tagIncest/TabooFirst time with Grandma Rose

First time with Grandma Rose


Tom turned to do another length of the lawn with the mower. He had been at it for over an hour and was barely half way through. However he needed the cash and mowing his grandma's grass would help tremendously. She had always been very generous with her money especially to her only grandson and he hoped that he would get enough to buy that new game for his X Box plus a little bit more.

Just as he reached the house he saw his grandma waving from the kitchen window, she then held up a can of coke indicating that he should stop for a drink. Tom stopped the mower and sauntered into the house.

Grandma Rose was his Mom's Mom, a widower of 70 and had lived in this big house since her marriage 40 years earlier. Tom thought it was daft to have such a big house to maintain, but even though his Mom & Dad begged her to sell up and move somewhere smaller, she was determined to stay. It did, though, give Tom the opportunity to help out and earn cash, so he wasn't complaining.

He was just 18 and had recently started going out with his first proper girlfriend, Claire. He was hoping to impress her by taking her out for a nice meal this weekend and if things went to plan, maybe, just maybe he would lose his virginity. His parents were off on a Golf weekend and the house would be all his. Claire had already succumbed to his teenage fumbling and last Saturday night at the cinema he'd had a nice feel of her small pert breasts during a snogging session. Hopefully Claire would be up for more when he got her alone in his room.

Tom took the ice cold coke from his grandma and sat at the kitchen table.

"Good for you to have a rest dear," she said, "I don't want you to get too hot out there."

"Thanks Grandma I could do with a break," Tom said.

He opened the can and took a long drink.

"Your Mom says that you have a new girlfriend" Rose said.

"Mmm, Claire, I knew her from school, but we got together after Todd Bradshaw's birthday party last month."

"Well I hope she is a nice girl, you deserve a nice girl Tom."

"Yeah, she's great Grandma, we get on really well, we like the same things."

Rose got up and started to potter about in the kitchen whilst Tom finished his soda.

"Well I'll get back to work," Tom said eventually.

Grandma Rose turned from the sink to pick up the coke can from the table and Tom noticed that a couple of buttons of her blouse were undone. In fact the cups of her white bra were clearly visible, as were the tops of her large white breasts. For a second Tom found himself staring at his grandma's tits as she leaned towards him, she looked up and their eyes met and with a smile she turned away and went back to the sink.

Tom walked back out side, but did so uncomfortably as he felt his manhood grow in his shorts.

He started the mower and started to mow the lawn, but felt like a zombie. The vision of his Grandma's ample breast just kept popping into his head and he couldn't help wondering if it had all been an accident or if she had meant for him to look and see.

Like many young men, Tom had always fancied older women, although not as old as Grandma Rose and many of his masturbation sessions had focussed on his own mother and her friends. However Tom had the strange sensation that his grandmother was giving him the come on.

He tried to focus on the task in hand and tell himself that he was a complete idiot and it had just been a mistake on her part, but the look she gave him when she saw him looking, her eyes weren't full of shock or apology even, but excitement.

Tom tried to think of something else, because the ache in his groin was getting worse, but it was no good, he knew that he would have to go indoors, and jerk himself off in his grandmother's bathroom.

Once again he turned off the mower and went into the house. Grandma Rose wasn't in the kitchen and he guessed she was housecleaning elsewhere. He made his way to the downstairs bathroom, the door was half open and he pushed it further to go in.

On the opposite wall was the toilet and squatting on the toilet, facing him was his grandmother. Her trousers and knickers were round her ankles and he could see her thick bush of pubic hair. As he stopped in the doorway, she looked up, smiled and let a thick stream of piss into the toilet bowl.

Sometimes Tom had lay in bed and heard his Mom pee whilst in the family bathroom next to his room. The thought of his Mom's naked cunt and the liquid squirting from her, got him so turned on and he often enjoyed nice long wanks after listening to her in the toilet. Now for the first time in his life he could see a naked pussy and watch as a woman went for a pee, the fact that it was his grandmother made no difference and Tom felt his cock jerking in his shorts and his cum spreading out over his groin.

