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Firsts & Lasts with Katy


Katy Perry was known for a lot of things - some bigger than others. But one other thing was an unfortunate taste in men. Russell Brand, John Mayer, a bunch of rappers and DJs, etc.

And then there was me.

Despite not being a musician or dirty mouthed comedian/musician, I still ran into Katy Perry. Despite not being famous, she talked to me and seemed to enjoy it. Despite all the other things I wasn't, she met me and talked to me a bunch more times after that. But anything beyond that hadn't happened.

Since this wasn't long after things with Mayer fell apart, I had a guess as to why. She confirmed it one night, explaining that although I was different from her exes - which made me all the more tempting, apparently - she couldn't trust herself in a relationship right now. Even in one that wasn't serious.

According to her, she didn't want to risk putting me in the spotlight and media eye, for something she couldn't commit to for too long. In any case, she was going on tour soon enough anyway, so whatever time we had together would be cut short. I had to admit some of those points were valid.

Many were overshadowed by her admission that she was attracted to me, though. That's why it made it hard to come to this decision and show restraint, apparently. I didn't know if I was more flattered or frustrated, though.

To get this close to one of the hottest entertainers around, only to get cock blocked in more ways than one, was frustrating. To be even considered that way by one of the sexiest women around was flattering. Maybe it was a mix of both that made me come up with a plan.

By the time she agreed, we settled on what would be our first and only date.

She would set aside the last night before going on tour to come to my place, instead of risking a scene going out. We would otherwise have a normal dinner, and...anything that would happen afterwards, we would let happen so that we wouldn't have to wonder 'what if.' Then she could go after having all the extra fun of a relationship, but none of the heartbreak at the end.

She got to leave someone on good terms, and I would have one perfect night to remember forever. It sounded more and more like a good arrangement when we agreed. I just hoped she still thought that way when the big night came.

When it did, I made sure dinner was close to ready and I was presentable by the time she was scheduled to arrive. While we weren't going out on the town, dressing up sold the allusion of a regular date. I won't lie about how eager I was to see her play and look the part.

Then again, clothing might not be a top priority later on.

In case she backed out of that part, I had steeled myself to accept it, at least while she was still here. If she didn't, I had condoms ready and I'd thoroughly...drained myself before starting dinner plans. Either way, I had the allusion that I was ready.

I kept it up when I heard a knock on my door. I held firm when she came in wearing sunglasses and a trench coat. I even stayed calm when she kissed my cheek hello and smiled when she smelled my cooking. But when she removed her coat, the allusion was shattered.

Katy's tight, light blue dress matched her big blue eyes, accentuated all the curves hidden underneath - and those popping out of it - and had straps that could easily be lowered. They only did so much to keep her boobs inside the dress, though.

I credited myself for not gaping too much at her cleavage in past meetings - at least not too obviously when she was showing it. She'd clearly saved the biggest test for last, though. Maybe I didn't necessarily have to pass it, considering what this night was about. However, I wanted to pass on some kind of curve - pun not intended.

Katy just smiled as I kept my eyes on her face. Of course, her eyes, her hair and her red lips didn't help me gawk all the less. But she didn't comment - she knew what I was going through, since she'd put a good majority of men through the same thing. I liked to think my reaction measured up well against some of them.

Whether it did or didn't, Katy took her seat at the dining table and I got back to actual work in the kitchen. When it was done, we sat and ate together without anything going wrong, or without any conversation about...after dinner. Indeed, it was like a normal dinner.

Leaving aside Katy's details about the tour, her final rehearsals, her other public appearances to come and tidbits on when I could see them on TV. Still, she kept things light and regular, which was probably very important for her. But after years of being bubbly, cheerful and peppy for audiences, no matter what else was happening, she knew how to push everything else down.

Despite some questionable romantic choices, and the occasional ditzy public moment, she was no dummy. She was just more conscious of using her head more than her heart with a man this time, even one she said she really liked.

Maybe a wild, hot night of sex would hurt more than help with that. Maybe I couldn't bring too much of my A-game - assuming it was really that good. Maybe thinking this would get each other out of our system was too risky, for both of us.

