tagLoving WivesFirst Contact Ch. 02

First Contact Ch. 02


All of the parties involved in our little experiment, our foray into partner swapping, agreed that we should take it further.

We arranged to meet at Peter and Helen's house a fortnight later. What happened there was enjoyable, but disappointing.

After welcome drinks, Helen took me by the hand and led me to a bedroom, shutting the door behind us. Helen proved to be a skilful and uninhibited lover. We undressed each other. At her suggestion, I brought her off with my fingers first. When she came, I squirmed round and replaced my fingers with my mouth, exploring the soft wet folds of her centre while she sucked my prick. Several times I almost lost it, but she had the skill to sense my impending release and was quick to prevent it by squeezing the base of my stalk. At last she let herself go and toppled into a noisy, powerful orgasm. I changed position again so that I could enter her. She took hold of my prong and guided into herself, wrapping arms and legs around me once I was fully engaged.

I came much too quickly. I had not ejaculated for two days in anticipation of this moment.

My balls were bursting. Helens oral skills had simply added to the reservoir of cum that jetted powerfully into the warm, wet embrace of her cunt.

With the pressure off I was able to stay hard enough to keep Helen filled with my meat for the rest of the session. We fucked from all angles. She sucked me and wanked me and I did the same to her, bringing her to climax many times. I knew that I only had one more come in me and I was saving it for the finalé. I did not know what that finalé would be, but I was sure that plenty of fuel would be needed.

It came when I fucked her from behind for the second or third time. Again Helen instinctively seemed to know that after this, I would be no more use to her. She reached under herself and strummed her clit as I pounded her from behind. This simply made me come more quickly but as

I did so, Helen joined me for a fine mutual orgasm.

So what was disappointing about it? What I had expected was a supersized version of our first encounter, all four of us together, sharing the pleasure of the other couple.

The bottom line was that I wanted to see Sue fucked by another man. Or better still, two or three other men.

Sue and Peter did not appear for almost another hour. Helen and I had cleaned ourselves up and returned to the lounge, sipping wine and chatting. Eventually Helen said;

"Perhaps we should have joined them, to watch."

"I would like that." I replied.

Helen caught my drift instantly. She said nothing, but filed my remark away for future use.

At last the others returned. Helen made coffee but there was an embarrassed tension in the air. We made our excuses and left.

Not until the next night, in bed, did Sue and

I swap stories of our experiences, knowing that the re-living would fuel a spectacular fuck. Peter had been 'sensational'. He had not lost his erection until after his third climax.

As I had done with Helen, there had been multiple penetrations, masturbations and tonguings, but he had shot three loads to my two. He had also distributed them better; one in Sue's mouth, one in her cunt and one up her arse.

"He comes massively," She enthused. "when he came in my mouth I almost choked."

How could he do that? As a teenager I seemed to be able to come over and over again, but two times in a session was good going for me now. Peter gave me a few tips before our next session. No secret really, no magic bullet, no snake oil, just a few minor changes to my diet and instead of saving it up for two days, four. I couldn't wait for the next session.

That was to be at our house. Our guest bedroom has twin beds which I clamped together to make a seven foot wide sex-stage. Lots of pillows but no duvet, action was to be on the bed, not in it. We arranged seats facing the 'stage' in case anybody just wanted to watch. We were ready.

At mid-morning on 'the day', Peter 'phoned to say that they could not come. Helen had been called away to her mother's side. She was 'at death's door'. Why had Peter not gone with her?

"Because it's all bollocks. She will never die, Hell would not let her in. She just wants the attention." He spat out.

No love lost then?

Sue chipped in; "Tell him to come anyway."

I made the offer and Peter agreed. I put down the 'phone and gave Sue a questioning look.

"What?" She said. "It's what you want isn't it, to watch?"

"Besides," She added. "What makes you think that I can't handle you both?"

The time slowly ticked by until the appointed hour. When I came out of the shower, Sue was putting the finishing touches to her make-up. She stood and posed for me. She wore just a wide suspender belt in black lace with red detailing, supporting matching stockings with five inch welts, and red high heels. Her pubic hair was trimmed to a small 'V', an arrowhead pointing directly at her prize.

"What do you think?" She asked.

I thought that she could have tempted a saint, and said so, reaching for her.

