tagBDSMFirst Time Special

First Time Special

byThe Winter Kiss©

Her fist stayed frozen in the air, just inches away from the door. It was waiting to knock "just once" as she had been instructed. Wetness trickled down her leg under her jeans. She was wanted to feel swollen. She wanted, for once, to just feel good. Her fingers had been her only release for years; before that, only the spoiled cock of her ex-boyfriend. He believed in the missionary position and a slow pace. Just the thought of him made her feel bored, but he was all she ever knew. Her mouth had never touched what she wanted to taste. Her pussy had never ached from being used. Her ass hadn't even been touched.

It was a "well-known, expensive, and erotic" establishment. A friend of a friend recommended it, having spent a weekend there with her husband enduring various tortures and erotic acts. The "First Time Special" was supposed to break newcomers in so easily that they'd be left craving more the instant it was over. She had the money, but the motivation had taken months to work up. Finally, she had hit her breaking point and found herself at the door, debating whether to knock just once.

She pretended to let her fist slip, but the moment it hit the door it was too late. The door opened to reveal an empty waiting room and a young redhead sitting at a desk, on the telephone. She finished her call when she spotted the young woman in the doorway.

"Marissa McComas?" the redhead asked. "For the First Time Special?"

Marissa nodded nervously, shifting as she stepped forward. The door closed gently behind her. The redhead made her way to a large steel door on the other end of the room, which she prepared to open with a key.

"Don't be so nervous," the redhead comforted.

"I've never done anything like this," Marissa spoke softly.

The door popped open. "Well if it makes you feel any better, from your file and the information you provided over the phone: on birth control, non-virgin, sexually inexperienced. This will be the perfect sexual experience for you. But I do need your final approval to continue. Your safe word is Macaroni. And you will be having oral, anal, and vaginal intercourse with dominant men and women. From here on out, you're under their complete control. Do you understand and accept the conditions?"

"Yes...yes..." Marissa assured herself.

"You'll have a few minutes to remove all items of clothing and jewelry," the redhead instructed. "Any questions?"

"Have you done this?" Marissa asked nervously. "I mean any of this?"

The redhead simply smiled and closed the door.

The room was left dimly lit by a light above her. It was empty except for a water bottle on the floor that had "DRINK ME" written across it. She picked it up and hesitantly followed directions. The liquid tasted strange and she couldn't help but want to spit it out immediately. Nevertheless, she swallowed every drop and then proceeded to slowly remove her top and then her jeans, followed by her bra and panties. It wasn't long before she was completely naked in the middle of the cold, empty room.

She felt awkward and wondered how she looked: her slim nude body, dark nipples erect from the chill. Her pussy still dripping its wetness down her leg as she anticipated her submission. As she looked around nervously, she noticed that the light in the room was decreasing. She shifted in fear as her heart began to pound out of her chest. Complete darkness enveloped the room and Marissa became scared. She yelped when she felt the hand on her bare shoulder. It was rough and large and was followed by another on her hip. The second pair of softer hands startled her as they touched her thighs. Soon, it seemed as though a dozen pairs of hands were touching her body. They began to rub her swollen nipples, probe her wet pussy, and even poke at her virgin ass. She continued to yelp as she became frightened by the strange situation. The hands pressed and pulled at her, rubbing and poking and prodding as her mind began to lose control. She felt a large pulsing object thrust into her wet pussy and another erect nipple brush against her own. Then she passed out.


Her body could feel the leather straps. She could hear the voices of people planning. Their words were all sexual. The way they touched her was rough, but sensual. Her body felt as if it were on fire for the first few moments that her eyes flickered open. She was in a new room, still naked, and her body strapped into a leather contraption that left her bent over. Her face was aimed at the seat of a chair and her ass was sticking straight into the air. It took her a moment to adjust to the situation. Her pussy felt stretched; she could feel a liquid other than her own dripping from her. She squirmed when she realized what it was, but the leather harness held her tightly in place.

A couple entered the room. Marissa squirmed as the observed them, both excited and afraid of what was next for her. The man was an extremely muscular fellow. His body was well-toned and rippled with strength, though he still had an attractive appeal. She couldn't figure out if the attraction was because he was going to help dominate her or if it was because she was aching to be fucked again. It frustrated having cum drip out of her pussy and not really remembering how it got there. The woman who entered had an intimidating presence. She seemed to have an Amazonian look to her, with long dark hair and a toned, but sexy body. While the man wore a leather strap over what Marissa could only imagine was a massive penis, the woman wore a leather outfit that left her genitals completely exposed. Her massive breasts made Marissa's seem tiny in comparison and her pussy was very nicely trimmed. She waited and watched them both as they looked her over carefully.

"So you're here to be dominated," the woman spoke, her words strong and loud to Marissa's still sensitive ears. The woman slid into the chair while the man walked around the ass-side of their submissive first-timer.

"It's her first time," the man growled.

"Well!" the woman exclaimed, lifting Marissa's head to meet her green eyes. "We'll have to show her a good time. Have you ever fucked a woman before?"