As such, when we finished dinner, I didn't make a move for anything else and neither did she. We sat down together on the couch to flip through TV, but didn't get any closer. I began to wonder if we'd already talked ourselves out of anything more, before Katy actually started talking.

"I'm not forcing you to do anything," she said. "I mean, I know a night like this, with me, wouldn't take a guy too much convincing."

"Other guys wouldn't think it over too much. Maybe not in the right way," I offered. "Not that I'm bragging."

"I know," she assured.

"And not that I'm trying to guilt you. I know that's not what this is supposed to be about," I backtracked.

"I know," she repeated. "I should probably tell you not to be so nice. But if you weren't, I wouldn't let myself do this. At least I'd try not to. Then again...I can't get too upset or think too much about this being...our only date. But if I do, I can't let that change my mind either."

"I know," I said this time.

"I'm sorry if that's sending mixed signals on...what you should do. Or how well you should do it," Katy stated.

"I mean, I want it to be great, that's the point. I want it to be sweet and romantic and sexy and hot and dirty and naughty all at once! I want to pack all those different kinds of fucking and blowing and sucking in one night...so we both don't have to wonder what we were missing out on. I mean, we might wonder what we were missing out on with our clothes on! But maybe cramming all this in will make the rest of it easier."

"We won't know until we try, I guess," I settled on, not trusting myself to be as graphic quite yet. It was hard enough keeping my hands discreetly on my crotch.

"It'd be real nice, as a change of pace, to have all that with a man without regret and pain for once," Katy told me again. "Maybe it'll help me be ready for something longer like that later. Nothing else has worked for the long haul. But if I gotta try getting back on my feet like that with someone..."

"I know," I jumped ahead. "If I gotta be a guinea pig for a sexy star..." I trailed off, not needing to finish either. Katy merely smiled in relief, sitting herself right next to me.

I didn't make a move, but I knew it was coming soon anyway. Until then, I looked at Katy as she pretended to watch the TV. I watched her full, half-naked chest heave up and down, made myself look up at her bright smile and her gorgeous baby blues, subtly caught the scent of her brunette hair - and yet again wondered why she needed to change its colors so many times - and then took a fuller view of her hourglass figure in that dress.

"Mmm...Katy..." I let out, Homer Simpson style. It seemed as dumb as Homer a second later, though at least I wasn't doing the Homer drool. Maybe I could save it by referencing her guest spot with Simpsons puppets.

But it wasn't necessary once Katy chuckled and turned her head, then finally started bringing it closer.

"No rush," she said quietly. "We've got hours before I gotta go, and I can always sleep on the plane. Till then...I want to do everything. In every way."

That reminder left me in no hurry when Katy's lips finally met mine for the first time. I let her kiss me slowly and gently, before kissing back the same way. We exchanged several more kisses like that before I laid back on the arm of the couch, with Katy laying herself against me.

I let my hand go up to her face, then into her silky hair and down her back. My other hand joined in so I could fully feel the curves of her waist, just as Katy's tongue got into my mouth. I felt her chest press deeper against me, but our mouths only picked up the pace a little bit.

It would be corny and easy to say she tasted like cherry chapstick. She still tasted like some kind of sweet candy, though. If that was how her mouth tasted...

My hands stopped just short of her round ass, as Katy broke from my mouth to start kissing down my jaw. Her lips and tongue trailed down my skin expertly, so I tried to trail up it the same way with my hands. They stopped below her breasts, but instead of taking the next step, I let my lips go over to her shoulder.

I kissed next to and around her right strap, preparing myself to slide it down and see what came out. Yet Katy sat up to stop me. "Leave it on right now," she said. "I want your face on my tits just as they are."

Since she wasn't beating around the bush, I didn't either - although my destination was higher than that. I sat up and rested my hands back below her chest, then gently dropped my face into some of the most drooled over cleavage on the planet. It was enough to make me literally drool on it.

"Kiss it," Katy softly said. "Lick it. I want you to eat it out like you'd eat my pussy..." Since her mouth was clearly getting into it, I returned the favor.

Licking up and down her cleavage before making a show of kissing it, I soon had my hands cup her boobs to push them up even further. My thumbs started rubbing underneath and on the clothed part of her breasts, while I kissed and licked the exposed parts of them. As I tasted and breathed them in, my lips and breathing went faster.

