tagBDSMFirst Girlfriend Shows Me The Ropes

First Girlfriend Shows Me The Ropes


Going through high school can be torture for a guy who hasn't figured out how to get laid yet. Every day at school you're exposed to hot teenage girls just dripping with sex appeal but you don't have the wits or the balls to talk to them, and coincidentally the hormones pumping through your veins make you hornier than you'll ever be again in your life. That's why when I finally got a girlfriend my senior year it was a godsend.

Amanda was hot. She was quirky and didn't really try to be cool so she wasn't on anyone's radar as the hottest girl in school. At a lean 5' 7" and with a soccer player's body, toned legs and the ass only an 18 year old could have she should've been in the running though. She had blonde hair, tight little b-cups that always poked at the front of her t-shirts and a pretty little mouth that always seemed to be hiding an amusing secret known only to her. I'm a good looking guy, 6 foot 2 and pretty well muscled, even for someone on the varsity soccer team. I've been told I look like Prince Harry, but Amanda was out of my league.

When we first started dating I'd never even made out with a girl. When you have no idea that you're attractive, a quirky sense of humor and no real fashion sense you rank right around 'rapist' with level of sex appeal. Early make-out sessions with Amanda were awkward, and I had no idea how to act. Where do you put your hands? Eyes open or closed? We'd make out for hours and I'd make a habit of subtly contorting my body in weird ways to avoid her noticing my erection... The type of stuff that would drive anyone who wasn't a virgin crazy with frustration.


The night I have my first sexual experience is at her place, and things start how they've always started. She puts on music and we're making out on her bed. After about 20 minutes of necking and wrestling around she takes her shirt off. This was only the second time I'd gotten her shirt off and her looking at her tight little tits pressed against the fabric of her bra was mesmerizing. I feel my dick growing uncomfortably against the front of my jeans and I pivot my hips away from Amanda so she doesn't notice and continue to make out.

Amanda's wearing thin cotton pajama pants and decide to be bold as I grip her ass. "Someone's getting fresh" she says as she kisses my neck and adjusts her body so that her thigh is pressed lightly against the bulge in my pants.

Tonight is the first time I've been to her place with her parents out of town and I'd parked my car completely down the road and snuck in through the garage to avoid getting spied on by her neighbors. I'm not sure what's going to happen tonight but her move to press against my cock is definitely an indication.

My erection up to this point in our relationship has been an awkward appendage getting in the way more than anything during our make-out sessions. I've only been jerking off a few years and the thought of another person touching my dick is something I've thought of roughly 100 times a day but never even come close to in real life. The pressure of her thigh sends chills shooting up my body and I can feel my dick getting bigger and pressing harder against my jeans.

Her hand lightly traces from my chest, down my stomach, and continues on its path under my belly button. I start to get anxious as I realize where she's heading and nearly panic as her hand cups the bulging front of my jeans. "what do we have here?" She says playfully in my ear.

I hesitate, unsure of what to say. Years of hiding my erections under the desk at school have ingrained in me a sense of deep privacy about my sexuality. This is the person in the world I least want to embarrass myself in front of and everything in me is screaming 'Tread carefully' even though that's the last thing in the world either of us wants to do.

She giggles in her girly little way. "cat got your tongue?"

Just the sound of her voice in my ear sends a wave of tingling sensation through my body. I'm more and more aware of the feel of my dick against the fabric of my jeans, and I feel like a deer in the headlights with her hand pressed against it.

I still haven't said anything.

"Do you want me to do something with this?" She whispers playfully in my ear as she runs her hand over it.

A slight groan escapes my lips.

"Wow, you might be the horniest boy I've ever seen before in my life." She rolls off the bed and stands over me, idly sucking on one of her fingers as her nipples poke prettily against the fabric of her bra. "I've got an idea that I think will be fun... take off your shirt."

The tone of her voice has changed a little and she's looking at me with what can only be described as a predatory smile. I'm still not sure what to say, but at this point some sort of dialog has got to be coming out of me. "Amanda..." I begin but she stops me.

"Joe, take off your shirt." Her eyes are narrowed, and there's something about the way that she's standing staring at me that makes me feel put on the spot.

