tagGay MaleFirst Time at a Gay Bath House

First Time at a Gay Bath House


I have always been a heterosexual male that was married and then divorced. I have had several relationships with women after my divorce, but for the most part ended up disappointed with the relationships. I have been exploring my gay feelings by going to nude gay beaches, chatting with gay men online and watching a lot of gay videos. Now I had decided that it was time to see if I was gay or just curious.

I looked up gay bathhouses online and found one that I thought that I would like about 60 miles away from where I presently live. It looked clean and private with all of the usual amenities like communal showers, saunas, steam rooms, Jacuzzi, pool, video rooms, workout area and private rooms. I didn't exactly know what the proper behavior would be in a gay bathhouse, so once again I looked up the proper etiquette. So I learned that for the most part everyone walked around with just a white towel on, but if you were looking for more attention then it was ok to walk around completely naked. It was permissible to have sex in the sauna, steam rooms and video rooms, but generally not in any of the open areas. Naturally it would be permissible to have sex in your own private room with the door closed or open depending on your preference.

So on the day that I decided to venture out for my first gay bathhouse visit, I spent some extra time at home getting ready. Not knowing whether I was going to experience my first anal sex, I decided to give myself several enemas to make sure that my rear passage was clear. Then I shaved my chest, my butt and my genitals for that smooth look and feeling. I have pierced nipples, my dick is pierced with a PA and I have a guiche piercing right near my butt hole. I put in my 6 ga. large rings in my nipples to match the 6 ga. PA ring in my dick. I have a naked man hanging from a barbell in my guiche piercing. I also have a heavy nipple chain to connect to my nipple rings. When I was all cleaned up and smelling good, I put on my yellow nylon running shorts, my white muscle shirt that always seemed to leave one nipple uncovered and my shower things on my feet. I was ready to go.

After about an hour drive I was approaching the bathhouse and my heart started to race and my dick was twitching. I was excited about what was to come even though I had no idea of what to expect. I parked my car, threw my backpack over my shoulder and headed for the front door. When I walked in there was a small reception area with 2 windows like at a bank teller. I went up to one and a very nice guy asked if he could help me. I saw him looking at my right nipple with my piercing dangling outside of my shirt and said "I would like to spend the day in the bathhouse". He explained that first that I needed to join the Club, which was $20 for 6 months. Then I had to either pay for a locker or a private room for the day. Since the private room was only $7 more than the locker, I took the private room. I paid him the money, showed him my ID and then he issued me a Club membership card and gave me the key to my room and a small white towel.

The guy then pushed a buzzer to let me into the club. Once inside the door another nice guy asked me if I needed any condoms or lube. I said that I suppose so and he handed me several condoms and a little bottle of special lube. I kind of felt a little strange taking the condoms and lube since there were only men in the club and as yet I had not had any gay encounter with another man. He then directed me down a dimly lit hallway with doors to small rooms all along the walls on both sides.

As I went down the hall looking for room #202, several guys passed me. They were naked except for the white towels. Several rooms had the doors open with guys standing by the doorway looking me up and down. One room that I passed had a guy lying on the bed in the room completely naked casually rubbing his dick. When I found my room, I opened the door with the key, found the light and turned it on and walked in. I closed the door behind me and looked around. The room was only large enough for a small bed covered only in white sheets, and a small table next to it. I put my backpack on the table and sat on the bed to get my breath. I was excited as hell.

When I settled in, I began to undress. I took the thongs off my feet, pulled my shirt over my head and took off my running shorts. When I was completely naked, I folded my clothes and put them in my backpack and put my thongs under the bed. I took the bottle of lube and put some on my fingers to begin lubing up my butt hole. I stuck my fingers in my hole as far as I could reach to make sure that I was lubed all the way in. I probably used way too much, but since I had never had anything put up my hole except for my fingers and a medium sized butt plug I wanted to be sure that I was slippery. I then grabbed the towel that was given to me and headed out of the room to explore what the club had to offer.

As I walked down the dark hallways, I could hear men in the rooms moaning and making noises. I was sure that they were fucking, but since the doors were closed I could only imagine what they were doing. When I got to the shower area, I took off my towel and decided to get myself wet before going into the steam room area. There was a cute young man showering next to me. He looked at my pierced nipples and said, "Did it hurt to have your nipples pierced?"