The doorbell rang, Peter was early. As I pulled on a dressing gown, Sue said, seriously;

"I don't want you just to watch. I want everything you've got, both of you. I want to be fucked to oblivion."

I led Peter straight to the 'playroom', Sue was already there, sitting on the edge of the bed. She had put a dressing gown over her nudity, but whereas mine was a towelling robe, hers was sheer silk, tied at the front with a belt. The skirt had slipped back over her crossed legs, revealing her thighs up to those stocking tops. She stood and kissed Peter while I poured three glasses of a good, South African Shiraz that I had opened earlier. We drank a toast to pleasure.

Sue drained her glass and handed it to me, undid her belt and let the gown slip to the floor.

"Who's going first?" She husked.

I cleared away the glasses while Peter quickly discarded his clothes. We stood side by side, two rigid cocks at attention, ready for inspection. I was delighted to see that his, although quite long, was noticeably thinner than mine.

"You choose." Said Peter.

Sue dropped to her knees before us and took a shaft in each hand. Slowly, she slid back the skin of each until the tips were revealed. She kissed each in turn, then licked her lips, opened her mouth wide, and engulfed about half of Peter's length. Peter groaned with pleasure as she started to suck noisily. With that sixth sense that women have, she stopped just short of sucking him off and turned her attention to mine, which was quivering antenna -- like, and gave it the same treatment. Just as I thought I was about to lose it, she changed back to Peter. She went back and forth between the two cocks, savouring each, but stopping short of bringing us off.

Eventually, and in my case just in time, she stopped her teasing and said;

"I want you both to come in my mouth, at the same time. Wank yourselves and aim at my mouth."

This came as no surprise to me, she loves semen. She likes it on her and in her. She loves to suck me off and swallow the product. She often gets me to finish by hand after a fucking session, and to spurt my stuff onto her body, especially her tits. A spunk-junky.

She placed a hand under each tit, lifting them, offering them. Peter and I began a wanking contest. It didn't take long. I came first, jetting onto her lips and chin, but mostly into her mouth. She gulped it down, the surplus dripped onto the balcony formed by her offered tits. Peter was a bit naughty, I think that he deliberately aimed high when he came, the first generous globule landing on the bridge of Sue's nose, but then he directed the powerful stream into her mouth. Sue had been right. He came an extraordinary amount. Twice as much as I had, in spite of my storing it up. And twice as thick. If I was single cream, he was double. A double helping of double cream. Sue drank it down greedily, retrieving the stray blobs with her fingers and feeding them into her mouth.

Peter pulled her to her feet and pushed her down on the bed with her legs over the end. Kneeling at the foot of the bed, he parted her thighs, leaned down and enclosed her vulva with his mouth. Sue went wild as his tongue burrowed inside her. I moved to the other end of the bed so that I could suck each tit in turn, alternating with kissing her mouth, holding her down so that Peter could continue his sweet torture of her cunt. She cried out as her orgasm swept through her. When her spasms relented, I moved away. She was moaning, her head moving from side to side, delirious. Peter crawled up between her legs and pushed his prick at her opening. Delirious or not, Sue had enough control to seize his wand in both hands and cram it into herself. Once fully engaged, she wrapped her legs around him to stop him escaping.

"Fuck me." She gasped. "Fill me with cum."

Peter did just that, fucking like a machine, he could not last long. I watched his arse cheeks clench as he pumped his seed deep inside her, roaring like a bull as the stream left him.

Peter rolled off, panting. I took his place. My cock knew the way, needed no guiding. Peter's come was much fresher than the last time I had followed him up Sue's cunt. It was sweet agony as I slid easily into her on his lubrication. So hot, so slimy. I savoured the feel of hot spunk bathing my prick. This was my nirvana, sinking my prick into the welcoming cunt of the woman I loved, hot and wet with the spunk of another man. I managed about a dozen thrusts before my own generous contribution was mixing with his.