Tom couldn't believe that he would cum without his cock being stimulated by a hand or hopefully one day the inside of his girlfriend's cunt, but just the sight of Grandma Rose as she was, sent him over the edge and as her pee fizzled to a dribble, Tom's cock finally stopped its spasm's inside his shorts.

Tom could feel himself reddening as his sticky cum dribbled down his leg and out of the bottom of his shorts.

"Oh dear," Rose said, "I didn't expect that to happen."

"Sorry Grandma, I didn't know you were in here," Tom stammered.

Rose smiled back at him, "No dear I meant that I didn't expect you to spunk in your shorts like that."

Tom realised what she meant, that she had planned for him to come in, perhaps she had been there for a while, just waiting for him to come and use the toilet, so she could piss in front of him.

Rose stood up, pulled up her knickers and trousers and went across to her grandson, the whole of the front of his white Adidas shorts were wet and stained with the spunk that had shot from his cock. She had hoped he would come into the bathroom and had waited over 10 minutes for him. All morning she had watched his young body as he'd cleared her yard and mown the lawn. All morning her fanny had ached as she imagined her young grandson's cock in her hand, in her mouth, inside her pussy.

Her fantasises about him had started when a friend had lent her a porn video which showed young men fucking older women. Some of the ladies on the film were her age and one or two even older and the lads were only teenagers like her grandson.

She had watched the video dozen's of times and had masturbated more and more thinking about young men fucking her.

One night after a visit to her daughter's house and then watching the video before bed, it was Tom's face and body that was in her mind as her fingers delved into her aching cunt. She knew it was filthy and wrong, but the more she thought about him, the harder she finger fucked herself and the better orgasm she had. Since that night every session of masturbation centred around Tom and her collection of porn had grown, all of it featuring the more mature lady with young guys.

When her daughter had offered Tom's help with the garden today, Rose knew she would make her first play. In fact after hearing about a new girlfriend, she was determined to try something before he got his hands on her young flesh.

The unbuttoned blouse got the desired result, the toilet idea, she had got from one of her porn video's, knowing she could apologise for leaving the door open if he got scared and ran off. The fact that he had shot his load just seeing her like that was simply amazing and she knew that his cock was hers.

She reached out and touched Tom's sticky wet groin. His cock was only semi-erect now, but the spunk seeping through his shorts was still warm.

"Oh dear, you are a naughty boy Tom, filling your shorts like that."

Tom felt paralysed, as his grandma walked towards him and then put her hand on his cock. Never before in his life had a woman touched him there, in that way and as she stroked him, he felt the adrenalin shoot through him and already his cock was springing back into life.

"Did you like watching Granny pee, darling?" Rose asked him.

Tom just nodded as her finger's worked there way up and down his penis.

"Ohh you are getting hard again dear, I think it is about time you showed Granny Rose what you've got."

Rose stepped back and Tom pulled down his shorts. His 6 inch manhood sprang out and his Grandma gasped as she saw it.

"It's been a lot of years since Granny has seen this darling, now you are a man, Granny wants to see it more often," Rose said as she reached out and squeezed her grandson's cock.

Tom's cock was still sticky from his earlier ejaculation, but already his clear pre-cum was oozing from him as Rose slowly moved her hand up and down the length of his cock.

Tom looked down as his grandmother's wrinkled hand slowly wanked him off. He couldn't believe what was happening but lust was now taking over and as she played with him, he reached down and started to grope her large tits through her blouse.

The feel of his hands on her breasts was electric and Rose stepped back from her grandson, virtually ripping of her blouse and releasing her bra. She thrust her 36 inch DD boobs into her grandson's hands and he massaged them wonderfully, feeling their heaviness, tweaking her nipples.

"Yes baby, play with Granny's titties, suck me darling suck me."

Tom bent down and did as his grandmother bid, lifting her right tit, he placed his lips over her hardening nipple and started to lick, kiss and suck her. He had felt 2 pairs of tits in his life, but never had he enjoyed it like now. Grandma's Rose's tits were big and heavy and veined and even crinkled in places around her cleavage, but they were simply amazing and the feel of her nipple in his mouth was fantastic.