I said, "It hurt like hell. It hurt a lot more than when I pierced my dick."

H asked if he could feel them and naturally I was more than happy to have my nipples touched and pulled. As he did I noticed that he had a small ring piercing in his dick. It was a beautiful dick with a delicious looking mushroom head. I said to him "I see that you have a PA too. May I touch it?"

He replied, "Sure, go ahead. It is the only place that I can have pierced since I am a model and any other piercings would interfere with my career."

I touched his dick lightly and ran my fingers around that gorgeous head with the shiny little ring sticking out its mouth. He continued to play with my nipple piercings until I just couldn't stand it anymore and got down on my knees. I stuck my tongue out to lick the head of his dick and he responded by moving forward a little. I liked the head and shaft and played with his PA piercing with my tongue. He put his hand on my head and I opened my mouth to let his dick in. This was the first time that I had a dick in my mouth and it felt great. As he moved his dick further into my mouth, I was sucking it like a lollipop. It felt warm in my mouth and alive as he began to move it in and out of my mouth. I was naked on my knees being face fucked in the shower with other guys watching me. I loved it.

After a few minutes of this wonderful first encounter, the young man pulled out of my mouth and said, "I am close to Cumming and I don't want to cum just yet. It was a pleasure meeting you, but I am supposed to meet a friend of mine here today. By the way, I love your piercings. Maybe we can all get together later." I got back on my feet, gave him a kiss on the lips and rinsed off.

When I left the shower, I headed for the steam room. I just carried my towel and walked naked to the door, opened it and walked in. It was pretty foggy, so I could only see blurred images of men. There were little alcoves throughout the steam room where some men were sitting. I found an empty alcove and sat down. The steam felt great, so I just leaned back to relax for a while.

Shortly someone stood in front of me and grabbed my dick in his hand. He gave it a little tug and I moaned a little. H was naked too and had his dick in my face. I grabbed it with both hands and began to lick the head. Up until a few minutes ago I had never even held another man's dick and now within 15 minutes I was about to put the second one in my mouth. It was much larger than the young man's in the shower and a lot thicker. As I opened my mouth to let the head enter, the guy moved forward pushing his dick all the way back to my throat.

I was stunned at first and when the head of his dick hit my throat I gagged. He pulled back momentarily and then with both of his hands on the back of my head he moved forward again. H said "Relax sweetheart and put your tongue on the bottom of my dick. Then when the head hits the back of your throat just swallow."

I did what he said, but once again I gagged and he had to pull out. Then he pulled me up by my nipple rings and told me to get on my knees. I did as I was told and then he pushed down on the top of my head until my naked butt was resting on the heels of my feet. He then put the head of his dick in my mouth again and began to move it in again. When h hit the back of my throat, he tilted my head back a little further and held it steady as he shoved his dick down my throat. I tried to gag, but my throat was now filled with his large cock head. He kept pushing forward until my nose was buried in his pubic hairs.

I was now deep throating this man that I had never met before. He would pull his dick out of my throat just when I was about to explode from lack of air and then thrust it back in. There was an audience of about 5 other naked men all pulling on their own dicks. Just as his dick started to twitch and his balls tightened up, he pulled his dick out of my mouth and shot his load all over my face. Two or three of the other guys watching came on me at about the same time. When he had finished Cumming he told me to lick his dick clean, which I did. It was my first taste of cum and it was bitter and salty.

When he was finished with me, he moved back into the cover of the steam and left. Since I was covered in cum, I went back to the shower to clean up. I then dried off with my towel and headed back to my room. I was a little tired from the steam and the blowjob. I opened the door to my room, dimmed the light and lay naked face down on my bed. I just figured that I would rest a few minutes before I ventured out to explore the rest of the club.

One of the things that I read in the etiquette of gay bathhouses was about private room signals. The accepted practice of lying face down on the bed in your room with the door open was an invitation for anyone to have anal sex with you. I guess that I forgot about that part and also forgot to close the door since I was tired. Also on the table next to the bed I had left the condoms and the anal lube that I was given when I first arrived at the club. I must have fallen asleep, because I was awaken by another man putting more lube in my butt hole with his finger. He had closed the door and taken his towel off and was on top of me moving his fingers in and out of my hole.

