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First Experience With Another Man


This story is a true account of my first time to make love with another man. I was in college at the time and I dated a lot of women and enjoyed sex with them, but was curious about what it would be like to be with a guy. I was fascinated by cock and wondered what it would be like to feel and play with a hard one, what it would feel like in my mouth, and what it looked like when another guy came.

It happened one fine afternoon when I was at a clothing optional beach. There were some secluded coves at the far end of the beach and it took some climbing over rocks to get around the points. I often spent time a the furthest one down, just to have some time alone naked in the sun and maybe get a little high. This day, after I had been there for a while another guy came into the cove. He was nicely built and naked like me. He told me that there was a guy and a girl making out in the cove he had just come from and we should take a look.

We climbed up the rocks to look over and there they were. The two lover were kissing and touching each other everywhere and were oblivious to our observations. I found myself getting excited and the other guy was soon sporting a nice erection. Being rather shy I ignored it and returned to the spot on the rocks where I was reclining and watching the waves before he showed up. He took up a position sitting on the rocks just above me. I closed my eyes and was listening to the sound of the waves when I felt his fingers massaging my cock. I was feeling so mellow and horny, I didn't flinch, but just enjoyed the sensation and was surprised when my cock began to stiffen. He told me that he liked my very hairy pubic area. That excited me even more since when I was in my early teens I wanted to have lots of hair there.

I now had a full on erection and was so turned on as he was slowly stroking my cock. I looked up at him and his cock had gotten incredibly hard. I was so horny, I abandoned any inhibitions and reached up and began gently feeling his stiff manhood. I was amazed at how hard it was, yet the skin was so soft. I started stroking him too, following his rhythms. He was hung well, his balls hanging low, so I caressed them with my hand and marveled at how soft and warm they felt. Then he asked me "do you give head?" I replied that I had never done it before, but there was a first time for everything. I really wanted to taste and feel his stiff cock in my mouth.

He moved down to a lower position so that I could get my face near his huge cock. I continued to caress and stroke his cock, then began to kiss it, beginning with the shaft on each side and then lifted his cock to kiss his hairy balls, then up the shaft to the head. I parted my lips and let his beautiful cock head enter my mouth and I encircled it with my lips. My tongue swirled around the glans and I could taste a delightful, salty, sweaty taste that was followed by some slippery liquid that I now know was precum. I savored the taste and feel in my mouth, getting more excited by the second. He moved his hips back and forth, pumping my mouth gently, then more urgently.

To get more comfortable, we moved so that I was sitting on a rock and he stood before me. I quickly resumed my oral ministrations with one hand guiding his cock in and out of my mouth and the other massaging his balls. He bent over and began stroking my cock and our pace increased. After a few more minutes, I couldn't hold back any more and shot my hot load onto the sand. I kept sucking his cock like mad, but my mouth was a bit dry. He pulled away and stroked himself in front of me. When he was ready to come he asked "do you want to take it?" I eagerly replied "Yes" and he moved in and pumped his steamy load into my eager mouth. The feeling of his hot cum squirting onto my tongue made me dizzy. I held it there to enjoy the flavor, then swallowed the creamy concoction down.

We were both satisfied and spent. As he left, he said "thanks man". We never saw each other again. That was my first time and didn't have another encounter with a guy until many years later.

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