First Time with Model Chantal


Speaking of an arousal threshold, I used this opportunity to unzip and give myself some much-needed comfort, fishing my cock out from the confines of my underwear. It felt like I'd had a stiff one for a week. I accompanied this maneuver with a bit of commentary.

"Hope you don't mind that I get a little more comfortable," I said. "My slacks are becoming rather snug."

Chantal cradled her head with her idle arm and strained to peer down at my lap. I wasn't worried about her first impression of my dick (in my line, you get over that thinking fast), but I was rather gratified that she wore a lustful expression and a little smile at the sight of me emerging from my zipper. She continued to play with herself, and since she was looking at it anyway I decided to oblige her by gripping my dick lightly and idly stroking up and down. Not that I needed any stimulation, but I admit it felt very good. I fished my balls out, too, for good measure.

I kept the camera moving slowly about, focusing on her lush pussy here, her steadily rising and falling breasts there, her cute face with the droopy eyelids. I'd edit wherever necessary, later. Eventually I lifted the camera off its support again and asked Chantal to slide on her back up the bed. As she did so I wasn't surprised to notice a wetness mark on the edge of bedspread, right where her lower body had been resting.

She moved up nicely and rested her shoulders and head on the pillows, right where I wanted her. Her knees were up and her legs slightly spread, so I put my camera back to work in roaming over her charms, taking care to get in several moments of her sexy face. Like I say, I'd edit later.

Chantal was a natural show-off, unselfconscious and charming; she had no issues with doing as I asked. When I told her to raise her legs to the ceiling and hold them tightly to her body at the knees, she readily grasped my intent to study the fulcrum where her crotch meets the division of her ass. She peeked her head around her gams to smile at me as I trained the lens between her legs, to reveal the vertical slit of her vagina and the lightly shadowed but hairless crack that curved back underneath. Just showing within that separation was the pinkish edge of her rear entry.

"Why don't you turn it around for us, Chantal," I suggested. "We need a good look at what's happening behind you, now that there aren't any panties in the way." I knelt up on the bed in a sort of half-crouch, to get the best angle of view as she gracefully slid her body around and got on all fours. Her full, shapely buttocks unceremoniously opened up before me as she settled into place, and it was as dirty a picture as you'll ever see in one of my productions. Nothing's as innocently filthy as a pretty young lady's nether region spread out from behind, all raw and tender and showing wet.

"Oh, yeah," I praised as she arched her back and pressed her charms back toward my camera. "You just made half of your audience orgasm, I swear."

This flat-out cracked her up, which caused her body to jiggle charmingly as she propped herself on her elbows and craned her neck to look back at me down the length of her naked body. "I certainly hope so," she agreed with a throaty giggle in her voice. "That's what I'm here for."

"Quite true," I murmured as I pulled in close to show the pulpy moistness of Chantal's swollen pussy and the somewhat vertical-shaped opening of her ass, just above it. Nestled between the parted globes of her cheeks, her rear hole was a softer pink that her cunt, and the skin had a bit of tannish hue above and below her opening. Taken together in this view, both of her holes looked frankly like they'd be a joy to finger, to lick...and to fuck.

"You like to be felt up from behind?" I inquired, even as my right hand began to reach out.

"You mean in my ass?"

" well as your pussy," I replied with forced calmness, as my fingers reached her right cheek and indulged in a bit of squeezing.

"I really like it more for the guy's sake, as far as in my ass goes," was her reply. She wiggled back against me a little as I pressed the heel of my lower palm into the moistness of her pussy. "It's exciting because he likes it, because it's so dirty, at least to most guys."

"Yes, yes, I know," I agreed in a low voice as my index finger began to trace the rim of her anus. The little steadicam device attached to my camera comes in handy at times like these, making it possible for me to feel up pretty women while sporting a fierce hard-on without the viewer getting seasick from my swaying about. Chantal joined in by pressing back and lightly grinding against me as I massaged her forbidden zone gently and kept up the pressure with the heel of my hand against her moist, warm sex. Her knees seemed to part even more.

