tagGay MaleFirst Time On A Nude Gay Beach

First Time On A Nude Gay Beach


It was the summer of 1969, I was 19 and it was the first time that I planned on going to a nude beach. I stopped at the tourist info office and inquired about nude beaches in the area.

They asked if I was alone or with some one. After replying that I was alone, they directed me to this nice place. At the gate I was told that in order to enter, I would have to strip off. I quickly pulled off my tank top and shorts exposing my self. I had never been nude in front of anyone before. After a moment it felt great, the warm sun on my body.

After paying the entrance fee, and going to the parking lot, I grabbed a towel, sunscreen and headed for the beach.

What a surprise I got at the beach, it was not only nude but a gay beach. I never saw so many naked guys before. Many were with a partner but most were alone. After walking down the beach a short distance I picked out a spot, spread out my blanket then lay down.

It wasn't long before another guy came over and asked, Would you like some company?. I said sure and he laid down beside me. As he lay down his erection, laid across my butt cheek. I was a little nervous as I had never been with another naked guy before let alone a gay guy.

He slowly started caressing my butt and I started to get horny. I spread my legs slightly apart, and he put his hand down and lightly gripped my now erect cock. He asked me to roll over and slowly began to stroke me. It felt really good and I started to stroke his.

Soon he put his mouth against mine and softly kissed me. It was really hot on the beach add he asked if I minded if he sucked my cock. He started slowly by just licking the head and then put it all in his mouth right up to my smooth mound. I kept all the pubic hair shaved off as it felt better and it looked sexier. After he sucked it a while he wanted me to suck his, after telling him that I had never done it before he showed me how to do it.

After licking the head and licking off the precum, which tasted really good, I slowly went all the way down on his 10" cock, he had a really hairy crotch, He told me I was a natural at sucking. After several minutes of sucking each other I came in his mouth and loved the sucking as he milked out every last drop of cum. In another few seconds he came, spraying lots of warm cum into my mouth. With a mouth full of hard cock I had to swallow. It was fantastic as it was really delicious.

After just laying around for a few minutes, he asked if I wanted to have inter-course. Having never had it I shyly said OK. He lay on his side and lifted up one leg and asked me to put some lube on my erection. After doing so he gripped it with his left hand and slowly guided it to his anus. Placing it on the opening he said all you have to do is push it in slowly and then start sliding it in and out.

It felt really tight at first but I was soon giving it all I had. That is an erect 8 inches After 20 min of hard pounding I felt my-self getting ready to come. My cock began to pulsate and I was shooting my entire load up his hole. After withdrawing he said it was my turn to receive his.

I sucked him up hard again and he lubed up the thick 10" shaft and head. Placing it firmly against the opening he gently inserted just the head of his hot tool, and slowly began to slide it in. It felt really large at first but I began to relax and started to enjoy it. We had great sex for more than a half hour and then asked if it was ok if he came in my ass. Sure, I said as I wanted to feel it as it spurted from his cock. After cumming he continued pounding my ass for another few minutes. As he withdrew he shot one last spurt across my ass. He then rubbed it over my cheek.

He asked how I liked it and I answered that I loved it and would like to do it again. As it was getting late in the day I got up to go, he asked if we could give each other head one more time. I agreed and after a few minutes we both came again, and this time I sloshed his load around in my mouth for all the flavor as his load was so tasty.

I left for the day and never saw him again, but the experience was so enjoyable that every time I give and receive I think of how I had my first guy-guy sex.

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