tagIncest/TabooFive Amigos Ch. 01

Five Amigos Ch. 01


This story is dedicated to the lady with Nipples of Steel who has now given me two great story ideas. {Note: The description of Sarah's time camping can be found in the incest section in "Nipples of Steel"} Chapter 1 of 3.


Being a high school physical education teacher has its challenges. Just ask Sarah Perez about what she goes through in trying to get today's teenagers physically fit with all of the sexual and cultural distractions they have to deal with. I asked her and here is a story she related to me about just one incident.

In some ways it is a story as old as time. It is the story of five 18 year old high school seniors still exploring their sexuality. Like other guys their age they would stop at nothing to touch or see a girl nude. It was a group effort at voyeurism that resulted in HER meeting the "Five Amigos," as they called themselves, for the first time.

The group consisted of Adam, Bernie, Dave, Erick, and Ryan. Overall; they were among the best kids in school as they got great grades and were involved in many extra curricular activities. Like most guys their downfall was the opposite sex. When they saw a girl their hormones went into overdrive.

There was no leader as each of them seemed to possess complimentary strengths. Erick was the tall blonde blue eyed boy with Scandinavian features. Although he was thin it was easy to tell that he had muscles to spare. Bernie, actually short for Bernando, had jet black hair and dark brown eyes. His Latin features were well toned.

He was the most athletic of the group being a three sport star. The girl's just loved seeing his eternally tan body run down the field admiring his sweet butt as he went bye. Ryan was the brains among other brains. He had red hair and wore glasses over his green eyes and was a bit shorter than his friends at 5'9" and weighed about 170 pounds.

Dave was the sensitive but strong African American with cool hazel eyes. He played some sports but his love was the stage and he was either helping out with or in every school play. Adam loved having the reputation of being a bit of a beast, just doing his own thing and having fun doing it. He was gregarious and stood 6'2" with a highly muscled body with black hair and deep blue eyes.

One day they were goofing around after school when they discovered that a window to the girl's locker room was open. The guys thought they heard noises coming from the window. Adam decided to investigate over Ryan's objections. It took a minute for Adam to see anything of interest. When he let out a loud gasp Erick and Dave ran over to join him there.

More cautiously Ryan and Bernie finally joined the other three. They all got an eyeful of naked18 year old girls. It turned out the seniors on the volleyball team had just gotten back from giving an exhibition to a nearby elementary school as they did every year. Their coach hadn't noticed the open window.

All five boys were getting so into the scenery that before long they were stroking their cocks through their pants. Then Erick was the first to pull his out of his pants followed quickly by the others. They didn't even notice one another. They didn't even notice Sarah Perez walk right up to them, hands on her hips.

The teacher just stood there with her mouth wide open in total disbelief. She started to say something but then noticed the five erect cocks in front of her. She was lost for words for a minute. Their cocks were gorgeous so big, hard, and virile. Clearing her throat she finally spoke, "Boys, what do you think you are doing? Get dressed and follow me to the office this minute. Hurry up, you can stuff those things back in as you walk."

A feeling of dread came over the kids. They knew for sure that they were about to enter hell. Their faces were brilliant red with embarrassment as they walked what seemed like a death march. Calming down some Bernie noticed the extraordinary sway of the teacher's hips and how voluptuous her ass was.

He motioned to his four friends to look at the view. By the time they got to the entrance to the office all of them had tents in their pants. This fact didn't go unnoticed by Sarah. She was having a bit of trouble keeping her pussy dry after seeing their hard members on display. Seeing her come in with them the principal motioned them to his office.

The boys tents folded up as soon as they walked into his office. Their cocks could not have been any more limp as fear took over every pore of their beings. They sat there fidgeting as Mrs. Perez explained what she had seen. The principal got out some forms and quickly filled them out and handed one to each boy.

"Gross violation of school conduct and lude behavior . . . suspension of two weeks," the forms read in part. The boy's jaws dropped and a panicked look came over their faces. It would kill this quarter's grades. Not to mention their parent's would kill them or least not let them out of their houses until the twelfth of never.

