you can do better than that, I know you've never met before but you'll soon be very familiar with each other so don't be shy about showing them your fantastic tits and pussy," Clive said which made her go red and look at the floor, as she was degraded and humiliated again, before she turned again to Daniel and Joe this time fully with her hands by her side and feet slightly apart so they could see her fully before she spoke, "I'm sorry for being rude, hi I'm Fiona Alice's mother, pleased to meet you both," she said.

"Were pleased to meet you too," Daniel said and then winked at her.

"That's better Fiona, now why don't you ask them what they think of your body." Clive told her.

This would be heaping more humiliation on Fiona being made to ask these strangers what they thought of her body, but she did as she was told by Clive, "What do you think to my body guys, is it ok for you?" she said giving them a twirl, her face still flushed with embarrassment and shame as she caught my eye.

"To be honest it looks fine for a bird your age, but I think I need a little feel before I make a decision," said Joe shifting to the side and patting the seat between him and Daniel.

Fiona knew what was expected and turned to face a smirking Nigel and Clive before sitting back in between the two younger teachers. Hands from both men immediately found her tits and nipples and she was openly mauled by the men she'd met moments ago. She again closed her eyes as if it was a way of taking her away from the situation but even that was taken away from her by Nigel.

"Keep your eyes open Fiona," he said to her and slowly her eyes opened and she stared back across the room at the two men who had already had their way with her in some way.

Daniels hands were now rubbing up her right thigh, higher and higher until his fingers were brushing her most intimate area and it was only a matter of time before she would have yet more strangers' fingers on her sex.

"Open your legs," he said in to her ear and she lifted her right leg up and laid it across his legs and the sofa so that just her foot draped off the edge, her soaking wet pussy from coming on Clive's fingers was now open and accessible to both Joe and Daniel and neither wasted anytime as both their hands went for her cunt at the same time.

Joe's fingers found her hole first and three of his fingers went inside her easily whilst Daniel parted her lips to uncover her sensitive clit which was engorged from Clive's thumb play already so when Daniel pinched it she couldn't help but yelp loudly. He rolled it in his fingers for a couple of seconds and then when Joe pulled his fingers from her pussy he fed her three of his fingers and fucked her a few times with them.

"She gets my seal of approval Nigel," Joe said looking over at Nigel while having his fiddle with her clit.

"What about you Dan?" he asked.

"She'll do for me mate," he said smiling.

Clive then adjusted himself in his seat so that he had his feet on the floor and his knees well apart and I knew what was coming next.

"How about you come and acquaint yourself with my cock Fiona," Clive said gesturing towards her by holding his bulge in his trousers and shaking it at her.

Fiona got up and after being slapped on the arse by both Joe and Daniel she walked over to Clive and knelt between his legs, she reached up and undid hid button and fly and then opened up his trousers and fished her hand in the top of his pants and then pulled her hand out with a big solid cock between her fingers. Clive's cock was a good seven and a half inches and looked like it had a good thickness to it as Fiona's fingers just about met as I watched her masturbate him.

Nigel took it upon himself to fish his cock out and push his trousers round his ankles, "Come on Fiona I've seen you with two cocks before so get you hand round this," he said jerking his dick at her.

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