"Have you ever had anything bigger than a finger in here?" I asked as I carefully inserted one of my own into her tight sheath, up to the first knuckle, eliciting an audible intake of her breath. It was hot and clinging and rubbery in there. My arousal was so pronounced that I seemed to feel each and every nerve ending in the head of my cock; a quick look down made me realize that precum had been dripping onto the bedspread below where my dick hung out of my trousers.

"Mmmmph," she grunted softly as I moved my finger about in the first inch of her ass. "Once a guy tried but I couldn't loosen up enough."

"That I can believe," I replied. "You should feel how tight you are. Go ahead and feel."

I gingerly eased my finger out and pulled the camera's focus back about three feet or so to get a fuller picture of the scene. Chantal's ass was up and spread as she craned her neck to look back at me. The soft nature of her body and her sweet expression of arousal were well-captured in my framing, and the effect was almost unbearably intimate when combined with her wet, pouting cunt lips and the sight of her rear hole above them.

Add to that one of her hands reaching back and a slim middle finger snaking over the top and then down to touch her own ass hole, her fingertip first gently rimming the opening and then delving inside. It doesn't get much dirtier than this, ladies and gentlemen. I wasn't even aware of my hand snaking up and down my cock until a sudden, strong, urgent twinge of pleasure made me notice it -- I guess I was jerking off as an automatic reaction to what Chantal was showing us all. That I hadn't just spurted all over the bedspread was a minor miracle.

She worked her finger in to the first knuckle and squirmed around a little in reaction to the feeling. The rest of her fingers splayed out over the cheeks of her ass. I focused the camera in to get a good look at just how tightly the rubbery ring of her anus was hugging her digit. You can hear me make a little swearing sound under my breath right then, if you rent the disc. You may be making that same sound.

I was surprised to see Chantal work her entire finger inside her ass. "I would've bet you couldn't do that," I remarked.

She smirked at me with that pretty mug as she peered around herself, her head propped-up on her free elbow. "It doesn't hurt or anything," she replied. "But you're right, it feels pretty snug."

"Can you pull it out a little and then go back in?"

"You mean, like fuck myself with it?"

"Well, since you put it that way...."

She managed to indeed slip it out and back in a few times for me, but not without some visible effort. As I watched I got an idea.

"I love how you sounded just now when you swore. That was really sexy. Can you do that some more right now, while you're fingering your ass?"

"You mean like say fuck?", she replied, her finger moving in and out and her pussy spreading open more with each thrust.

"Maybe be a little creative, use your imagination for us."

"Ummm, okay: I'm fucking my ass hole with my finger, and it feels good to be showing off my pussy while you jerk off."

"I didn't know you caught that," I barked back with a little laugh. "I'm sure plenty of guys will be doing the same thing when they see you, Chantal. How does that make you feel?"

"Fucking fine," she giggled. She had a lusty tone to that laugh, though. "As long as one of them is you."

"Oh, I'm flattered," I shot back in jest, but actually I almost believed she was sincere. I took myself in hand for her as she continued to stick a finger into herself for the camera, but I could only manage an easy stroke -- anything more would've been dangerous.

"More talk," I prompted.

"Okay. I wish your cock were in my mouth. I bet it tastes juicy."

"Good, good," I praised. "And where else would you like it?"

"Sliding into my pussy." Chantal lowered her shoulder to the bed so she could bring her other arm into use. She propped her head on a pillow as she struggled to continue looking back at me. I saw fingers start to snake under herself.

"What if I got it all nice and slippery in your cunt first, so it would go easy into your ass?"

"I don't know. It looks too big. Maybe just the tip," she teased back, more in control at this point than I would've expected. She had to know the effect her words would be having on me. My balls felt like they were churning as they hugged up against my body. Those fingers I mentioned before were now busy in the moist pink flesh of her pussy. The one above continued to slide slowly in and out of her ass, more easily now.

"Just the tip? That would be enough," I said, truthfully. "The way I feel right now I wouldn't get more than the tip in before I lost it, anyway. Would you let me cum inside you? Inside your ass?"

Chantal continued to pick up on the game, just as though we had scripted it: "You mean you want to put just the tip of your dick into my ass? Right here?" She eased that lone digit out of her opening and used her fingertip as a pointer, posing it right at the rim. Her ass hole had loosened just a bit from her probing, so it stayed slightly parted even after her finger had withdrawn. Below it two fingers from her other hand were buried in her wet cunt.


