First Date


Adelaide Jordan made chicken fried rice. Never mind it was two Michealina's frozen dinners and a large can of chicken. It was tasty cooked to tender perfection with some butter, season salt, cayenne and a few other spices that seemed right. Make a fresh salad, some cheesy garlic bread and put it all in a pretty looking bowl set to serve, taking the trash to the dumpster before her dinner guest arrived and it was no big deal. Adelaide could cook. Adelaide was a wonderful cook, in fact, but she was a college student on a budget and her utilities in the new place were running much higher than the landlord predicted. Her dinner guest mentioned loving this particular Chinese dish and she knew she couldn't afford all the fresh ingredients, so went cheaper. At least he didn't mention beef and noodles, she would have bought a can of roast beef in gravy and mixed that in with a few packs of ramen noodles. She had a dozen or so more improve recipes just like these. She knew how to cook. She also knew how to cook on a budget. The rice was a little easier to impress with, however.

"This smells amazing" Scott said as he sat down across from Adelaide at the bistro set on her back patio.

"Thanks," Adeliade said, hoping the spices she added were enough to mask the cardboard flavor.

"I can see my hotel room from your back porch, Addi" Scott said with a sheepish grin.

"Do you watch me from your window?" Addi asked.

"Do you watch me from yours?" Scott grinned and the pair chuckled. No answers were given.

"This wine is fantastic," Addi changed the topic. "What is it? It's sweet but it smells like flowers and honeysuckle."

"Vouvray," Scott said, lifting his glass to his nose, "It's a good wine. Goes with almost anything savory."

"You're a wine connoisseur?" Addi asked, setting her glass down and putting her hands in her lap.

"No, it's my mother's favorite. I just happen to like it too. I don't usually drink wine, but you seem the sort who could appreciate it."

Addi blushed and nodded her head. "I don't often, but yes, I do appreciate this one." She looked at the centerpiece of the table, and admired the wildflowers he brought her. She honestly had never been brought a bottle of wine and a bushel of flowers for a date before.

The meal was eaten with idle banter. Scott was impressed with the rice and asked for the recipe. Addi downplayed it and said it was no better than a tv dinner, a point which Scott would not validate.

"So, what's for dessert, my dear?" Scott asked, as he rinsed the dishes so Addi could load them in the dishwasher.

"I made a Reese's cup pie," She smiled, standing up. Scott had been watching her bending forward in front of him, reaching under the counter next to the sink to get the pod for the dishwasher and she caught the grin on his face as he watched her bottom. He did not shy away when she made eye contact with him, but simply glared in full desire. It was similar to the look he gave at the restaurant where they met and shared too many drinks the week before.

"Are you ready for dessert?" She asked, starting the dishwasher.

"Yes, but I really hoped it would be you..."

Addi blushed again, not quite sure if it was the wine, or reveries from the passionate evening she and Scott had shared the night they met.

"Ah," She said and looked innocently into his eyes. She wasn't sure what more to say, so chewed silently on her bottom lip.

"That, my dear, is about to drive me wild," Scott stepped in, pressing himself against Addi and Addi against the counter. He wrapped one arm around the small of her back and the other hand found its way into the base of her hair, tangling his fingers in her silken brown mass. "I've been thinking about you all week," He said before claiming her lips.

The kiss was fevered. Addi's head swam a little from the wine, and more from the kiss. She felt Scott harden against her belly and wrapped her arms around to clutch his back. His muscles were tight. He was a big, strong man and she savored his strength. She could remember a moment when he had been driving himself deep into her and she cried out, clawing his back and he bucked harder and harder, telling her to tear him up. Her groin moistened at the memory.

"May I take you now," Scott whispered in Addi's ear before going down to nibble on her neck. Her breath tattered, and she could not respond right away. Scotts touch was firm and possessive, but did not lack a gentleness.

"Yes," Addi finally managed as Scott made his way across the flesh above Addi's blouse. He moved the satin top with his hand and claimed the flesh beneath it with his teeth. Addi groaned and Scott looked up at her. Her eyes were closed. He reached one hand down to feel between her thighs. The fabric of her slacks was on fire.

"Addi," Scott whispered, standing up and pressing himself firmly against her again.

"Scott" Addi said, opening her eyes. Scott kissed her again, putting his hands up the sides of her blouse and shoving it up, over her head, breaking their lips apart for only a moment. He leaned back to admire the ample breasts heaving over the black lace bra she was wearing and back to her lips to taste her some more.

Addi pulled Scotts shirt out of his waistband and shoved it up his body, over his head. His skin was tan all over, but strongest on his arms. He was a contractor, working on the railroad. Scott unfastened Addis bra, and released one breast into his mouth, leaving the other covered until he had sucked and nibbled one for a few minutes. When he worked his way over to the other, Addi's fingers in his hair, he bit down a little harder on it than the first. Addi's groin throbbed with desire.

"Addi," Scott reached his hands down the sides of Addi's pants and shoved them down, along with the beautiful black lace panties that matched her bra. "up on the counter baby," Scott ordered, and Addi used her hands on each side of her to lift herself up onto the corner where Scott had led her.