As he sucked her, Rose felt for his cock again and after a couple of quick strokes she felt it start to twitch in her hand.

"Stand up dear quickly, I want you to cum over my boobies darling," she said.

Tom knew he was about to cum again and he let go of his grandmother's tit, stood fully erect, grabbed his cock and immediately shot his spunk over Grandma Roses' tits.

As he groaned and grunted, she moaned in ecstasy.

"Oh yes baby boy, spunk for Granny," she screamed.

Tom's semen covered Rose's tits and as he finished Rose started to fondle herself, spreading her grandson's spunk over her breasts and her stomach and down to her pubic hair.

As he stepped back, she lifted two fingers covered in the white sticky stuff and slowly started to lick them in front of him.

Again she had seen this on one of her video's and it had made her so excited.

Tom watched as his 70 year old Grandmother licked his cum off her own fingers. It was something that he might expect to see some 25 year old do in a porn film on the Internet. He couldn't believe that a woman who was 52 years older than him and related to him could be this horny.

"Are you still a virgin darling?" Rose asked.

"Yes Grandma," Tom replied.

"Are you saving yourself for this Claire girl or would you like to lose your cherry with me."

Tom's cock hung limp between his legs, but just the thought of screwing Grandma Rose now, had it twitching back into life.

"I'd love to make love to you, Grandma," Tom said, "If you are sure that is what you want."

"I want nothing more than for my grandson to fuck me and fuck me hard."

Rose took his hand and led him upstairs into the master bedroom.

The two of them stripped completely naked and climbed into bed.

Rose started to kiss her grandson, pushing her tongue into his mouth, he responded willingly and his hands wandered over her body, feeling her tits, her arse, her pubic mound and then eventually his fingers alighted on her pussy. He pushed past her labia and he's fingers entered her.

Tom had never felt a cunt before, some of his mates had told him what it was like and he had watched plenty of porn on the net, but feeling his grandmother's pussy lips and the moistness of her inside was better than he had ever expected.

Tom knew where to find her clitoris and rubbed it gently, sending a shiver through her. He then inserted 2 fingers into her pushing gently upwards and as she moaned and groaned, he slowly started to push his fingers in and out.

"That's right darling, gently finger fuck Grandma, yes babe, yes, use another finger as well," Rose encouraged him.

Tom did as he was told and as Grandma's Rose's cunt got wetter he increased he's speed and the amount of fingers.

Unbelievably Tom had 4 fingers up his grandmother's cunt and as she groaned and moaned and shouted yes, he felt her get even moister as her cum started to flow from within her.

"Fuck me now darling, please........," she shouted.

Tom climbed on top of his grandmother and he felt his cock slip easily into her, so easy in fact he couldn't believe it. He started to hump away as she drew her legs up around him, moaning and groaning in ecstasy.

The feel of his fingers and now his cock was too much for Rose and she had her biggest orgasm in 20 years. Her love juice literally squirted from her and wave after wave of pleasure ran through her body as her adorable grandson fucked her hard.

Tom continued to pump away feeling his Grandma's wetness growing until once again his balls tightened and he came again. He continued to push himself in and out whilst he spunked inside her until through exhaustion he collapsed in a heap on top of his grandmother.

He lay there for a minute or so, whilst they both caught their breath and then he rolled off.

"That was bloody amazing," Rose said. She leaned over and kissed her grandson.

"Thank you, thank you for making this the happiest day of my life since I don't know when," she continued.

"No thank you Grandma, I can't believe we done that, but I'll never forget my first time now," Tom said.

"Well you know Grandma Rose always needs lots of help around the house and I hope you will want to come over more often, now I've had a taste of my gorgeous grandson's cock I'll want it all the time."

Tom smiled, "I'm happy to come over whenever you need me and do what ever you want."

"Mmm that sounds good, whatever I want hey? Well this old lady has developed a very filthy mind of late and there are lots of things I want from you Tom, but I'll leave you in suspense until you come over, say Saturday?"

Tom lay back and smiled to himself

"Sorry Claire you'll just have to wait."

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