"And move it in and out a little, just fuck my ass a little?"(Jesus, she really knew how to lay it on!)

"Oh, yes," I agreed, "just a little, because I couldn't take any more than that." How I kept the camera in position with my free hand I don't know.

"Oh, it feels so big in there. It's filling me up." Chantal put just the right touch of lust in her voice to keep that cliché from being laughable. "God, it's so hot!"

And then we both broke up laughing, we really couldn't help it. It was one of those rare times when humor and hot fantasy combine to bring people to some sort of shared release point. Both of us were horned-up as hell but laughing at the same time. I had to edit some of it out, as you'll see, because I actually dropped the camera and joined my model in rolling on the bed with laughter. You won't see this, but after we managed to calm down a bit we rolled into one another and embraced, me fully clothed save for my stiff dick protruding from my zipper, and her naked as a newborn with her body naturally wrapping around me like we were old lovers.

It was sexy but at the same time friendly, and that was also the mood of our quick kiss just before I rose from the bed and tried to restore some semblance of a work ethic to the proceedings. Since my trousers were becoming a nuisance I doffed them along with my underwear and loafers. I managed to get the main camera back into focus and the second camera tuned in on its tripod by the side of the bed, and then I maneuvered Chantal into her position for the final sequence.

So, when the disc resumes you'll see I'm standing at the foot of the bed with the main hand-held camera's point of view looking down, like it's on my left shoulder. The tripod-mounted camera's point of view is from the side, showing Chantal in profile from the chest up as she perches again at the edge of the foot of the bed. I edit-in that view from time to time on the finished disc, as you'll notice. Back by the end table (out of camera view) is a large monitor where I watched how everything looked as it was being recorded.

Hanging in space there in front of Chantal (did I mention?) bobbed my swollen penis and my ball sac. Like I said before, I'd been half-hard with anticipation for some time before the girl even arrived that day, so my dick felt stiff and long enough to be of porn star proportions by the time this scene was set. Unfortunately, imagining myself that way and actually looking that way are two different things (as you'll likely observe on your screen), but I feel I was up to the task, so to speak.

In my right hand was the remote toggle for the tripod camera, in my left the hand-held camera, and in Chantal's hands in that next moment lay my most precious equipment. She handled me firmly yet delicately as she gazed frankly up at the camera. The reason my dick looks the biggest it ever has on camera during this sequence is due solely to the smallness of her features. Her hand looked tiny gripping me, my erection positively looming over her face as she slid her soft hands up and down my shaft and caressed my balls, the reddish cap of my cock nearly brushing against her cheek.

I switched momentarily to the side view camera where I could admire her breasts with their stiff nipples poking out and up toward me. As she brought my prick up against her face and brushed it over her skin, electricity shot through my spine.

"Oh, girl, that is so good," I enthused. She responded by looking up into my eyes and then directing my heated flesh so that the very tip slid over her closed mouth, as though she wanted to smear her lipstick with it. I groaned and tried to push myself between those lips, but she wasn't yet ready to allow me inside. Instead she dipped her head suddenly downward and took my balls wholly into her mouth in one surprise lunge, while stroking my dick firmly with her hand.

I groaned in unfeigned pleasure as Chantal's aggressive tongue laved over my sensitive skin. For a moment I watched as the crown of my penis rested against her hairline. Then, as quickly as it had already happened, Chantal popped my sac out of her mouth and used her tongue all over the underside of my shaft on an exquisite journey up to the tip. In another second I gasped as my glans entered her mouth and was being caressed by the flat of her tongue...and then it only seemed like another instant that the whole of me was enjoying the warm, snug wetness of her mouth and the top of her throat.

Her enthusiasm caught me off guard, which was likely her intent. There was a mischievous quality to this young lady that I was only just beginning to appreciate. But never mind that now, much more interesting was the way she was sucking on my cock and reaching around to hug me closer to her face, not to mention the fact that with her other hand she was strumming her clit as she ground her fanny into the bed.

I twigged that she was now determined to reach her satisfaction, the point that she'd kept herself from reaching all this session. Not only did this girl get off by teasing the audience and me, she got a kick out of teasing herself as well.

