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First Time Swingers


Note: This story takes place in the early 1980s.

Shortly after Kris and I began dating she mentioned that she liked to read the Forum letters in Penthouse. One night I stopped at a convenience store on the way home from work and noticed the latest Penthouse on the magazine rack and decided to buy it and take it home to surprise her.

When we went to bed I gave her the magazine and asked if she wanted me to read her a bed time story. After several letters, some plausible, some not I could tell she was getting aroused. I had my arm around her and began to fondle her breast. She returned the favor by gently massaging my cock and balls. One thing led to another and soon were making love.

At first we would just become aroused and make love. Later we began acting some of the letters that we found exciting. We'd take turns picking out a letter to read and then perform the sex acts as described. This led us to talk about each what letters we found to be more erotic and exciting as well as discussions of our fantasies. I found the letters with multiple partners very exciting. Kris didn't seem as excited about them but I was able to get her to admit some interest in sex with more than one guy.

About a year after we were married I decided to push the idea a bit further. I bought a swinger magazine from an adult book store. I showed the magazine to Kris one night in bed. At first she got a little upset, but agreed to browse through it. We selected some couples we both found attractive then we pulled out a Penthouse read some letters that described sex between two or more couples or threesomes and fantasized about us and the people in the swinger magazine. The resulting sex was fantastic. Kris was sopping wet when I slid inside her that night.

After a few weeks of acting out or fantasies this we agreed to try to contact three couples that we found interesting. We took nude pictures with a Polaroid camera, wrote letters and sent them off to the magazine to be forwarded to the couples. We, especially Kris, were unsure if we would ever actually swing with another couple. We both had some misgivings but thinking of it made both of us horny as hell. We waited for an answer.

The first response came back in ten days. The couple, Ken and Ann, were interested in meeting and provided a phone number as well as several more photos of themselves. The photos they sent us were much better than the black and white reproductions in the magazine. The nude photo of Ken got Kris a little more interested. While the magazine photo was from the waist up, the photo they sent that caught Kris's eye showed Ken nude with an erection that, to say the least, made me feel inadequate. After much discussion we nervously called and after a short, but warm, conversation they invited us to their house that Saturday evening for some drinks to get acquainted and see what developed.

It was early summer and getting warm so Saturday evening we dressed casually, I wore shorts, deck shoes and a golf shirt, Kris wore a light summer dress with sandals, and drove the 30 miles to their home. The ride was one of nervous anticipation. In the letters and talking on the phone we explained that we had never had sex with or in front of another couple and were interested in starting slowly with soft swinging.

The magazine described soft swinging as touching and kissing someone other than your spouse, having sex in front of the other couple, and maybe oral with them, but no penetration between couples. We were both very nervous unsure how far we were willing to go. We arrived at about 8:00 PM. They lived in a modest well kept bungalow in a college town. Ken greeted us at the door. He firmly shook my hand and greeted Kris with a kiss on the lips and a warm hug. Ken is 6'0", dark haired slender and about 31. He was dressed in shorts and a Hawaiian shirt.

By the way, my name is Bill and I should describe Kris and me. Kris is 24, 5'5" with short light brown hair and petite. I am 6'2, dark haired, average build and 29. Ken led us through the living room to the kitchen where Ann was working on some snacks and drinks. She had a pitcher of Daiquiris ready so we all decided to have one. Ann is 28, 5'2" with long wavy brown hair with a trim, but curvy body. Ann wore a low cut summer dress that complemented her figure nicely.

We went out to the patio and began getting to know each other. Ken and Ann explained that they began having group sex several years ago and liked having sex with other people and watching each other with other people. They found the whole experience exciting and said it had no negative affect on their marriage.

They made us feel very comfortable and assured Kris and I that she and I controlled the tempo. Ann said "I think it's safe to say that we are all comfortable with kissing, nudity and intimate touching. If it starts to go further, you need to speak up if you are uncomfortable about what you or your mate is doing, OK? We paused, looked at each other and agreed. We each had several more drinks and as the sun began to set Ann suggested we go inside.