I hesitate further. "What, do you want me to do a strip tease for you?" I offer jokingly.

She's not amused. "Joe, I've been waiting three weeks to get you and that cock of yours alone, and from here on out you're going to do what I want. You have no idea how to handle me do you?

She's challenging my masculinity at this point so I need to come in with some sort of confident statement: "Well I think I have some sort of...

"No, you don't." She cuts me off. "You don't know the first thing about how to handle girls. You reek of virginity. You're lucky you're hot or you never would've gotten a shot at me." The tone of her voice eases as she runs a finger along my cheekbone and across my chest, "actually, your inexperience and innocence really turns me on... but if I'm going to have a good time tonight it's going to be by my rules. Now take off your fucking shirt." Her voice lifts up at the end in a girly squeak and her eyes are sparkling with amusement, but there's something about her that says she's not fucking around.

I quickly pull my shirt over my head, as I wonder to myself how this pretty blonde 18 year old girl gained such control over this situation. All the porns I've seen the man has been in control, and I feel self conscious as I strip half naked in front of her laughing eyes. I'm bigger than her, stronger than her, we're the same age... I'm supposed to be the man here right?

"Good boy" she chides after I throw my t-shirt on the ground. "Now for the pants"

I hesitate. I've literally never been naked in front of another person before and my skin rises with goose-bumps with the thought of it fully aware f how my erection is going to look under my boxers. This is it, she's going to see me naked... the feeling that flushes through my body reminds me of the first time I jumped off the bridge into the river near my house.

"Now," she says, getting sterner, and narrowing her eyes, her voice dropping an octave.

'Fuck it' I say to myself as my trembling fingers fiddle with the button of my jeans. Why is it so hard to unbutton my goddamn jeans? I concentrate nervously on the button as my cheeks heat up under Amanda's criticizing glare. The button comes loose. Thank god, that's the hard part, the zipper comes easier. I lift my hips and slide the jeans down kicking them off with my bare feet. My cock is sticking straight up against the fabric of my boxers, and the tent it makes is almost comical. My cheeks get hot when I see there's a very damp spot where my pre-cum has started to soak through.

She leans over and gently grips my dick through the fabric of the boxers. Electricity shoots from the head of my dick branching through my entire body. My back arches and my hips instinctively pump against her hand. It feels even better than I thought possible. "Oh boy, someone's horny" she says, pulling her hand away. "Now why don't we lose those boxers."

At this point I've made peace with the fact that my girlfriend is ordering me around and has complete control, I'm just anxious to come so I quickly slide the boxers off and now I'm lying completely naked on her bed, my cock pointing at the ceiling. I've never had such a conflicting slew of emotions running through me, embarrassment, awkwardness all with the VERY strong emotion of being more turned on than I ever have been in my life. I look at my dick, my dick looks back at me, a bit of pre cum beads up at the tip.

Amanda lightly spins around and begins to walk away. Where the FUCK is she going? Her tiny ass cheeks pulse back and forth under her pjs, and her hips sway slightly back and forth. She's meaning to walk like that right? There's no way walking that sexy is unintentional.

She gets to her dresser and bends slightly at the hip keeping her knees straight pressing her ass back and out towards me. Grabbing something inside the bottom drawer she looks over her shoulder at me, catching me staring, and giggles lightly.

Humming, she walks back over I see what she has in her hand: A couple pairs of long soccer socks, the kind that can go most of the way up your thigh if you don't fold it back down over your shin guard. Her smile is from ear to ear as she jumps on the bed and straddles my chest. I can feel the bulge of her pussy pressing down on me and almost unconsciously she rocks it slightly back and forth on my chest.

"Give me your hands"

"What? Why?"

"Joe, you're naked on my bed, your dick looks like it's about to explode, and I'm the only one here who can help you out with that" She reaches behind her and slaps my cock sending it bobbing back and forth like a stand-up punching bag. "Now you aren't in any position to negotiate. Put your fucking hands, above your fucking head, and if you're a good boy I'm going to give you a treat."