"Can you make it?" I whispered. She looked up at me with her mouth full and nodded quickly, her eyes all half-lidded again. Her hand gripped my ass and fed herself my cock, her fingertips entering my crack a little to get a good grip. The fingers at her crotch seemed to speed up their stroking. I wondered idly if I'd be receiving a special cleaning bill for the bedspread.

I managed again to keep the cameras focused and taking it all in. I'd zoom-in with each, occasionally, to show her sexy actions from the best vantage points. She wasn't a bit perturbed, and seemed to be performing only for me. I was getting a feeling of personal satisfaction beyond the physical, thinking foolishly at the moment that it was my cock and balls that were getting her so hot and grindy. Of course it was the whole scene that was sending Chantal to the point of no return, and I was just glad it was me in the room with her.

"That's going to make me come, sweetheart," I warned her. "So good, so good." Her tongue lashed over the underside of my shaft repeatedly as we both slid me in and out of her salivating mouth, with her occasionally stopping to suck deliberately just on the head and probe my piss hole with her tongue point. These were activities guaranteed to bring a man's sap to rise, and that's what was beginning to happen to mine. You can hear the wet sound of her working her mouth and tongue all over my aching dick.

She pulled back and ran my cock over her upper face, nosing my balls and stretching her tongue underneath them. My prick was shiny with her spit and looked impossibly red against her features. Chantal was practically humping her fingers now as she loved my equipment to death.

"I can feel how full they are," she muttered.

"Huh?" [I was beyond articulate speech at the moment]

"Your balls. You really need to come," she explained, like a nurse practitioner making a diagnosis. She fondled my testicles carefully, as though measuring their contents.

"Umm, yeah," I agreed as she parted her lips and held the tip of my prick against the flat of her tongue, knowing full well I was looking right down at her and could see every lewd moment of her performance, and so could the camera. Chantal jerked my shaft with one hand and diddled herself with the other, all the while her young features contrasting innocently with her actions. She managed to look cute rather than wanton, even with her eyelids drooping in lazy lust and her mouth wide open to show my cock against her tongue. Her lazy eyes studied mine.

"Is that....where you want it?" I managed to ask as she lapped again at my pee hole. We hadn't discussed beforehand any details about this, so it wasn't a pre-packaged question.

"If you do," she encouraged, momentarily taking her mouth off me. Her body was shaking a little bit, I could see. I wondered if we could reach climax together. With the toggle in my right hand I zoomed in from the side, the camera there showing now a close-up of my cock posed in front of her face as Chantal slid her hand up and down it.

"If you keep that up I'm going to go off in your face," I warned, and I wasn't kidding. In my mind's eye I could already see it happening. Chantal jolted a bit and made a gasping sound as she heard the words I said, making me certain now that she wasn't faking any of her passion. She might be as close to completion as I was. I decided to press on.

"Does that turn you on, a guy coming in your face?" I asked urgently, again causing her to gasp. "His cum shooting out of his dick and covering your face?"

"Fuck," she barked out, breathing low and spreading her legs wide. I looked down quickly with my eyes as well as the hand-held to study Chantal's pussy as she ground it against her busy fingers. Her grip on my cock tightened as she started to really rub at herself. For a second it actually hurt, she squeezed me so hard.

"Did you ever have a guy jack off in your face before?" I continued, experiencing the familiar feeling of my balls beginning to reach that trigger-point of no return. "Jerk his cock right in front of you until he — "

"Yes," Chantal cut me off with another, louder gasp, her hand dropping away from me and her upper body sinking backwards a bit toward the bed. As she abruptly began to orgasm right there in front of me, her eyes locked on my throbbing dick, her expression became a little crazy and twisted, and then she was bucking against her fingers and trembling. Her head came forward again as she rocked from side to side, her face grazing against my penis as she started hauling air into her lungs.

Making a very quick check to be sure the stationary camera was still focused up close, I dropped the toggle and filled my hand with myself. I wanted to catch up to her. With the hand-held I drew in close to show just the head of my engorged cock against the backdrop of her flushed skin, my fist urging me closer and closer until I pushed the glans right into her left cheek, just above her open lips. I was pressed up tight to her skin when I began to come.

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