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Fire Light


Vicki finished making the final preparations to the dinner table. She and Peter had been seeing quite a lot of each other over the last month, and had been out to dinner several times, but this was the first time that they had dined in her home. Unless you count the few times they had pizza and watched a movie, but tonight was different. Tonight marked the anniversary of one month of dating, and she wanted it to be as special as possible.

A warm fire burned in the fireplace, soft music played, the candles were lit, and the dinner was ready, all she needed now was Peter. Looking anxiously out of the front window, she watched as the snow began to fall harder and she worried that he might not make it at all. As the storm grew worse, his car pulled up in the drive and she said a quick prayer of thanks that he had made it safely. She opened the door quickly to let him in; taking his coat and letting him warm himself by the fire. He handed her a bottle of champagne and bent to kiss her waiting lips.

"Well I guess this hardly needs chilling, perhaps I should warm it instead." She giggled at his wonderful sense of humor. Taking the wine back from her he headed for he kitchen saying, "I'll just pop this in the microwave."

When he returned, the bottle was open, and he poured them both a drink. She sipped it, tasting the sweet Champaign as the bubbles tickled her nose. Making himself comfortable on a sofa by the fire, she cast a warm smile in his direction before going to collect the meals from the kitchen. Roast Lamb and an assortment of vegetables in a creamy white sauce, seasoned lightly with the slightest hint of fresh herbs. She knew this was his favorite, and tonight she was out to stimulate all of his appetites. His mouth watered as they sat to share the meal. All through dinner he kept her laughing. Looking into her eyes and giving her a cheeky wink that would set her giggling. He loved the way she giggled, and she loved the way he made her do it.

With the meal over, Vicki went to collect the deserts from the fridge. Setting the ornate glass bowl in front of him, he caught her hand and kissed her fingers.

"There is only one desert I really want, but I shall eat this delicious treat first, and then come looking for seconds." His voice was so smooth, so sensual. They had never made love before, not wanting to rush things and spoil the bond that was growing between them, but tonight seemed like the perfect time. With the storm now raging outside, there was no way he would be able to go home, and she had no objection to him staying.

Pouring her another glass of Champaign, he took her hand and led her to the fur rug in front of the fire. They sat together for a moment, simply enjoying the closeness of each other's bodies. Peter took the glass from Vicki's slender hand, setting it to one side with his own. Gently lifting her chin, he gazed lovingly into her eyes, then their lips found each other in a long and tender embrace. Moving his hand over the side of her beautiful face, he slipped his fingers through her hair, releasing the clasp, and letting it tumble down her back in a thick, dark wave. He loved her hair. The feel of it, the smell of it, he often tried to imagine how it would feel, draped across his chest while she slept in his arms. Tonight he had every intention of finding out.

Slowly he kissed his way down her neck, her head tilting back as she sighed softly, giving him better access to her delicate throat. Kissing and nibbling, he moved slowly over the exposed flesh that warmed under the touch of his lips, following a hidden trail that would lead him to the inviting valley between her breasts. A gentle hand lifted to fondle her ample breast through her dress, teasing and caressing her erect nipple against the fabric while his taste buds danced across her flesh. The scent of her perfume filled his senses as his tongue sort her generous cleavage.

Reaching behind her, he unfastened her zipper with agonizing slowness, savoring every moment of discovery. He wanted to burn every wonderful moment of this night into his memory, and he would rush nothing. Running the tips of his fingers over her exposed back through the opening of the zipper, he was delighted to feel the goose bumps spread across her body. He could feel them under his lips, and he strives to thrill her further.

Softly kissing her shoulder, he pulled the strap of her dress aside with his teeth, letting it slide down her arm, exposing the side of a well rounded breast. His mouth watered for a taste, and as his lips ventured down to sample the sweet pale flesh. Tenderly she stopped him. Reaching out, she began to unfasten the buttons on his shirt, kissing each new part of his wonderful hairy chest as it was revealed to her. She paused to tease his nipples with the tip of her tongue, making them hard against her soft lips, and he longed to return the gesture. Sliding his shirt down over his broad shoulders, she ran her fingers through the thick mat of hair that covered his muscular chest. She could feel his heart beating faster beneath her touch, but she wanted to make it beat faster still.

Catching her chin with his finger, he lifted her face to his once more, kissing her soundly before making his way back to that very inviting breast. Ever so gently, he kissed and licked the outer sides, sending goose bumps racing over her body once more. He turned his attention to her other shoulder, sliding the strap free with his teeth once again, setting both of her spectacular breasts free from their containment. He watched as the light from the fire danced across her pale flesh, and he bent to worship them, as they deserved. Caressing them gently with his hands, feeling the weight of them, rubbing his thumbs over the proud and erect nipples. He kissed them all over, taking care not to miss an inch of these beautiful offerings.