"Squeeze them more, baby," Katy cooed. I did so and let my lips go down to her dress, kissing her covered nipples. I started thinking of lowering her cups down with my hands, or my teeth, until Katy's hands got busier.

She started unbuttoning my dress shirt, distracting me from doing more than holding her tits. I managed to put my face back in and rub my cheeks against her flesh, but she stopped me by making me lie back against the arm again. By then, she got my shirt open and exposed even more of my upper body.

"My turn," she declared, putting her face against my bare chest. Unlike myself, she could expose my bare nipples and kiss and suck on them. She couldn't possibly have gotten the same kind of joy from sucking and kissing my breasts, but she seemed to be trying.

Katy rested her cleavage against my naked stomach, as she slowly and seductively teased and kissed my nipples. I rested back and let her work, letting my hand go into her hair and softly hold it, even as she slid her lips down my body.

She looked up with those clear, big eyes of hers, and their hungry look made it all the more harder for it to ignore...how hard it was for me. But I doubted she could ignore it by now either.

Katy stopped trying when she sat up and rested her hands on my pants, working on getting them off. I lifted my hips up enough so she could slide them and my underwear down below my crotch. When she saw what I'd been hiding all this time, she lowered her head back down.

Before she started, I had to warn her, "This won't last long. If you...hell, maybe you want to get it out of the way now. But I'd like to enjoy it for a couple of minutes."

"I understand," Katy promised. Nevertheless, when she kissed and tongued my head slowly, it didn't really calm me down that much. While she wasn't going fast, she let her full lips, wet tongue and low vibrating hums go slow enough to really push my limits.

"This is one of the nicer cocks..." Katy didn't have to say, but she did. She slowly kissed up my base, tongued the underside and then said, "It could explode all over me and my dress if I'm not careful."

"So be careful," I gasped. "Make sure it doesn't land on there." There were a few sure fire ways to do that - one of which was making sure the dress was far away. From my cock and Katy.

"I can do that. After you calm down a little," Katy warned. Sitting up again, she continued, "Luckily, there might be a way you can pass the time."

Katy took my right hand and rested it on her knee, right below her dress. She only needed to slide it an inch higher before I got the idea. I took control and put my hand between her legs myself, sliding it into her dress before meeting her center. Her bare center.

"Of course," I inhaled, barely surprised she came without any panties. It made it easier to feel how wet she really was, and made it easier to work her up further. My fingertips brushed her pussy and clit, distracting me from how my own genitals were throbbing.

Yet when I slid my index finger into Katy, she let her whole hand grasp my cock. However, she just squeezed it while I preserved and began finger fucking her. It didn't last for too long, as Katy took my hand off and stood on her feet, just so she could lift her dress up.

I got a brief, tantalizing look at her bare, shapely ass before it sat back down on my couch. With the bottom of the dress bunched up, I could see more of her bare, shapely pussy before Katy put my hand back on it. As I fingered it more easily, she went back to squeezing my cock at the same time.

Although I fucked her deeper, her hand kept still as our faces were locked onto each other. Ultimately, she began pumping my cock, building to the same pace as my finger. We fucked each other with our hands and practically breathed against each other, as our eyes burned holes into each other up top.

"Fuck me," Katy breathed. "This is just one way you're gonna fuck me...like I'm gonna fuck you. And taste you..."

To illustrate it, Katy took her hand off my cock and started licking it. On impulse, I took my hand away and licked it, undoubtedly tasting much more of her. Yet she still licked whatever remnants of me were on her palm, making it wet enough to serve as lube when she resumed stroking me.

Despite that, I stayed steady enough to lick my fingers, before putting them back on Katy's pussy. I made it wetter and slicker while she coated and stroked my cock, making it all too obvious one of us would give in soon.

"I wanna taste more," I breathed. "I want to taste you at the source...but when you're on my bed. When that hot pussy and body is naked on my bed..."

"Yeah..." Katy seemed to agree, pumping me faster.

"Oh fuck...but I can't do it until my head is clear. And some other things," I hinted, looking down at myself to make it clearer. "If you don't want me to cum on that dress...either get it off or make me cum somewhere else. But do it now..."