My intruder then began to spank my butt cheeks hard saying that he was going to really enjoy fucking this nice ass. Oddly enough whether it was the pain of the spanking or his fingers widening my butt hole, my dick was as hard as a telephone pole. I must have really been enjoying the treatment that I was receiving. When he started shoving 3 of his fingers into my butt and spreading my cheeks, I knew what was next.

He got up and grabbed a condom, unwrapped it and put it on his dick. I turned to look at him and his dick for the first time. His dick was big and long and sticking straight out from his naked body. I am only 5'8" tall and 170 lbs., but he must have been at least 6'2" tall and a muscular 230 lbs. A wave of fear came over me that this monster was going to split me in half. When he had finished putting on the condom he mounted me and pushed my head down with one of his hands. He bellowed, "Get ready to get fucked hard. Since you didn't complain about the spanking, I know that you like it rough and I aim to please."

Before I could say a word, he was spreading my legs apart with his knees and pushing at the entrance to my hole with his big tool. He held the head of his dick at my anus and kept pressure on it until my anal ring started to open and let the monster in. When the head finally slipped in, my anal muscles held it tight. I groaned and he said "Relax, fuck toy. We haven't even begun having fun yet."

He put one of his large hands under my belly and pulled me up into the "doggy style" position. Then he kept applying pressure to move his dick further and further into me. He would move his dick in and then withdraw it until just the head remained inside of me and then move forward again going deeper inside of me with each thrust. Finally when I thought that I couldn't take any more of him without coming out of my throat he hit bottom. His pelvic muscles were up against my butt cheeks. He left it there for a moment and then started to piston in and out of me. When he moved all of the way into me with his big dick his body would pound my butt cheeks so hard, I was sure that anyone could hear all the way to the end of the hall.

He then asked, "Are you a virgin? I have never been with any guy so tight."

I responded while grunting, "Yes. Today was my first sex of any kind with a man. You are the first man to put his dick into me."

He then stopped and pulled out of me. "Well if that's the case and it's a pretty fair bet that you are clean and don't have AIDS or any other diseases, then I am not going to waste my cum in this condom. Get ready honey, because I am going to fill you up."

He pulled off the condom and lubed up his dick. He flipped me over so that I was facing him and put my legs on his shoulders. Then he lined up his dick at my hole and shoved it in. He was going to fuck me bareback. As he was pounding his dick into me, he pulled on my nipple rings. I thought that h was going to pull one of my nipples right off. My nipples are connected to my dick for some reason and I became hard again. While he was fucking me, I began to stroke my own dick. This was the most painful, but the most erotic sex that I had ever had in my entire life.

His pace quickened and my rod started to spew my seed onto my chest. Just as I was finishing cumming, he shoved his cock into me as far as it would go. His balls tightened and his naked body tightened as he started to fill me with his cum. He pumped and pumped into my ass, as I felt his hot sperm filling me. When he had finished, he pulled his now empty fuck stick out of my hole. I could feel his cum running out of my hole and onto the sheets. He got up, grabbed his white towel, and headed for the door. He turned and said, "You're a great piece of ass. I will have to fuck you the next time that we meet."

I got up out of the bed with cum dripping out of my ass and closed the door to this tiny room. I decided to dress without going to the shower for fear of getting fucked again. I was spent and needed to get home. I gathered my belongings and headed out of the club to my car. As I passed the guy in the reception area he asked me if I had a good time. I just smiled and he knew that I did. I accomplished my mission of exploring my gay feelings, and decided that I liked being the fuckee a lot more than I liked being the fucker. I discovered that I was to be a bottom in the gay community and was looking forward to many more exciting experiences.

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Just like my first time

My first time was like that now ! Am taking spunk a!! The time

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One of the places I visited regularly had a few rooms that contained 'swings' ... basically a wide piece of leather , suspended from the ceiling by 4 chains with leather thongs attached for wrists andmore...

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