"There is one alternative but Mrs. Perez would have to agree to it," the principal said sternly.

: Yes sir, what is it?" Adam spoke with a tremble in his voice.

"Mrs. Perez you and Mrs. Santiago have that home repair and restoration project you are doing on several homes just down the street don't you?

"Yes sir we do," she answered proudly. The girl's athletic teams had taken on the service project to fix up older homes near the school where a lot of older people lived. There were about 15 homes in all, two of which were unoccupied currently. At those two homes they were trying to do a complete make over so that families could move in that were victims of a natural disaster in a nearby town.

Their goal was to completely furnish the homes with the help of local merchants. The project had caught on like wildfire and the whole community was behind them. They had teams working on each of the homes and Sarah's husband had set up video equipment to record the progress at each site.

"If I remember right you still need a team for that last vacant house and I couldn't think of a better punishment for these perverts than helping the very people they were spying on to accomplish their admirable goal, can you?" The principal seemed delighted with himself at thinking of this plan.

"It sounds great to me," Sarah responded.

"Well boys which is it? Will you work after school for Mrs. Perez for the rest of the semester or possibly longer as volunteers or serve the two weeks suspensions you so richly deserve?" The boys looked at each other. The principal and Sarah waited. Frowning, the boys knew the only logical choice was to work for Mrs. Perez.

They handed back their suspension forms. The principal stuffed them in his desk drawer. Quickly he wrote a letter for each of them to sign committing them to the project. The form also said that if Sarah wasn't happy with their work the suspensions would begin right away. Sarah gave them the address telling them to report after school the next day.

As they filed out of the office they were relieved that not only did they escape the suspension but the principal also said that as long as they kept their end of the bargain he wouldn't tell their parents. The feeling of euphoria didn't last long. By 2:45 the next day, when the final bell rang, they were trying to figure out some way out of their slave labor.

They knew that the teacher would work them hard. Meanwhile, Sarah was thrilled at the prospect of having these five boys help out. The additional manpower would mean that they could get the project done way ahead of schedule. That afternoon Sarah and fellow teacher Carla Santiago headed over to the house and met Kim Hall, Ryan's mother, there. Kim had no idea who the five boys were who would be working on the house.

Ryan had been hoping all day that his mom wasn't working on the same house as he was. He knew she was one of the three adults overseeing the project as she was good friends with Sarah. The boys took their time getting to the house. At 3:10 Sarah was beginning to get pissed. It was only a ten minute walk or three minute drive from school.

When the guys sauntered in at 3:15 Sarah shot daggers at them with her eyes. Then Ryan gasped loudly as he was face to face with his mother. For a minute neither of them knew what to say. Kim quickly calmed down and decided to let him off the hook and work within the spirit of the deal the boys had accepted. Coolly she spoke, "Ryan, I won't tell your dad or ask you what trouble you got in if you keep the deal you made."

"Ah, thanks mom," Ryan shyly replied. Sarah wasted no time putting them to work. Dave and Adam were ripping up carpet. Bernie and Ryan were painting a bedroom wall and Erick was stripping the hardwood floor in the family room. Progress was slow as the guys weren't into their tasks. Carla immediately noticed and wondered if there was some incentive they could give the boys.

Thinking back to her own high school years she knew what might work to get the guys moving. Carla decided to test out her theory. She knew all of the 'five amigos' considered the three women to be hot from talk she had heard around school. Once she had even heard Dave confiding to Ryan how hot he found Ryan's mother to be.

Ryan's mother, Kim, was the oldest of the three women at 39 and also the largest. She was by no means overweight. She was about five and a half feet tall and maybe weighed 145 pounds with deep blue eyes and long brown hair. She had round firm D cup tits and what the boys described as a bubble ass that stuck out proudly from her backside.

Carla was 33 years old and was about 5'2" and 115 pounds. Her C cup tits looked larger than that on her petite frame. She had blonde hair with highlights running through it that was cut into a bob and sultry green eyes. She couldn't help but notice the stares that followed her heart shaped ass. She had always been turned on by some of her students both the boys and girls.

