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This is a true story and I had to tell someone. :D

I am 20 and in university. For months I had been fantasizing sucking a cock. I wasn't really attracted to men nor did I have the desire to be fucked or fuck another man. I was just curious about sucking cock. I live in a small city and was always wondering how I was going to get about fulfilling this urge I had. At first I figured I could just go to a gay club around here and pick up a guy, but most of the clubs in the city are basically on one street. The chance I'd run into someone or the chance someone I knew would see me walk into and leave one of these clubs was pretty high. I decided against that. In the last month, I discovered chat rooms. There were always guys asking to meet up. Again most of the people out there were about my age and the chances he turned out to be a closeted friend of mine seemed high. I wanted to be as discreet as possible.

Last week, I was online and noticed this website had personals. I looked through them and found a few people who would be suitable. I replied to an ad by a 35 year old man that mentioned he was discreet, single and willing to do whatever the other person wanted. After a couple emails I realized the guy lived a little far from where I did, and so the chances of running into him were slim. We decided to meet at this shopping mall close to where he lived, after which he would drive me to his place and we would get down to business.

The next day I woke up a little late and almost forgot about meeting the guy. I quickly got changed and took the bus down to that mall. It was a 40 minute trip which was nerve racking. I was close to just not showing up, but something in the back of my mind pushed me to go ahead and do it. I reached the mall and waited outside the entrance for about 15 minutes when I saw his car pull up. We had exchanged pictures previously and so he knew what I looked like. I got into the car and we made small talk.

On arriving at his house I got a full look at him. He was pretty well built, looked like he worked out quite a bit. The house looked pretty good for a single guy. I guess he earned quite a bit. Once in, he placed his hand on my crotch. He commented on how hard I was. I was nervous, scared and turned on, all at once. He helped me take off my clothes after which I helped him remove his. He was only semi erect. He then sat down on the couch while I got down on my knees and assured me we could stop whenever I wanted. I grabbed his cock and began stroking it to an erection. It grew to about seven inches and looked great. Slowly I licked his cock from base to head. I spent a little more time around the head and then placed it in my mouth. My tongue licked the cock all around making it wet. At first it was a little hard as my teeth kept hitting his cock. After a few tries I got it right and slowly sucked on his shaft up and down.

I let my tongue explore every bit of the cock. My motions became faster as I looked up every now and again to get reassurance I was doing a good job. His cock tasted great and I felt like a cheap whore, kneeling on the ground and sucking a cock. It was great though. He then suggested I try and deep throat him. I was a little unsure on how exactly to do it, but he said just try. I grabbed his wet cock and placed it in my mouth, taking it in little by little. Once it reached the back of my mouth I gagged and began coughing. He told me to relax my throat and pretend I was yawning. After a few tries and my eyes watering, I got the hang of it. He then stood up as I deep throated him again, each time causing a lot of saliva to be formed and basically getting a lot messier. It was very hot though. He then grabbed my head and began fucking my mouth. I stuck my tongue out as he rammed his seven inches down my throat. He said he was going to cum and asked me where I wanted it. I told him I wanted him to cum on my face. (Another fantasy I had) I began to stroke him hard as I sucked on his balls. His body was beginning to tense up and he pulled back. He grabbed my head and began stroking his cock faster. Within a few seconds I felt his hot cum hit me on my cheek. More cum followed and hit me on my lips and basically all over my face. When he was done, my face was covered in cum as it slowly dripped off my chin. I took his cock back in my mouth and slowly sucked him dry.

It was great. Everything I hoped it would be. Once done, we decided to shower together to clean up. Under the hot water in the shower, he stroked my cock and I came pretty soon. It was the best first experience. Once done, we set up another date to do the same thing.

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