Ann led us downstairs to a finished family room in the basement. There were several large comfortable couches and thickly padded carpet on the floor. Kris and I sat on one as Ken went over to the stereo turned on some music. He said he would go freshen up our drinks and went behind the bar. Ann sat next to me and placed her hand on my thigh and rubbed it gently. She then asked us to kiss each other passionately. Kris and I obliged her put our arms around each other and kissed. As nervous as I was I felt like I was back in high school making out. Ann then asked Kris if she could kiss me. Kris paused for a second but agreed. Ann leaned over and gently kissed me on the lips then began probing with her tongue gently parting my lips. She broke off the kiss and smiled at me, made eye contact with Kris, and then she leaned over and put her arms around me. She kissed me again while rubbing my chest with one hand and the back of my neck with the other. I put one arm around her shoulder and the other on her waist. Passionately kissing a woman other than my wife was very erotic and I noticed that my dick was slowly hardening. Ken brought drinks for everyone and sat on the couch opposite the girls and. We talked and sipped our drinks.

Ann asked Kris to help her pick out music. They walked over to the record rack and spoke in low tones. When the girls returned they sat on either side of Ken. Kris smiled nervously at me and then leaned over and kissed Ken. I sat watching as they kissed and Ken put his arms around her. He then cupped her breast in his hand and began to rotate his thumb over her nipple. Kris initially flinched slightly when he touched her breast, but did not stop kissing him or object in any way.

Ken's hand dropped to Kris bare thigh he rubbed her thigh below the hem line and then his fingers slid under the hem and continued to massage the thigh as they kissed. Ann was shifting her gaze between them me, watching my reaction.

Ann made eye contact with me, gave me a sultry look, stood up, unzipped the back of her dress and let it fall to the floor. She wore a sheer lacy black bra and panties.

I glanced back at Kris to see that Ken's hand was now on Kris' back and he began to unbutton the back of her dress. Kris again was startled, Ken gently reassured her that it was OK and motioned for her to look at Ann who stepped over knelt in front of Ken. Ann undid his shorts and pulled out his large semi hard dick and began to lick it. My cock had hardened completely and I was fascinated by what I was watching.

I watched Ann as she licked Ken's huge dick starting at the base and moved slowly up to the bulbous tip. She swirled her tongue around the head and stuck her tongue into the hole just before her mouth engulfed his know and began to slowly work her mouth up and down on his hard shaft. I looked at Kris and could tell she was fascinated by what she was seeing. It was the length and girth of Ken's cock. It had to be at least ten inches long.

Ken leaned back and enjoyed Ann's loving and skillful mouth for a few minutes. Ken reached over with his right hand and pulled the front of Kris' dress forward causing it to slowly slide off her shoulders reveal her white bra. He again cupped as he kissed her. His hands undid the front clasp on the bra to free her tits. Her nipples were hard and looked like erasers sticking out from her round areoles. Kris looked over at me. I smiled at her and asked if she was OK. She nervously said, "Yes".

I had mixed feelings, mostly excitement, but a tinge of jealously. Ken was rolling her nipples between his thumbs and forefingers. Ann stopped and took Kris hand, placing it on Ken's engorged member starting a stroking motion. Kris began slowly jacking Ken off.

Ann walked around the couch and returned with a blanket which she spread on the floor in front of us. She then sat on my lap, wiggling her bottom on my stiff dick. She smiled when she felt it, and then pulled my shirt over my head. She rubbed my chest and kissed me fiercely, shoving her tongue deep into my mouth as we shared a long kiss. She nibbled my ears, and whispered, "Kris sure looks happy. Do you feel left out?" Ann slid off my lap and snaked down my body onto the floor licking her way down my abdomen. She unbuckled my shorts and pulled them to my ankles. She began nibbling my cock and balls through my underwear. Ann then slid the underwear off, undid her bra as it fell away she rubbed her soft breasts against my groin.

We were moving along much faster than I had imagined but I didn't want to stop Ann. Her mouth and body looked great and felt better. I looked over at Kris and Ken to see that his hand was now under her dress. Her legs were open and her panties were pushed to the side. Ken had two fingers buried in Kris's cunt and I could see the moisture glistening on her pussy lips and his fingers as they slid in and out. Kris' face and chest were flushed as she rocked her hips in response to the stimulation as she continued to stroke Ken's cock.

I was shocked by what I saw I started to say something when Ann began to stroke my cock and balls. I looked down and then reached out to gently pinch her nipples and rubbed her breasts. Ann then licked the underside of my cock. She sucked on my balls and licked all around my cock. I moaned which made Kris open her eyes and look over as Ann continued licking my cock. Ken rotated his thumb on Kris' clit as he increased the speed of his fingers in and out of Kris' snatch. Kris bit her lip and came. Ken's fingers were covered in her white slippery cunt juice as she bucked her hips.

