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First Affair


I wonder what an affair would be like. Would my second time be better than my first since now I am more experience and know what to expect? Or will my expectations override the night? One way to find out.

One night while I am out with the girls I meet this guy named Jake. He's cute, tall, and has piercing blue eyes and an electric smile. What makes him even better looking is that he asks me to dance. We start dancing to a fast song, then it suddenly mixes into a slow song- "Let's get it on", by Marvin Gaye.

I was heading back towards the table when he grabbed my hand and twirled me around until I ever so lightly pressed up against his body. His hands caress my lower back. His body was warm and his touches sent shivers down my spine and made my heart skip a beat. He looked into my eyes like he was studying me and staring at my deepest darkest secrets. Understanding that I have been unhappy for some time he gracefully slid his fingertips down the side of my face and over my lips and left a tingling sensation that followed. Then he lowered his head and closed the gap between us with his mouth grazing mine, his hot breath blowing against my ear as he whispered, "Do you want to get out of here?" I knew that I wanted to; I had this fiery feeling in my loins.

I ran over to the girls and let them know that I was leaving and not to worry. They didn't since they all knew Jake and knew that he would be just what I needed. He came up behind me and placed his hand on my lower back and escorted me towards the door.

We got into his blue pick-up truck and I couldn't wait any longer. I leaned over and gave him a sweet kiss with just a little tongue. He pulled me closer and put his hand behind my head while kissing me harder than I ever felt. Kissing is so much fun, different lips, different tongue, and different ways. I took him all in, smelling his cologne deep while I kissed under his ear and around his neck while his hands roamed over my body before they landed on my ass. I let out a moan and knew that we needed to stop before we did it right in the parking lot.

I leaned back into my seat as Jake turned on the truck and pulled out of the parking spot. He put on the air conditioner to get rid of the fog we caused while making out. My lips were still radiating heat from his kisses. He sat his hand on my inner thigh and I wanted him to go further. He parked the truck into his driveway and he got out of the car and walked over to the passenger side to open up the door for me. He grabbed my hand and pushed me against the truck and slowly kissed my neck, my ears, and my mouth. My breathing was becoming heavy and shallow. He creped his hand up my thigh and traced his fingers around my underwear. I needed it right now.

I grabbed his hand and pulled him to his front door and open it in a rushed manner. We fell onto his couch and were making out more than ever, grasping for air between our moans. Jake broke our session and looked at me adoringly while placing a finger over my mouth before I could speak. He lightly got up and disappeared down the hallway. He emerged minutes later and had me follow him into his bedroom. There were a couple candles that lit up the dark corners of the room. A huge king size bed covered in a thick beige comforter and pillows covering the headboard. I could feel the small amount of heat radiating from the candles. I looked up at Jake as the candlelight was glistening in his eyes and making his lips look more inviting.

We fell into the bed, our legs intertwined, and our body heat jacking up another ten degrees. He climbed on top of me while taking off my shirt and groping my chest. He wrapped his hand around my back and released the clasp of my bra. He lowered his mouth onto my breast and lightly circled my nipple with his tongue. My body shuddered with pleasure and my panties grew wet. He climbed higher kissing my forehead and over my eyes.

My hands reached the top of his jeans and unbuttoned them. I slid down his pants exposing his hard cock under his tight boxers. He moaned as my hand grazed his dick as I removed his boxers. I lifted up his shirt over his head and flipped him over on his back. I trailed kisses from his neck to his shoulders, down his chest, licking each nipple and reaching his belly button. He stopped me in the midst of going further and told me to lie down on my back.

He breathed in the fragrance of my hair so deep that it caused goose bumps all over my body. He kissed the back of my neck and over my shoulders and followed my spine down to the curve of my back. He turned me around to face him and slid his fingers up my skirt and between my underwear feeling the wetness that gathered there. His touch was so light over my clit that it made me jump in anticipation. He inched a finger into my pussy causing my body to quiver and moans to escape my mouth. I have waited so long to feel another man against me and making me want again. He plunged his finger deep, touching everything that I had to offer. My body grew more hungry wanting to feel him, feel him deep inside of me.

I grabbed my skirt and released the clasp and pulled it down with my underwear. Jake placed himself between my legs and spread his making mine open further to except him and all his glory. His cock was bigger than I imagined. He slowly slid it in letting me feel the girth and length fill me up. I let out a huge gasp and moan at the same time that he did. He looked at me to make sure that I was okay and whispered in my ear how much he wanted this and how tight I was. He pumped in and out; slow at first then going at a rapid pace. I thrust my hips into each pound he made making me closer and closer to exploding.

I could feel my temperature rising, sweat collecting all over my body causing me to get shivers ever now and then when his body wasn't pressed against mine. I came twice causing my body to shudder with waves of pleasure that lasted longer than I could've ever imagined and exasperating "Oh God!" with each peak that I made. My breathing was loud and my mind was full of nothing.

Jake let out a huge moan and his body jerked with each spasm of his ejaculate. He lay down on top of me resting his head on my chest. I loved that I could still feel him inside of me, warm and hard. He kissed me hard on the lips making me want more. He rolled over on his side and scooped me closer to him wanting me to rest my head in his niche between his arm and shoulder. I felt at ease with him, even secure.

It has been the best night I ever had and I did not want to go back to reality. And right now I won't. I will just lay here and take in the moment of being in this state of excitement, contentment, and sleep.

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