First Time with Dad


Even at my young age I knew what made men tick. Fine. If Daddy wanted to make believe this was entirely my fault, I'd play along and absolve him of responsibility. I didn't mind being called a slut--the word just meant that lots of guys wanted to fuck me and I let some of them do it--nothing wrong with that as far as I could see. The fact that he called Mom a slut had me wondering, though; did he know she fucked around?

Dad continued drilling his fat fuck-stick up my clingy cunt-hole while comparing me to my mom. "You're just like her. You can't blame me for wanting to fuck you. You look like her and act like her; always flirting and teasing. Always wanting guys to fuck you. You're gonna be a slut just like her."

So that was going to be his game. I reminded him of Mom, that's how he was going to rationalize it.

Excitedly, I played along. "I'm not really a slut, Daddy; I just like to fuck guys, but I'll be your slut if you want me to. Me and Mom can be your sluts."

My father groaned loudly at hearing me call myself a slut.

"Yes you can, Baby," He whispered back. And I love both my little sluts! Say it again; tell me what you are!"

Leering up at him, I teased him mercilessly. "I'm daddy's little whore; daddy's fuck slut. I like being a slut for guys--just like Mom!"

I must have said the magic words because my dad bellowed loudly and rammed my cunt harder than ever. Grunting and groaning uncontrollably, he hammered a huge load of daddy-cum right up my little cunt-hole.

As my father lay on top of me, panting and gasping for breath, I nipped on his ear and whispered hotly, "Do it again...please...fuck me again."

Groaning deep in his throat, my father replied, "Hey, I'm not as young as your boyfriends; it's gonna take me awhile to recover, Honey."

Not wanting to hear that, I escaped out from under my dad's body and rolled him on his back. Kneeling next to him, I quickly sucked his slimy, semi-flaccid cock into my mouth. Moaning wantonly, I sucked and licked eagerly and was soon rewarded with the thickening and lengthening of my Dad's fat cock.

"Ohhhhhh fuck, you're good," My dad whined in delight "God you're a good little cocksucker."

Slowly at first, I slid my lips up and down my father's stiff cock-meat, wetting it with abundant amounts of hot spit. Twisting my head back and forth, I thrilled as my father grunted and moaned in appreciation at my hot blowjob. Shifting slightly, I crawled between his widespread legs until I was kneeling before him. Looking up at him, I let his cock slide to the back of my mouth and then, with a loud groan, I shoved it past my tonsils all the way down my throat.

My dad jerked liked he'd touched a live wire. His hands balled into tight fists and he gasped and panted loudly as I forced every inch of his cock into my pliable throat. My eyes teared-up slightly from the pressure, but I started straight at him as he whined, "Kath! Kathy! Fuck! Baby! All the way! All the way down!"

Five...ten...fifteen seconds went by with me just staring at him, his cock wedged far down my gullet. Finally, with a wet coughing sound, I pulled my head up off of my father's throbbing cock. Deliberately, I licked the accumulated drool and pre-cum from the head and shaft as Dad sighed in pleasure.

Pouting up at him, I once again sunk his cock deep into my mouth and forced it back down my throat. My father's legs trembled and shook as he watched his petite daughter expertly deep-throat his thick cock.

Once more, I held it in the tight confines of my throat for long seconds before expelling it with a gagging cough. Again, I licked off the copious quantity of slobber sliding down his veiny cock-shaft.

Lightly slapping his cock against my face, I went into full cock-teasing mode, "Like that Daddy? Can Mom do that? Can Mommy suck your cock all the way down her throat? Do those dancers you spend your money on suck your cock as good as I do?"

Before he could answer, I again slammed my head back down on his rigid boner and then bobbed up and down on it rapidly, taking it to the balls on each stroke. Soon my father was making helpless whimpering sounds as I let his cock fuck back and forth down my flexible throat. As his sounds became louder and more urgent, I lifted my head off his dick and quickly straddled him.

Taking his stiff cock in one hand, I rubbed it against my bald little pussy and impishly questioned him again. "Do Mommy and your dancers suck your cock that good? Tell me I'm the best, Daddy. Tell me I'm better than they are."

His voice catching, my father responded as he watched me rub his bloated dickhead all over my drooling cunt-lips, "No they don't! No one's ever sucked my cock all the way down before. I don't think anyone's even ever tried. How'd you learn that?"