Ann stopped and asked, "Kris, are you OK with all this?" Kris nodded her head and making eye contact with me, smiled guiltily. "Bill, how about you. Are we moving too fast?" I replied yes I was fine. Ann stood up and led me to the blanket and had me lay on my back. She motioned for Kris to join us on the floor. As she stood up her dress was around her waist. Ken had also stood up and moved forward. He helped Kris out of her dress, then kissed her and slid her panties down. Ann was wiggling out of hers at the same time.

Following Ann's direction Kris knelt on my right side. Ann who also sat on the floor next was to my left. She leaned over and whispered in Kris's ear. They were directly over my abdomen. Kris nodded, lowered her head and licked my dick upward from my balls. Then she wrapped her lips around the head and started to suck me off. Ann and Ken encouraged her on. Kris's ass was even with my chest and I reached around and rubbed it softly and slowly moved my hand between her cheeks and down to her crotch. Her pussy was sopping wet and I easily slid two fingers in and worked them back and forth. Ann kissed me and rubbed my balls.

I warned Kris that if she didn't stop I would cum soon. Ken asked, "Kris, do you like to swallow his cum?" Kris moaned an affirmative answer. Now I knew for sure she was excited. She only swallows when she is really worked up. Ann said, "Suck him 'till he cums" and Kris began to suck harder and faster. Ann kissed me hard, swirling her tongue in my mouth as her nails racked across my chest and belly. My hips bucked as I came shooting three long streams into Kris's mouth. She choked a bit, but swallowed most of it. Some oozed out the corners of her mouth. Ann took her finger and swept it off, licking it while smiling broadly at me.

She told us, "That was fantastic! Are you two still OK with how this is going?" We answered yes. She then began kissing me again as Ken aimed his huge cock at her rear. She raised up, and I could she his cock slide into her as he began fucking her hard and fast. Ann moaned and kissed me again. After several minutes she rolled over on her back and Ken mounted her again. He had her ankles on his shoulders.

Kris was lying with her head in my lap and had a perfect view of his monster cock as it slammed in and out of Ann. Kris was mesmerized as Ann moaned loudly and dug her fingers into his biceps as she came. Ken continued fucking her and came inside her. He kissed his wife gently and pulled out of her, raised up on his knees and put his cock in Kris's face and asked, "Do you want to clean this up for me?." Kris shook her head no as she leaned forward slightly. She looked at me. I smiled and said, "Go ahead, Ann licked mine." Instead of licking it Kris hungrily sucked Ken's cock into her mouth and worked her tongue around it cleaning up the mixture of Ann and Ken's cum. Kris pulled her mouth away, giggled nervously then looked Ken's smiling face and back at me.

Ann asked, "What did you two like best? Was it watching Ken and I fucking, was it fucking in front of us, kissing and touching a new partner, or watching your partner? I waited for Kris to answer first. Demurely she said, "I liked being with Ken, I love you Bill, but it was exciting and different. I answered, "I loved watching Kris with Ken, though Ann, your tongue is a close second."

Ann told Kris, "Why don't you suck Ken's cock? Go ahead, I know you want to. Kris barely hesitated before she slowly lowered her head to kiss Ken's dick. Kris then wrapped her lips around the head and slowly began to suck on it. I was mesmerized watching Kris suck on the giant dick. Ann joined her sucking on Ken's balls and licking the side of his shaft. The two of them took turns sucking on Ken's cock for ten minutes.

Ann looked at me and said, "Doesn't your wife look sexy sucking my husband's dick? Do you think she wants him to cum in her mouth, or does she want him to fuck her tight cunt with his big dick?" Not waiting for an answer, she asked Kris, "Do you want to swallow Ken's cum?" Kris with a mouthful of cock tried to answer yes. She was sucking on his dick like she was drowning and it was an air line. Ann had her arm around Kris rubbing her back and shoulders while urging her to suck the cum out of Ken's nuts.