I rolled away. My cock was still hard despite my powerful climax. Just like the early days of our relationship, I could have fucked Sue again without un-coupling. But I was reserve cock, Peter was prime. And he was also hard, either still or again, and gently wanking his thin stalk. It was his shout. Sue remained on her back, legs apart, knees raised. Spunk seeped out of her plundered cunt and down the enticing cleft between her bum cheeks. She put a hand there and paddled two fingers in the cocktail of three juices, hers, mine and Peter's. I was content to watch, as was Peter, and the paddle became a swim as she used the thick liquid to lubricate her self-pleasure. The sound was amazing, loud slurps accompanying her gasps of passion. She came again, juice spurting from her as her strong inner muscles clasped.

Slowly, she recovered. Her eyes swimming into focus to find her admiring audience. She blushed! She actually blushed. Even in this debauched situation she found an atavistic modesty and she closed her thighs and rolled onto her side to hide herself.

It did not take long before Sue's sexual hunger overcame the false modesty. She was not going to waste the two ripe cocks available for her sole pleasure.

But I decided that I needed recovery time, and so did Peter. We lay on the bed, propped against pillows, sipping wine making small talk. There had been no attempt to clean ourselves up, we were revelling in our combined sex juices. Sue held the wine glass in one hand and used the other to stimulate the nearest cock, then she licked the juice from the wanking hand, move the glass to the other, and use the newly freed hand to wank the other cock. A good arrangement. When the wine was finished, both hands were used for wanking.

"Is there anything left in these?" Sue asked sweetly.

"Quite possibly," Replied Peter, "but you're doing fine as you are."

Sue grinned slyly, relinquished her hold on our two handles and turned so that she lay upside-down between us. Knees up, thighs spread, she treated us to a close-up view of her well-fucked, cum-filled twat. She started to masturbate again, pushing two, then three fingers inside herself while spreading her lips with the other hand. She then pulled out the sticky fingers and pushed her thumb inside her quim and the middle finger of the same hand against the tight bud of her anus. The finger slid easily into her arsehole and she wanked like that, cunt and arse together while the fingers of the other hand strummed her stiff, oily clit. She came like a train, and I almost followed suit. I had never seen her wank herself in this way, I was spellbound.

Down from the pleasure plateau, she looked up at us.

"Are you ready now?" She asked.

Her two sex slaves nodded weakly.

"You," She said, indicating me, "on your back."

I obeyed, holding my stiff pole upright so that she could impale herself. She then looked over her shoulder at Peter and commanded;

"You, in the back."

She was inviting another double penetration, cunt and arse at the same time, but this time with two cocks. I had a fleeting vision of a third man, pushing his erection into her mouth. She would have loved it. Next time perhaps.

But now I was distracted by the sensation of Peter's long, thin tool being slowly eased into Sue's other hole. Separated only by the thinnest membrane, I could feel his entry. We were all still for a short time while Sue's body accustomed to this gross assault. Then she gave her last command of the evening;

"Fuck me senseless, fill me with spunk."

It took a few strokes to find the right rhythm, but when we did we were able to pound her lovely body until she must have been close to fainting. Peter came first, I could feel his spurts pumping into Sue's arse. I was not far behind, roaring as my final drops jetted into Sue's ravished fuck-hole.

I think that she probably came again. She slumped onto me. Peter remained embedded in her arse until he softened and slipped out. I spoke softly into Sue's ear;


It took several seconds for her to remember her request, seemingly ages ago just as the doorbell went. I felt her chuckle.

"Pretty much. She said.


Sue went off to the bathroom, holding herself to prevent leaks. Soon, we heard the shower running. Peter and I lay side by side on the bed. Naked, but after what we had shared, with no embarrassment.

"When Helen hears about this, she will want to do some catching up." Said Peter.

"Yes," I replied. "and Sue is unlikely to be content as a spectator. Are we up to it?"

"Do you think that we will need help?" He went on.

Again, the vision of Sue being triple penetrated.

"Let's take it one step at a time." I concluded.

As it turned out, we did have help. From a source that I could never have anticipated.

The date was set, two weeks from now, this time at their house. The girls met regularly for lunch and I guessed that they were planning something to exceed our mind-blowing threesome. In the days between, Sue was insatiable in bed,

I had released a wild sex maniac. And I was loving it.

We had agreed to have a light dinner at their house and follow it with the main event. Before we left home, Sue had told me that this was to be Helen's treat.

"When you come, give it to her." She told me. "I am happy with that."

