tagIncest/TabooFive Amigos Ch. 02

Five Amigos Ch. 02


This story is dedicated to the lady with Nipples of Steel who has now given me two great story ideas. Chapter 2 of 3.


The next morning Rick surprised Sarah when he handed her one of her halter tops that she hadn't worn in years as it was too small and suggested that she wear it at the house that afternoon. Blushing she asked him if he were sure and stuffed it in her purse.

Carla and Sarah weren't sure how Kim would react to their attire and wondered how much they should flirt with the boys in front of her. They decided to go ahead with their sexy clothes and play the flirting by ear. Sarah put on the halter which didn't even cover the entire sides of her breast and if she leaned wrong her nipples would be exposed.

She wore the same pair of tight fitting blue shorts that she had worn the previous day. As for Carla, she chose a tube top which she adjusted to show the top third of her tits and provide the boys with major cleavage to appreciate along with her own tight shorts. Carla and Sarah were mildly surprised when Kim came up the walk.

"Ryan told me how you two were dressed yesterday so I decided to dress comfortably as well. After all there is no point in getting our nice clothes sweaty and filthy," Kim offered without even being asked. Kim felt she had to explain as she almost never dressed casually away from home and her friends knew that.

As Kim got closer the other women could tell that Kim wasn't wearing a bra under her tight tank top. Her pink shorts were almost as tight as Sarah's. Even if she didn't mean to tease the boys she would help Carla and Sarah keep them hot the entire evening. It only took the boys 10 minutes to arrive as they were anxious to see what was in store for them.

At first none of the ladies flirted as they were able to get the boys to do their bidding merely by showing them what needed to be done. The guys willingly followed them anywhere in the house that a chore needed to be done. After about an hour Carla couldn't resist temptation. Bernie had his head under the bathroom sink cleaning out the cabinet. Leaning against him pressing her tits into his side she whispered, "Here I brought you a bag for the trash."

It was the least sexy sentence anyone could utter yet somehow it caused Bernie's heart to flutter. As she leaned in to watch the boy at work she gently placed her hand on his small rump. Slowly she began caressing it. He stopped cleaning and enjoyed the feelings. Suddenly, Carla stopped and scurried out.

She was getting hotter and hotter and knew that she had to resist until, at least, Kim wasn't there. As for Kim she was having her own stirrings as Adam watched every move she made. After several minutes he began flirting with the mature woman and to both of their surprise she flirted back.

However, Sarah was the lady who took things the farthest. Erick was in the kitchen helping her wipe out the cabinets above the counter and put in shelf paper. Sarah was on a step ladder and Erick was on the floor handing up supplies and making sure the ladder was steady. She intentionally put the cleaning supplies and the shelf paper on opposite sides of her so that Erick would have to walk back and forth behind her ass.

Erick couldn't help but notice the marvelous ass just above his head each time he walked by. Sarah was ready to come down a step but 'lost' her balance. She turned toward the boy and grabbed his head and shoulders as she caught herself. Erick heard her gasp then felt her holding on tightly to his head for support.

To his surprise he found his face in the middle of her crotch. The unmistakable aroma of pussy filled his nose. Sarah still held on as she recovered. She moved her hands to the back of Erick's head and gently pushed her hips ever so slightly into the boy's face while holding him in place. Erick debated kissing the crotch but thought better of it.

"Thank you for catching me, Erick. Perhaps you had better stand behind me with your hands on my hips so that we don't have another disaster like that?" Sarah was practically cooing. She let go of his head and turned back to the cabinet. Erick got behind her and placed his hands on her waist seeing nothing but the blue of her shorts.

Sarah moved his hands down to the more meaty part of her upper hips. The boy tried not to stare but couldn't help looking longingly at those two firm round pillows of flesh divided deeply by he tight shorts. As she bent down her ass grazed Erick in the face. Looking over her shoulder she saw him blush but he held his ground.

Intense feelings came over him and it was as if his face was drawn to her ass. He turned his head back toward her rump and studied every millimeter of her backside; staring directly at her deep crack. His nose was close enough that he could smell her womanly aromas. The next time Sarah leaned down for more shelf paper she pushed her ass out much further and held it in place hard against Erick's face.