With the tip of his outstretched tongue, he began to lick and tease her dark buds, then sucking them into his mouth, biting gently with his teeth and top lip. He would do nothing to damage these breasts that even a goddess would envy. But then this woman was so like a goddess descended from the heavens to be just with him, there would be none to know the difference.

A soft sigh escapes her lips, his tender attentions causing her entire body to hum with soft delight. Laying her back on the rug, she lifts her back and ass so that he can slide her dress down over her hips and along her slender legs, tossing it to one side with his shirt. Gazing down over her body as she lay before him on the rug, she took his breath away. The way the firelight danced across her pale flesh, her hair spread out over the rug behind her head, she was magnificent.

Colleen looked into his face as he gazed upon her, the glow of the fire, the flickering of the candles, he was gorgeous, and he was hers. She yearned to reach for his pants, to set his manhood free for her eyes to devour, but he held her back, his impassioned lips returning to the dark beacons that pointed at him from the center of each breast. Her back arched, her breasts crying out the attention of his hungry mouth, and he would not deny her.

As he feasted back and forward between her nipples, his fingers strayed to her tight stomach, tracing ever decreasing circles around her navel, finding it's center then circling out again, his fingers discovering the silky down between her legs and stopping to explore a little further. The tip of his finger found the edge of her slit, and he felt her body responding, needing. Smiling to himself, he took pleasure in teasing her, taking her pleasure higher. Her legs parted a little, inviting him, welcoming him. He accepted her invitation, moving his finger a little lower, exploring her precious treasures.

Colleen moaned softly as his lips parted company with the breasts, making their was down over her belly, kissing and nibbling as he sort to find the places that pleased her most. Boldly his fingers parted the already wet lips of her sweet sensuous pussy, he could smell her odor, her heat, and he waned to taste it, drink it, devour it. As he drew closer to her waiting sex, her hips lifted, gyrating and wiggling in heated passion. He loved the way she responded to his touch, his cock throbbing hard in his pants with a need of it's own, but it was not time to set that monster free yet.

Kneeling between her legs, he spread them wide, bending to bury his nose in the crotch, breathing deep her feminine scent through her panties. Rubbing his face against the fabric, feeling her wetness soaking through, he opened his mouth wide, dragging his teeth over her still covered womanhood. She groaned loudly, and he knew he had it right. He did it again, then slipped his tongue beneath the elastic edge, tasting and exploring with his oral love muscle.

She dug her fingers into his hair, trying in vein to control him, but he was the one in total control, and they both knew it. Taking the sides of her panties in his thick fingers, he pulled her legs together, holding the both straight up in the air. Pulling her panties up and off, he kissed her ankles, her calves, the backs of her knees, licking and nibbling each in turn. Down the back of her silky white thighs, over the smooth curves of her ass, finding his ultimate goal. Reaching out with his tongue, it ran it the full length of her slit, from her tight puckered little ass, all the way to her clit, licking all of her in one long smooth motion.

Holding her legs together, pushing back on the a little to lift her ass off the floor, he licked the full length of her again, never stopping in one place, but making every place scream out for him. He knew she would taste good, but nothing could have prepared for just how good. The juice from her hot hole was the nectar of the gods, and he was blessed as he anointed his tongue, lips and face in its splendor. His cock throbbed so hard it threatened to release its load into his pants, and he fought to gain control over the beast within him. Giving her one last, long, hard lick, he spread her legs wide setting one down on either side of him.

Standing between her legs, he unfastened his belt, releasing the clip at the top of his pants, then slowly slid the zipper open. She watched his every move, her hot body writhing on the floor beneath him as she anticipated her first look at what he had to offer her. The presentation he gave her took her breath away. He was a magnificent eight inches of perfect manhood, proud and erect before her. He waited, smiling devilishly.

She wanted him. In every way, she wanted him, and she would have him. Lifting herself to her knees, she was before him, his throbbing shaft in her hand, her eyes devouring him. Lovingly she stroked him, breathed on him, kissed him. Reaching out with her tongue she tasted him, explored him, and breathed in his masculine odor. Her hungry red lips encased this throbbing knob, his worshiping eyes watching her ever move.