"Legs wide apart darlin'" Scott demanded and stepped over to get the stool from under the kitchen table. He moved it over to the counter and set it in front of Addi. He stood in the corner, in front of it, kissing her lips, fingering her wet folds, before lifting a finger to her mouth and tracing it along the warm flesh of her lips. She licked it, and he slid his finger inside, letting her suck on it for a while, reaching his other hand to finger her, slipping two fingers inside. She was tight and wet and hardened more with the sound she made as his fingers slid inside.

Scott kissed his way down, fingering Addi the whole time. He nibbled, licked and kissed her heavy breasts and pudgy tummy. He found the space above her clit first and teased it with a trace of his tongue. She was silky smooth. He followed his tongue along each of the lips and then dipped inside, teasing her tender flesh. She moaned, and arched her back, her feet up on the counter and legs spread wide. Scott looked up at her from beneath her and couldn't help but smile at the vision of this beautiful woman. Her features were somewhat exotic to him. Mediterranean. Her hair was long, silken black cascading down her body. Her curves were beautiful, her breasts, perfect. He had waited a long time to meet a woman who excited him this way. She was great to talk to, as well, but she was the sort of lover he had been seeking, always ready for anything. He had discovered that last week when he met her in the bar and they were both a little drunk, and both a little horny. They established that they were not far apart in where she lived and where he stayed and decided to walk each other home. They made it as far as his hotel, and she said yes, she would like him to take her to bed when he invited her in. They'd had sex three times in the night and twice more the next morning before they both had to be up for work. In all he figured they slept and hour. He then had a busy couple of days followed by a weekend trip home, coming back on Sunday and here to see her.

Scott found a pattern of circling Addi's clit she had gone crazy with on the morning after they met, and found it again just now. Her body shuttered and she cried out to him. He shoved three fingers inside of her and worked them in and out as he skillfully, roughly moved his tongue in circles. She was cumming in a matter of moments and he used that time to stand up, pull his pants down and shove himself inside of her. She felt so amazing. Wet and tight. Her arms wrapped around him, as he kissed her mouth. She was still cummin and he feeling of her juices on his cock made Scott harder still. He pounded into her, with one hand on each knee, pushing her legs as far apart as they would go.

The warmth and vibration on the couner from the dishwasher somehow made it hotter, and he moved his hips to the rhythm of the machine. Addi was cumming again before long, and Scott pulled himself back just a little to watch her face. She was a stunning beauty, Addi.

"Invite me to your bed," Scott pleaded, pulling Addi off the counter, onto the floor, spinning her around and slipping into her from behind. He let her lean on the counter for a moment then pulled himself out of her so she could lead him into bed.

The apartment was small, clean and neat. She had a nice sense of style and a very cozy bedroom. The bed was Queen sized and higher than normal, he ordered her onto all fours on the edge of the bed, and slipped into her, pounding hard into the tight, hot pussy he was growing to love.

"S-S-Sc-Scott... Scott... Scott," Addi cried as her pussy spasmed and came again. He loved that he could make her cum so easily. He felt like such a man. With a finger on the soft rim at her ass, Scott felt his balls start to tighten and pulse. He slowed down, pulled out and tapped her hip, moving back so she would roll over onto her back. Scott climbed onto the bed and found himself between her thighs quite easily. He didn't enter her right away, but kissed her. He kissed her softly, tenderly, and passionately for a very long time until her hips started to rock beneath him. He ran his still hard cock over her clit for a few minutes, teasing and taunting her until he finally slipped in. She felt tighter all of a sudden. He moved slowly. He found himself captivated by the look in her eyes, and watched her face as he moved into her. Her hips rose to meet each thrust and her hands massaged his back and his ass. He felt something in him moving, breaking, and crashing through walls that he had built for years.

"Adelaide," Scot whispered before he let himself go. They hadn't used protection the time before, and hadn't discussed doing so this time. He had noticed a condom on the night stand when he waited on Addi to move to her back, but she never spoke of it. She was 35 with no children and they hadn't discussed whether she could or wanted any, or if she was on the pill.

Laying in her arms, still wrapped in her legs, buried inside of her, though shriveling in the aftermath of release, Scott kissed the soft, sweet scented skin of Adelaide, a woman he knew he was about to love. He trailed the kissed across her collarbone, licking and nibbling on the flesh around the tattoo she hated, but he found endearing. She kissed his temple as he moved, and ran her fingers into his hair. He lifted his head and met her mouth. Her mouth tasted of wine and soy sauce. He enjoyed it, as did his. Her lips were soft, and compliant. He rocked into her a little as he felt himself hardening again and this time, lasted a little longer, cumming again deep inside of her, this time looking into her eyes. He had never known love at first sight to be a true life experience, but felt like maybe with her it was.

"What are you thinking" She asked later, as she wore nothing but a mid-length black slip and he sat in his burgundy boxer briefs beside her on the grey sofa. They were snuggled together under a blanket and had been watching a movie neither of them could remember the name of, for sake of fondling, kissing, snuggling and chatting lightly with one another.

"That you're one amazing lady and I'm sure glad you let me take you to bed the other night, and again tonight and I hope you keep letting me see you and spend time with you, and that I hope you don't mind that I keep wanting to bed you because you, my dear are phenomenal."

"Ah, me too Scott," Addi said and kisses Scott softly.

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