She ground gently against him as she felt him breathing into her ass. Erick debated moving his hands to cup her cheeks but panicked as thoughts flooded his brain that this could possibly be accidental contact.

He decided, instead, to nuzzle his nose deeper into her hoping that he could get away with this much. Sarah gasped when the boy drew himself tighter but forced herself to stand straight back up as she wasn't ready to be caught having a little fun. Both of them exhaled loudly as Sarah came down the remaining steps.

"Thanks for the help Erick. That was fun' you can help me again anytime," she whispered softly. Then she put her arms around his neck and gave him a peck on the cheek making sure to rub her crotch against his hard-on. She scampered off and the flirting and teasing continued the rest of the evening.

The ladies were amazed that all five guys seemed to stay hard constantly. It was clear to Sarah and Carla that Kim was just as horny and just as turned on as they were. She seemed to touch the boys, including her son, every chance she got. They decided to talk with her after the boys left.

It was obvious how turned on everyone was as the guys left. The hugging and kissing was anything but platonic as hips ground into each other, tongues briefly met, and asses were swatted. As the ladies locked up the house an awkward conversation began with Kim saying that she had seen all of the flirting and had decided to join in.

If she had been alone with a couple of them she had no doubt that their cum would be in her pussy right then. Then the subject of her son, Ryan, came up and Kim had to admit her incestuous feelings toward him. After much talk the women decided to seduce the boys. They were glad it was Friday as it gave them the weekend to think about it.

The deal would be first come first serve. An exception was made for Ryan as they decided that Carla and Sarah couldn't fuck him until Kim did or gave her approval if she decided not to commit incest. All of them were nervous about their agreement and decided to have a three way phone call on Sunday evening to confirm their decision.

A mixture of feelings came over each of them as they waited to talk Sunday but in the end they decided to go ahead and make lovers out of these virtual kids. The call lasted only about a minute as all of them said they agreed. Sarah's only concern was to make sure that it was ok with Kim that she and Carla play, doing everything but fuck, with Ryan; Kim agreed.

The school day seemed to drag by on Monday, except for one incident. Adam was carrying on being loud and crazy in the hall. Suddenly he was confronted by a voice snapping for him to calm down and come over to her. He turned around and it was Carla. Glaring at him she told him to follow her.

Taking him into a small side room she gave him the usual lecture about proper school behavior. She saw the bulge in his trousers and her heart started beating fast. Their eyes locked on each other. Carla reached out and caressed the lump with her fingertip. Then throwing her arms around him and thrusting her pelvis against him she kissed him passionately. Her hands squeezed the boy's ass firmly.

Taking a cue from the teacher he ran his hands down to her butt and gave both cheeks a squeeze. Breaking off the kiss Carla took a step back and grabbed his cock through his pants and fondled it roughly. Adam didn't let go of her as he let his hands slide up her side under her blouse and onto her C cups.

"You need to behave properly in school young man. But, right now you need to get to class. Rest assured that I am not finished with you," her voice now raspy with excitement. Adam wasn't satisfied and pulled the teacher back into his arms and kissed her once again. Finishing the kiss Carla spun away and slapped his ass walking out of the room.

As usual Carla and Sarah were the first to arrive at the job site. Kim had something she had to do and would be a bit late. The guys were even earlier arriving only a minute or two after Sarah and Carla. Just as they got there Sarah's cell phone rang. It seemed that two of the other houses would be short handed and really needed help.

Reluctantly Sarah sent Bernie and Erick to one house and David to the other. She told David that they only needed him for an hour so he was to come back and finish his time for the day back at their project house. Sarah realized that this development had its good points and directed Ryan back to a bedroom that needed some work.

Sarah followed the boy down the hall pulling her t-shirt over her head as she went. Ryan turned to ask her what he needed to do. His eyes bulged out of his head as he looked like a deer caught in the headlights. "You know you are a sexy young man. Go ahead and touch my breasts if you want. I thought you might want to make out with me and maybe have your cock sucked."

Slowly Ryan reached over and grabbed Sarah's tits and gave them a squeezed between his fingers. Then, a light bulb went off in his head, "But, what about my mom? She will be here in just a few minutes."

Sarah closed the gap between them and kissed him softly. Without immediately answering him she unzipped his shorts and pushed them aside. Confidently, Sarah pulled his Cock free of his briefs. As she stroked his large member she cooed, "Don't worry about your mother. I think she wants to fuck you too."