"No..." Marissa mumbled. The man's thick hand smacked her vulnerable ass and she cried out in surprise. Her mind began to race as she realized where she was and what she had gotten herself into. Her scantly clad captors had complete control over her body. She wrestled with the straps, trying to gain her freedom. Her pulse increased and sweat fell from her forehead. She blushed as her naked body felt the draft of the room's air. The glob of a strange man's cum hung from her pussy lips. As her mind raced she could remember the hands all over her body. She could remember the redhead and agreeing to the conditions. Oral, anal, and vaginal. Men and women. But she couldn't, for the life of her, remember the safe word. She continued to struggle until three sharp smacks from the man hit her tender ass. She cried out again.

"First of all," the woman began. "I'm your Mistress and this is your Master. That is what you will call us. And believe me he has much harsher punishments than spanking. You paid to make us dominate you, and that's what we intend to do. So you'll be staying still unless we tell you to squirm. Do you understand, slut?"

"Yes," Marissa replied. A smack flew across her ass. "Mistress! Yes, Mistress!"

Her pussy twitched from the smacking and for the first true time since she had been there, she began to feel naughty instead of scared. The woman lifted her submissive subject's head once again to meet her eyes and then she kissed her sensually. Marissa's pussy throbbed with pleasure as the kiss turned from sweet to seductive. She had never kissed a woman before, nor had she ever thought she would have the chance. Now someone was forcing her. Her Mistress dropped her head quickly, aiming it down to her trimmed crotch. The close-up view made Marissa nervous, as even the woman's pussy was intimidating. She could smell its strong scent in her nostrils as she stared at it.

"What the fuck are you looking at!?" her Mistress scolded. "You're a naughty fucking slut and because you've never been with a woman, I need to teach you how to be with one." She bucked her hips into Marissa's face, forcing the lips of her pussy to the lips of Marissa's mouth. A bit disgusted at first, Marissa hesitated to do the deed. It wasn't until a smack across her ass that she stuck out her tongue and began to lick. Her Mistress pulled her head forcefully into her crotch. "Don't toy with me. Eat it!" Marissa began licking faster, her tongue tingling with the taste of the woman's strong pussy. "You'll continue to eat until I cum. If you don't make me cum to my satisfaction, your Master will spank you until your ass is blue. Then he'll fuck your blue ass. And we know your ass has never had a fuck before, so his giant cock in your tight little sensitive hole would already hurt without the pain of being spanked. So I suggest eating me with that in mind."

As scary as the situation seemed, the eroticism of it all made Marissa wet with pleasure. This was what she wanted. She wanted something completely sexual and completely erotic to overcome her. The experience was extreme. She licked the Mistress's pussy as if she were starving for it. Her tongue flicked the clit several times. Her Mistress even got into the situation, humping her slave's face as she moaned. Behind her, Marissa could hear the man moaning. She imagined his view over her open ass. She was completely spread for him. She moaned as she ate, her pussy twitched with anticipation, wild for some sort of contact. Even a lick from her Mistress would satisfy. But as the man continued to groan with pleasure, he never touched her. He just enjoyed his show of her asshole and the Mistress having her pussy eaten. She even managed to make herself venture down to the Mistress's asshole when she had her hips high enough. As she licked it, she groaned with pleasure.

Suddenly, her Mistress let out a loud squeal. Marissa looked up, still licking wildly. She flicked her Mistress's engorged clit as hard as she could, dozens of times, until finally just sucking on it. Her Mistress's eyes grew wide.

"Good girl!" she screamed as her orgasm rushed from her pussy. Her juices exploded onto Marissa's unsuspecting face, but she continued to eat. She was no longer eating because she had to.

Her Mistress pushed her face away, but Marissa lunged for more. Her face was covered in juices as her Mistress held her back. She lifted her to meet her eyes and got ready to kiss her, but stopped. Marissa bit her lip at the teasing move.

"Looks like we have ourselves a real pussy-licker here, Master," the Mistress grinned. "But I'd brace yourself for your reward."

Marissa became confused, afraid that she was going to be spanked again. Before she could think another thought, her Master's cock jammed into her puckered little asshole. She screamed in pain, but she realized very quickly that only the head was inside. Without warning, she felt the cock-head throb and large globs of cum spurt into her anus. She cried out with each spurt, her insides feeling hideously kinky. As the head popped out of her, she squirmed with delight and the cum rolled out and down the crack of her ass. She gasped to catch her breath.

Her harness was released and she fell onto the floor, used and dripping with cum. Her Mistress stood above her and motioned to her Master. The muscular man picked Marissa up into his arms. She could now see his dangling cock, still dripping with the cum that he had released into her. She looked around, frightened as he carried her to the other side of the large room. Then she saw where he was taking her: it was a gigantic dildo sticking out of a box. He lifted her over it and she squirmed before he placed her on it carefully. She shifted in his arm until he positioned her correctly. His strength and domination over her tender body made her ache for more. She felt the dildo against her wet asshole and she finally realized what he was doing. He shoved her body down forcefully and the dildo went careening into her asshole. She screamed and tried to pull herself off, but he held her shoulders down. She squirmed and kicked and cried, but his strength held her in place. It took a moment for her ass to adjust to its intrusion, but as she calmed down, she could finally control her breath. Her sweaty, exhausted body lay sprawled in front of her Master as she waited.