I've waited my entire life to fool around with a girl. Now here's a living breathing high school fantasy lightly grinding her crotch back and forth across my chest giving me an ultimatum. Something in her smile is ringing warning bells inside of my head making me hesitate, but she's right. I've never wanted anything so bad as for her to touch my dick. Even gripping it lightly again like she did through my boxers I think would make me cum. She's holding all the cards and I'm not smooth enough to talk her out of it. Slowly I raise my hands above my head.

Amanda takes one black sock with yellow strips out of the bunch and drops the rest beside us on the bed. Gripping the middle she lets the ends drop down to make sure that they're even. She's humming again and smiling to herself in a secretive way. She wraps the sock around my right wrist twice and her eyes narrow slightly with concentration as she ties a simple knot on the backside of my wrist and pulls it tight. Leaning forward, with her flat, tanned stomach almost pressed against my nose, she begins to fasten the ends around the post of the bed. I'm too busy staring at her body to see what she does but I can feel slight tugs as she finishes the job. She wraps a second sock the same way around my left wrist and half out of curiosity I decide to pay attention to what she's doing.

Drawing my hand and with the sock ends at the back of my wrist she wraps those around the bedpost, tightening them with both hands and pulling the back of my wrist up against the wood of the post. Then she forces what remains of the ends between my wrist and the post and knots them together. The knot is pressed against the back of my wrist, but firmly out of my reac. Up to this point I shrugged this off as just a little game but now I realize that getting out might be near impossible. I wiggle my fingers and try, but don't even come close to the knot. The socks feel soft but very tight.

I tug at my binds as she gets up and moves around the side of the bed. Her finger traces slowly down my body as she gets to the foot of the bed. "Amanda... fuck, you've really got my arms tied here, where'd you learn to do this?"

She just grins as she grabs my ankles and pulls them towards the foot of the bed, stretching my arms out. I help her scoot down because she's exactly big enough to pull me around, and now my arms are two taught lines leading up to the headboard. She pulls two more socks from the bunch and tying simpler knots this time ties each of my ankles to a corner of the bed.

"Now you're my prisoner."

She slowly walks around to the side of the bed. Cocking her head to one side she reaches behind her and unhooks her bra and tossing it to the floor. Her tits almost point up at a 45 degree angle from her body, the nipples standing as erect as two pencil erasers. Next she tugs at her pajamas, sliding them down her legs.

I stare at her panties, they're a light gray and sporty looking, something you'd picture a soccer player wearing. Her pussy is clearly outlined against the front, a slight bulge with a thin line in the middle leading down and out of sight through a slight damp spot about the size of a quarter. Hooking her thumb under the waistband she slides the panties down her legs and steps out of them. For the first time I'm staring at a naked girl, a perfect teen fantasy, her pubic hair trimmed down to a thin blonde line running towards her swollen pussy lips.

She steps daintily to the side of the bed and casually runs her fingers along my rib cage, her eyes following wherever she touches. Everywhere she touches me tingles shoot through my hips, to my ribs, to my shoulders and up the back of my neck to the top of my scalp. Every nerve in my body is tingly with anticipation. I want to touch her so bad, to feel her pussy, to run my hands and tongue over every square inch over her body. I struggle against my binds, nearly blind with need.

I can tell this is making her more excited as the tip of her pink tongue darts out of her mouth for a second and another mischievous smile spreads across her face. I've never felt my cock throb before but every nerve is so finely tuned that I can feel my heartbeat in the head of my dick. Then it occurs to me: for the first time in my life, I don't have control over my own body. I need to cum so bad that my only thought is to reach down and stroke my cock, but with each tug I realize more and more that I am helpless, at my girlfriend's will.

She gets onto the bed and straddles my leg, still running her fingers almost randomly around my body, watching me squirm trying to escape the tickling sensation. Slowly her fingers circle closer to my dick, until she's gripping the shaft. Leaning over she lowers her mouth. I can feel her hot breath on my dick. Lightly she runs her tongue up and down my shaft like she's licking an ice cream cone. At the same time she gently cups my balls, rolling them lightly back and forth. It feels amazing but definitely isn't enough to let me cum, I know she's teasing me, and a light girly giggle only reinforces that as she looks up and grins. I uncontrollably pump my hips looking for more friction so I can get some sort of release.