Dumb founded Ryan just stood there wondering if Sarah could be right that his own mom wanted him. That would be too good to be true as he had always wanted to have sex with her but knew it was taboo. Taking advantage of his momentary shock Sarah shoved off her shorts and brought the boy's mouth to her tits.

Feeling the warm firm tit flesh against his face all reason left Ryan and he was soon sucking and nibbling on her boobs like a starving man. Sarah used both hands to play with his cock and balls she had to have this stud's cock in her mouth. So, moments later she was on her knees drawing his erection into her mouth. Ryan let out a roar as she vacuumed his entire length into her throat.

Sarah and Ryan didn't need to worry about Adam and Carla catching them. As even before they walked to the bedroom Adam had followed Carla to the family room. Carla was about to tell the boy to get naked. Before she got the first word out of her mouth the boy had grabbed her around the waist and drawn her ass against his pulsing member.

Sniffing her hair he whispered, "After what you did with me in school today there is no way that I am stopping."

"Well then, go for it stud," she said smiling as she ground her hips hard against his throbbing member and placed his hands on her breasts. At first Adam clumsily juggled her boobs. But, soon his touch became more controlled and more erotic. Carla pulled her shirt off allowing him skin on skin contact. As he busily fondled her orbs she, unnoticed to the boy, slid her shorts and panties off.

Adam gyrated his hips against her ass until soon he was fucking her ass crack through his shorts. Feverishly he bit and nibbled on her shoulders and neck as his hands played with her tits; squeezing and caressing them furiously. Suddenly, the boy stood up straight, grabbing her tits hard, and let out a loud moan as he came in his shorts.

His partner knew just what had happened but wasn't worried about it. She knew that an 18 year old boy would recover quickly. Pulling away slightly Carla turned around and faced him and throwing her arms around his neck kissed him passionately. Then she yanked his t-shirt over his head and whispered, "My pussy is so hot and juicy. Eat my aching hot wet pussy for me right now Adam."

Quickly she backed off and laid their shirts out on the floor and falling to her knees nearly tore off his shorts and briefs. She ignored the sticky cream that covered the head of his cock as she didn't want to embarrass the boy; besides her pussy was on absolute fire and needed to be soothed in a way that only a good cunt lapping could accomplish.

The teacher scampered onto the shirts placing her ass right in the middle of the boy's shirt. She laid back and began playing with her erect nipples as she licked her lips. Then, slowly she parted her legs with her knees up revealing her bushy blonde pussy to him. Adam's eyes were fixed between his teacher's legs and he gasped out, "Oh my gawd!"

"Well, don't just stand there staring. Get down here and eat me!" She had to admit to herself that she was also staring at his beautiful erection with the glob of spunk on its head. Carla aimed her hairy crotch toward his face to give him a better view of her charms. He put one hand on her knee as he climbed between her legs.

Honey was leaking from the woman's pussy on to his shirt. Wrapping his arms around Carla's thighs Adam dug in. First, he scooped up the leaking fluid with his tongue. His nose hit her clit causing Carla to briefly shudder at the contact. Soon the boy was licking up and down the length of her slash.

His head bobbed up and down as he licked every inch of her honey pot. Carla grabbed the sides of his head and held his face firmly in place and aimed his mouth right for her throbbing clit. Adam caught on quickly licking and biting on her little nub. Her hips were thrashing all over as gushing streams of cunt juice flowed freely from her twat as she came over and over.

"Oh fucking shit, fuck me now you little shit. Get that big cock inside of me now," she cried out as she yanked his head up toward hers. With her cum dripping from his chin Adam scrambled up her body. Before he could say anything she was kissing him passionately. As she licked her own cum from his face she reached between them and pulled his erection into her pussy.

Expertly she thrust her hips up to capture the rest of his member. The boy groaned as she clamped her pussy muscles tightly around his cock. Carla's nails dug into Adam's ass as the boy began moving in and out of her hot cunt. Soon their hips were savagely pounding against each other as they approached orgasm.

Meanwhile, in the bedroom Ryan was enjoying the blow job of his life. Sarah's mouth was all over his prick; sucking up and down his full length. Finding his asshole she jabbed a single finger about an inch inside stimulating the boy further. Ryan ran his fingers through the teacher's hair and was moaning uncontrollably.