Her Mistress entered with a new dark-skinned man this time, who wasn't as muscular as her Master, but when she saw what was between his legs she began to squirm again. Her Master held her in place.

"This is Rod. And this is his cock," the Mistress introduced. "Rod is going to fuck your gross little pussy like you're a whore."

"But I am a whore, Mistress," Marissa blurted, finding a lustful courage within. The Mistress's eyes grew wide and she stepped aside as Rod aimed his giant cock toward the submissive girl's pussy. She ached as she saw it, bucking her hips a little with both nervousness and anticipation. It was going to stretch her beyond what she could ever imagine. Her ass still hurt from the dildo inside, but her pussy was dripping. The head of the cock pressed against her and she cried out.

Her Master held her down while her Mistress watched, touching herself. Rod's huge cock pushed into her and she groaned with the mixture of pain and pleasure, throwing her head back. The cock stretched her walls far further than her ex-boyfriend had. She couldn't help but grind a little against the massive prick, enduring it as the dark man began fucking her. With every hump, the dildo plunged into her ass. She was being double fucked for the first time. She could hear her Master and Mistress making out in the background as they watched, but her eyes were too glazed in tears of pleasure to see them. The cock touched deeper than she could fathom. She yelped with every thrust that Rod pushed into her. She could hear the words "whore" and "slut," "filthy" and "used" ringing in her ears. She gasped for air as he fucked her relentlessly. His cock throbbed with each push and she could feel the tip of his cock kissing her most tender inner spots. Soon she could feel the rush of vaginal orgasm swelling in her body. She felt as if she was going to explode, but being plugged from both ends, it was all contained inside her. She heard her Mistress nearby and suddenly the dildo in her ass began to vibrate. She screamed with pleasure as Rod and the anal dildo protruded her passageways, giving her an extreme sense of pleasure that she had never felt. Her eyes rolled and minutes that felt like hours passed before she was forced backward with the animalistic globs of cum that shot out of Rod's giant cock. Her pussy drank him furiously, begging for more as he graciously fed it. She screamed out in pleasure, moaning and grinding as Rod bucked into her. It seemed like forever before he emptied himself into her, but when his dick pulled away, the emptiness she felt overwhelmed her. She came with a powerful force, her juices and Rod's milk spurting out of her wildly onto her inner thighs. Her body convulsed as she let the orgasm overcome her, sending her into a blinding world of pure erotic pleasure. The dildo in her ass continued its plunge and soon she realized that it was no longer on; she was fucking it.

Her body calmed down slowly, sending her into a deep sleep atop her anal intrusion.


Marissa awoke to a tongue against her wet pussy. She looked down and saw her Mistress licking her. Her pussy had been shaved while she was asleep, and she was still impaled by the anal dildo. She jerked immediately as the beautiful tongue controlled her swollen clit. She gasped and convulsed with ecstasy, letting her Mistress eat Rod's cum out of her. As her vision became even clearer, she could see both Rod and her Master standing over her, jerking their hard penises. The sight of the two men using their cocks over her was gorgeous in her eyes. She watched them, her tongue reaching out for a taste. Her Master let her lick his for a moment, but pulled it away quickly to tease. She silently begged for more, but he continued stroking it with a wicked smile. Finally, he swung his leg over her and shoved his cock into her mouth. She sucked wildly as he face-fucked her with ease. Her pussy pulsated as her Mistress ate with expertise. As she could feel another orgasm approaching, she felt Rod's hot cum splash across her stomach. She bucked her hips into her Mistress's face, wrapping her legs around her head as she humped. The rush she had felt before came upon her again and she sucked the massive hard cock wildly, tasting the small spurts of pre-cum until she couldn't help but scream around it. Her hips bucked and she came in her Mistress's face. She wanted to apologize, but at this point, she could no longer speak. Instead, she continued to scream, the humming sending her Master into orgasm. As her orgasm finished, he sprayed his cum against the back of her throat. She did her best to swallow it all, but as he pulled out of her, she drooled his hot cum from her lips.

Dizzy and confused, Marissa looked around. Her Mistress handed her a water bottle that read "DRINK ME." They helped her drink it, and before long she passed out once again.


Marissa awoke on the doorstep of the house in her clothes. She could still taste her Master's cum. She could still feel the dildo in her stretched ass. She could feel the Mistress drinking her pussy juices. Rod's cock still left its mark inside her pussy. Marissa pulled herself to her feet. Her entire body was still covered in cum and it ached with each step she took away from the house. Swollen and exhausted, she smiled.


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