Ken began to rotate his hips and moan. He started to pump his hips as he reached forward and pinched Kris' nipples. He told her body was hot and he wanted to fuck her. She moaned at the thought of it and began sucking harder. Ken bucked forward and loosed a stream of cum into the back of Kris' throat. He was careful not to push his mammoth cock too far into her mouth as he let go as he continued to spasm and shoot more streams of cum. Kris was gulping and gagging as she tried to swallow his big load. Ken continued squeeze her tits. Ken said, "I want to fuck you and pump a load into her belly." Kris moaned and pulled her mouth off his dick and said, "Yes, I want you to fuck me". Kris looked my way with a wanton look still licking cum from her lips and teeth. Ken pulled her toward him and kissed her on her cum filled mouth as they embraced.

I think I was in shock, no I was in shock. We weren't sure what would happen tonight but this was moving like a runaway train. Leading up to tonight Kris wasn't anxious to go too far, but she was caught up in the moment. Ann and Ken had put us at ease and knew what buttons to push to seduce us. Ann continued to stroke Kris body, telling her what great cocksucker she was and how sexy it to watch her suck me and then Ken.

Ann looked at me and asked if I liked the show. I nodded with what I'm sure was a dumbfounded look on my face. She then said, "I bet Kris' pussy is wet, why don't you check it. I leaned forward as Ann spread Kris' legs apart. Ann slid her hand across Kris's pussy lips looked at her fingers and said, "Yes, she's very wet." Kris was startled by Ann's touch; she has never seemed interested in sex with women but did not object.

Ann put her fingers in my mouth and I licked Kris' cum from them. My dick was hard as a rock again. "Ken needs to rest. I want to watch you fuck your wife. You fuck her first." Ann then grabbed my cock and guided it into Kris sopping pussy. I began fucking her hard. She spread her legs further and moaned. Ann knelt at Kris's head in front of me and watched with a faintly lecherous smile. She leaned over Kris and kissed me. Her tits brushed against Kris's and she moved back and forth. Her nipples hardened as they brushed against Kris. I started to fuck even harder.

Ken knelt next to Kris watching us fuck. Ann leaned back on her heels which allowed her pussy to pass just over Kris's face. She leaned over and began sucking Ken's cock. As he began to stiffen again I grunted that I was going to cum. Ann pulled her mouth from Ken's cock and told me she wanted me to cum in Kris's cunt so she could watch the cum ooze out. That was it for me. The thought made me shoot my load deep into Kris. As I pushed into her she wrapped her legs around my waist.

Ann had stopped her cock sucking to watch and then returned to sucking Ken. She asked Kris, "Are you ready for this, and waved Ken's fully erect cock her way. Kris opened her eyes and gazed at the monster dick. She looked at me, then the dick, and nodded yes.

Ann crawled my way and began kissing me and pushing me back. I slid out of Kris and we sort of fell to the side with Ann on top of me. She looked over at Kris and I did too. My cum mixed with Kris's juices oozed out of her hole and down toward her ass. Ann took two fingers and scooped the cum off, licking it hungrily from her fingers.

Ann took the same two fingers and slid them in her cunt and fingered herself sliding her fingers in and out. She took her sopping fingers and slid them in my mouth. I tasted her salty juice and licked her fingers. She put them inside Kris and scooped my remaining cum out licking it off her fingers again.

Ken moved between Kris's legs. He aligned his cock and slowly entered the open hole. He began rocking back and forth burrowing deeper. Kris' eyes were closed as she bit her lip and moaned on every stroke. Once he had buried his full length Ken arched his back and began to pump hard and fast into Kris. Her eyes popped open as she dug her nails into his back. Ken kissed her fiercely and she responded in kind. He pushed her legs up and they soon rested on his shoulders as Kris leaned back on hers. The angle increased Ken's penetration and Kris's pleasure.

Ann had been playing absent mindedly with my cock. She kissed me and crawled over to Ken and Kris. She cupped Ken's balls and urged him to fuck Kris hard and long. She then lay down and put her head on my chest and we watched Kris get the shit fucked out of her.

Since Ken had already cum twice he was in no hurry to do it again. Kris came at least twice before he pulled out and rolled her over onto her knees making sure she was facing me. He entered her from behind and told her, "Look at Bill, while I make you cum again." Her eyes were filled with lust and pleasure as he slid his ten inch cock in and out of her. Ann told her to kiss me and Kris bent over and kissed me as Ken began to fuck her harder. He must have fucked her for fifteen minutes causing her to cum several more times. As he neared orgasm Ken grunted and pushed as far inside Kris as he could then shot his load into her belly as he promised.

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