As for Sarah sexual thoughts of these kids had not left her mind since she caught them flogging themselves outside the school. Sarah was about 5'4" and about 130 pounds with 34C tits and a beautiful round ass. Her husband particularly loved her nipples as they were so sensitive and got hard. He called them 'nipples of steel.'

Being of Latin American dissent her skin appeared to have a constant tan and she had beautiful black hair and magical green eyes. She knew that students played with themselves thinking of making love to her. Carla knew that Sarah would join her in her plan but Kim might not want any part of it as her own son was there.

Carla's test case would be Erick as he was working by himself. Carla walked into the family room and saw Erick struggling with his task, totally disinterested. She had no intention of doing anything but flirting and teasing the boys into working harder. Putting an extra sway in her hips she walked up to the lad.

Erick looked over at the woman approaching and got a lump in his throat. Except that she was 20 years older and married he would love to sleep with her. Carla could tell that his full attention was now on her body. Sensually she ran a finger under her boobs and spoke, "Looks like you got the shit job."

"Yeah, I guess," Erick murmured in response. The teacher got closer and absent mindedly caressed the underside of her tits working up to her nipples as she put a hand on Erick's shoulder. The contact made the teenager nervous but he said nothing.

"Well, handsome, finish this up and I'll have a great big tall glass of Pepsi waiting for you," she cooed. The words seemed innocent enough. The way Carla said them sounded like she was propositioning him to do some wild sex act with her. It didn't help that she slapped his ass on her way out.

He was frozen in place watching her butt wiggle as she left the room. Coming back down to earth he returned to work with a new urgency. He wanted that Pepsi more than anything in the world. As for Carla she found herself thinking about what it would be like to really seduce the boys. She just smiled and went on her way.

Meanwhile Sarah was in the living room watching Dave and Adam's effort on the carpet. She couldn't get that horny feeling out of her loins. These two sexy 18 year olds weren't helping matters as they squatted down to pull back the padding and carpet showing off their tight asses. The muscles in their arms were rippling as they strained to do the task. Just then there was a knock at the front door.

Sarah opened the door to find her husband, Rick, holding a box of camera supplies. He had come over to install the four internet cameras and brought a load of furniture which he shoved into the garage. The cameras were to be strategically positioned so that everyone at the school could watch the progress of the various houses.

The broadcast would be delayed by a couple of day so that adults, Rick mostly, could view and edit them for inappropriate behavior such as excessive cursing. Carefully Rick positioned a camera in each of the two bedrooms, the living room and the kitchen. After seeing Erick hard at work in the family room Rick went out to his truck and got a fifth camera. They were great as Rick could remotely pan the room and zoom in and out.

When Rick gave Sarah a kiss as he left he could tell her nipples were hard and that these young studs were turning her on. He had not told her that he had seen her activity at the camping trip last summer with two hot 18 year old guys as she had done more than tease them sexually. Part of him loved that she had as she was never hornier than she was that weekend after fucking those two kids.

If fucking a young guy turned her on that much then he kind of hoped it would happen again since he knew nothing long term could come of it and his great sex life seemed only to get better. But, he wasn't sure if she wanted these boys or not and certainly couldn't bring up the subject without having more information.

When Sarah turned back to Dave and Adam her heart fluttered as they had removed their shirts showing off their chests. They were so muscular and perfect. Her juices began to flow freely. The effect the boys were having on her had taken her by surprise.

She had to leave the room. It did her no good as she was confronted by the vision of Bernie and Ryan's asses as she entered the bedroom in their tight fitting blue jeans. Her face was flushed as she scurried to the bathroom to relieve the ache in her pussy. For the rest of their time that evening she did her best to avoid the boys, which was hard to do as she was in charge of them.

Their three hours done the boys prepared to leave. Kim was one of those people who hugged other people at the drop of a hat; very touchy feelie. Ryan had noticed that she seemed even more expression ate around him and his friends. So, naturally, Kim stopped each boy at the door and gave them a tight hug before they could leave.