Slowly, she drew him into her mouth, taking him as deep as her throat would allow, sliding her tongue along the full length of him. Soft hands weighed his balls, caressing and stroking, teasing and squeezing; she rolled them around in her palm. She loved the way the felt, the weight of them, the soft hair that covered them, and she sucked adoringly. His cock and balls were hers to do with as she pleased. She rubbed them against her cheek, across her lips, lifting herself the press them between her breasts.

Standing, watching her adorn his engorged prick with wet kisses, it was all he could do to prevent him self from exploding and shooting hot spunk all over her beautiful face. She sucked and licked superbly, her face a vision of erotic loveliness as his cock vanished into her salivary depths. Time and time again her mouth hid his cock from view, and he groaned at the pleasure she was inflicting upon him.

He could take no more of her sweet torture, one more suck and she would be bathing in his cum. Gently he pulled away from her, kneeling before her and pressing his lips to hers in a crushing, demanding kiss. She moans softly into his mouth and he swallows her sweet sounds deep within himself, his strong hands sliding down the length of her back, cupping the cheeks of her ass and pulling her hard against him. His cock pushed between her legs, pressing hard against her slit, and she opened her legs a little to make his shaft fit more comfortable against her clit and between her taught thighs.

He could feel her heat and her wetness as he pushed his cock between her soft pink pussy lips; her delicate folds wrapping around him like a warm blanket. Lifting her off the floor, she wrapped her legs around him, his strong muscular arms lowering her slowly on this erection, impaling her. His cock was a mighty sword, and she was his sheath, created for the purpose of holding him safe within her silky confines. As he pushed himself deep inside her, he knew he cock had found a warm and loving home. Slowly he lifted and lowered her, holding tight to the cheeks of her ass, her legs wrapped around him in an unyielding embrace. Without releasing her, her lowered her back to the fur rug, following her with his body, her legs still wrapped firmly around his waist, and his cock still buried deep inside her milky depths.

Pressing his mouth to hers in another searching kiss, he began to move over her, riding her body, pushing and probing into her with his throbbing erection. Impassioned fingers dug into his shoulders as another soft moan escaped her lips, her legs moving to encase his buttocks and pull him harder and deeper into her. He knew what she wanted, but he was in no hurry, keeping his pace steady and slow. Arching her back, she tried to take more of him inside her, her pussy hungry for him, but he was in control and would only give her a little at a time.

Pulling his cock from her, he smothered her protesting pleas with his mouth, whispering to her to be patient, he had more to give to her yet. It would have been all to easy to drive himself deep inside her and fulfill his own animalistic desires, but she was as yet, unfulfilled, and would never forgive himself he if he was to leave her wanting. Moving down her body, he threw caution and tenderness to the wind, plunging his tongue into her hot depths and drinking his fill of her delicious essence. His thumb found her erect and throbbing clit, massaging it, rolling it around, teasing it almost roughly. He fought to control his urges, his heat and passion, but he knew there was a limit to even his strength of will.

Moving his tongue to her clit and fingers to her wet loveliness, he nipped and suckled on her hard pleasure button. Pulling it between his lips, pressing his tongue hard against it, he could feel her heat intensifying, escalating, taking her close to the edge. The internal muscles of her virginal walls began to tighten and contract around his fingers and he could contain himself no longer.

Lifting himself back over her panting, heaving body, he thrust the full length of his cock into her sweet opening in one hard push. Crying out, clinging to him, her back arching as a second thrust sent her senses reeling over the edge. She thrashed wildly beneath him, groaning, panting, crying out with pleasure, driving him on, and begging him for more.

"Yes, Oh god yes." Her orgasm consumed her, sweet rapture engulfing her mind and body. Over and over he plundered her hot depths, driving into her, possessing her, his own wild desires spinning out of control as his cock released pulse after throbbing pulse of cum into her. His thrusting continued relentlessly until he was drained of ever drop of seed his body had produced in her honor. Lowering his body gently onto her still panting, quivering form, he kissed her with such tenderness, rolling onto his back and taking her spent body with him, drawing her over on top of him so that her head rested upon his pounding heart.

Holding her close, gently stroking the length of her back and the cheeks of her ass with feather light touches, calming her, settling her, whispering sweet words meant only for lovers. She sighed softly, resting against him. Never had she felt so safe or so warm, completed and content in the arms of her lover, and the soft warm glow of the fire. Listening the beating of his heart, it seem to almost blend with the roaring winds of the storm that raged outside her door, and she hoped this was one storm that would last more than a night. Somewhere, deep in her heart, she knew it would.

Lifting her head, she looked deep into his eyes. She would never tire of the way the fire light danced over them, suspecting what she saw was more a reflection of the fire that burned within his soul, and a heat that would keep them both warm for a long time to come.

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