tagExhibitionist & VoyeurFirst Time Jacking Off in Public

First Time Jacking Off in Public


My college buddies Drew, a virgin heterosexual female, and Rick, a homosexual male, were over to hang out in my apartment. We talked for a while and the subject turned to sex, not surprising for college kids! I knew Rick had always been curious about me, but I have always been a confirmed straight male. I tried to respect Rick's feelings and was always conscious never to do anything to lead him on. Truth be told, I found his interest flattering in a way, but I just couldn't see letting things go anywhere.

Meanwhile, his friend Drew really was not my type. We were so different, but I was curious about her nonetheless. Remember, I had those college-age hormones! She certainly was not unattractive but not gorgeous either. Drew was definitely cute and had a great smile and laugh. I really liked her sense of humor, something Rick almost lacked. Drew was a little round but not at all fat. Her curves were all in the right places and well-pronounced. Her boobs looked like they must be really plentiful, and I must admit to having jacked off thinking about her a few times, especially when she wore fishnets. Her legs really looked awesome in them!

I had not hung out with Drew much outside of school, but Rick wanted me to invite her over this evening, so I obliged. We had already eaten, could find nothing good on TV, and then moved on to chatting. Rick talked about how he and I watched porn together. We had only done this a few times, and it was always heterosexual porn, because that's what I had (plus some girl-on-girl, which I didn't think a homosexual male would be interested in watching). Drew admitted she had never seen an X-rated movie before. Rick and I looked at each other, and I could tell we were both thinking the same thing: Let's show her one now!

Rick had made polite but definite suggestions while he and had watched videos in the past: Could we jack off together? Or maybe he could just watch me get off while I watched the video. As I said, I always turned down these offers so as not to lead him on unfairly. I wasn't sure what would happen in front of Drew this evening. Would Rick ask, and would I go through with anything? I must admit the idea of getting Drew into the act somehow really got me aroused.

I was getting hard as I walked over and popped in the tape. Rick and I sat on the sofa. Drew remained seated at the table, where she had been since we ate. Rick was far from good at keeping a secret, so I was assuming Drew knew both that he was interested in me and that nothing had ever happened between us. As we watched, we all commented on the actors' bodies and the sex acts we were seeing. Drew seemed a little dazed at first, in a good way, at seeing all this explicit action for the first time. Her comments went from disbelief to amused to downright dirty.

Rick looked at me and asked if I was enjoying this video, one he and I had watched together maybe a few weeks before. He knew I was from the enormous bulge in my pants! He leaned over and asked quietly if he could touch it. Drew was so engrossed in the video that she wasn't paying any attention to us at this moment. I told Rick if we could get Drew in on it too, maybe we all could put on a show for each other. Rick, far from being subtle and often quite lacking in tact, announced he was hot and wondered if anyone else was. It was just about autumn, and I had the windows cracked, so I told him he could take his shirt off if he wanted to, rather than turn on a fan or the A/C. He said he'd feel dumb if he were the only one sitting there without his shirt on. Neither Drew nor I responded.

Rick upped the ante and announced that we all knew I wanted to see Drew's tits, so would she please take her T-shirt off. I was so fucking embarrassed, needless to say! I'm sure I'd mentioned that specific feature of her body, because she is stacked up top. But I never thought he'd tell her! She turned her attention from the TV and glared at me while giving me an icy "NO." I protested that Rick had asked, not me. Drew stated she was going to watch the video only; nothing else would happen. I told her that was fine, and we all went back to watching.

After a few more minutes, I noticed Rick looking at my pants again. I have to admit I did have a raging erection, which didn't diminish even at Rick's embarrassing announcement of a few moments ago. He leaned over to tell me something again. He suggested I let him play with me. Maybe that would loosen up Drew a little, watching us. I told him I wasn't interested in him or any guy again, but he said he knew that. This would just be for show. He motioned towards my throbbing cock and said, "Let me help you out ..."