I didn't think my father really wanted to know that my Calculus teacher had taught me how to deep throat his cock earlier that year, and that I'd perfected the technique by practicing on dozens of my school-mates, so I just slotted the head of his thick cock-shaft between my swollen pussy-lips and sank down on it.

I moaned softly as my pussy grudgingly gave way to Dad's invading pussy-splitter, and I smiled naughtily at him as it filled me.

"There! All the way in!" I chirped.

Mr. Skinner had once told me that sticking his cock into me was like sticking it into a hot, wet, velvet glove. Evidently that was a good thing, because he sure spent a lot of time trying to put his cock in me. Dad seemed to like it too, and he groaned loudly with pleasure as I started to swivel my hips while on top of him.

Around and around I twisted my hips in small circles, forcing my daddy's cock to follow.

"Damn, Kathy!" He murmured in lustful bliss, "You move like one of those girls down at Rumors."

I know I did. One of those girls was a fellow senior who lived down the street and she'd taught me how to dance after volleyball practice. I envied her for being able to afford her own car, buy all the latest clothes, and get any older man she wanted. Actually, think I practically idolized her.

Now, the lessons she'd given me where put to good use, and I swirled my hips around and around as my father groaned quietly underneath me.

Leaning forward, I rubbed my pert tits in his face and demanded he pay proper attention to them.

"Suck 'em," I moaned. "Suck my tits, Daddy!

As I slowly posted up and down on Dad's fat cock, he sucked first one, then the other tit in his mouth, making me gurgle in pleasure. Grabbing my little, hard ass in both hands he pumped up against me while sucking and licking my now rock-hard nipples.

As the pace of our fucking increased, my dad sucked and nibbled my tits more voraciously. Up and down I rode, my firm ass colliding with his upper thighs again and again with a sharp smacking sound. Dad started moaning louder and louder and then bit down slightly on one of my stiff tit-tips.

Immediately electric sparks raced through by body and I squealed loudly, "Eiiieeee! Do it again! Do it again! Bite it again!"

"You mother likes that too," Dad grunted before moving his mouth over and biting down on my other nipple.

I came unglued. I'd never had anyone pinch, twist, or bite my nipples before, and it felt like a pleasure path had been blazed directly from my nipples to my clit as my dad bite down on one hard, pink tip, and rolled and pinched the other between the fingers of his right hand.

My trim hips went into overdrive and I slammed down hard on Daddy's pumping cock. Throwing back my head as best I could, I whined and whinnied loudly as my little teenaged cunt rippled and convulsed in surprised orgasm.

My Dad knew immediately what was happening. Removing his mouth from my sensitive nipple, he grabbed the spit-wet nub between his fingers and twisted it like he was its twin. My mouth hung open and I sobbed and squealed in exquisite pain as I came like crazy.

"Cum you little bitch!" My dad leered up at me as I bucked and twisted all over his probing cock-meat. "Cum all over that cock! Louder! Let me hear you cum, you little slut!"

He heard me all right, as would have anyone who might have been standing outside our house. Shaking and twitching, I howled and bleated as my dad twisted and pinched my aching nipples. Over the din, I heard my father roar and felt him lift me up as he pounded his hard cock furiously in and out of my clenching, spasming fuck-hole.

My father's grunts mingled with my wails and whimpers as he once again blasted me full of molten cock-cream."

"Ungghg! Unghgh! Unghh! Yesss! Fuck, yessss!" He sighed as he shot his load deep inside me. "That's it Baby. That's the way to fuck!"

Too soon, my orgasm peaked and faded. I collapsed against my father's chest, my breathing ragged and forced. With a little mewl; I started to lick and suck on his neck and ear as he too crested down from his climax.

"Whew! That was awesome!" I moaned into his ear after I regained my breath. "Did I do it good? Am I the best fuck you ever had?"

"You're up there," Dad chuckled, "You're definitely up there. You're one hot little fuck."

Sticking my tongue playfully in his ear, I started to squirm and rock against him as he panted hoarsely.

"Do it again. Daddy." I purred into his ear. "I don't want to be just "up there;" I wanna be the best. Let's do it again."

Unfortunately, age, beer and Mom's impending arrival home precluded my Dad from doing it again. least that day.

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