Just then Kim walked into the room. She saw her friend on her knees wearing nothing but silky lavender bikini panties sucking off her son. For a minute she thought about stopping them; but saw how much they were both enjoying it. Besides, the sight in front of her made her hot. So, instead of interrupting she watched as she took off her own clothing.

Carla would, at least, allow her friend the pleasure of having Ryan shoot cum down her throat. Ryan's eyes were closed as his hips bucked slightly. His hands entangled in Sarah's hair as he groaned. Sarah felt Kim's presence as she swiped her tongue around the spongy head of the boy's cock. She knew he was close to cumming.

Sarah made eye contact with her naked friend and Kim smiled at her. Knowing what she was doing was alright with Kim she sucked the boy's entire length into her mouth. Kim snuck around behind her son as his moaning grew in intensity. Softly she spoke in his ear as she placed her hands on his shoulders, "So, Ryan are you having fun? Do you like what Mrs. Perez is doing to your cock?"

He had never heard his mom cuss much less use a word like cock. Sarah fondled his balls as he tried to answer his mother, "Oh yes it's fantastic; she is so fucking sexy!"

"What about your mother? Am I sexy? Do you want me?" She was sure of his answer as she began gently pinching and twisting his nipples.

"Gawd yes mom you are the sexiest lady I know. Oh shit this is so fucking hot," Ryan was barely able to speak.

Kim snuggled up against her son's back and asked, "So what is the sexiest part of your mother's body?"

"Oh gawd, mom, it is your ass, your big sweet ass," Ryan was getting a bit annoyed as he was close to cumming and wanted nothing more than to fill Sarah's mouth with his spunk. Acting quickly Kim ordered her son to lie down on the floor with Sarah still sucking on his cock. Straddling his head she lowered her ass inches from his face.

"Kiss my ass; come on and kiss my ass," Kim demanded. Gently she lowered her ass to Ryan's mouth. Sarah sucked his cock harder and deeper down her throat. His hips were now bucking off of the floor. Not more than a minute had passed after his mom had sat on his face when he began shooting load after load into Sarah's mouth.

Greedily Sarah sucked down the boy's salty delivery as Kim was gyrating harder on his face. Glancing up she saw her friend tweaking her own nipples and knew it was time to leave mother and son alone as it was clear Kim was ready to fuck her son right away. So, Sarah forced herself away from Ryan's still swollen member.

She hadn't even gotten to the doorway when she heard Ryan slurping up his mother's cunt honey. Looking back Sarah saw the two of them already engaged in an incestuous sixty nine. She picked up her t-shirt from the hallway and put it back on. Then she realized that Kim and Ryan were on top of her shorts and she wasn't about to interrupt that action.

Then she heard the sound of Adam and Carla torridly making out in the other room and realized that she was somehow out in the cold and could be caught wearing just a t-shirt and sexy panties by anyone who decided to visit the house. For the next few minutes she took turns watching the two couples.

Peaking in she saw Carla finishing up licking her cum off of Adam's cock as the boy took great pleasure in fondling her ass. Then Carla roughly grabbed the boy and pulled his face to her chest. In moments he was squeezing and sucking her tits as if he were possessed. Sarah found herself pinching her own erect nipples as she wandered back to where Kim and Ryan were.

She felt strangely alone but also terribly excited. She wondered if she could sneak in and take back her shorts. When she looked in she saw Ryan's head was laying on them as if they were a pillow. There was one of her best friends straddling her own son riding his cock cowgirl style. Kim's fingers were flying across her clit as she slammed her pussy up and down.

Kim's tits were pink from the squeezing and mauling Ryan was giving them. Both of the lovers were gasping for air as their hips slammed together ever harder. Kim pleaded with him, "Cum inside me; come on Ryan cum in your fucking mother's pussy. Give it to me; fuck yes! You fucking son of a bitch!"

"Oh gawd yes mom! Shit, you are so fucking hot, damn," Ryan exclaimed huskily. Just then Sarah heard the front door open. She realized it must be David. She decided to play it cool, at first, and ignore the noises emitting from the other rooms and pretend that it was natural to be walking around the house without her shorts on.

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