tagMind ControlFive Dollars Too Far

Five Dollars Too Far


Doctor Marie Dubois was a very stressed professor of phycology. It was interesting to note, then, that one of her students was working on a new drug-hypnotherapy treatment for anxiety. He claimed to be able to remove all anxiety from a patient, if he got the dose correct.

She agreed to help him practice. He was a nervous fellow that she regularly teased. He was quite brilliant however, and she expected great things. He was a small mousey, be-speckled student and she wondered how often he fantasized about her. It was normal for a man his age, and she was still womanly despite her professional dress. Today she was off work so she wore more casual clothing, a lacy blouse and tight jeans. She was happy to see him a bit more frantic and nervous than usual.

"So." The boy began. On the other side of the table, reading his script. "Have you taken the placebo?"

"Jerry, you aren't supposed to tell me it's the placebo." She reminded him.

"Oh! Right! Sorry..." he marked it on his page. "But it is, so you know. I mean, the drug is safe. Nothing in it really over the counter, or in large amounts..."

"Then why don't I try it?" She asked casually.

He gawked, "Doctor, that wouldn't really be professional. Besides, it may have affects I don't know about. Mild emotional ones, but still..."

"You need to be able to act regardless of what your subject takes." She shrugged. "If it is safe I'll take it." Her motives were more complex than that. She had tried a number of anti-anxiety remedies but none seemed to work. She realized this was probably a vain act of desperation. He gulped, fished in his backpack, and produced a bottle of pills.

"Before you take one, please fill out the survey." He said, giving her the survey she had seen time and time again during his progress reports. "Please make a list of actions you would normally be too anxious to do in front of someone, or something that would normally be taboo. Say, like, act like a chicken, or loudly curse, something that would only do if your inhibitions were altered. Know that everything you write is something you consent to beforehand. Also fill out a list of things that are natural for you to do in front of others, like, pick your favorite color, or whistle a tune..."

"Yes, yes..." She pretended she was hearing this all for the first time. She decided to have some fun. Previously she had joked about a subject acting sexual or romantic around him. She wrote a few risqué options, knowing that she'd never really do them. But his face upon asking would be entertaining at least. She could tell that thy were things he wanted to do with her. "Done."

"Thank you. Now I will have you take the drug... er, the drug or the placebo, not even I will know... and after five minutes we will begin the testing. I will ask you do random things on this list, and you will do whatever you feel comfortable doing. Feel free to refuse anything that makes you feel too anxious. Just remember that this test is completely confidential as well. You will also have to stay in this room for the next hour until the drug is fully out of your system... er, in case you did take the drug."

She nodded and drank some water with the pill. He was the one that seemed anxious. Cute kid, to bad he was so sheepish. She'd love to see the look on his face when he said... what did she write down? Oh well, she'd remember when he asked her to do it. Some of it was very lewd, she'd be hard pressed to miss it.

After a minute she felt a bit more relaxed, but not quite a susceptible as Jerry might have hoped. She expected something more like a haze from a bottle of wine, or a high from dope, instead she felt more like she had woken up from a good nap. Well, at least she wasn't stressing over anything, she just didn't feel too different. It was a bit disappointing.

"Alright, now I will continue the experiment." He looked down at the list. "Could you show me your drivers license?" She removed her wallet from her pocket, the license from there, and showed her license. "Thank you." God this was going to take all day. How many of these questions were there? "Could you open your mouth and saw "ah"?" She was growing impatient, but followed the order with ease. He took a deep breath and spoke with a slightly more shakey tone, "Could you show me your tits?"

She rolled her eyes and removed her shirt and unclasped her bra, letting her overly large mounds escape their enclosure. When was he going to get to the fun ones? He seemed stunned to a moment. "Well?" She asked. "Are you dozing off there?" She leaning back in her chair, her breasts relaxing on her chest.

"No. No Doctor. I'm awake." He seemed to be sweating. "Um..." He gulped. "C-Could you do five jumping jacks." He seemed awfully nervous. Was this it? Was this one of the taboo ones? It didn't feel like it, but he was acting very strange... She got up and did so, her breasts bouncing with each jump. She then sat back down in her seat. "Uh..." He seemed panicked. What had she done? She racked her brain... her drivers license? Was showing that taboo? No, she had done that a lot...

"Could you spell your first name backwards?"

Was this the fear inducing order? Why was he staring at her like that? Her name backwards... well, she hadn't done that before. But was it really taboo? It didn't feel like it... "e-i-r-a-m." She spelled. He nodded, distracted for a moment before continuing...

Maybe... Opening her mouth? That did feel a bit awkward. Something she would only normally do at a checkup... no. No she didn't think that was it either. Her tits? She looked down at them. They seemed normal. She got naked every day to take a shower. A number of people had seen them before... no, that couldn't be it either.

"Could you tell me something you have never told me before?" He asked.

"Um, sure... I broke my leg when I was twelve years old." He nodded. What was going on? It was not anxiety that nagged at her, but curiosity. Statistically, she must have done something raunchy by now, but she just couldn't see it.