I thought about it for a minute, and then, I said ok, but I reminded him I could tell him when to stop. He wasted no time in running his hands down to the swelling in my pants. I must admit his hands felt good on me. He just rubbed me and ran his fingernails over my cock through me pants. Drew looked over and asked if we wanted to be alone. I was embarrassed again but really turned on too, to the point that I had a really great nervous, fluttery feeling. I decided just to go for it and asked Drew to take her shirt off. She said no again, now full of scorn, and turned back to the action on the screen.

Here I was totally hard, with my gay friend starting to get into my cock. Should I make him stop, or should I just take advantage of the moment and have someone else get me off for a change? If Drew wasn't going to get up and leave, I thought maybe Rick was right: a little show just might loosen her up. I let Rick keep working on me through my pants and waited to see what Drew would do.

I had thought that I might not let it go any further than this. I assumed Rick wouldn't go any further either without my say so. He could tell I was watching Drew and the video and really getting into what he was doing. Honestly, by now I didn't really care who was doing what to me; it just felt good!

The next thing I knew, I felt Rick unzip my pants and his hands feeling me up through my underpants. I could see my white-cotton-covered prick sticking out of the opening in my pants. I was really hard and throbbing now, and my cock was straining to get out. Drew looked over to see what we were doing but said nothing. I didn't even see her look me in the face. She just looked at Rick working on me and at my hard prick still covered by underpants.

I ogled her chest again, really staring now. She really was looking great in her T-shirt. Drew didn't seem to notice me looking and was only watching Rick and my cock, the porn video seemingly long forgotten. In my state of arousal, I was thinking with my little head, not my big one, and I decided not to protest when Rick slipped a hand inside the opening in my undies. Drew smiled and looked a little flustered.

I could tell Rick was trying to take me out but having trouble because I was so hard and straining against my clothes. I was sure if he were successful I would be getting a blowjob from the way he had angled his face closer to my lap. I wanted to cum so bad that I would accept it if he offered. I wanted to feel some warm lips around my cock, and I wished it could be Drew. But I could always just look at her and fantasize.

It was obvious to all three of us where Rick's actions were leading. Drew turned back towards the TV with a jolt, as if she just realized my cock was about to be exposed. She did miss Rick taking me out but looked back at us as he started to run his hand over my full shaft. That felt marvelous! It was like I was sitting there looking at Drew and jacking off. But yet, it was also like she was doing this to me, because it wasn't my hands down there. She looked away again after a few moments when I caught her glance.

I looked down at Rick for the first time in many minutes to see he was indeed close enough to get me into his mouth. Then, I looked over at his crotch and saw he was very hard as well. I thought maybe if he also took himself out, Drew would feel compelled to start disrobing as well. It was worth a shot, but before I could act on the idea, I felt his lips and warm, wet mouth taking my cock in. Geez, that felt so good! I closed my eyes and just enjoyed it for a moment.

Then, it occurred to me that with Rick and I being occupied on the sofa, I might seem less intimidating to Drew. I wasn't about to leap up and grab her, after all! I opened my eyes and saw her staring at Rick giving me a great BJ. As soon as she noticed I was staring back, she got up and said she had to go to the bathroom. I was wondering if this was to remove something like her panties or bra to make herself more comfortable. Maybe she would join in ... Then, I realized she could have just as easily done something like this in front of us if she were losing her inhibitions. I asked Rick what he thought she was doing. He lifted his head just long enough to say, "Peeing?"

Drew was in the bathroom for a couple minutes, and I was starting to worry we had offended her or that she was feeling uncomfortable or even scared. I told Rick that I was worried. He reluctantly asked if I wanted him to stop. I replied that maybe we should. He looked so disappointed as he sat up, still eying my throbbing prick. It glistened with his saliva and did look quite big. I laughed and mentioned he finally got to see it. He sort of sighed in agreement.

I noticed Rick was still very hard himself. At about that moment, he said he was hoping I'd touch him too. I told him I didn't think that was going to happen, and he asked if he could take it out and jack himself off instead. I thought this would just make a bad situation worse, but he told me we should just watch the porn and do what we want, not pay too much attention to Drew. Above all, he said I needed to sort of ignore her and stop staring. That was probably what got to her, not seeing my cock. There were cocks on TV too, after all. Still thinking with the wrong head, I agreed.