I spent the entire meal with a hard-on. The girls were dressed for sin, the talk was just of sex. We were all 'gagging for it' by the time we adjourned to the room that they had prepared for our foursome. Peter and I were ordered to sit and watch. The girls unzipped each other's dress and let them fall. They were identically dressed, except for colour. Helen was in blue, Sue in green. Cupless basques, stockings, high heels. Nothing else. They leaned towards each other and kissed, making sure that their nipples also kissed. Sue then moved to another chair, sat with both legs over the arms and began to play with herself. Helen beckoned us to her.

She knelt and unfastened both our trousers, fishing out two fully primed cocks and sucking each in turn until I was close to bursting. She released us and went to the bed, spreading out on it, legs pushed impossibly far apart, displaying all her charms. She used her finger tips to pull her cunt-lips wide apart and invited us to;

"Make me come just using fingers."

It was a race to get naked. I won. I lay beside her and placed an arm under her neck and shoulders, hooked a leg over one of hers to keep her wide open, kissed her on the mouth and placed my hand over her mound. I could feel her heat. Peter copied the stance on her other side and bent to take a rigid nipple between his lips.

He placed his hand at the top of her inner thigh, I moved mine to the other thigh and we pulled apart, stretching her gash so that it gaped like a tunnel entrance. She squealed into my mouth, still latched onto hers.

Peter slowly pushed two fingers into her juicy hole and gently finger fucked her. I used finger and thumb to pinch together the very top of her sex-lips, rolling them against the stiff bead of her clit. We alternated with our mouths, between Helen's mouth and nipples. Helen found both cocks and fondled them. She must have been in heaven, a mouth on each tit, a cock in each hand and being given a two-handed wank. Peter removed his fingers from her cunt, making a slurping noise as they vacated the sodden hole, and moved one finger up her slit to where her clit stood, sealed in slippery flesh by the pressure of my fingers. I yielded the oily bud to Peter's caress, moving my own fingers to hold open her cunt so that he could work on Helen's clitoris. When she came, her body reared up from the bed and she screamed in pleasure, flapping like a hooked fish.

I gave her no respite. I slid down the bed and between her still parted thighs, enclosing her vulva with my mouth. Helen, still high from her orgasm, went even wilder as I licked and sucked at her sweet flesh. Peter moved so that he could suck each tit in turn, alternating with her mouth, holding her down so that I could continue my sweet torture of her cunt. She came again, whether a new climax or an escalation of the last one, only Helen could tell. And she was past caring.

I declined the honour of going first this time, inviting Peter to be first cock. I wanted to enjoy the new-found sensation of sloppy seconds again.

Peter climbed between her thighs and sank his straining organ into her hot, wet sheath and fucked her hard and fast, soon flooding her with his pent up spunk. The moment he vacated I moved in to fill the breach with my own painfully hard cock, sliding rapturously into the delicious mess, savouring the heat of a freshly fucked cunt. Even if I had wanted to, I could not have denied the rush of four days' worth of cum it's bid for freedom. A gusher of spunk blasted into Helen's clasping fuck-hole, causing her to topple into another noisy orgasm.

I pulled out and rolled aside. Spent, at least for the moment. But what happened next soon had my erection raging again. Sue knelt at the end of the bed, between Helen's dangling legs, and buried her face into Helen's semen filled crutch. Helen reared up from the bed and cried out in surprise, but soon lay back to enjoy this unexpected extension to our adventure. As we watched in amazement, Sue sucked the cocktail of cum from Helen's well-fucked quim, bringing her to yet another climax. When she came down from her peak, Sue encouraged her to move up the bed and started again on her now tender organ.

Sue was arse up, head down, devouring Helen's slit. Peter could not resist the invitation of a fresh hole to fill and pushed himself the welcoming place. Sue groaned into Helen's cunt as Peter started began to fuck her very gently. I was bone hard again. All pumped up with nowhere to go. I positioned myself alongside Helen's face and offered my boner to her lips. Helen sucked my length inside and rolled her tongue around the knob. It was an awkward position, it would have been easier to straddle Helen's face and feed her my meat that way, but that would have deprived me of the spectacular view of Sue sucking on Helen's cunt while Peter pounded his cock into Sue's. Helen raised herself up on her elbows and allowed me to thrust into her mouth, fucking her face.

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