"Could you describe a sexual fantasy that you have told no one else about" He asked. That one was just like the last question. She assumed it was safe.

"Sure. Sometimes I like to think about masturbating in class while teaching the human sexual response." He scribbled down a note. "Hey, Jerry, have I done anything weird yet?"

"I'm... not allowed to say." He shrugged. Fair response. "Um... Wow, you uh, got creative with these..." Was he about to say one? She smiled, waiting, ready... "Oh, I shouldn't have told you that, um, could I just, uh, skip this one..."

"No. Skip it for now, come to it later." Marie said with disappointment. "That way I wont know when you say it."

"Okay..." he skipped it. "Um, could you point to your knee?" She thought long at hard about this one. Pointing to a piece of her anatomy... anxiety inducing? Her brain was telling her body image had something to do with human taboo's, but she was still blank emotionally. She caved in and decided to do so. "Great." He continued. "How are you feeling right now?"

"Um... Calm. Relaxed. A bit confused, if I'm being honest."

He nodded "Could you, uh... take off your clothes and say how horny you are."

She paused. Take off her clothes... her shirt was already off, so if that was fine, this should be fine too. And she already spoke about her feelings, so nothing could be bad about the second part. She worried that she was gaming the system a bit with her logic, but this was just a test after all. She stood up and undid her pants and panties underneath. Once done she shrugged and replied, "Pretty horny. Six out of ten."

He looked like he saw a ghost. "um... Doctor, maybe we she stop."

"No." She shook her head. "You can't just stop in the middle of a test. Don't let your anxiety get the best of you." He nodded, his eyes touring her body before going back to the paper.

"Could you name the third planet from the sun?"


"Could you name your favorite food?"

"Salmon with rice."

"Could you name your favorite... oh god... your favorite fuckhole?"

"My ass."

"Could you start... Oh. Oh lord... uh, could you, um... Start masturbating?"

"Sure thing, you have any lube?"


"No, worries, I have some lotion... mmm, alright, continue." She spread her legs so he had a good view. He would need to take notes.


"By the way, I'm more at about an eight now. Getting higher."

"Ah...Could you give me a... five dollar bill?"

Bullseye. She smiled as she stuck her fingers into her wet cunt. "No. No I will not. I don't feel comfortable with that." A rush of pride came over her along with the pleasure. Finally, that one must have been right. Why would she give him money for nothing? She bit her lip with a feeling of dominance as she slapped her clit and drew circles around it. God she wished something was in her ass.

"Okay. Well..." He was almost hyperventilating. He must have been relieved she didn't give him that five dollars. Who knows what might have happened. She sure would have regretted that humiliation. "Would you give me directions to the bathroom?"

"Down the hall and to the left." She replied. Boring.

"Could you give me a blowjob?" why were all of these so boring?

She rolled her eyes and stood. "So, what? Am I supposed to do both?"


"Well, I guess that's not too strange." She knelt down beside his chair, moved it, and unzipped his shorts. His dick was larger than she thought. She began having second thoughts. She had never done this with him before... then again, she had never given him directions either. Besides, it sounded like fun. She fucked herself while licking his thick cock. She wished she had written down letting him fuck her ass. Or maybe that was taboo? She didn't really care anymore. This felt good at least, unlike the rest of the test. She wrapped her lips around the shaft and pushed it to the back of her throat. Jerry moaned above her. He seemed to like it. That made her like it even more. She let him fuck her throat as she explored her clit. She was having a lot of fun with this.

She felt him cum quickly. She removed the cock as he came and jacked him off all over herself with what was left. After several spurts she made sure to cleanly lick swallow anything in sight, but savory the sticky feeling on her face and chest. "There. Anything else?"

"We... Uh... Wow... one more."

"is it letting me cum?" She asked, still touching herself on her knees by his shrinking cock.

"I, uh, can't tell you... oh, um, you have some, uh, on your face..."

"Cum? Whatever. Who cares."

"Oh, okay. The next... shit..."

"You can't react like that. I might suspect it's bad."

"No, it isn't or, normally it wouldn't, just... er, um..." he looked at her. "You mind posing for a picture?"

She scoffed, "Why were you so nervous?" She lifted one her breasts, winked, smiled, and gave a peace sign as he took out his phone and snapped a picture of her cumsplattered face and tits. "Oh, another one..." She grabbed his dick and licked it as she looked up at the camera with a naughty grin. "Really, I take selfies all the time. No need to look so guilty."

"That was... very good." Jerry gulped. "I think, I think we will have a lot to talk about processing this data."

"Didn't seem to interesting to me... hey, you mind sharing that with me on facebook? My aunt loves it when I share selfies with her. Oh, and we can put it on the school page."

"Uh, maybe later. Remind me in an hour."

"So we're done?"

"Yea, done."

"Heh, you almost got me with that five dollar question."

"You sure showed me."

"Damn right."

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