Rick took his throbbing cock out too and started to rub it. I can't say it really turned me on, but I see now why even some straight guys like to jack off together as they watch porn. There was sort of a sense of satisfaction in knowing Rick wanted to cum too. Of course, I knew it was me that was turning him on, not the TV. But soon we both were stroking away.

A few moments later, the bathroom door opened, and despite what Rick had said about ignoring Drew, my nerves got the best of me. I was looking at her and not the video when she came out. She was obviously a little shocked by what had been happening and seeing us both exposed and jacking off must have put her well out of her comfort zone. She looked nervous and a little rosy, like she'd been blushing. I immediately felt bad and then felt even worse when she announced she was calling her dad to come get her, because she thought "you guys want to be alone!" Drew still lived at home, and I was sure her dad would ask why someone else couldn't bring her back. I dreaded the response I imagined she'd give: "Because they're all pervs jacking off!"

I begged Drew to stay, promising we'd behave. As I said this, I was stuff my deflating prick back into my pants. I know Rick hadn't meant to offend his friend either, and I was disappointed in myself that I'd let him get me into all this. But I knew I was more to blame than anyone. As I stood up, Drew was headed for the front door. I was stammering she should at least wait inside.

By this time, Rick had figured out it would be just about impossible to finish any of what we had started and was putting himself away too, still hard as a rock. I realized then that he was probably far more frustrated than me. He started asking Drew to stay too. I don't know if he also was fearful she'd tell her dad what had happened, but then I recalled Rick telling me he had shown his cock to Drew already several times, because "she was curious" being a virgin. Therefore, I thought I would be the only mentioned as perverted, because Rick was safe in her eyes.

I asked her please to call her dad back and told her I'd take her home. Drew would have none of that. Clearly, she didn't trust me not to try something, I thought. Rick didn't have a car, so he couldn't offer to take her home. Again, I asked her to stay inside at least, while we talked things over, but she didn't seem to want to discuss it any more. Then, she explained the obvious: all the apartments look the same, and. especially in the dark, her dad would have a hard time finding her if she didn't wait outside for him. Suddenly inspired, I grabbed my keys and said that we'd both take her home. Drew accepted this offer as a sensible alternative. She called her dad back and told him she found a ride. He was still getting dressed and was probably just as happy not to have to go out.

The ride back to Drew's house started out awkwardly silent. After a few minutes, she half-teased us that we could drop her off and then go back to finish what we had started. Rick assured her I had never done anything like that with him before, and, after tonight, he might not ever get another chance. I said nothing and just drove. Drew was in the front passenger seat, and Rick was in the back. He slumped back into his seat, obviously disappointed he didn't get to finish that BJ.

I must admit as I sat there and thought about it, I realized I should have just let him finish, while I watched the video. I shouldn't have said anything to Drew, nor should I have stared at her. Breaking my silence, I told her I was sorry for making her uncomfortable and staring. She smiled and said she was staring too. "Good point," I noted, and then I let her make the next move. After a minute, Drew said she wouldn't have minded watching me get off but felt like I was going to try something. "Like fuck you?" I asked. She said she thought so.

I hadn't really gotten that far in my thought process. Would I fuck her given the chance? Sure! Was I thinking we'd end up doing that tonight? No. I decided to be honest about that. I told her I thought maybe we'd enjoy some mutual nudity, and perhaps we could all watch each other get off. I hadn't been thinking that I'd let Rick touch me, nor me him, nor me her. Drew was surprised and asked if I really just meant to watch and be watched. She felt better knowing that.

Then, Drew was candid with us. When she disappeared into the bathroom, it was to go take care of herself quickly! She didn't feel comfortable doing it in front of us but was so turned on by watching us that she just had to get off too. She also said she liked seeing my throbbing prick. That brought me back to life. She also admitted that her panties were soaked and that was the real reason she wanted to go home. I was relieved and I said so.