"My, my" she mutters as she lightly tickles my dick with her lips, "you must be getting frustrated." I can feel the vibrations of her voice. She continues to tickle my balls and run her tongue and fingers up the length of my shaft. I can feel an orgasm start to build and my entire body tenses, straining for some sort of release. I can feel myself soaked in sweat at this point and every muscle is taught and straining against my bonds.

That's when she stops. "You don't think I'm going to let you get away that easy did you?" She says tauntingly.

She crawls forward letting the head of my dick run down her body leaving a thin trail of pre-cum over her tits and down her stomach. She straddles my chest again and I can feel the wetness of her pussy pressing against my stomach as she leans forward and offers a nipple into my mouth.

"Suck on my tit like a good boy" she commands. Frustrated I have no choice but to comply. Her nipple is rock hard in my mouth as I roll it back and forth across my tongue. A slight moan escapes her lips as I eagerly suck away. The other breast is offered and I strain against the socks tying me to the bed as I suck deeply on that nipple as well.

She lets out a light giggle as she pulls her breasts away from me. I strain upwards, trying to sit up and follow her tits but my arms hold me back from rising more than a couple inches. "This is fun." She giggles. I feel a slight drip on my belly as another drop of pre-cum falls off my dick, reminding me of how horny I am.

"So far you've been getting all the attention, now I think it's time you showed your appreciation"

I'd never even seen a pussy before today but as she moved hers further up my chest and towards my face I had a view of the most perfect pussy I'll ever see again in my life. Her lips are swollen and pink, glistening with her wetness.

Kneeling directly over my face she hooks one, then another perfectly tanned leg over my shoulders, her calves tucking under my arms. Then she sits back, her pussy just in front of my face. All her weight is pushing my shoulders down into the bed, limiting my movement even further. She is in a position of complete dominance.

"Now Joe," her voice chimes out lightly, "you're going to lick my pussy, until I cum all over your face."

She moves herself into position and all I can see is her pretty pussy lips, taking up my entire world. The warm wetness engulfs me as her pussy lips press themselves against my mouth. My tongue slides over the crease as I savor the taste of my first vagina. She tastes amazing and I lick harder, moving my head up and down in a nodding motion. Her hips rock back and forth pushing herself hard against my mouth and I push back, grinding my face into her and smearing her juices all over my face. I'd heard a lot of guys saying that they didn't like going down on a girl, but this was amazing!

Reaching down Amanda parts her lips and I explore the inner folds of her pussy. My tongue licks up and down the length of it, as more of her juices flow.

More moans escaped Amanda's lips as she rocked her hips harder into me.

I tongue the vagina itself, trying to force my way in.

"Lick my clit" she mutters breathlessly. I have no idea where the clit it but she's already outlined it with two of her fingers and positions it directly into my mouth.

My tongue runs over the swollen knob of her clit. I can feel it rolling back and forth as I do everything I can to stimulate it. The tone of her moans became higher pitched. "Lick my fucking pussy, oh fuck, lick it."

I'm licking her pussy as much as I can but with the lack of experience Amanda finally decides to take matters into her own hands. Out of breath and panting she pushes my head back away from her and sits back on my chest, keeping her pussy tilted towards my face.

My tongue needs the break and I'm happy to sit back and watch her slim fingers run up and down her pussy, spreading the lips as she rubs her clit. Her entire pussy is practically glistening it's so wet, her lips spread and her hips are pumping back and forth as she alternately rubs her clit and runs her fingers down her lips. Faster and faster, she's practically whimpering now. "Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck! Oh Fuck!" She screams, her legs tensing against my shoulders as her body rocked with her orgasm. "fuuuuuuuuck!"

"Fuck." She whispers as her body relaxes.

Untangling her legs she shifts her body so she's lying next to me. "good boy" she whispers in my ear as her hand strays back down to my cock. My dick is still in the same state of throbbing frustration she'd left it in and with her touch my body tenses with effort. I need to cum.

She wraps her hand around my shaft and slides it up and down, gripping it at the base and brushing the head on every upstroke. I've worked up a good amount of pre-cum and soon everything is coated and slippery with it. Within seconds I can feel the orgasm rising through me as her tiny hand works up and down, faster and faster.

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