"I see," Katy said. Making her choice, she took my hand off her and got up from the couch. When she lowered those straps, I figured she would remove the dress before going back to jacking me. Instead, she let her cups begin to slide down before going on her knees in front of me.

As more of her bare breasts became free, Katy plunged her mouth back onto my cock. While trying to hold on, I put my hands into her hair, trying not to push her head down too much. When she sat herself up, I saw her naked boobs hanging out of her dress and reached down for them instead.

"This'll help me cum faster," I argued as I held her bare, ample breasts in full. Katy let me hold on as her lips slurped up my head, then took it in and went lower and lower. "Fuck, that helps too..." I let out as she swallowed much of my cock.

Katy popped up and said, "Yeah...you can let me taste that first big load now. You can get it all over my tits and the rest of me later...but now I want your cum in my mouth. Don't you?"

With Katy promptly bobbling on my cock, placing her hand on my balls and letting my hands squeeze her tits, I wanted it more than anything. When she groaned on my shaft, licked my slit and practically dared me to cum with her eyes, I gave us both what we wanted.

Katy swallowed my spurts whole while I tried not to leave marks on her jugs. Once the last of me went down her throat, I relaxed my grip on her chest just enough. She did have to come off to catch her breath, and it allowed me to do the same.

I sat back and let go of her, letting what just happened wash over me. When I could fully accept that I filled Katy Perry's mouth with cum, I let myself look at her again. By then, she had gotten on her feet and turned her back towards me.

"Could you help me?" she asked, pointing to her back - more closely to the zipper on her pesky dress.

I took hold of it and lowered it, allowing her to slip out and make herself completely naked. Her back was still turned towards me - but although that hid her tits, face and pussy from me, it still left the curves of her back, legs and ass right in my eyesight.

I almost went "Mmm" again at the voluptuous sight, yet I settled for putting my hands on her hips. I soon let them go onto her peachy ass cheeks, pushing them up to feel their full weight, and to see some of the pussy below it. But before I got carried away, I remembered, "This really belongs in my bed."

"You might be right," I heard Katy say, before seeing her head away from me. Since I showed her where my bedroom was in the house tour, she knew just where to go.

I had to finish getting my pants completely off, which kept me from following her faster. By the time I got to my room, the door was open and Katy was making her way to the bed. I made sure the light was on so I could see Katy lie on my sheets, in all her naked glory.

I got to the front of the bed, standing over Katy and openly ogling the front of her body. With her tits completely uncovered, her curvy waist uncovered below it, and her open pussy and legs even further below, I could have come right back to life down below. But after everything I blew into Katy's mouth, even this wouldn't get me going right away.

I settled for letting the next best thing happen.

I laid on my stomach onto the bed, settling between Katy's legs and laying my face against her still wet pussy. "It's my turn," I said on her lips. "My turn to swallow all that pent up cum...I want it drenched all over my tongue and lips. Don't you?"

"I want it all over your mouth," Katy agreed. "I want to taste myself on you...we'll taste each other before you fuck me with something bigger than your tongue. Once it gets that big again..."

"Keep talking to me and feeding me, and it will," I assured, then occupied my mouth with other tasks. Like filling it completely with Katy's pussy.

Digging my lips and tongue onto and into her slit, while digging my hands onto her hips, I devoured Katy as much as she did to me. I let Katy's moans and curses egg me on, then looked up to see her fondling her own breasts in the meantime. It made me all the more determined to eat her for various reasons.

"Cum for me," I urged. "Not because you're groping yourself. Cum for me," I empathized by burying my tongue all the way into her.

"I'm gonna...oh, fuck, I'm gonna..." Katy gasped. "I wanna think of you eating me when I fuck myself. I want the next guy who fucks me to eat me like this. I want...oh, just make me cum first!"

To get it done, I rubbed my face and mouth all over her center, then sucked every part of it down that I could. I went on to hum on her and nibble her, before pulling slightly back and letting her see me tongue her all over. I made a show of teasing her clit and wiggling my tip inside her, which ultimately made Katy grab my hair and arch her hips up.

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