I had driven about as far as I could towards Drew's house without needing directions. I knew what part of town it was in, but I didn't know my way through her neighborhood. I asked her where I needed to turn next. She started giving me directions, and I was trying to keep my mind on the road, rather than on my growing cock or her wet panties. Ok, I can admit it: I was also having trouble keeping my mind off the BJ Rick had started to give me.

Drew told me to go up another block and make a turn. It looked like a dead end. We passed a couple more houses and then no more. The street ended and seemed to drop off into a drainage ditch behind a caution sign signaling the end of the road. I slowed the car and asked what was going on. Drew looked at me and asked if I'd finish for her now. "Right here?" I responded, looking around and seeing we were far enough from the closest houses that we probably could get away with it. Rick started stirring again in the backseat, revealing his excitement, and I turned off the engine and headlights.

It was a little dark, but I could see Drew's face and chest. She was grinning broadly and her eyes twinkled in the moonlight. I could barely make out Rick moving closer between the two front seats. I told him it was a show only, no touching or sucking. Drew agreed to this too, no touching her for me, nor would she touch me either. I was rock hard again, and even after I took off the seatbelt, I had to shift in my seat quite a bit to be able to free myself from my pants. I decided it would be easier just to undo my belt buckle and slide my pants down a little.

So there I sat for a moment, dick sticking straight up and twitching, feeling a little nervous but very aroused at the same time. I could see my cock was still shiny from Rick's attempted blowjob earlier. I moved my hand to my shaft and started stroking. Rick leaned forward to watch and was told not to get in the way by Drew, who was watching the show I was putting on very intently. I started off slowly, running my palm gently over my shaft, before first using my thumb and index finger and then wrapping all my fingers tightly around myself and doing some serious stroking for them.

Unfortunately, I was nervous, maybe because of our somewhat public location, maybe because I had never done this for an audience before. I slowed down again and said I didn't know if I could finish. Rick offered to help, but I declined. I was starting to feel weird about all this and what had happened earlier. Drew told me she really wanted to see me cum for her. That helped and she could tell that she had reassured me by how my strokes became more deliberate again. She took my free hand and held it in hers for a second. Then she guided it to her hot, wet crotch, as if to say, "See how hot and wet you got me?!" When I moved my fingers a little she giggled and pushed me away. She looked me right in the eyes and said, "Please?"

I felt a lot better about this now, and I had pretty much forgotten about Rick. I was running my hand up and down my full length and fucking myself good for Drew. I so wanted to ask her to take her tits out again, but I didn't think she'd like that, so I just kept stroking. I knew I was getting very close. Gradually, this ticklish, twitchy feeling came over me from deep down inside, and I knew I was going to erupt. I didn't care that much about myself or the car, but I wondered what would happen if I hit Drew with my load, a real possibility given how close she had to sit in my car. I gasped and hoped for the best.

Just as I was about to cum, Rick said something like, "Here he goes!" And he asked Drew if she didn't want to feel it. Later, I found out they had sort of tried this before, him jacking off almost to orgasm with her taking over at the last moment so that she could feel the cum spurting out of his cock. The trouble was he lost all interest as soon as she touched him. Rick never could manage to cum for Drew. I'm sure some homosexual men would not have this issue, but Rick was just averse to having women touch him at all, let alone jack him off. I doubt they had prearranged any of what was happening now. Rick was just reacting on the spur of the moment.

Without a second's hesitation, I felt Drew's hand reach out for my stiff cock. She brushed against my throbbing head with the back of her hand, and I took my hand away, as I had planned to do at the moment I orgasmed anyway, so that she could get a good view. Her hand quickly clasped around my shaft and started to jerk me with some awkwardness. In a moment, she got a rhythm going just as my juices started to erupt.

Unlike when I do it to myself, she didn't immediately stop after I came. Instead, Drew kept milking me for what seemed like several minutes, her hand tight around my cock, stroking my whole shaft. Then, she moved her thumb to my head and rubbed it back and forth. I'm not sure whether this made me cum more or whether I was just that wet from what had already spewed out, but I swear this felt so awesome, with her thumb sliding back and forth over my soft, fleshy head.

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