Looking on, to Carla and Sarah those hugs seemed a bit too affectionate to be just for a job well done. In fact, Sarah could swear Kim ground her hips against a couple of the guys. After giving Carla and Sarah much less ardent hugs Kim followed the boys out the door. Sarah's mind was filled with evil thoughts.

After seeing Kim hug the guys maybe her friend would consider playing with them some even though it would include her own son. She wasn't sure about Carla as they watched the door close. But, before she could say a word Carla grabbed her shoulder and blurted out, "Gawd did you see those guys? They are fucking hot!"

"You can say that again! They'd make anyone's pussy tingle," Sarah replied almost gasping. A smile came to both teachers as they thought about things.

"We should torment them as much as they are tormenting our cunts. By the time they leave tomorrow we should have them drooling," Carla was cooing in excitement.

"Let's do it! Tomorrow is perfect as Kim will be at another house and won't have to see us tease Ryan," Sarah was equally excited. They decided to change into their tightest shorts right after school and take off their bras letting their boobs flop about freely under their thin t-shirts. Something told them they would be able to get the guys to do anything they wanted the next day.

Rick busily worked the next afternoon on setting up the remote connection from his home to the cameras at the latest home for the school's fix up project. Finally he got confirmation that he had a good connection and began testing them. He adjusted the cameras room by room and carefully brought each room into clear focus.

The first thing he saw was a couple of the guys getting a drink in the kitchen. Then switching to the living room he gasped as he saw Carla in her skimpy shorts and t-shirt. Her breasts were flopping from side to side as she moved around. Watching Carla at work could be fun and had already had given him a swollen member.

But, his biggest surprise came when he switched to the family room. There was his wife dressed just like Carla. If anything Sarah's shorts were actually tighter and shorter than Carla's. He could even make out the outline of her nipples in the too small t-shirt. He wasn't sure what was going on yet. Curious he turned up the volume on the cameras.

Over the next several minutes what Rick heard made him hot. Nothing Carla or Sarah said was out of line. It was the way they said it and their body language. They were clearly flirting with the five young men. He got the feeling if the ladies were the same age as the guys that clothing would be coming off. The guys were working their asses off while the women were working their many charms to push them even harder.

Sarah and Carla had already forgotten all about the video system as they practically pranced around in front of the boys. All of this was having its effect on them. Their cunts were soaked in their own juices at the excitement of watching these hunks work with bulges in their pants.

As Rick looked on from ten miles away he couldn't help but play with himself. He was wondering how long Sarah and her friends could keep the guys interested by light flirting or if they would have to escalate things somehow. He missed the most erotic moment of the evening while he was working on the video signal from another house.

Everyone at the house was gathered in the kitchen getting a drink before taking off. They had all worked up a healthy sweat. Sarah could feel droplets of perspiration on her face so she lifted up the bottom of her t-shirt to wipe off her cheeks. This clearly exposed the bottom half of both of her tits, just below her nipples, to all of the boys. Their eyes bugged right out of their heads at her awesome display. Ryan wanted to volunteer to help her with her task but chickened out.

Seeing the priceless expressions on the guy's faces Carla swaggered the three steps to her friend and put her arm around Sarah's back. Then Carla wiped Sarah's cheek with her other hand scooping up a droplet of sweat on her finger and sucked the finger seductively into her mouth saying, "You missed a spot."

"Thanks sweetie; Well, I guess it's time to get out of here," Sarah cooed. The ladies walked up to each guy and gave them a hug easily able to feel the lumps through their trousers. Sarah didn't imagine it when David ground his pelvis against her and had a sudden craving for black cock meat.

Neither did Carla imagine the special attention she got from Ryan as the boy kissed her on the lips. She only wished he had tried using his tongue. As they walked out the door each boy got at least one playful swat on their ass. As they locked up the house the women didn't say much as they thought about what had transpired.

Rick had tuned back in just in time to see the hugging and found himself wanting to see some skin. Then the house went dark and he couldn't wait for Sarah to get home. Carla and Sarah stood in the driveway discussing the events and after much consternation decided to keep up their flirting even with Kim there but that they wouldn't flirt with Ryan in front of her. They were just having too much fun.

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